A1AL fifth weekly recap

A1AL recap: CS2 and EAFC Mobile group stage results as BS finished third qualifier

We have arrived at the fifth A1AL recap in the 13th season. CS2 and EAFC24 Mobile are playing their group-stage matches, while Brawlers are still trying to make it there. Things are getting more and more intense as we are drawing near to the playoffs. Read what happened this past week and see how your favorite teams/players performed.

Intense CS2 group stage in A1AL

This week we had the opportunity to follow two duels on the A1AL stream. The first one was The Wild Ones (TWO) taking on Superior Esports and securing a win with a 2:0 score. In the other matchup PROMETEY succeeded against their opponent GIZONE with a 2:1. Let’s take a look at each duel separately.

The Wild Ones victory

The Wild Ones started the first match on Mirage magnificently. They opened the game well by sticking to mid and a B site. That brought them a nice lead of 7-2. They were taking easy rounds without sacrificing a single player on the team making it 9-3 at half. In the second half, we saw a little bit more of Superior Esports. They woke up and managed to get close to their enemies (11-8). After that all hell broke loose and Superior was close to evening up the score when TWO after three match points ended the game (13-11).

The second match was played on Ancient and it was a purely one-sided half. TWO dominated their opponents not letting them breathe. The half ended with 9-3 again in favor of The Wild Ones. Once again, the second half is when Superiror wakes up. After an 11-3 score they took some rounds, but it wasn’t good enough. With an aggressive push towards the A site, The Wild Ones take the enemies down and close the match with a 13-9 score.

PROMETEY takes the win after three games

Prometey had a good start on their pick (Ancient) but the result came slowly. On the wings of KdaN, who had 17 frags in the first half, PROMETEY takes the half with 7-5. After that, GIZONE takes the initiative and takes the lead at 8-7. That lead does not last long but reaches 9-7, after which KdaN wakes up again. Prometey does not drop a single round after that and they return to the game and take the map with a score of 13-9.

On GIZONE’s map pick Anubis, this team dominates their opponents. Even though PROMETEY woke up for a couple of rounds during the game, GIZONE was pretty convincing. They were especially strong on the T side as the game went in their favor with a 12-6 score. A small delay caused by PROMETEY who took only two rounds, led to the final victory of GIZONE with 13-8.

The decider on Mirage was completely even-steven as the first half ended at 7-5 for GIZONE. It was a very back-and-forth game. In the second half, PROMETEY takes the lead but loses it very quickly as GIZONE takes the charge. In the end, the score was 10-10. GIZONE takes the lead once again winning the following round, however, they make a mistake which PROMETEY takes advantage of ending the game in their favor.

CS2 A1AL group stage results

EAFC Mobile A1AL Group A and B results

The first A1AL group stage results for EAFC24 Mobile are in. This week we saw matches in groups A and B. As far as A group is concerned, it was Bojce who secured the top spot with his amazing performance. However, since this young talent has to leave the competition for personal reasons he is automatically placed last. In the lead of group A right now is Nerko from Buducnost eSport, followed by Ogi and another Buducnost player Haverz.

In group B another player from Buducnost eSport is at the top of the table with 12 points and that’s Skrebo98. The second place is taken by a Spartak player Lazovic with 10 points, followed by Sveta and another player from Spartak Somzi.

Next week we will stream groups C and D after which only the top eight will continue to the next stage. Stay tuned for that!

EAFC24 Mobile first round of group stage

OOB1 wins the third BS qualifiers

This is the first time we have had a smooth sailing qualifier when it comes to administration. After many problems last qualifier, this time the team from A1 Adria League came on top. As far as the competition is concerned, it is the same old same old. Salada de Frutas once again sweeps their side of the bracket making it to the finals like it’s nothing. OOB1 did the same thing on the other side of the bracket reaching the final mini boss.

It was OOB1 this time who emerged victorious from the finals of the third A1AL qualifier with a score of 3:1, letting Salada only one game. Now even though Salada didn’t secure max points in this qualifier they are still in the lead overall with 40 points. They are followed by none other than OOB1 with 20 points. Third place is La Aquilla, followed by Team Cherry and M4M.

Brawl Stars third qualifier results:

Brawl Stars third A1AL qualifier results

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