With two seasons of the highest tier, the A1 Adria League is HERE!

Despite the unexpected troubles and hardships that the COVID-19 pandemic brought to the world, the last year was a massive success for the A1 Adria League project. We experimented with two new titles and we are happy to say that it paid off! In the last season, Good Game Gold and Red had a fierce Brawl Stars rivalry and in the end, the Gold players won the main prize during the Reboot Online Games Week.

CS:GO saw yet another win for the lvlUP core. After a shaky start in the SWISS stage, the Serbian powerhouse bounced back and claimed their third A1 Adria League title in a row. Season 6 saw a mix of FIFA20 and FIFA21 as it happened during the usual transitional period for the football simulation game. amke2001 was the player who adapted to the FIFA21 environment the fastest and he secured first place! Lastly, despite LAZR having a perfect group stage, Nikola and Joža Esports were crowned the Clash Royale Season 6 champions.

The new year brings new challenges!

Seasons 7 & 8 will see the return of one of the League’s first titles – League of Legends. As we bid our farewells to Clash Royale, we are glad to welcome League of Legends back to our main games roster. The other games will stay the same which means that we will spend this year watching two more action-packed seasons filled with CS:GO, Brawl Stars, and FIFA!

The regional League of Legends scene has developed during the last couple of years and we are happy to introduce LOL once again. We are expecting a huge turnout from some of the region’s finest as well as the players that are looking for their chance of becoming the next regional superstars. After all, A1 Adria League has been the region’s talent proving grounds for years and we plan to continue that tradition into 2021 as well.

Brawl Stars

While the decision to change Hearthstone for Brawl Stars was surely a hard one, Supercell’s arena shooter showed us all that it is one of the greatest mobile esports in the industry. We have collected your feedback and have introduced some changes for the upcoming two seasons of the League.

Instead of hosting a number of qualifiers throughout the season, we will only have four cups and we will be focusing on the group stage of the tournament. The most successful teams from the qualifying cups will advance to a BO5/BO3 SWISS stage that will determine the four playoffs contestants. The four finalists will clash in a double-elimination BO3 bracket for a chance to win their share of the Season 7 €2,000 prize pool.

During every cup, the 16 best teams will earn points depending on their results. In the end, the first eight will advance to the SWISS stage:

First place – 100 points
Second place – 70 points
Third place – 50 points
Fourth place – 50 points
Fifth to eight place – 20 points
Ninth to sixteenth place – 10 points

You can be a part of the A1 Adria League story by signing up for the Brawl Stars League on the following LINK!

Brawl Stars Prize Pool

Brawl Stars has been turning heads for the last two seasons and the scene in the region is bigger than ever. What does Supercell’s game have in store for us this time?


While being a completely different game from Brawl Stars, we have found out that similar formats bring the best out of both of the games. Season 7 will once again be played on PlayStation 4. Four qualifiers will precede the SWISS stage that will see our regional FIFA players fight for the four playoffs spots.

The SWISS stage will boast a BO3 match format, while the final stage will be played in a double-elimination bracket that will once again crown our new football champion in the region.

Once again, the 16 competitors that have secured the top spots will earn points that will be split in the following manner:

First place – 100 points
Second place – 70 points
Third place – 50 points
Fourth place – 40 points
Fifth to eight place – 20 points
Ninth to sixteenth place – 10 points

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FIFA Prize Pool

With the new year, a new challenge awaits. Rise up to the challenge and become the next regional FIFA superstar!


Five years and six A1 Adria League seasons and CS:GO in the region is stronger than ever! The teams are preparing and a huge shuffle has been happening in the Adria regional scene during the last months while everyone awaits the return of the king of FPS games – Counter-Strike. We will feature a similar format for Season 7, with small changes in the teams that will be participating in the League.

This season, six of the eight League teams will join us by playing two qualifying cups that are open to the whole region. Last season’s winners will receive one of the two direct invites, and a second invite will be revealed soon! We will have the chance to watch a spectacular BO3 SWISS stage once again. The four teams that reach three wins will play in the playoffs event for a chance to become the reigning champion of the biggest regional esports competition!

Organizations like 4glory and ONYX along with all the older organizations that are still a part of the scene are noticing the amount of talent that this region produces and are crucial in the development of the Adriatic scene. It is always nice to see organizations investing in the regional teams and our biggest wish is that the A1 Adria League will help those players and teams achieve their biggest dreams!

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CS:GO Prize Pool


Will someone manage to outperform Filip “aVN” Belojica and his team, or will we see the Serbian powerhouse win their fourth season in a row?

