This week in A1AL: League of Legends is back on the A1 Adria League streams!

Another week of A1 Adria League is ahead of us. Three SWISS stages are already underway, and League of Legend’s regional playoffs stage is finally HERE.

Brawl Stars

Two Brawl Stars rounds are already behind us, and this is the week when we will see the first decider matches of the season. Currently, Salada de Frutas and Winx Club find themselves at the top and one of them will advance to the playoffs on Thursday. On the other side, either Balkan Talents or QuickMind will have to leave the competition after the next playday. Brawl Stars begins on Thursday at the usual time, and you will have the chance to watch the following matches:

Lightning Strike vs. Mayoi
Balkan Talents vs. QuickMind
Salada de Frutas vs. Winx Club
Omerta vs. Dominjo Carry


Just a day behind Brawl Stars, FIFA also finished the second round last week. In our football simulation, Esad “esad1memic” Memić and Miloš “brstimir” Majdevac are currently in the lead. Their derby will determine the first playoff participant, while the match between Emir “Sulja” Suljović and Đorđe “JasikFifa” Cumbo will determine which player will look for his chance to win the trophy next season. These are the upcoming matches:

brstimir vs. esad1memic
JasikFifa vs. Sulja13
amke2001 vs. edenn95
Hara vs. DrPecho

League of Legends

Over the last month, we hosted a total of four qualifiers for League of Legends teams from all over the region. Four weeks later and here we are – right before the beginning of the regional playoffs stage. This Saturday, the first matches of this stage will be broadcast and we will start our journey of finding the new regional LoL champion. These are the eight teams that qualified for this season of the A1 Adria League:

Lupus eSports
49% winrate
Fantastic Esports
Mafija Lebrinyja
gross gore’s psychiatrists
Milex21’s party


Sunday was the day when we said goodbye to Zero Tenacity. The organization that just entered CS:GO unfortunately had to leave the league after suffering a 1-2 loss to their opponents, JESTE. Going forward to Round 4, Marten Gaming and JESTE will fight for survival, while PORTUGAL will try to enter the playoffs by defeating SKUAK Gaming. Make sure to tune in to the stream on Sunday and support your favorite teams once again:

PORTUGAL vs. SKUAK – 16:00
Marten Gaming vs. rs JESTE 18/19:00

choiv7, iNation: “I think 4glory, Marten and BLUEJAYS will make it to playoffs”

Last week it was League of Legends, and now we are back to CS:GO. Ivan “choiv7” Živković, iNation’s In-Game Leader, talked to us about his team’s first A1 Adria League season, their perfect SWISS stage as well as other things related to iNation’s development and recent results. You can read everything choiv7 had to say below:

Before focusing on A1 Adria League, let’s talk about your recent results. You qualified for the IESF World Championship LAN in Israel. How did that whole tournament go? Seeing the rest of the qualified teams, what do you think your chances are of placing high or even winning the whole thing?

Our group was a decent one I would say, we had to beat either [EC] Kyiv or Czech Republic to get out of the groups, so we beat the Czechs and unfortunately lost to Kyiv 2-1. We had one day to prepare for every match which was enough I would say and we were really hyped for every match we played. there are good teams that qualified for the main event, we will see how it goes, but i believe that we can get to the end of the tournament, atleast finish in the top 4.

Back to the A1 Adria League. It seems like you have an easier time against BLUEJAYS than their rivals, PORTUGAL. You beat them in the League, and you were better than them in Kuvo’s OneTap tournament. What is the main difference between these two squads? Why does playing BLUEJAYS seem easier? Is their playstyle not suited to yours or is it something else?

BLUEJAYS are really good opponents and also a good team. Against teams that play structured CS like them it is much easier to have a plan and prepare before the game so we were really prepared for them. The main difference between PORTUGAL and BLUEJAYS is that the former is a mix and the other team is a regular team. If mix team stars pressuring you from the start and you can’t addapt, it is really hard to come back and stop their momentum.

After losing to them on two occasions, you finally outplayed PORTUGAL. What makes PORTUGAL such a hard team to beat? What did you do differently in this match that helped you win?

For us main problem against mix teams is adaptation, we rarely play against mix teams and we need to learn to adapt faster when that happens. We make a lot of mistakes and they punish us for that. This last match, we were down 1-0 on their map pick and before the 2nd map we just told each other to adapt faster and talk more in TeamSpeak about what they are doing so we can all be focused, which happend, and we didn’t lose any force/eco rounds like on Map 1.

