Everything you need to know about the FIFA group stage in Season 10

FIFA qualifiers for the tenth season of the A1 Adria League are over! Among the fierce competition, eight players managed to secure their spot in the group stage.

The FIFA trio is back in Season 10

Tarik “Novo” Novo (amke) dominated the leaderboard in the qualifiers with 220 points. At this point, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Novo is confirming his spot as the best FIFA player in the region. In the upcoming season, we’ll be watching esad1memic and brstimir again, excellent players that were challenging Novo in previous seasons. Gruby managed to secure second place with overall 160 points and is looking really good going into the group stage. Hara grabbed third place with 130 points. The same amount that esad1memic has. Brstimir is just below them. The remaining three players are Sardinho213, Encika, and BrunoGuimaraes21. Every season we have at least one underdog that pops up into the scene and brings chaos amongst the favorites. Who will it be this season?

FIFA22 fourth qualifier standings

FIFA 23 is the name of the game

The playing field will be somewhat evened out a bit with a switch to the new FIFA game. The rest of Season 10 will be played on FIFA 23. Maybe that is the chance for other players to dethrone Novo. Players will have some time to adapt to the new game and build their teams. Every year at the same time we switch to the latest FIFA game, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of the players or fans.

A1 Adria League Season 10 FIFA Schedule

Since we gave players some time to adjust to the new game we also made some changes to the schedule. Don’t worry, you can find the whole schedule below. FIFA will be played on Fridays (mostly). Except for the second round which will be played on Wednesday 12th of October. As per usual, all the games will be live-streamed on the A1 Adria League channels.

SWISS Round 1 – 7.10.2022., 20:00

SWISS Round 2 – 12.10.2022., 20:00

SWISS Round 3 – 14.10.2022., 20:00

SWISS Round 4 – 21.10.2022., 20:00

SWISS Round 5 – 28.10.2022., 20:00

Top eight FIFA22 players ready for group stage; Novo in first place

After exciting and tense FIFA22 qualifiers, we have the best eight players for the 10th A1 Adria League season competing in the group stage for the top prize. Once again Tarik Novo is dominating the competition, he finished the qualifiers at the top with an overall of 220 points.

Gruby was victorious in the fourth qualifier

We are getting closer to starting the group stage in A1 Adria League. CS:GO and FIFA22 qualifiers are finished, and we have our competitors in both games. These qualifiers weren’t surprising, as almost all the favorites secured their spot in the League. The four-time champion Tarik “Novo” Novo dominated the qualifiers once again and secured first place with 220 points. He managed to win some of the qualifiers, as well as Brstimir who we saw being the most successful in the second one.

Many talented players joined the competition such as Gruby, Hara, Bruno, as well as some familiar names such as Encika, esad1memic, and many others. The fact that we had a tiebreaker for eighth place says how intense and close the last qualifier was. Namely, Bruno “BrunoGuimaraes21” Svetina and Đorđe “JasikFIFA” Cumbo had the same amount of points and fought for the last spot in the A1AL. In the end, it was Bruno who made it through with 75 points.

Aside from Novo who is ahead with 220 points, other players aren’t that far apart. Gruby is in second place with 160 points, while Hara and esad1memic both have 130 points. Below them are Brstimir and Sardinho213 who share 120 points. Needless to say that the next stage will be more exciting than ever.

It remains to be seen if any of these seven players have what it takes to take king Novo down from the throne. For the last two years, no one has been able to do it as Tarik took home four titles in a row. The FIFA22 group stage begins on October 7th.

Brstimir wins his second consecutive FIFA22 qualifier

Only one FIFA22 qualifier in A1 Adria League is left, and we already have a clear leader on the table. Miloš “brstimir” Majedevac came on top of another qualifier, and now he has an overall of 200 points.

Close fight for the top 4

Another round of interesting and intense matches in the FIFA22 competition was played on Friday. The same familiar names we have seen fighting for their chance to enter the 10th season of the A1 Adria League, but only eight will be able to. So far, brstimir is going to make it for sure, as well as Sardinho213.

Brstimir was the most successful in the last two qualifiers. He now has 200 points and sits at the top. Right behind him in second place is Sardinho with 160 points. Our current champion Tarik “Novo” Novo is third with 120 points, while the next two players have an overall of 100 points. Esad1memic and Tuna13 with 100 points also have a high chance of entering the league.

Sardinho213 and Tuna13 dominated one side of the bracket. They faced each other in the semifinals, but Sardinho came out victorious and moved on to the finals. On the other side of the bracket, it was esad1memic and brstimir who made it to the semifinals, and as we know brstimir won that fight.

The fight for third place went into the hands of Marko “Tuna13” Antunović, while the whole thing was won by brstimir. Novo wasn’t very successful in this qualifier, seeing as he only won 10 points. The last chance to earn points will be in the fourth FIFA22 qualifier which is being played next Friday. Sign up now!

FIFA22 3rd qualifier standings

Brstimir secures 100 points in the second FIFA22 qualifier

As the two FIFA22 qualifiers in A1 Adria League are already finished, we only have two more left before entering the league. So far, the biggest favorites of the competition Brstimir and Novo are occupying the top of the table.

Brstimir misses first, wins the second qualifier

We already saw last week that the FIFA competition this season is going to be more challenging than ever. A lot of players are looking for the chance to compete in the tenth A1AL season. But only eight players will enter the league.

The four-time champion Tarik “Novo” Novo already achieved a win in the first qualifier securing 100 points. He didn’t have the same success in the second one and only managed to get 10 points. On the other hand, another familiar face came out victorious. Miloš “Brstimir” Majdevac was the winner of the second qualifier in the FIFA22 competition. And even though he missed the first one, he is at the top of the table, sitting comfortably right under Novo.

In the first match of the finals, we have seen as many as seven goals. Leon “Šardi” Šardi was his opponent in the finals, but he came short, as Brstimir won that Bo3 final. The first match ended with a 4:3 score, and the second one with a 2:1 in favor of Brstimir who kept his momentum.

The rest of the bracket was interesting to watch as well and was not short of surprises. Marko “Tuna” Antunović reached the semi-finals for the first time in his A1 Adria league career. He even managed to win 50 points in the duel for 3rd place versus Esad “esad1memic” Memić.

The third qualifier is scheduled for next week, and you can already sign up for it HERE.

FIFA22 2nd qualifier bracket

Sign up for the second FIFA22 qualifier!

The 10th season of the A1 Adria League officially started last week. As the Brawl Stars qualifier was delayed, the new season opened with the FIFA22 qualifiers.

Get ready!

The first FIFA qualifier is already finished. The winner of the first one was last year’s champion Tarik “Amke” Novo who secured 100 points.

There is no time to waste. If you want to be the one to take Amke down from his throne as the FIFA champion, sign up for the second qualifier. It’s still not too late to secure a group stage and have a chance to compete with the best regional FIFA22 players. And this season, like the last, we have four qualifiers before the group stage start. If you missed out on the first qualifier or you didn’t manage to achieve any points, don’t worry. There are three more chances to earn points, and if you followed last season of A1AL you know that you don’t have to win the qualifier to get to the group stage. Last season Amke didn’t manage to win a single qualifier, and yet he climbed all the way to the top of the league.

We have already seen many familiar faces in the first qualifier, such as esad1memic, Amke, Encika, Mrky, and many others. If you want to test your skill against them and have a chance at the prize pool sign up HERE! The second FIFA22 qualifier will take place on September 9th, which is a Friday.

Amke wins the first FIFA 22 qualifier over almost 100 players

Despite a lot of players signing up for the first FIFA 22 qualifier for the tenth season of the A1 Adria League,  Tarik “Amke” Novo managed to secure the win.

Amke continues his domination

It’s always a pleasure to see a lot of new players joining the A1 Adria League community. Last Friday we had the opportunity to witness a lot of new faces competing for the points in the first FIFA 22 qualifier. In the end, most of the favorites did their job and claimed some points. It’s just the first qualifier, which means we still have three qualifiers left to determine who will be advancing to the group stage.

Standings ended up looking like this. Amke won over Harun “Hara” Parla and secured 100 points. That left Hara with 70 points after the first qualifier. Gruby won third place and 50 points by beating last Mrky2402 in the Croatian derby. You can check all the results on the qualifier page.

A1AL FIFA 22 Qualifier 1

The second qualifier will take place on Friday the 9th of September; you can already sign up for it!


Sign up for the Brawl Stars and FIFA 22 qualifiers!

It’s again that time of the year! Qualifiers for the A1 Adria League Season 10 are starting and we are kicking things off with the Brawl Stars and FIFA 2022.

Brawl Stars and FIFA 22 qualifiers

You know the drill. For each of the games, there will be four qualifiers through which you can earn points that will qualify you for the group stage. The top 16 players/teams in each of the qualifiers will earn points. Brawl Stars qualifiers will be played on Thursdays. FIFA 2022 qualifiers will be played on Fridays. Once the qualifiers are over we will know the players that will be playing in the SWISS group stage.

The prize pool will remain the same. The best Brawl Stars teams in Season 10 will split 2000€ among themselves while the prize pool for FIFA will be 1750€.

Sign up for the qualifiers

As always, you can find all of the information regarding the games on their respective pages.

A1 Adria League S10 Brawl Stars page

A1 Adria League S10 FIFA 22 page

To make your life easier, you can sign up for the first qualifier below.

A1 Adria League S10 Brawl Stars Qualifier #1

A1 Adria League S10 FIFA 22 Qualifier #1

In case of any additional questions, you can always find some answers and ask the admins on the official A1 Adria League Discord.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Novo: A1 Adria League is a place where I started my FIFA career

Once again the FIFA champion in A1 Adria League is Tarik “Novo” Novo. He defeated Marko “Mrky2402” Matančić in the finals after five intense matches and took his fourth consecutive title. We talked with Tarik about his title, his expectations, and his impressions, as well as his plans for the future.

First, congratulations on yet another A1 Adria League title. This is your fourth title in a row. What does it feel like to be at the top of the FIFA regional scene for two years now?

Thanks a lot. The feeling is the same as it was in the past seasons. It’s great and I am very proud of this fourth great success.

For the last couple of years, the same players have made the playoffs in A1AL. In which way do you improve and adapt your game in order to win, seeing that you, Brstimir, and Esad know each other well?

I have played many times with Brstimir, and with Esad even more. Because of that, I am familiar with their characteristic moves, but they are familiar with mine as well. It is really hard to play against them and every time I do my best to adapt my gameplay before meeting them.

Mrky made it to the finals in his first A1AL season, and you played all five matches. What is your opinion on your opponent’s gameplay and was it hard to play against him?

All I have to say about Mrky is that he is a great player, and I once again want to congratulate him. He didn’t make it to the top 4 for no reason. Playing against Mrky was very challenging, I think this FIFA suits him well.

You started the group stage with a 0:2 score and secured the playoff spot in the last round of the group stage. Did you make some changes in the playoff, and how do you explain your performance in the group stage, and in the playoffs? 

In the group stage, I didn’t have the team I wanted to play with, and I think that’s the main reason for the bad performance. Namely, I have made the team for the playoffs, and it paid off.

Did you expect to win this title, and will you compete in the 10th season in A1 Adria League as well?

I can’t say that I expected the title, but I was definitely looking forward to it and I gave my best to lift the trophy. A1 Adria League is a place where I started my FIFA career and it is very important to me. Because of that, I will sign up again because it’s a competition where I feel the most comfortable in.

What are your plans right now?

After plenty of competitions I played in the past few months, my plans for the summer are to rest and slowly start preparing for autumn and new tournaments, and hopefully new accomplishments.

Novo is FIFA champion for the fourth time in a row!

FIFA22 championship this year in A1 Adria League was as intense as ever. In the group stage, it seemed as though the king of FIFA Tarik Novo won’t be able to secure the playoff. But he did it in the last round, and in the playoffs dominated everyone in his path, winning his fourth consecutive title.

Novo – The undisputed A1AL champion

Whoever comes to challenge Novo in A1 Adria League goes home empty-handed. History repeated itself this season, as we have seen Tarik Novo win the title once again. Even though the Bosnian struggled throughout the group stage, he showed impeccable performance in the playoffs.

In the semifinals, Tarik was against the rookie player Mrky, while Esad had to defeat brstimir. The winners of the semifinals were Novo and brstimir who went on to fight in the upper bracket final, while Esad and Mrky fell down to the lower bracket. Novo had no problem defeating the Serbian player, and he did it with a 2:0 score. This led Novo to the grand finals where he waited for his opponent.

In the lower bracket the first match was played between Esad and Mrky, and Mrky was the one to go into the next stage of the competition, or the lower bracket final. Esad “esad1memic” Memić with this defeat was eliminated and finished the competition as fourth. In the lower bracket final the rookie of the season Marko “Mrky” Matančić defeated brstimir and made a big upset, seeing that brstimir was a huge favorite in this matchup. Miloš “brstimir” Majdevac with the loss in the lower bracket final took third place.

The biggest surprise of the season Mrky had now reached the grand final and was about to go head to head with the three-time champion Novo. The matches were Bo5 and it was as intense as ever. Both players gave their best and never wavered. The final went to game 5, and in the end, the Bosnian player was just too good to be defeated. He justified the role of favorite, defended the title once again, and took his fourth in a row in the A1 Adria League.

  1. Tarik “Novo” Novo – 950€
  2. Marko “mrky2402” Matančić – 500€
  3. Miloš “brstimir” Majdevac – 300€

Everything you need to know about Reboot Online Games Week!

As you already know the end of the ninth season of A1 Adria League will be a part of Reboot Online Games Week in Osijek. We have already revealed some of the segments in this season’s program. Now we are bringing you a full ROGW schedule, so you can follow your favorite games or some other interesting content.

Five days of ROGW

A1 Adria League S9 finals will be spread out to five days at ROGW this season. The event will start on June the 15th, and it ends on the 19th. Brawl Stars, FIFA22, and CS:GO are waiting for their champions. On Wednesday Salada de Frutas will try to defend the Brawl Stars title, FIFA22 semifinals and the grand final will be played on Thursday and Friday where Novo will seek to find his fourth consecutive title, while the weekend will be reserved for the CS:GO competition.

Apart from the finals and semifinals in these games, Reboot Online Games Week is bringing a lot of different and interesting content. As always My Story segment is making its appearance, and we will hear Sacre, Flegma, and dEE tell theirs. Next week also fans will be able to watch streams from some of the regional stars, such as DoubleAim who will play League of Legends, Darrian Alfy who will have a creative racing stream in F1, and Novke as our CS:GO guest streamer.

On the more serious subject, ROGW is bringing some interesting panel discussions where a variety of guests will talk about different problems, pros, and cons in gaming, such as toxicity and cyberbullying, and many more. At that same time, Osijek will be the host of a Pannonian Challenge, the world-famous competition in extreme sports, and a couple of extreme athletes will also be the guests in our panel segment.

The most important part of the Reboot Online Games Week is the humanitarian segment, where the regional gamers will join in and try to gather as much money for a blind boy Luka, who needs a certain device to be able to normally follow classes and develop without many obstacles.

Here is the full Reboot Online Games Week schedule!

Reboot Online Games Week schedule