A1AL S13 4th weekly recap

Another A1AL weekly recap is here as our EAFC players secure groups!

This week we have finally selected the best EAFC24 players both on console and mobile. On the other hand, Brawl Stars is halfway there when it comes to their qualifier cups in A1AL. And as we know CS2 groups are getting more interesting with each match. Read all the details of this week’s tournaments in the 13th season of A1 Adria League.

Who are the A1AL top 16 in EAFC24 and EAFC24 Mobile?

Let’s begin with the soccer players from the EAFC24 game that made their way into the league. Firstly, the fourth qualifier was a real nail-biter. In the end, for the second time this season, Mupi takes maximum points. With two victories, he secured a total of 200 points, which put him at the top of the table. This season, points are crucial since the top 4 will be the holders of the groups.

In the finals of this qualifier, CLA_Marac was Mupi’s opponent, who took second place which enabled him to qualify further. Fifteen players have been confirmed, as four players will fight for the last place in the group: Cyber_Fico, Cera, Fika, and Barba

So, at the end of the EAFC qualifiers in the A1AL, Mupi is in first place with 200 points. Behind him are Misko with 160, Brstimir with 10 less, and Hara with 100 points. Our six-time champion Tarik Novo only has 70 points, but as we know he always somehow manages to get to the finals, so I’m not worried about him.

A1AL S13 EAFC24 4th qualifier results

As far as EAFC24 Mobile is concerned, in the last qualifiers, we had the opportunity to see Albin and Paka, two players from Montenegro, for the first time. Unfortunately, Paka failed to qualify for the group stage, unlike Albin. On the other hand, Nikolas7, our last year’s FC Mobile commentator, won the fourth qualifier which puts him at the top of the table. Furthermore, two players from Buducnost eSport (Nikolas7 and Skrebo98) were in the finals, which happened for the first time as well. 

To summarize the qualifiers, Nikolas7 is at the top with 320 points. Behind him are Skrebo98 with 300 and Bojce with 290. Fourth place is taken by SavaZver, while our last year’s champion Shaq is fifth with 160 points.

A1AL S13 EAFC24 Mobile 4th qualifiers

Same old on the Brawl Stars front – Salada on top in A1AL

Same as last week, our veterans and previous champions Salada de Frutas came on top of another qualifier cup. They now have 40 points and are very secure. They even showed a more dominating performance this time not losing a single set in the whole 2nd qualifier.

The upper part of the bracket was full of good teams (M4M, Frutas, OOB1 vs F/A Inazuma, Delulu), so it was a little one-sided, i.e. the teams that were lucky enough to be on the other side of the bracket got the points. OOB1 is at the moment second with 20 points and we can also expect to see them in the group stage of A1AL.

A1AL S13 BS 2nd qualifier

The Wild Ones and Superior Esports take their first wins

This week two CS2 matches were on the schedule in the group stage of A1AL. The Wild Ones took on Cupava Veverica, while in the second match, we watched Superior Esports vs BeFive. Both matches ended without the use of a decider map.

In the first duel, The Wild Ones win the first four rounds on Inferno. Then Cupava Veverica stops their opponents in a flash, who don’t need long to make a new streak and pick up where they left off. With a score of 7:1, they had the match in their hands. However, they make a small mistake in giving two easy frags and lose the round. The first half ended with a score of 10:2.

In all rounds, the players pushed A, mid, and, B. There were no rules, just run, jump, shoot. In the second half, Cupava Veverica struck back with the same measure at the beginning, they took a pistol round, defended themselves from force buy, and against eco they connected three in a row.
On Mirage we saw a 10:5 half for The Wild Ones, who didn’t take a long time to finish the second game and take the first win in groups. Last two rounds on CT they only pushed mid and finished the job. 

A nailbiter on Ancient and Mirage

In the second duel of this group stage round things were a lot closer as games ended with 13:10 and 13:11 scores. BeFive opens Ancient with two rounds in a row on the CT side. However, then Superior Esports connects seven rounds in a row without much difficulty focusing only on attacking sites without going mid. Towards the end of the half, BeFive somehow pulls out two more rounds and the half is suddenly decent 8:4.

BeFive on T starts well, but they lose the first buy round, which opens the opportunity for them to reset the opponents. That is exactly what they do and the game is even again. After that BeFive confidently takes the lead. However, Superior Esports with great holds take the last four rounds in a row to make the final 13:10 score.

On Mirage BeFive starts well as they take the first four rounds. After that everything that could have gone wrong for this team has. Superior took all the rounds until the end of half (8:4). On the CT side, however, BeFive woke up from their sleep and even up the score followed by a won round to take the lead. Similar to Ancient. In those moments, history repeats itself. Superior pulls out the round from their sleeve. They take advantage of the enemy’s mistakes and close the game 13-10.

If you missed these upper bracket matches, you can watch them HERE!

CS2 group stage results

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