Which team surprised you the most this season and why?

In my opinion, there are no surprises in this season. There are 5-6 teams that are equal, and I’m happy that we are the first team that qualified because it’s hard to say which teams will qualify for top4.

 Besides you, which three teams do you think will make it through to the playoffs?

I think 4glory, Marten and BLUEJAYS will make it to playoffs because they are all well prepared. I can’t wait to see the remaining matches!

We completely agree with you choiv, we can’t wait to watch the remaining matches as well. Don’t forget to tune in this Sunday, and every next Sunday until the playoffs, to watch the best Adriatic CS:GO teams fight for the 5.000€ prize pool.

This week in A1AL: Two spots remain in the LoL league!

Ahead of us is the week that will decide the final two League of Legends teams. In the meantime, CS:GO, FIFA and Brawl Stars continue with the SWISS stage.

Brawl Stars

The first Brawl Stars round was indeed a quick one. Every single one of the four played matches ended with a clean sweep for the favorite team. With no upsets in Round 1, the leaderboard is currently split in half with the dominant teams claiming the 1-0 spots. This week, four new matches will decide which teams will go a step closer to elimination or the playoffs, respectively. Salada de Frutas versus Lightning Strike and Omert4 vs Winx Club – which two teams will advance to the 2-0 pool? What about the matches in the 0-1 SWISS pool? Here are the four matches in this second round:

QuickMind vs. Mayoi
Omert4 vs. Winx Club
BalkanTalents vs. Dominjo Carry
Salada de Frutas vs. Lightning Strike


Similar to Brawl Stars, there weren’t major upsets in the first FIFA22 SWISS round either. However, the matches were definitely much closer than in Supercell’s arena brawler and we are eagerly expecting Friday, when the second round will take place. Once again, Tarik “amke2001” Novo and Miloš “brstimir” Majdevac will be paired against each other. Petar “DrPecho” Šušnjar will try to defeat Đorđe “JasikFifa” Cumbo, while Harun “Hara” Parla’s opponent this playday will be Esad “esad1memic” Memić. And in the very end, Haris “edenn95” Lukomirak will try to get his first win for this season versus Emir “Sulja13” Suljović.


We are halfway done with the third CS:GO round and we already know the first playoffs team. That team is none other than iNation, the A1 Adria League first-timers who beat PORTUGAL in the deciding BO3 duel. The second Serbian team that competed in that playday, 4glory, also took a W last Sunday, and their victims were SKUAK Gaming. This week, one of our matches will be between 1-1 teams – Marten Gaming and BLUEJAYS. While it is an important match, everything isn’t on the line yet for these teams. The same can’t be said about JESTE and Young Glorians (who recently became a part of Zero Tenacity).

 Marten Gaming vs.  BLUEJAYS
rs JESTE vs.  Young Glorians

League of Legends

One qualifier separates us from the regional League of Legends playoffs. That means that the Adriatic teams have only one more chance to make it through to the League. Last time, Fantastic Esports and Mafija Lebrinyja triumphed over every other team in the qualifiers and secured the fifth and sixth League spots. Do you have what it takes to become a part of the A1 Adria League story? SIGN UP for the last League of Legneds qualifier and prove it!

Maki and Šego are Croatia’s 2v2 champions!

In the LAN finals of Red Bull Flick 2021 Croatia, Marko “Maki” Mijatović and Gabrijel “Šego” Šego managed to outplay all three teams and win the main prize.

A LAN after a long time – Red Bull Flick had everything we needed!

The online transition caused by the COVID-19 pandemic made us nearly forget LAN tournaments, so the Red Bull Flick finals were a great change of scenery. Four pairs of players faced each other in Zadar’s Falkensteiner hotel with 35.000kn and many other rewards on the line. Of course, the winners will get the chance to represent Croatia in the regional qualifiers for the main event.

Maki and Šego’s team, TIGROVI, started out strong since the first match. Their victims in the upper bracket semis were ELOLOVILO Youngsters (consisting of Roko “rbfurious” Barišić and Zvonimir “zRose” Roso). After defeating the Youngsters, TIGROVI went on to outplay Filip “DEPRESHN” Jarkić and Ermin “revyy” Kardović (Dva Cilindra). In the lower bracket, Krunoslav “Salted” Katalinić and Luka “brky” Brkanac succeeded in eliminating ELOLOVILO YNG from the tournament.

