Seven exciting years of A1 Adria League in the making!

Believe it or not, we have been through six years (2024 being the seventh one) and 12 exciting seasons of the A1 Adria League while two new ones are awaiting this year. We have come very far since the inception of the league and our first tournament. After many different games and a lot of format changes, we have arrived at today. Take a look at what made the A1 Adria League great, enjoy a trip down memory lane, and reminisce together with us.

From 2017 to today

Everything began with three games and at that time unknown teams. Today we are proud to have hosted some of the best European names in League of Legends, CS:GO, now CS2, and FIFA. Valiance&CO won the league in the first season with Nexa and Hunter who are now playing best European CS2 tournaments with G2 Esports. And that’s not all. That same season we also saw Sacre compete who would later go on to play in EU LCS.

Similar to the initial season, the second one was remarkable as well. That is when we changed the name of the league from VIP Adria League to A1 Adria League, added two new games, Clash Royale and Hearthstone, went mobile, and introduced a new tournament format.

The year 2018 and seasons 3 and 4 introduced Dota in the A1 Adria League and we have seen a tremendous rise in the prize pool between these two seasons. While Team uNIQUE took home 1000 euros, the winners of the 4th season in CS:GO ex-BLUEJAYS won 5000 euros.

CS:GO and FIFA in their prime

Moving forward to next year, Dota 2 and Hearthstone were replaced with Brawl Stars, a game that is still immensely popular and one of our featured games today. Many players who are still competing in 2024 in A1AL made their debuts in season 5 such as Tarik Novo, Esad Memic, brstimir in FIFA, and 4glory and Blink in CS:GO. Now as we know, Tarik Novo has six titles behind him and is expected to win even more.

As we know everything has an end except League of Legends, and in that matter, this MOBA made its return in 2021 with seasons 7 and 8 when Split Riders and Metamoon triumphed. While Tarik started his reign in FIFA. That year we unfortunately didn’t have LAN at the end of the year but we survived COVID better than we hoped as we had almost 30.000 watched hours with more than 200.000 live views.

The return of the LAN

The year 2022 brought back the LAN event and besides that, the finish of the jubilee 10th season of the A1 Adria League watched over 100,000 unique viewers. We introduced new games and a mini-tournament format where the additional games were played for one or two weekends instead of the whole season. Such was PUBG where Entropiq took the title, League of Legends, F1, and VALORANT who made its debut.

We didn’t stop at seven games and last year we had a total of nine different games and competitions. With CS:GO (now CS2), FIFA23 (now EAFC24), and Brawl Stars as main games, we introduced for the first time Fortnite, Trackmania and Rainbow Six Siege. Additionally, League of Legends, PUBG, and VALORANT stayed in the league as mini-tournaments.

Season 12 last November had an amazing LAN finish where the titles went out to Tarik Novo in EAFC24, Salada de Frutas in Brawl Stars, Zero Tenacity in CS2, and SHAQ came victorious in EAFC24 Mobile. Apart from the games, we hosted many different events as a part of Reboot InfoGamer powered by A1 with more than 50 hours of entertainment and a prize pool of more than 17,000 euros.

We already mentioned that this season the prize pool will be a whopping 40,000 euros and that the competition will be as exciting as ever with the first qualifiers starting at the beginning of June.

Get ready and sign up!

A1 Adria League Season 13 is waiting for you!

If you thought that this year you wouldn’t be participating in the A1 Adria League or watching the best regional players and teams, you are mistaken. Even though we are starting a bit later this year, we are more than ready to show you what we have planned for the 13th and 14th season. Keep reading to find out more!

Seven games, a LAN event, and a whopping prize pool

This year we are proud to inform you that we will be hosting 6 different games in both A1 Adria League seasons. Four games we will stream throughout the whole season while two of them will be a part of mini tournaments. All year long you will be able to enjoy CS2, EAFC23, EAFC24 Mobile, and Brawl Stars. We don’t want to reveal everything from the start, so stay tuned for the remaining two games! All we will say is that first one is from Riot Games, second one is a legendary fighting game, and the third is a very popular battle royale.

The prize pool for both seasons will be more than 40.000 Euros, and we are starting the league with the first qualifiers of the s13 on June 8th. Leaving you time to practice and prepare, since the competition is fierce each year. And while the 13th season will have a finale online, the ending for the 14th season will be a LAN party as a part of the Reboot event sometime in November!