League of Legends

Since the first two seasons, our fans have longed for a League of Legends comeback. KlikTech in Season 1 and ASUS ROG ELITE in Season 2 were the best teams at the time and now it is time to decide who will be the champion of the seventh A1 Adria League season. We have prepared an interesting format for all the teams from every country in the region so that each one of the countries included in the A1 Adria League will have their own team represent them in the group stage.

The eight countries in the region will each host two qualifying cups which will earn four teams a spot in their respective National League. The eight National Leagues will have a double-elimination BO3 bracket. The teams that survive this stage will play the Regional Playoff – another double-elimination bracket that will culminate with a Best of 5 grand finals match.

You can be a part of the A1 Adria League story by signing up for the LOL League on the following LINK!

League of Legends Prize Pool

After five seasons, League of Legends is BACK! It’s time for you to take the battle to Summoner’s Rift and come back a CHAMPION!

Want to learn more about the regional esports stars? We’ve got you covered!

From top players to casters and streamers, our scene has produced a number of talented people that represent our region throughout the world. Every single person that has made a career out of esports, whether on a regional or international level, has a different story to tell.

During the Reboot Online Games Week we will have the chance to hear the background stories of some of the most prominent names of our esports scene. How did they get into gaming? What were their first steps in the industry? MOJA PRIČA will have the answer as well as the answers to many more questions concerning the careers of regional esports personalities that have in some way shaped the scene for the better.

Starting on Monday and up until Friday, we will hear a total of seven pieces about journalists, players, and streamers alike. First on our list is Sanda “Sansen” Mamić – a PUBG shoutcaster, host, and of course, player. Tuesday will see the stories of yet another PUBG personality – Maro “sprEEEzy” Miličević as well as the story of Zvonimir “Professeur” Burazin, a senior writer for the world’s biggest CS:GO site – HLTV.org

Luka “level” Marušić is an esports journalist that has been involved with the A1 Adria League project on multiple occasions. He is currently a part of CR4ZY and is helping the organization with the production of great content as well as their League of Legends project. Leon “neLo” Pesić as one of the best R6 players in the world has a number of trophies behind his name, including the title of Pro League Season 10 champion. You will learn more about these players on Wednesday at 15 and 17 o’clock respectively.

On Thursday and Friday, we will hear the stories of Lavvek and PvtMole. The first name that we think of when mention Brawl Stars in the region is Lavvek’s. The Croatian player that is currently playing for Good Game has had massive success on the international and regional level. We will learn more about FIFA21 & Clash Royale YouTuber and A1 Adria League caster, PvtMole, on Friday. Tune in at 14 o’clock on both days if you would like to hear more about the people that have been and are still shaping our scene.

The Reboot Online Games Week begins today at 13 o’clock. We are looking forward to seeing you on stream enjoying the content that we have prepared for you. Don’t forget to follow us on our Social Media to keep up with all the incoming news – it’s gonna be a busy week.

A1 Adria League LAN Survival Guide

We’re slowly approaching the LAN finals, boys and girls. After months of competition in 4 different games, last online matches have been played and we’re all set to start looking towards the LAN finals that are being held next week. But we’re sure you have a lot of questions regarding how, where and what is going on, so we compiled this survival guide to help you, well, survive the LAN.


Well, first one up is pretty self-explanatory. All of the A1 Adria League LAN final matches will be held at this year’s edition of Reboot InfoGamer. One of Europe’s largest gaming conventions attracts more than 70,000 visitors every year, and the LAN will be held on a purpose-built stage in a special area inside of the InfoGamer grounds.

Reboot InfoGamer is being held at Zagrebački Velesajam in the New Zagreb area.


The Reboot InfoGamer will be held from 21. to 25. of November. The LAN finals start at friday, with Clash Royale and Hearthstone being played on the first day of competition, followed by CS:GO on Saturday and the big LoL final on Sunday.


The Clash Royale players that are advancing to the LAN finals are SASA, TrueAlpha ,Srbija, and BrunoBlaze, and one of them is bound to go home with both the prize of €·1000 and the bragging rights. We’ll first be watching the two semi finals, after which the winners will advance to the winner bracket final. The losers will compete in their own final, after which we will have the final all set up.

The same format is reserved for Hearthstone, with PeraHS, Lavvek, Djuka93 and Vulee being the top 4 players that will be fighting for the grand prize in the LAN finals. The Hearthstone finals are set to start in the late afternoon, but you’ll be watching live from the beginning, right?


Saturday is reserved for CS:GO, and the LAN finals of the extremely interesting part of the tournament. The first CS:GO semifinal will be played between Valiance&Co. and Locastic, and will start in the morning. The second semifinal, one between GamePub and KlikTech is set to start in the early afternoon and last up until 16:30. The big final match is set to start at 17:15 and is planned to be over a bit after 20:00. The third place decider match will be played off-stream at the same time as the grand final.