ELOLOVILO Youngsters

ELOLOVILO Youngsters were the first team to leave the event!

A bit later, the lower bracket finals were played out. CKUKO and Dva Cilindra clashed in a BO5 duel that ended with a victory for Salted in brky, thus eliminating the losing side from Red Bull Flick 2021. The grand finals between TIGROVI and CKUKO were a clean sweep for the former duo. Both Šego and Maki had incredible performances during the whole match and secured the main prize for themselves.

The final Red Bull Flick 2021 Croatia placings are as follows:

1. hr TIGROVI – (Maki and Šego) – 15,000kn + ESHARK and Falkensteiner rewards
2. hr CKUKO – (Salted and brky) – 10,000kn + ESHARK and Falkensteiner rewards
3. hr Dva Cilindra – (DEPRESHN and revyy) – 7,000kn + ESHARK and Falkensteiner rewards
4. hr ELOLOVILO Youngsters – (rbfurious and zRose) – 3,000kn + ESHARK rewards

The Serbian teams prevail in our first Round 3 matches!

4glory triumphed in the match against SKUAK, while iNation became the first playoffs team for this season!

The derby between SKUAK and 4glory began on Inferno, 4glory’s map pick. The Albanian side recently went through some changes in their roster and now, players that used to be a part of the team earlier this year will defend the organization’s banner once again. 4glory weren’t ready to repeat the mistakes they did against PORTUGAL once again. They played a calm Inferno and held their ground during the entire map, eventually winning it with a 16-10 scoreline. The BO3 continued on Mirage and the situation wasn’t any better for SKUAK. 4glory kept up with the great performance and closed out the duel with a 16-10 victory.

Next up, the winners’ Round 3 match was here for us to watch. PORTUGAL and iNation, two undefeated teams in this season, played the same two maps as 4glory and SKUAK, but in reverse order. Alexander “br0” Bro carried his team on Mirage and mostly because of him, PORTUGAL had an incredible string of rounds in the beginning. Later on, iNation caught up, but Macedonians successfully closed out Mirage. What followed after was one-sided domination by iNation, who won both Inferno and Dust2 while losing a total of eight rounds. Inferno ended with a 16-6 score, and Dust2 was even quicker – 16:2. (Re)Watch today’s games below:

These are the current CS:GO standings:


This week in A1AL: Brawl Stars & FIFA begin the SWISS stage!

After CS:GO did so less than a month ago, it is now time to begin the Brawl Stars and FIFA SWISS groups for the season!

Brawl Stars

Recently we announced the teams that will participate in this SWISS stage. Salada de Frutas, Omert4, BalkanTalents, Winx Club, Lightning Strike, Mayoi, QuickMind, and Dominjo carry. We will have the chance to watch those eight names compete in the following month. Inder45 will be joined by SupremeNexus on the casting position and we are all ready to witness the best Brawl Stars action in the region.

Balkan Talents vs. Lightning Strike
Salada de Frutas vs. Dominjo Carry
Omerta vs. Mayoi
Winx Club vs. Quick Mind


A week before Brawl Stars, we got to know all eight FIFA participants. Ranked by the number of earned points, the players’ list looks as follows: amke2001, brstimir, Hara, edenn95, esad1memic, Sulja13, JasikFifa, DrPecho. We will see which FIFA player will adapt the best to the new edition of the game, FIFA22. Is Tarik “amke2001” Novo ready to win another season, or will a challenger rise up to the challenge and take him down?

amke2001 vs. DrPecho
brstimir vs. JasikFifa
Hara vs. Sulja13
edenn95 vs. esad1memic

League of Legends

Half the job in the qualifying stage is done. So far, four of the available spots were filled out. Lupus eSports, Metamoon, Harmony, and 49% winrate have officially become a part of our second League of Legends season in a long time. Two more qualifiers remain, and one of them will be played out this Saturday.

Click HERE to sign up for the upcoming qualifier, or HERE to read everything you need to know about this season of Brawl Stars.


