Seven exciting years of A1 Adria League in the making!

Believe it or not, we have been through six years (2024 being the seventh one) and 12 exciting seasons of the A1 Adria League while two new ones are awaiting this year. We have come very far since the inception of the league and our first tournament. After many different games and a lot of format changes, we have arrived at today. Take a look at what made the A1 Adria League great, enjoy a trip down memory lane, and reminisce together with us.

From 2017 to today

Everything began with three games and at that time unknown teams. Today we are proud to have hosted some of the best European names in League of Legends, CS:GO, now CS2, and FIFA. Valiance&CO won the league in the first season with Nexa and Hunter who are now playing best European CS2 tournaments with G2 Esports. And that’s not all. That same season we also saw Sacre compete who would later go on to play in EU LCS.

Similar to the initial season, the second one was remarkable as well. That is when we changed the name of the league from VIP Adria League to A1 Adria League, added two new games, Clash Royale and Hearthstone, went mobile, and introduced a new tournament format.

The year 2018 and seasons 3 and 4 introduced Dota in the A1 Adria League and we have seen a tremendous rise in the prize pool between these two seasons. While Team uNIQUE took home 1000 euros, the winners of the 4th season in CS:GO ex-BLUEJAYS won 5000 euros.

CS:GO and FIFA in their prime

Moving forward to next year, Dota 2 and Hearthstone were replaced with Brawl Stars, a game that is still immensely popular and one of our featured games today. Many players who are still competing in 2024 in A1AL made their debuts in season 5 such as Tarik Novo, Esad Memic, brstimir in FIFA, and 4glory and Blink in CS:GO. Now as we know, Tarik Novo has six titles behind him and is expected to win even more.

As we know everything has an end except League of Legends, and in that matter, this MOBA made its return in 2021 with seasons 7 and 8 when Split Riders and Metamoon triumphed. While Tarik started his reign in FIFA. That year we unfortunately didn’t have LAN at the end of the year but we survived COVID better than we hoped as we had almost 30.000 watched hours with more than 200.000 live views.

The return of the LAN

The year 2022 brought back the LAN event and besides that, the finish of the jubilee 10th season of the A1 Adria League watched over 100,000 unique viewers. We introduced new games and a mini-tournament format where the additional games were played for one or two weekends instead of the whole season. Such was PUBG where Entropiq took the title, League of Legends, F1, and VALORANT who made its debut.

We didn’t stop at seven games and last year we had a total of nine different games and competitions. With CS:GO (now CS2), FIFA23 (now EAFC24), and Brawl Stars as main games, we introduced for the first time Fortnite, Trackmania and Rainbow Six Siege. Additionally, League of Legends, PUBG, and VALORANT stayed in the league as mini-tournaments.

Season 12 last November had an amazing LAN finish where the titles went out to Tarik Novo in EAFC24, Salada de Frutas in Brawl Stars, Zero Tenacity in CS2, and SHAQ came victorious in EAFC24 Mobile. Apart from the games, we hosted many different events as a part of Reboot InfoGamer powered by A1 with more than 50 hours of entertainment and a prize pool of more than 17,000 euros.

We already mentioned that this season the prize pool will be a whopping 40,000 euros and that the competition will be as exciting as ever with the first qualifiers starting at the beginning of June.

Get ready and sign up!

A1 Gaming Weekends continues with VALORANT

The A1 Adria League is thrilled to announce the second installment of the A1 Gaming Weekends, featuring an exciting tournament in the highly popular game, Valorant.

A1 Gaming Weekend VALORANT Details

Game: Valorant, a thrilling first-person shooter game that has taken the gaming community by storm, will be the focus of the upcoming A1 Gaming Weekends tournament.

Date & Time: On July the 30th, 17:05 CEST

Check-In: Teams are required to check-in 60 minutes before the tournament start time. Prompt check-in is crucial to ensure smooth proceedings.

Team Size: The Valorant tournament will follow a 5v5 team format, where each team will consist of five players. Assemble your squad wisely, strategize, and coordinate your efforts to emerge victorious.

Format: The tournament will be conducted in a Single Elimination format. Each match will be a do-or-die situation, with the winning team advancing to the next round while the defeated team exits the competition. Be prepared to give your all in each match and showcase your skills.

