Third A1AL weekly recap of 13th season

Take a look at the wildly exciting third weekly A1AL recap!

The group stage of CS2 began with the first two matches, Brawl Stars had their first qualifier with a well-known winner, and EAFC24 and EAFC24 Mobile have only one more qualifier cup left. Many interesting things happened, some positive some negative. Read on to learn more and find out the results in the A1AL recap.

Prometey and GIZONE secured first wins in the A1AL group stage

The group stage has started, and the DE bracket is being played. The first BO3 matches played were between Kubix vs PROMETEY and Bagra vs GIZONE. Let’s take a look at the first match. 

PROMETEY decided on Ancient as their map pick. However, that didn’t turn out quite as planned for them. Only the pistol round was successful in the first half. Kubix ended this half with a big 10-2 advantage. Amar finds three kills in the second half and secures a victory for his team (13-2).

On Anubis, PROMETEY and Kubix switched places. This time PROMETEY was 10-2 after the first half. At 12-2, Kubix wakes up and imposes their play style. Amar opens the B site almost every round. At 12-7, Rile saves AWP, and in the next round, that AWP is of great importance. At 12:8, Wazz pushes B main and finds a frag, while Rile helps him find another one. At this point everything falls apart for Kubix and PROMETEY takes the map with 13-8.

A very close first half was seen on the decider map which was Mirage. A little struggle for Kubix and a great play from PROMETEY in multiple rounds lead us to the 7-5 score at the half. In the second half, Kubix on the T side plays strongly and takes an 8-7 lead. PROMETEY manages to take the round and equalize the result at 8-8 and with an excellent game returns to the lead of 10-8. But that lead did not last long. On the wings of Lewis, Kubix returns to 10-10. But again a reversal, the powerful Prometey arrives at 12-10 where Gejmzilla has a planted bomb and remains in a 2v1 situation where he knifes the defuser and finds another kill. That brings us to 12-11. After that, two rounds were taken by the MIGHTY PROMETEUS sending Kubix to the lower bracket of A1AL.

GIZONE is victorious after two games only

On Inferno, GIZONE is completely dominating the first half on their CT side. They rarely let Bagra even plant the bomb, and when they did, it was an easy defuse for their opponents. Even though the first half ended with 9-3, Bagra wasn’t going to fall that easily. After 11-4, they begin to wake up. They managed to reach 12-9 and the possibility of a comeback shone before their eyes. Unfortunately, GIZONE opens the next round with two frags and finishes what they started taking the first map with a 13-9 score.

Crazy first half on Mirage. GIZONE takes the first three rounds, but Bagra with astonishing gameplay after that takes seven in a row. After 7-5 half, GIZONE takes the lead at 11-9 after a few very close rounds. However, Bagra doesn’t surrender and they then take the lead (12-11). After missing the match point, the game goes into overtime. Both teams did great on the CT side of overtime. But in the end, GIZONE pushes short and wins with a 16-14 score.

CS2 group stage A1AL

Brstimir wins the third EAFC24 qualifier

The fact that some of the favorites secured a place in the top 16 of A1AL after two qualifiers opened up space for new players to get points. Milos “Brstimir” Majdevac missed the second qualification, but in the third, he came for the full spoils and thus definitely secured his place in the group stage. In the finals, his opponent was his old rival Harun “Hara” Parla, who after a difficult victory in the first game, he routinely defeated in the second with a score of 7-1.

Jovan “CZBackoSRB” Balać gave us the biggest surprise, by winning 3rd place and is now on the threshold of the group stage. Along with Brstimir, Misko, and Cere, CZBacko has brightened the face of Serbia in the A1 Adria League, which until now was mainly led only by Brstimir.

Skrebo98 secures maximum points in the third A1AL EAFC24 Mobile qualifier

Another great competition in the third EAFC24 Mobile qualifier in the A1AL as 240 players signed up.

The third qualification brought the new-old champion of the Balkans, Shaq, almost to full glory. He won in the quarterfinals against the best overall scorer, Bojce. However, he was very close to coming out first from these qualifications. This time that honor belongs to the Buducnost eSports player Skrebo98 from Bosnia.

Their duel, after a draw in the first match, and the triumph of one after the other, was decided by a golden goal, in the 55th minute of the 4th match. An unfortunate deflected ball after a free kick ended up in the upper left corner of Shaq’s goal.

In the overall standing, Bojce still leads with 290 points, followed by Savazver, Skrebo98, and Shaq respectively.

EAFC24 Mobile third qualifier A1AL

Is Salada de Frutas back for more titles?

This week we began the Brawl Stars qualifiers. BS has been a standard game in the A1AL for many seasons. In the 13th season, we will host four qualifiers. The first is already over, and it ended with Salada de Frutas demolishing their opponents and winning maximum points. They showed extraordinary performance and didn’t lose a single game until the finals. There they faced team FBI, and in the BO5 duel won with a 3-1 score. Our three-time champions changed their roster with only DzonDzon remaining at the moment.

However, not all news is good. We have had some problems in the first BS qualifier. The problems with the FaceIT platform led to many misunderstandings and unfortunately, teams were injured for their points.

I would like to apologize to everyone immediately because of yesterday’s events. The way the qualifiers were held yesterday did not live up to the A1 Adria League standard, as we always try to give our players the best possible playing experience with a healthy dose of competition. Unfortunately, that was not possible yesterday due to things beyond our control.

We will no longer rely on Facit’s automatic matchmaking system, as it has proven to be extremely unreliable and inaccurate. From the next qualifier, all matches will be monitored and recorded manually, and all communication between players will be conducted via Faceit rooms, and results will be reported to the channel ⁠💯✦results✦ on Discord.” – Inder, Brawl Stars administrator

Brawl Stars first qualifier standings A1AL

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