CS:GO is already going strong, with two SWISS rounds now comfortably behind us. iNation and PORTUGAL are leading the race to the playoffs, while JESTE and Young Glorians can’t make any more mistakes if they want to keep their spot in the League. The third season will see two decider matches that will determine which team will advance to the playoffs and which team will be eliminated from the league. You can see the Round 3 matchups below:

rs 4glory vs. SKUAK
rs iNation vs. PORTUGAL
Marten Gaming vs. BLUEJAYS
rs JESTE vs. Young Glorians

SKUAK and iNation have a great day in the CS:GO league!

With a great CS:GO playday behind us, we can conclude the second SWISS round of the season. This time around, iNation and SKUAK were the triumphant teams.

The first match of the day really couldn’t be any closer. We got to watch three long maps with one of them even going to overtime. iNation and BLUEJAYS started this epic duel on Mirage. During the entire BO3, iNation often found themselves on the losing side, and they couldn’t turn it around on Mirage. BLUEJAYS won the very last round of regulation and closed off the map in their favor. Dust2 somehow managed to be even closer than Mirage. 30 rounds weren’t enough to decide the winner and we continued the duel in overtime.

There, the Serbian powerhouse managed to clinch the victory. Damjan “kyxsan” Stoilkovski’s BLUEJAYS squad suffered an uncomfortable loss but were ready to fight back on Inferno. Unfortunately for the Macedonians, iNation were even more ready to secure their second victory for the season. A 16-14 loss for BLUEJAYS means that they are now tied on the SWISS leaderboard (1-1), while iNation are in the lead (2-0).

Our second match of the day which started off-stream was a clash between SKUAK Gaming and JESTE. As Kujtim “gulito” Durmishi recently stated in one of our articles, JESTE were tough opponents and this match went to the third map as well. This time, though, the matches weren’t really close. JESTE bested the Albanian representatives in the league on Dust2 (16-10), while SKUAK came back with a convincing victory on Inferno (16-6). Our second match for today and the last match of this SWISS round ended with a victory for SKUAK.

 After the conclusion of the second SWISS round, the CS:GO leaderboard looks as follows:


Over 35.000kn are up for grabs in the Croatian Red Bull Flick 2021 qualifiers!

Red Bull Flick is back with the second edition of its 2v2 tournament, and once again, Croatian players will be able to compete and play against the very best players.

Red Bull Flick 2021 brings a unique format!

We are used to watching Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments featuring the standard Bomb Defusal mode. So just the fact that Red Bull Flick is a 2v2 tournament makes it unique by itself, but there is much more behind this competition. Namely, duos from all over the world will participate in national and regional qualifiers to earn a spot in the main event which will be held in Helsinki and has a prize pool of 50.000€. The eight maps featured in this tournament have been designed by Red Bull just for this mode, which means that the quality is of the highest level.

The format of Red Bull Flick 2021 will be a modified team-deathmatch which will see teams try to remain on the leaderboard longer than their opponents. Both teams start the match with 100 points each, and the points gradually decrease over time. For every kill over an enemy player, the opposing team loses a point. However, the main way of deducting enemy points is holding capture points – while a player stands on a capture point, their team won’t lose points, while the opposing team will.

How can Croatian players participate?

Croatian players will once again be able to be a part of this Red Bull Flick adventure. The journey starts with the national qualifiers which will culminate in a LAN environment. Falkensteiner hotel in Zadar will host the 2v2 finals which are set to feature four duos. The team that outplays the competition on the 10th of October will be the Croatian representatives for this iteration of the tournament. The next step of the road to Helsinki will be the regional qualifiers and if our players manage to qualify for the main event, they will play against professional as well as qualified players from all over the world in Helsinki. While the 50.000€ prize pool for the main event is awesome by itself, the generous partners of Red Bull Flick in Croatia have dedicated incredible awards for the national qualifiers as well.

1. 15.000kn – powered by A1 Hrvatska
2x 2 Falkensteiner hotel nights i Spa Ladera half board + 2x lunch in Break Point
2x ESHARK ESL-GC3 TOKUGAWA gaming chair

2. 10.000kn – powered by A1 Hrvatska
2x 2 Falkensteiner hotel nights i Spa Ladera half board
2x ESHARK ESL-K1 KODACHI gaming keyboard

3. 7.000kn – powered by A1 Hrvatska
2x 1 Falkensteiner hotel night i Spa Ladera half board
2x ESHARK ESL-HS4 TAIKO gaming headset

4. 3.000kn – powered by A1 Hrvatska

You can SIGN UP for Red Bull Flick 2021 below:

Red Bull Flick – Croatian qualifier #1

Red Bull Flick – Croatian qualifier #2

This week in A1AL: Brawl Stars is nearing the group stage!