As far as the format goes, for CS2, we will have six qualified teams and two invited to compete for the top prize. The group stage will be double elimination and the top 4 will move on to playoff.

Football lovers will enjoy EAFC24 and EAFC24 Mobile throughout four qualifiers, group stage, and finals. The group stage will contain four groups of four players. The remaining eight players will advance to the second stage of groups where there will be two groups with four players. From there we will get the best four who will compete in the playoffs.

Last but not least, Brawl Stars will have four qualifiers as well while the group stage is double elimination where the best 16 teams will compete in BO5/BO3 series.

For more information follow our social media accounts on Instagram, X, and Facebook, and watch the league on YouTube. Twitch or Kick.


Join A1 Gaming Weekend FIFA Mobile Tournament!

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming A1 Gaming Weekend FIFA Mobile Tournament, an exciting opportunity for players to showcase their skills and compete for prizes. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a passionate newcomer, this tournament promises intense matches and thrilling gameplay.

A1 Gaming Weekend FIFA Mobile

For the first time in the history of the A1 Gaming Weekends, we will feature a FIFA Mobile tournament. Developed by EA SPORTS Mobile and EA Canada, FIFA Mobile is a simulation video game based on association football. Published by EA Sports for iOS and Android, it debuted on October 11, 2016, as a successor to the FIFA Ultimate Team mobile games. While initially available for Microsoft Windows until 2017, it was unveiled on August 16, 2016, at Gamescom 2016.

The tournament will be played on the 26th and 27th of August. If you’re interested to prove that you are one of the best FIFA Mobile players in the region, all you have to do is visit the Esport FM Balkan Discord where you will find all the necessary information as well as the registration channel.

Prize Pool:

1st Place: €150

2nd Place: €70

3rd Place: €30

The A1 Gaming Weekend FIFA Mobile Tournament promises an exhilarating gaming experience, where skill and strategy collide. Mark your calendars and get ready to compete on a grand stage, vying for glory and fantastic rewards. Join us in celebrating the spirit of competitive gaming!

For more information and to register, visit the Discord.

A1 Gaming Weekends Tekken with Zagreb Tekken Showdown!

Once again, A1 Adria League and Zagreb Tekken Showdown bring you thrilling Tekken matches and excellent entertainment. On August 12th, starting at 11 a.m., join the ultimate Tekken clash and have a shot at winning a cash prize.

A1 Gaming Weekends Tekken

What’s on the menu? We’re hosting a Tekken 7 PC online doubles tournament! To clinch the top spot, you’ll need a partner and a solid strategy. Each entry to this tournament consists of a pair of players. The draw will follow a double-elimination format, where each pair must lose twice to be eliminated. The winning team walks away with a prize of 250 euros.

Basic rules:

Each match is played in a best-of-three games (bo3) format, each consisting of three rounds. The upper and lower bracket finals, as well as the grand finals, are best-of-five games (bo5). The team that loses a game can choose between two options:

Select a new character but have the stage chosen randomly. Stick with the same character but choose the stage of your choice. Character customization is not allowed.

Special rules:

Each bracket slot is reserved for one team, composed of two players. The team decides which player they send into the next match, and that player must complete the match. The team cannot switch players mid-match. The team also cannot pick the same player for three consecutive matches, meaning if player 1 played the first match, and played again in the second match, player 2 must play in the next match. Each team must strategize which player to send to achieve the best possible placement. Teams will select players without knowing the choices of the opposing team (blind player pick).

Additional information:

The tournament kicks off on August 12th at 11 a.m. The first phase of the tournament will be played without a live stream and will last until the top 8 phase. The second phase starts at 2 p.m. and will be accompanied by a live stream. The tournament will conclude around 5 p.m. All registered players must follow the ZTS Discord for additional information during the tournament. Players must have a stable connection. Wi-Fi connections are prohibited in this tournament. Registrations can be done until August 11th at 12 p.m., and the bracket will be released immediately after the registration period closes. Sign up here!

Tarik Novo Seizes Fifth A1 Adria League Trophy in FIFA 23 Finals

The A1 Adria League’s FIFA 23 LAN finals, held on the 9th of June at the vibrant Reboot Games Weekend within the Zagrebački Velesajam, delivered a nail-biting spectacle that will be etched in the memory of esports enthusiasts. The grand finale saw Tarik Novo stage an extraordinary comeback, transforming a 0-2 deficit into a triumphant 3-2 victory against Esad Memić. The intensity of the games, coupled with exceptional gameplay from both competitors, treated fans to an exhilarating showcase of skill, determination, and sportsmanship.

Tarik Novo’s Unforgettable Triumph

As the heated battle for the A1 Adria League crown unfolded, the virtual pitch became an arena of suspense and excitement. Novo and Memić showcased their prowess, leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of victory. With each game marked by closely contested goals and unexpected turnarounds, the finals had spectators on the edge of their seats. The audience was treated to a roller-coaster of emotions, witnessing remarkable goals and breathtaking comebacks that kept the outcome uncertain until the very last whistle.

In the midst of this electrifying showdown, it was Tarik Novo who emerged as the hero of the day. Demonstrating nerves of steel and a relentless fighting spirit, Novo orchestrated an incredible turnaround, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. His ability to adapt, strategize, and execute under pressure showcased the mark of a true champion. This remarkable win marked Novo’s fifth A1 Adria League trophy, solidifying his legacy as one of the league’s most prominent figures.

Novo’s victory was not only a testament to his skill but also reaped substantial rewards. Alongside the prestigious A1 Adria League title, Novo claimed a share of the 1250 Euros prize pool. This win not only highlighted his dominance in the virtual arena but also underscored the growing significance of esports as a legitimate and lucrative career path for talented players.

The FIFA 23 LAN finals of the A1 Adria League will forever remain a memorable chapter in esports history. The captivating journey of Tarik Novo, from a 0-2 deficit to a triumphant 3-2 victory, exemplifies the spirit of competition, resilience, and determination that defines the esports community. As the confetti fell and the cheers echoed through the Reboot Games Weekend venue, Novo’s remarkable feat showcased the true essence of esports – where virtual battles create real-world legends.


Building a Safer Digital Landscape

In today’s digital era, the internet and video games have become integral parts of our daily lives, particularly among young individuals. However, with their growing popularity, an alarming issue has emerged – toxicity. Recently, a round table discussion titled “Fostering Responsible Online Behavior” was held at the A1 Adria League Finals during the Reboot Games Weekend as part of the #BoljiOnline campaign. Experts and enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds discussed crucial topics, such as the minimum age for social media profiles, responsible conduct on the internet and in multiplayer video games, and ways to educate individuals about creating a safer online environment.

Toxicity is a raising issue

Responsible behavior, as defined by Martina Nikolić from the Center for Safer Internet, entails actions that do not harm oneself or others. In contrast, behavior aimed at causing harm, including toxicity, is considered a form of online violence. Whether it occurs on social media platforms, internet communities, or during multiplayer gaming sessions, addressing these issues and enhancing education are crucial for creating a safer digital space for everyone.

Ena Lucija Kovač, co-founder of Zagreb Tekken Showdown and an esports tournament organizer, mentioned commendable preventive measures in video games like League of Legends and Valorant. However, Martina pointed out that the situation on social media platforms remains far from ideal. Alarmingly, according to DeShame research conducted in collaboration with A1 Hrvatska by the Center for Safer Internet, half of high school students do not report instances of online sexual harassment. Additionally, merely blocking abusive users, which constitutes the response of the other half, falls short of effectively deterring such misconduct.

Addressing these challenges requires education. Luka Karlić, a student from PMF, lamented the lack of focus on such matters during his high school education. Comprehensive education targeting not only youngsters but also parents, students, esports organizers, moderators, and internet community leaders is essential. The Center for Safer Internet offers various educational resources on its official website,, and has developed a specialized page,, to tackle these issues.

Promoting responsible behavior

Promoting responsible behavior on the internet does not mean implementing categorical bans. Prohibiting communication in online multiplayer games would stifle the crucial social aspect that fosters camaraderie and friendship. Similarly, enforcing total internet and social media bans can have unintended consequences. Instead, empowering younger individuals through education and communication, with guidance from responsible adults, is the path towards a safer digital environment.

In the event of encountering any form of electronic harassment or violence on any platform, individuals are encouraged to reach out to the Center for Safer Internet via their anonymous hotline at 0800 606 606 or through their official social media profiles.

By collectively embracing the responsibility of nurturing responsible online behavior, we can shape a digital world that is respectful, inclusive, and secure for all users.

A1 Gaming Weekends continues with VALORANT

The A1 Adria League is thrilled to announce the second installment of the A1 Gaming Weekends, featuring an exciting tournament in the highly popular game, Valorant.

A1 Gaming Weekend VALORANT Details

Game: Valorant, a thrilling first-person shooter game that has taken the gaming community by storm, will be the focus of the upcoming A1 Gaming Weekends tournament.

Date & Time: On July the 30th, 17:05 CEST

Check-In: Teams are required to check-in 60 minutes before the tournament start time. Prompt check-in is crucial to ensure smooth proceedings.

Team Size: The Valorant tournament will follow a 5v5 team format, where each team will consist of five players. Assemble your squad wisely, strategize, and coordinate your efforts to emerge victorious.

Format: The tournament will be conducted in a Single Elimination format. Each match will be a do-or-die situation, with the winning team advancing to the next round while the defeated team exits the competition. Be prepared to give your all in each match and showcase your skills.

Prize Pool:  Participants will have the opportunity to secure 250€ for the first place.

Registration Link: To register your team and secure a spot in this tournament, please visit the following link:

Join Us for the A1 Gaming Weekends: Valorant Tournament

The A1 Adria League invites all Valorant enthusiasts to join us for an exhilarating tournament during the A1 Gaming Weekends series. Immerse yourselves in the thrilling world of Valorant, where teamwork, precision, and quick reflexes are key to success.

Mark your calendars for July 30, 2023, and gather your team for a competition like no other. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your skills, engage in thrilling battles, and compete for prestigious hardware prizes.

To secure your spot in this Valorant tournament, visit our official website,, for registration details and further information.

Stay tuned for updates and announcements on our website and social media platforms as we countdown to the A1 Gaming Weekends: Valorant Tournament. Prepare yourselves for an unforgettable gaming experience.

We’re kicking off A1 Gaming Weekends with League of Legends

The A1 Adria League is excited to unveil the next installment of the A1 Gaming Weekends, a series of tournaments encompassing various popular games. We are pleased to present the inaugural tournament of this series, featuring the widely acclaimed multiplayer online battle arena game, League of Legends (LoL), specifically targeting the EUNE region.

A1 Gaming Weekend League of Legends Details

Game & Region: League of Legends on the EUNE server.

Time & Date: On July the 16th, 17:00 CEST

Check-in Period: Teams are required to check-in 45 minutes before the tournament start time. Prompt check-in is crucial to ensure smooth proceedings.

Team Size: The tournament will follow a 5vs5 format, with each team allowed to have two substitutes. It is essential for participants to have their substitutes ready to step in if needed.

Entry Fee: We are delighted to announce that the A1 Gaming Weekends’ first LoL tournament is free to enter. We aim to provide an accessible and inclusive environment for players of all backgrounds to compete.

Format: The tournament will be conducted in a Single Elimination format. Teams will face off against each other, with the victors advancing to subsequent rounds while the defeated teams exit the competition. This intense format promises thrilling clashes and fierce battles throughout the event.

Prize Pool: Participants will have the opportunity to secure 250€ for the first place.

Registration Link: To register your team and secure a spot in this tournament, please visit the following link:

Join Us for the A1 Gaming Weekends: LoL Tournament on EUNE Server

The A1 Adria League invites all passionate League of Legends players in the EUNE region to join us for an exhilarating showdown in our first A1 Gaming Weekends tournament. This is an excellent opportunity for teams to showcase their skills, test their mettle against worthy adversaries, and vie for the prestigious hardware prizes at stake.

Gather your team, register, and prepare for an adrenaline-fueled battle in the Summoner’s Rift. Stay tuned for further updates and announcements on our official website,

Together, let’s embark on an unforgettable gaming journey and embrace the spirit of competition in the A1 Gaming Weekends.

A1 Adria League: Exciting Finale Crowns Champions in FIFA23, CS:GO, and Brawl Stars!

The 11th edition of the prestigious regional A1 Adria League has concluded. Last weekend’s unforgettable finale crowned the champions in three games: FIFA23, CS:GO, and Brawl Stars. Tension filled the air throughout the three-day Reboot Games Weekend powered by A1, as the best gamers competed for a total prize pool of €16,800 at the Zagreb Fair from June 9th to 11th, marking the largest prize pool in the league’s history.

Tarik Novo claims the FIFA23 champion title

In a thrilling final, Novo emerged as the five-time champion of the A1 Adria League. Esad and Novo are familiar opponents, but in the final, the better player rightfully celebrated victory. Esad Memić held a 1-0 lead in the final, having reached the grand finale through the upper bracket. However, Novo orchestrated a remarkable comeback in three intense matches, clinching the trophy for the 11th season of the A1 Adria League.

A1AL Season 11 Tarik Novo FIFA 23

Salada de Frutas – the top Brawl Stars team in the region

Karma to OP had limited chances against Salada de Frutas in the Brawl Stars final. With this latest triumph, Salada de Frutas secured their third A1 Adria League championship title, further solidifying their dominance in the domestic Brawl Stars scene.

A1AL Season 11 Salada de Frutas Brawl Stars

Zero Tenacity – CS:GO champions

Zero Tenacity outplayed Jake Bube with a decisive 3-0 victory, successfully defending their title from the previous year. The dominant performance of the Zero Tenacity squad does not fully reflect the true nature of the final. Jake Bube had their opportunities, but they failed to capitalize on them effectively.

A1AL Season 11 Zero Tenacity CSGO

Year after year, we are growing together with our loyal players and fans, whom we gather on the widest optical network with minimal latency in Croatia. We continuously invest in a community that demonstrates increasing interest, confirming that we are doing the right thing. As a telecommunications company, we feel a great social responsibility towards all our customers, which is why we initiate numerous projects to make us all #BetterOnline,” stated Iva Ančić, Brand Manager of Marketing Communications and Digital Business at A1 Hrvatska.

aVN: I think we have the advantage because we are a team

On Sunday, June 11th, Filip “aVN” Belojica will have the opportunity to defend his title as the reigning champion of the 10th season of the A1 Adria League in the grand final of the 11th season, facing off against the formidable team of Jake Bube. These two teams share a deep-rooted rivalry and extensive familiarity.

aVN has an impressive track record, being a four-time winner of the A1 Adria League. He claimed victory in Season 4 with ex-BLUEJAYS, followed by consecutive wins in Season 5 and 6 with Level Up Esports. His most recent triumph came in Season 10 with Zero Tenacity, where he secured the championship. Additionally, aVN has achieved success twice at the Esport Adria Championship, emerging victorious in the 5th and 6th editions.

In this exclusive interview, we delve into aVN’s journey, his experiences, and his insights as he prepares for yet another fierce battle on the A1 Adria League stage.

Z10 Filip aVN Belojica

You’re in the A1 Adria League final once again. Congratulations! How was the journey to the final compared to last season?

Thank you! Unlike last season, where we barely made it through the group stage, this time it was much easier. The only tough match we had in the group stage was against Portugal.

You have won the A1 Adria League four times and are one of the most successful players in the tournament. How do you feel about that, and does it motivate you even more for the fifth trophy?

The feeling is always the same, aiming to win any tournament, especially if it’s a LAN event. The motivation is always there, and I hope to win the fifth trophy as well.

You are facing the team Jaka Buba, composed of players you know well. You have already won the A1 Adria League with some of them, but they also know you well. Who do you think has the advantage because of that, and why?

They are all good players, and we are all good friends. We have played together before, and we know each other very well. But I think we have the advantage because we are a team and therefore have a better map pool, while they come as a mix.

How do you like playing tournaments in Zagreb, especially the A1 Adria League?

As someone who has played many tournaments in Zagreb, I’m really glad to play there again in front of an audience. Of course, I’m particularly happy to play in the A1 Adria League because I have many great memories from your tournaments.

Lastly, the CS:GO era is coming to an end, and it’s likely that we will all be playing CS2 soon. What does that personally mean to you, and what does it mean for Z10?

Honestly, we haven’t tried CS2 yet because we are still playing a lot of tournaments. As far as I’m concerned, every change is welcome. We will continue in the same lineup and hope to achieve even better results in CS2.

Watch aVN and Z10 on Sunday as he tries to win his fifth A1AL trophy against Jake Bube in the grand finals of the Season 11!