Prize Pool:  Participants will have the opportunity to secure 250€ for the first place.

Registration Link: To register your team and secure a spot in this tournament, please visit the following link:

Join Us for the A1 Gaming Weekends: Valorant Tournament

The A1 Adria League invites all Valorant enthusiasts to join us for an exhilarating tournament during the A1 Gaming Weekends series. Immerse yourselves in the thrilling world of Valorant, where teamwork, precision, and quick reflexes are key to success.

Mark your calendars for July 30, 2023, and gather your team for a competition like no other. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your skills, engage in thrilling battles, and compete for prestigious hardware prizes.

To secure your spot in this Valorant tournament, visit our official website,, for registration details and further information.

Stay tuned for updates and announcements on our website and social media platforms as we countdown to the A1 Gaming Weekends: Valorant Tournament. Prepare yourselves for an unforgettable gaming experience.

TT9 Chico is the A1AL Fortnite champion!

One by one the mini-tournaments in the 11th season of the A1 Adria League are ending. Only two are left, PUBG, and the last is yet to be revealed. On April 25th and 26th, the qualifiers and the finals were played in the Fortnite tournament. Out of 263 players, only 100 made it to the finals. Of those 100 players, the one that came out victorious is TT9 Chico.

Big names in A1AL Fortnite; TT9 Chico justified the role of favorite

Of the 100 players that appeared in the finals, 70 made it there throughout the qualifiers, while 30 got an invite. As it was mentioned a lot of well-known Fortnite players showcased their skills in the regional league, A1AL. Besides TT9 Chico, who was a favorite for winning the tournament which he evidently did, and brought home a prize of 250 euros. Some other familiar and professional Fortnite players were competing in this tournament. Trulex, T3eny, and Quaesy are just some of the names who participated in this tournament. Queasy alone currently ranks as the best player in the world and was declared the best IGL player.

Here is the top 5 ranking after the Fortnite finals:

  • TT9 Chico (231 points)
  • CN messie goat (194 points)
  • Dz1da (187 points)
  • CN Drda (182 points)
  • Queasy (180 points)

It wasn’t just that TT9 Chico won the tournament, but he also had the most kills in the whole tournament with 26 eliminations. Another big achievement “the most kills in a single game” went into the hands of T3eny (14 kills), who unfortunately didn’t make it to the top 5. Maybe the biggest surprise of the tournament was Trulex. This player is one of the best Fortnite players in both the region and worldwide, but he didn’t show his usual performance.

In the end, in spite of this godlike competition, TT9 Chico managed to get 26 eliminations in the whole tournament, gather as many as 231 points, and take home the trophy and the right to call himself the best.


Battle it Out in the A1 Adria League Fortnite Tournament!

The A1 Adria League is gearing up for a two-day Fortnite tournament that will feature some of the best players in the region. As part of the league’s 11th season, the tournament promises to deliver intense gameplay and fierce competition.

Sign up now for the A1 Adria League Fortnite qualifiers!

The tournament structure is designed to showcase the top Fortnite players. Thirty players will receive direct invites to the finals, while the other 70 spots will be earned through the qualifiers. The qualifiers will take place on April 25th, and the top 70 players will advance to the finals, which will be held the following day.

Registration for the tournament is done through the Yunite bot on the official Discord. Be sure to join the Discord server and follow the registration process to secure your spot in the qualifiers.

In the finals, 100 players will compete, including the 30 who received direct invites and the 70 who advanced through the qualifiers. They will play four games, and the top five players will split the prize pool as follows:

  • Top 1: 250€
  • Top 2: 150€
  • Top 3: 50€
  • Top 4: 25€
  • Top 5: 15€
  • Top 6: 10€

The tournament promises to be an exciting and intense experience for both players and viewers. If you’re a Fortnite fan or a competitive gamer, this event is not to be missed. The A1 Adria League Fortnite tournament is open to players from the Adria region, so gather your squad and register for a chance to compete for the championship title.

Stay tuned for more information on dates, times, and registration details. Get ready to drop in, build up, and fight to be the last one standing in the A1 Adria League Fortnite tournament!