Since FIFA finished its qualifying phase last week, this week of A1 Adria League will be dedicated to Brawl Stars, CS:GO, and League of Legends.

Brawl Stars

FIFA’s qualifiers came to an end and Brawl Stars is quickly catching up. Now is your last chance to sign up and compete for a spot in the Brawl Stars group stage. Since they started participating in this season’s qualifiers, Salada de Frutas have won every single one of them and are now comfortably in the lead with 400 points. The second-placed team has half as much, and that team is Omert4. A lot can change in this sixth qualifier, as the lower-ranked teams are separated by a small margin of points. When we announce the eight qualified teams, the SWISS stage will commence.

Until then, SIGN UP for the sixth qualifier, or click HERE to read everything you need to know about this season of Brawl Stars. You can also check the current Brawl Stars standings.

League of Legends

Lupus eSports and Metamoon managed to outplay their opponents in the single-elimination qualifier and become the first two teams in this A1 Adria League season. The cup was filled with great teams from all over the region. Names like Harmony and Split Raiders, who also took part in the seventh season, competed in this qualifier but missed the chance to qualify. On Saturday, you can also try your best to compete for the €4.000 prize pool. Three qualifiers remain, and six spots are yet to be filled out.

Click HERE to sign up for the upcoming qualifier, or HERE to read everything you need to know about this season of Brawl Stars.


Another CS:GO playday is behind us, and what a playday it was. Even though Young Glorians put up a great fight, Marten Gaming comfortably closed out the game 2-0. The real spectacle happened between PORTUGAL and 4glory, with the former winning the BO3 series on Overpass, probably the least played map in the league. Two awesome duels are scheduled to be played on Sunday. JESTE will face the Albanian team SKUAK, while iNation and BLUEJAYS will clash spears in the second series of the day.

This week, we decided to contact Kujtim “gulito” Durmishi, the new SKUAK IGL. gulito talked about his experience in the A1 Adria League as well as the first round of the SWISS stage:

I’ve been playing A1 Adria League for around 3 years, I feel bad that I couldn’t enjoy any trophy for it , but I gained great experience during that time that I participated in A1 Adria League. Anyway we’re still in the tournament with SKUAK and we’ll try our best to make it out to playoffs first and then win it all the way.

About match vs JESTE, I’m thinking that one will be kinda hard, but with the way practice is going for us, it is gonna be a win, they’re strong opponents but we gonna try our best. About the Round 1 match vs iNation we had so many individual mistakes, but we have worked around that and we have prepared so that mistakes like that they don’t happen again, and for the limited time we have had for practice, that’s perfect.

PORTUGAL enter the 2-0 bracket; Marten Gaming earn their first victory!

Marten Gaming, PORTUGAL, and both 4glory squads battled it out in the first playday of our second SWISS round for the season.

Whereas all our matches last Sunday went to three maps, this wasn’t the case today. Safet “giGOD” Čurić and Marten Gaming suceeded in defeating Young Glorians in two maps, Inferno and Mirage. And while we didn’t see a third map, that isn’t to say that the matches weren’t filled with awesome rounds all along. The match on Inferno was a bit shorter than the second one and ended 16-12 in favor of Marten Gaming. Both squads weren’t able to finish the game in regulation on Mirage, so the winner was decided in overtime. A 19-16 victory for Marten secured them their first map after an unusual loss against PORTUGAL in the first round of the season.

When talking about PORTUGAL, it is worth mentioning that their form today was as well last week as it was today. Miloš “dEE” Marčeta and 4glory achieved a dominant win on Inferno, and the Macedonian-majority quintet couldn’t win 10 rounds. dEE’s AWP was absolutely deadly on Mirage as well. 4glory won 10 rounds on the T side and kept their great performance in the second half as well. Andrej “Necrogenes1s” Mancheski tried his best to keep PORTUGAL alive in the game and together with Anel “NENO” Ceković, they achieved just that. After a successful comeback attempt, PORTUGAL closed out the map in their favor and we had the chance to watch Overpass again after a very long time. PORTUGAL won Overpass and became the first team to enter the 2-0 SWISS pool.

With the first half of the second SWISS round behind us, these are the current CS:GO standings: