Big F and Jazavci are in the playoffs of the A1 Adria League!

Last round we have seen the first team advance to the next stage of the Brawl Stars competition. Salada de Frutas justified the role of favorite and secured the playoff. Last night two more teams did the same. Namely, Big F and Jazavci defeated their opponents and will now join Salada in the fight for the title.

Only one spot left

The Brawl Stars group stage in our A1 Adria League is soon ending. The round that was played last night didn’t have many surprises. And as a result two teams, Big F and Jazavci, advanced to the next stage, while we also said goodbye to two other teams.

The first match of the round was played between Jazavci and You Lose. This match was played off stream, but it was a quick one nonetheless, seeing that Jazavci secured a 3:0 win and a place in the playoffs. It was You Lose who lost in the end, and they now have a 2:2 score and will have one more chance for the last spot in the next stage of the competition.

DOGS were the winning team in the second match. They managed to defeat their opponent Balkan Kids with a 3:1 score. With this defeat, Balkan Kids are eliminated from this season’s Brawl Stars tournament. On the other hand, DOGS now have a 2:2 overall score and will have to take down You Lose to secure the playoff. This match will be the last in the group stage and it will be played on June 9th.

Big F came out victorious in the last matchup of this Brawl Stars round. They defeated 33 Esports who were also eliminated last night. Big F on the other side secured themselves a place next to Salada de Frutas in the playoffs. Daki was without a doubt the best player on this team, and thanks to him Big F is now safe in the next stage of A1AL.

BS standings



Brawlers, Clash of Leagues is back!

The best regional Brawlers will once again compete in the international event Clash of Leagues hosted by A1 which will take place at LEVEL UP – The Gaming Festival in Salzburg, Austria. Competing against the best Brawlers from Central and Eastern Europe is a great honor and opportunity. Especially at an event!

Lavvek, Adry, Andrey, and DzonDzon raised the bar high

Last year we saw Lavvek, Adry, Andrey, and DzonDzon make it to the semifinals of the LAN event. They lost to SK Gaming, the team that won the whole event. It was a great representation of the A1 Adria League and the whole region. “I think we put up a good fight against one of the best Brawl Stars teams in the world and that is a great experience which we’ll take back to the new A1 Adria League season”, said Adry back then. Can their result be bested? That we’ll find out this summer.

Clash of Leagues LEVEL UP - The Gaming Festival

Clash of Leagues 2022

A new year brings some changes to the tournament. It will take place on the 1st and 2nd of July. Media obligations will happen one day before the competition. Three leagues are participating: A1 Adria League (Adria), A1 eSports League (Austria), and Swisscom Hero League (Switzerland). As we’re waiting to find out who will win the ninth season of the A1 Adria League let’s remind ourselves how it went last year for Adry and Andrey and co.

A1 Adria League Season 9

There is still enough time and opportunity for teams to secure their spot in the Clash of Leagues. Brawl Stars playoff is scheduled for the 16th of June when we’ll find out who is traveling to Salzburg. In the meanwhile, you can follow all the Brawl Stars action on the official website.

As expected Salada de Frutas secures the playoff!

Last night another round of the Brawl Stars tournament in our A1 Adria League was played. This round was important, seeing that we said goodbye to one team, and one secured the first spot in the next stage of the competition. It was Salada de Frutas, the defending champion that managed to sweep Big F and secure the playoff. On the other hand, Skeleton Army is the first team that was eliminated last night.

Salada de Frutas justified the role of favorite

We had the overall of 4 matchups yesterday. The first was played between You Lose and DOGS. Both had a 1:1 score before this duel and now You Lose has an advantage. Namely, they defeated their opponent with a 3:1 score. You Lose will play next round to qualify for playoffs, while DOGS will need a win to stay in the league.

The second match was between the teams in the same situation. Both Jazavci and BalkanKids had a 1:1 score, but after 5 games it was Jazavci who came on top and secured themselves a good position. Both teams rotated their picks during the games and played for the element of surprise. As they both took 2 maps, the fifth was deciding and it was LordTodor who took Jazavci to victory.

The last two matches of the day were played for the playoff, and for staying in the league. The match between 33 Esports and Skeleton Army was the one for staying in the league. And the team that stayed was 33, again with an automatic win because Skeleton Army couldn’t find a sub. They are now with a 0:3 score eliminated from A1AL.

The last match was all everyone has been waiting for. Two top teams fighting for the first spot in the playoff stage of the Brawl Stars competition. Salada de Frutas and Big F both had no losses in the last two rounds. Salada was a huge favorite seeing that they are the defending champions. They proved that they are here to take yet another title with a clean 3:0 win over Big F. They didn’t let their opponent breathe, it was the fastest match played, and Big F didn’t manage to get a single set in either of the three games played last night. However, they are still looking good, while Salada de Frutas can now rest and wait for their opponents in the playoffs.


Second win for Salada de Frutas and Big F

Salada de Frutas and Big F showed their dominance in the second round of the Brawl Stars group stage. The competition is fierce in this year’s A1 Adria League and it remains to be seen who will make their way to the finals. So far, these two teams are in an excellent position.

Salada de Frutas dominant again

The first match of the second round was played between Big F who showed outstanding performance in qualifiers as in the first round, and Jazavci. Big F from the start showed a dominant playstyle on every map and had better picks overall. They secured their second win of the tournament, and now have a 2:0 score which puts them in a great position. The next game will decide whether they will advance to the playoff or not.

The second match was between two underdog teams 33 Esports and Balkan Kids. They both sought their first win in this tournament. It was Balkan Kids who in the end came out victorious. HakiEzz had an amazing performance and he was one of the most valuable players on the team. They now have a solid 1:1 score.

Salada de Frutas once again showed their dominant side in the third match of the day. They took on DOGS who last week won against their opponent, but in this matchup, they weren’t favorites. Salada, as expected easily won their match last night. Fast matches, burst damage, and excellent picks secured them the second win and a good position for the playoff. Even though DOGS played really well, they couldn’t defeat a team such as Salada de Frutas. They are after all the defending champions.

The fourth match was an automatic win for the team You Lose. Seeing as their opponent Skeleton Army didn’t have one of their players Adry, who couldn’t perform because of private issues, and didn’t have a confirmed sub, they got a loss by default. They are now at a 0:2 overall score, and next week they will play for staying in the league.

Brawl Stars round 2 standings


A good day for favorites in the Brawl Stars tournament!

After a short delay, we are finally having the first round of the group stage in a mobile game Brawl Stars. The ninth season of the A1 Adria League in this game is starting, and we have already seen in the qualifiers how interesting and intense these matches can be. The group stage is continuing in this matter.

The top teams came out victorious

For a couple of seasons now in A1 Adria League one team has been the dominant force. Salada de Frutas, ex Zidari have been showing a great performance for more than one season. This was without a doubt the best regional Brawl Stars team, and this season these guys are aiming to defend the championship and the good name. As we have seen in the qualifiers, Salada de Frutas managed to win three consecutive ones and advance to the group stage as the first seed. As the highest placed team today they were fighting the eighth-seeded team Balkan Kids. It was a stomp from the defending champions, and the match was over before you could blink. After just 15 minutes Salada de Frutas defeated their opponent without losing a single map.

In the other matches, we saw Skeleton Army or Smetlari as you know from qualifiers take on Jazavci, the team that won the first qualifier. In the end, it was Jazavci who came out victorious as expected, as well without losing a map. The third match of the day was between Big F, a team that showed really good performance throughout all the qualifiers, and You Lose. The favorite in this matchup was Big F, who justified their role and finished the game with a 3:1 score.

Dogs and 33 Esports were the pair and seeds closest to one another. Dogs finished the qualifiers in fourth place, 33 as fifth. In the end, it was Dogs who managed to secure their first win in the group stage and gain an advantage.

Brawl Stars standings

A1 Adria League group stage begins soon! Here’s who qualified

The time has finally come to officially start the ninth season of the A1 Adria League. Besides League of Legends which has already gotten its champion, our three standard games, Brawl Stars, FIFA22, and CS:GO, are yet to get their own. The qualifications for these three games are finally over, and we are bringing you a recap of all the qualified players and teams.

Zidari are dominating Brawl Stars

The beginning of the Brawl Stars qualifiers was a turbulent one. Everyone expected last year’s champions Zidari to dominate the draft. But as we have seen they only managed to secure 20 points in the first qualifier. It was Jazavci who came on top and secured first place.

It didn’t take long before Zidari picked up their game and climbed to the top. From the second qualifier, it was this team who managed to beat everyone else and reclaim their own first place. They won three consecutive qualifiers, and in the end as the first seed qualified for the group stage.

During all four qualifiers, we have also seen a great performance from teams such as Big F who went hand in the hand with Zidari the whole time. Jazavci, also made their way into the next stage of A1AL, as well as Dogs who were in the top four throughout the qualifiers. These are the eight Brawl Stars teams that entered the league.

Brawl Stars qualifiers final standings

The group stage for Brawl Stars begins on May 5th.

FIFA22 and the most dramatic qualifiers

Even before the qualifiers for FIFA22 started, everyone was watching our three-time champion Tarik “amke2001” Novo. But Novo didn’t manage to win a single qualifier this year. Although that didn’t stop him from qualifying for the group stage as the second seed.

Every qualifier went into the hands of a different person. The first time around it was Esad “esad1memic” Memic who came out victorious and earned the first 100 points. While in that same qualifier Novo lost in the first round. We have seen a couple of new players also worth mentioning such as Karlo “jero” Jerekin and Luka “Zizou” Simunac. While jero made it to the group stage, the winner of the second qualifier Zizou wasn’t that lucky.

The well-known name Milos “brstimir” Majdevac came in like a fury in the third qualifier and earned himself 100 points and a place in the top 8. Our three-time champion Novo at this point was on the verge of being eliminated, he had 80 points and was the eighth player, barely making the cut.

The last qualifier was extremely dramatic. Seeing the points were close, and anyone could eliminate anyone, the battle was fierce. Petar “DrPecho” Susnjar was the best player in the fourth qualifier. He managed to take down Novo and secure a place in the group stage as the first seed. These are the top 8 FIFA22 players who are entering the group stage of A1AL.

FIFA22 last qualifier standings

The group stage for FIFA22 begins on May 6th.

Regional CS:GO giants are here

Unlike FIFA and Brawl Stars, CS:GO had three qualifiers, where we got 2 teams from each, adding up to 6 teams overall. These 6 qualified teams are joined by the two invited, which are 4glory and BLUEJAYS.

First to make it to the group stage were BLINK and XTEAM who managed to take down some well-known regional names such as Zero Tenacity, Marten Rising, MONAD eSports, and so on. The next two slots went into the hand of Strive in chaos and bitboxks, now Oto100. While we yet again saw Z10, ghoulsW, Marten Rising and others compete. It took them three qualifiers but in the end, they made it. The third time was the charm for Zero Tenacity and ghoulsW who were the last to secure their spot in the group stage of A1 Adria League. They didn’t give up, and in the end, it was worth it.

With that, we have our top 8 CS:GO teams, which are:

  • Strive in chaos
  • Oto100
  • Zero Tenacity
  • ghoulsW
  • 4glory

The group stage for CS:GO begins on May 8th.

Zidari advance to group stage as first place!

All four qualifiers for Brawl Stars are officially over. We finally have the top eight teams that will advance to the group stage and enter the A1 Adria League. First place went to last year’s champions Zidari, who managed to win their third consecutive qualifier.

Zidari dominated the qualifiers

After four weeks of intense fighting over the eight spots in the group stage of Brawl Stars, we finally have the winners. The best 8 teams who succeeded in achieving the highest number of points will now advance to the next stage of the competition.

In this last qualifier, we have seen many familiar faces, teams such as Jazavci, Zidari, Big F, Smetlari, Dogs, and many others continued to fight in order to try and earn their spot in A1AL. The big surprise of the day was Smetlari, who lost in round 2 of this qualifier to another great team Big F. Smetlari managed to keep themselves in the top 8 during the previous three qualifiers, so this early loss didn’t cost them a place in the next stage. Big F after this victory went on to challenge the winner of the first Brawl Stars qualifier, Jazavci. They took them down too with an easy 2:0 win in the quarterfinals. They eventually lost to Zidari, who in the end went on to win the whole thing.

Last year’s champions Zidari had a great day, they went on to take the most points again, didn’t lose a single match today, and as the first seed will advance to the group stage. After a rocky start, this team proved itself to be the best once again.

You lose was another great team, that with the performance they showed today, managed to qualify to the group stage, even though they weren’t in the top 8 in the previous qualifiers. Here are the teams who will continue their battle in the next stage of A1AL.

Brawl Stars qualifiers final standings

These successful Brawlers will now take a short break, until May 5th, when the SWISS group stage will commence. Congratulation to all the teams that qualified!


Zidari win their second qualifier in a row!

The third Brawl Stars qualifier just finished and we can already see rivalry developing. Last year’s champions Zidari showed another amazing performance. The reward was another qualifier win and additional 100 points.

The second consecutive win for Zidari

After they showed inconsistent results with storming out early in the first qualifier but then winning the second one it seems like Zidari already managed to find their form. They came out on top out of 24 teams competing in the third Brawl Stars qualifier for the ninth season of the A1 Adria League. This time they had to overcome Dogs in the quarterfinals. They did it with a 2:1 victory. On the other side of the bracket, Jazavci outplayed Smetlari in the quarterfinals and Big F, another great team, in the semis. They won both of their matches with a 2:0 score.

