Another A1AL season, another Brawl Stars tournament!

If you thought that this A1AL season you wouldn’t have a chance to brawl it out with the best BS players and teams in the region, you were mistaken. Just like in the previous seasons, this one will feature another Brawl Stars mini-tournament with a grand final in Zagreb. Don’t wait a second and sign up for the qualifiers!

Compete with the best Brawlers!

We are reaching the end of the mini-tournaments in the 12th A1 Adria League season. So far we’ve crowned champions of mini-tournaments in League of Legends and Clash Royale, while PUBG is just around the corner. However, unlike the mentioned games, Brawl Stars is different in one aspect. The crowning for this game will happen as a part of the Reboot Infogamer event powered by A1 in Zagreb.

Two qualifiers will be played where the best teams will earn their spot in the LAN final which remains to be scheduled (The Reboot event is on November 9-12). However, the dates for the qualifiers are known. The first one will be played on the 26th of October, and the second just four days later, i.e., on the 30th. Win the qualifier and you’re in the finals!

Don’t waste more time and sign up for the qualifiers by clicking on the links below. Be the one to put a stop to Salada de Frutas ‘ long domination!

First Qualifier – 26.10.2023

Second Qualifier – 30.10.2023

The prize pool is 450 euros and the winner takes all, so there is no space for mistakes. Give it all and take home the prize and the right to call yourself the best!

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