Note that we can’t affect the performance of the teams, so there is a possibility that the CS:GO finals end a couple hours earlier. As always, we’ll have all the info live on our social media channels.

Oh, and the winners go home with €10.000.

Sunday is for LoL and the wrap up of the season

The last day of competition will see the same format as CS:GO, but only for our League of Legends LAN finals. The show starts at 10:00 and the first match is scheduled to start soon after. KlikTech and x25 are opening the action in the first match of the day, followed by the second semifinal at 13:45 between Asus Rog Elite and Zagreb 360. The winners will secure the spot in the grand finals, and the losers get to fight for third place, but off stream.

The grand final will start shortly after 17:00 and will mark the official end of the second season of the A1 Adria League. We know it’s been quite a ride, and are itching to provide the best possible experience in the finals for you.

Of course, all of the games will be streamed live, and commentated by our very own commentary teams in each game. There’s also some surprises coming your way, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?

Interview: Hrvoje Jugec, KlikTech

With only a few short days between us and the online playoffs, we’re eager to find something to get us through, and we found it in Hrvoje Jugec, one of the co-founders of KlikTech. After the team played both great CS:GO and LoL and secured the LAN in both games, we sat down with Hrvoje to talk about the League, KlikTech and predictions for the LAN.

Hrvoje notes that both the organization and the players are feeling extremely proud and happy after the group stage, and notes that it’s a great pleasure to be part of the LAN final for the second year in a row. After the last year’s extremely successful LoL roster KlikTech will have some tough shoes to fill, though, and Hrvoje agrees.

I think that was the heaviest stone on our shoulders, due to great last season we had a lot to prove and defend. Personally I think patience is a very important factor, after our first well known roster separated we obviously wanted to build a new one that will stay in regional top tier teams, but like in every competitive game when you are rebuilding or creating a new team you need time and that mentioned patience until your team finds perfect sync. That was our only gamble with the new team, how long will they need to play until they reach desired sync/team play, we were lucky cause that came pretty fast. They are all very young and their potential is off the charts, we are excited to see how far they can go as a team.

We’ve seen some of that potential in the LoL group stage and are sure that the LAN will bring with it some great games. KlikTech’s opponents are still not familiar, but they rely on their teamwork and experience to be a tough nut to crack for any regional team.

Considering the team participated in both seasons we asked Hrvoje what does he think are the main differences between the seasons 1 and 2:

Well we have completely different rosters both in League of legends and in Counter Strike so we can say everything is different, league itself changed a lot with rules and formats so everything was/is kinda new. What stayed is success from last season so that was a good motivator for this one.

Hrvoje tells us that CS:GO is great this year, and he was left with the impression that any team can take the LAN win if they string a couple of good games together. Still, confidence and experience play a huge role in the LAN finals, and that’s where they plan to shine the most. When it comes to LoL, the story is a bit different:

Competition wise League of legends still has pretty big quality gaps between teams so when it comes to bo3 I don’t think that teams like Asus, x25 or us can be surprised by weaker teams, it was a good decision to make bo1 games in group stage but even with that format we see a loop between 3rd and 4th place. One of three mentioned organisations will definitely win this year.

When it comes to predictions, Hrvoje says:

For qualifying phase in Counter Strike I can definitely see Valiance winning it, and for the 2nd team I would love to see GameZone cause they are playing aggressive and fun to watch Counter Strike. In League of legends i can see Esport Arena advance, they have some well known names and I think their experience will play a big factor in qualifies, Future Fighters showed they can know how to play so i’ll say they will advance to. As far as picking champion I just have to go with Kliktech in both games

When it comes to planning the rest of the year, KlikTech is focusing on both regional and European tournaments:

In League of legends we have a spot to defend in Esports Balkan League, we kinda had a bad season there, it was time when we just assembled our roster and we didn’t have any time to adjust, now is a different story and we have to step up there. In Counter Strike we are currently playing in Winners league and with 2 wins ( over PKDynamics and Zalgiris esports ) we are 1st in our group. There are well known teams in that league like Vodafone Giants, Royal Bandits, x6tence and K1ck esports so we are excited to see where will we end up.

We wish KlikTech the best of luck, and are looking forward to seeing them in the LAN finals!

Group stage is done – what now?

The group stage of the second season of the A1 Adria League is officially over, and after 14 mathch days in each game we can now look forward to the next step in our journey this year: the playoffs!

Of course, we first need to congratulate Locastic, Asus Rog Elite and KlikTech for the direct placement to the LAN finals. KlikTech is the overall winner of the qualifiers without a doubt, as they took both the 1st CS:GO spot and the 2nd LoL spot to go to the LAN worry-free. Valiance surprised everyone with their somewhat weaker performances this year, and coming as favorites they struggled to keep up with some of the newer teams in the League, namely Locastic.

The Croatian team is truly the surprise of the year, with solid plays and wins when it counted, although they did string a few losses near the end of the group stage. Be that as it may, Locastic will surely have quite the crowd at the LAN finals and they have more than enough time to practice now. KlikTech is again on top of their game, and after qualifying directly in both games the organization has quite a lot to be looking forward to.

The utter dominance of Asus Rog Elite set the tone for the LoL group stage, and after only one loss Asus is pacing steadily towards the title of the biggest favorite of the entire League this year. That one loss came from Paradox, the last placed team that actually won only that one game. We should also note that the CS:GO group stage saw some immense plays and twists, and the teams that would advance to the LAN weren’t known up until the very last match day.

Just like the last season, the teams that placed 3. to 6. in the regular group stage are going to be part of the online playoffs to determine the two teams that will be joining the LAN finals. The matches will be played in a single elimination BO3 format, with the timing as follows:


Semifinals – 30.10. at 18:00

Third place match and final – 3.11. at 18:00


Semifinals – 31.10. at 18:00

Third place match and final – 4.11. at 18:00

Follow it on our Youtube channel!

The third place match is essential because the team that wins third place in the playoffs will be invited to the LAN finals if one of the top 4 qualified teams don’t manage to come, which we hope won’t happen. The teams will be seeded as follows:

1st seed: group stage winner (KlikTech and Asus Rog Elite)

2nd seed: group stage runner-up (Locastic and KlikTech)

 3rd seed: online playoffs winner

4th seed: online playoffs runner-up

On the CS:GO part of the LAN, KlikTech will play the second placed playoff team, and Locastic will play the playoff winner. In LoL, Asus Rog Elite will play against the second placed playoff team and KlikTech will play against the winner of the playoffs. Basically, the rules are here to provide an enjoyable and fair experience for all the teams and to eliminate any possible confusion between the teams and the League. We’re looking forward to watching the online qualifiers and see who the remaining teams will be !

Interview with Gtrik from Zagreb360!

Zagreb360 is one of the first all Slovenian LoL teams in our region, and the first all Slovenian team to qualify for the A1 adria League, they are currently sitting at the third place in the group stages, we took some time to ask him a few questions their midalner Gtrik about himself and his view on the LoL regional scene enjoy!

Can you describe your road to the League in a few sentences ?
Not much to say. We got together planning to qualify for A1 adria League, we made it in playing the 4th qualifier, and then getting in through group C. It was fun.

We’re halfway through the group stage – are you satisfied with your performances as of today, where can you improve?
We’re fairly satisfied, although we think we can do way better than that. We can improve our consistency through hopefully having the main roster for all the remaining games.

We’re very happy to have two Slovenian teams in the League this year. What are your thoughts on the Slovenian esports scene in general?

Slovenian esports scene is quite stagnant i’d say. Although there are certain players who are doing great (Mikyx in MSF, Phaxi – GO, Nemesis & Crownshot – MAD lions), the organisers of the events in Slovenia aren’t really making much progress lately. It has to do in part with Slovenian  goverment, more specifically the sport organisation not willing to consider those events as sport reated, so they cannot get any funds from them, but then again, there isn’t enough enthusiasm from organisers side to make it happen for now. I hope this gets better as more players show their worth all around Europe.

With what end result in the League would you be happy with?
We’ll be satisfied with top2, as far as the League results go. At the offline event tho, winning it all is all that matters.

Who would you say that the best players in the League are?
I have certain respect for the jng/support duo of Asus, who i think really dictate the tempo in their games, other than that, i keep an eye for midlaners mostly (since i’m a midlaner myself), players like Dehaste, Von come to mind, although i feel fine vs anyone.

What do you think of the current meta and how does it impact your play style?
I like the current meta, as it feels like it’s getting into the “late game teamfight oriented” style.

Anything you would like to add for the end?
People have been sleeping on us and maybe even ignoring us this first half of the split. While the standings don’t really show them wrong, the 2nd half defenitely will.

If you wish to follow their progress and see how far they will come follow us on our socials and don’t forget to watch our stream every Wednesday and Sunday from 19:00!



League announcement – New Team in the League

We must regretfully inform you that Crvena Zvezda eSports team will not be playing in the League.

In the light of this event, we are glad that we can welcome Fantastic Esports team who will replace Crvena Zvezda, a team that participated in the online qualifiers, and finished third in the wildcard qualifier. They will be taking Crvena Zvezda’s place in the League, and will thus be playing their first match today.

We are saddened by the loss of such a great team, but we are looking forward to great matches anyway, and can say that Fantastic Esports will surely be a worthy contender for the LAN finals.

We wish the best of luck to Crvena Zvezda in the EU Masters competition!


Group stage less then a week away!

The group stage is upon us! It’s been exactly 158 days since the League was announced, and to be honest, it’s really been an eventful 5 months. But now, we’re ready to take it to the next level! All of our CS:GO and LoL qualifiers are done, and the stage is set for the next step in our journey, the group stage!

But first, let’s remind ourselves who are the teams that will be competing. In the CS:GO part of the League we have Bajini Puleni and Valiance&Co. as the invited teams, who were joined by Zagreb360 (ex ESK Gaming), Game Pub, GameZone, GIANT5, KlikTech and Project Lunacy through 4 rounds of open qualifiers, followed by 4 days of double elimination groups and a wildcard qualifier to round it all off. When it comes to LoL, we’ve invited x25 and Crvena Zvezda, and got Future Fighters, Zagreb360 (ex Zajcije Tacke), KlikTech, eSport Arena, Asus Rog Elite and Paradox through the qualifiers.

There’s just one more thing to do now, and that is to invite you all to join on the action when it starts this Tuesday, when the first LoL matches will be played. The League will be formated as follows:

  • Every team will play every other team in a double BO1 series
  • CS:GO matches will be played every Tuesday and Saturday starting at 19:00 CEST, and LoL matches will be played on every Wednesday and Sunday

The group stage will be exclusively streamed on our Youtube channelAs per usual, more information is available on our Facebook page, but for now – sit tight; the League is right around the corner.

Last chance to participate in the League!

The VERY LAST CHANCE for you to be a part of the second season of the Vip Adria League is coming your way in just a few short days. The journey has been a wild one indeed, and the online qualifiers are slowly, but steadily coming to an end.

After 4 weeks of open CS:GO qualifiers and 2 rounds of double elimination groups, as well as a wildcard qualifier, we did the same with LoL, and the LoL wildcard qualifier is slowly approaching, and it will be held on 25.8. This is extremely important because this is your very last chance to become a part of the League for the second season, because everything we do afterwards will be related to the group stage and the qualified teams.

The double elimination brackets were held on 11. and 12. of August, with Future Fighters eSports and Zajčje Tačke being the qualified teams. The Slovenian teams qualified through hard work and some sweet plays, which brings our team tally to 6: Crvena Zvezda, x25, KlikTech, eSport Arena, Zajčje Tačke and Future Fighters.

The last 2 spots are reserved for the best two teams of the wildcard qualifier coming your way on the 25th of August. The best advice we could possibly give you is to apply, and try and find your way to the group stage through this risky, but also very lucrative offer.

After the wildcard qualifier is over, we’re proceeding straight to the arrangement of the group stage to see who will be the ones playing at the LAN finals on Reboot InfoGamer this november.


LoL Open Qualifiers in Numbers!


Wow, is it over already? We made it through 4 rounds of open online qualifiers for the League of Legends part of the League and it’s been quite a ride. Four weeks of action provided us with the teams that will compete in the upcoming double elimination groups to see who will participate in the group stage.

A total of 296 players in 62 teams from all over the region participated in the open qualifier matches, and played League of Legends in 4 rounds of qualifiers that were open for anyone who wanted to participate.

Croatia and Serbia were the countries with the most teams and players, with Serbia fielding 27 different teams, and Croatia 21, even though the DE groups will see teams from all over the region. Without further ado, the 16 teams that qualified for the next round of qualifiers are:

Ace Chaos, Asus Rog Elite, Future Fighters Esports, Focus Gaming, KlikTech, Xportal Esports Academy, Eclipse9, Crown Gaming, Esport Arena, Ekipa Sa Faksa, Fantastic Esports, All Star Mne, Zajčje Tačke, The Sanctuary In the Sky, Without Great Expectations, and Zero Tenacity. Some of these teams are well-respected in the regional competitive scene, but we’re seeing some fresh new faces, and that makes us extremely proud – that’s what the League is all about!

The Double Elimination groups will be played on 4. and 5. Of August, as well as 11. and 12. of August, too.

After all is said and done, all of the teams that haven’t found their way into the League will have their last chance at the wildcard qualifier, that will be held on 25.8.

Make sure you practice in these warm summer days, and make sure you apply for the wildcard qualifier. This is, for real, your last chance!

Follow us on our social media for the newest information regarding the league!


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