Everything was building up to the great grand finals. Both Jazavci and Zidari have already won one of the qualifiers and it was set to be determined which teams will get a second one. Zidari was the better team on the day claiming another 100 points! The top 4 teams in the standings had great showing proving they are the best regional teams.

The fourth and last qualifier is on schedule for the 21st of April!


The fight for the first 4 places will be a legendary one, with only two qualifiers left.

The Brawlers are finished fighting for this week, while the next, third qualifier for this game is next week, on April 14th. You can sign up for it HERE.

However tomorrow we are continuing with FIFA qualifiers, while the first for the popular FPS game CS:GO will be held on Sunday!

Zidari took first place in the second Brawl Stars qualifier!

The second qualifier for Brawl Stars is officially over. Last week we have seen a couple of surprises. Last year’s champions Zidari, failed to reach the semifinals, while teams like Jazavci and Dogs really stepped up in terms of their gameplay. While we are halfway done with the qualifiers for this game, it still remains to be seen who will enter our A1 Adria League this year.

Zidari and Big F at the top

In the second Brawl Stars qualifier, we have seen even more teams compete than in the first one. As the first one was a bad one for the last year’s champions Zidari, today they have managed to beat everyone and reclaim first place. Andrey, DzonDzon, and Brankec (Lavvek didn’t participate in this one) showed why they lifted the trophy last season in the first place. They easily defeated team Big F with a result of 2:0.

Zidari received 100 points in this qualifier, while the second-place Big F got 70. Teams such as RaGaZZi and Smetlari did very well, reaching the top of the qualifiers, and both received 50 points each. With a great performance in both qualifiers, they now have enough points to rank in the first eight teams. As mentioned before, only eight teams will advance further into the next stage of the A1 Adria League.

The top two teams from the last qualifier Jazavci and Dogs still remain in the top eight. Here are the standings of the best eight teams of Brawlers after two completed qualifiers.

Brawl Stars standings after two completed qualifiers

The fight for the first 4 places will be a legendary one, with only two qualifiers left.

The Brawlers are finished fighting for this week, while the next, third qualifier for this game is next week, on April 14th. You can sign up for it HERE.

However tomorrow we are continuing with FIFA qualifiers, while the first for the popular FPS game CS:GO will be held on Sunday!

Andrey: We have an advantage when it comes to the new drafting

The qualifiers for Brawl Stars in season nine of A1 Adria League have already started. We talked with last year’s champions of Brawl Stars, Flow. They are now called Zidari, and the current champions Andrey and DzonDzon told us more about their experience in A1AL and Clash of Leagues, as well as their expectations for the ninth season.

You were big favorites last year. What influenced such good performance of the team?

DzonDzon: There are many reasons for it, but we as a team have been playing together for 3 years, and we have good synergy. Andreyy and me are in the top of European Brawl Stars tournaments so you could say we have a lot of experience.

How did it feel like to play regional Brawl Stars competition of this caliber? 

Andrey: The feeling is great, especially since we are at the top of the region. We also look forward to any new tournaments.

DzonDzon: Its a great feeling since this league isnt a small one, and being the best in the region is a big deal.

This year we are adding three additional games. What do you think about these changes?

DzonDzon: The change is a great idea because our region has a lot of talented players who play in the best teams in the world, so this is their chance to prove themselves and maybe enter the world stage.

Andrey: I think that for sure we should give chance to new games and new players to show what they can do.


What was your experience from the Pan-European tournament Clash of Leagues in Salzburg?

Andrey: COL (Clash of Leagues) was one of the best experiences of my life. It’s a truly special feeling to get up on stage in front of hundreds of people and represent your team.

Now, after some time has passed, what was your impression of Clash of Leagues, the Pan-European Brawl Stars tournament?

DzonDzon: A great tournament with the best European teams cant be bad. We hope that COL will be held this year too.

Andrey: The experience was great, it’s just too bad that neither DzonDzon nor Lavvek could be with us there. But I’ll do my best to be a part of the LAN again this year.

Are you also going to participate in the ninth season of the A1 Adria League, and if yes what are your expectations for the upcoming season?

DzonDzon: Of course, we will participate this season, we are more ready than ever so our expectations are high, which is of course first place.

Andrey: We believe we are going to take the first place because we have an advantage when it comes to new drafting in competitive. I believe that in this aspect we have more knowledge and more experience than others.