A1AL second weekly recap is here! Check out what happened in CS:GO, FIFA and R6

During the previous week we had the opportunity to follow some of the best duels in FIFA23, CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege, or R6. There were some surprises, but also some favorites got the expected wins.

Esad lost against CLA_TH3Prod1gy in the biggest surprise of the evening

In FIFA23 second round, a lot of exciting matches were seen. In the first duel, CLA_marac90 was playing against Dani. A big win for Matija Marković after a lousy start to the Swiss stage last week. The competitor of the CLA organization controlled the result during this duel and had an advantage all the time that he did not let go until the end.

The second match was a significant loss for esad1memic who lost against CLA_TH3Prod1gy. Tin was calmer in the penalty shootout of the first match, and then a turnaround in the second game in which the champion of the fifth season had a goal advantage, but Skrgatic deservedly celebrated with Mbappe’s goals. The final score was 2:0 (the first match – penalties 6:5, and the second ended with a 2:1 result).

In the Novo – Jasik big duel, in the first match, Jasik scored two goals in the first 15 minutes and managed to keep the lead until the end, even though Novo was only a goal behind at one point with a missed penalty. A completely different picture was seen in the second leg, where Tarik Novo played like in his best days and with 4:1 secured the playing of the third match. Novo took the lead in the decisive duel, and Cumbo equalized by half-time, but then two goals from Tarik continued for the final 3:1. (final score 2:1)

CLA_FIFAFICO and Parla will play their duel on the weekend off-stream. The winner of that duel will play against Novo next week.

TeamForAdria is in the finals of the lower bracket

The first two R6 matches were played off-stream because they could not play the game the week before because of problems Ubisoft was having. In the first match against EU45thGremlins, 5 Big Guys celebrated, and in the second, it was BobTheBuilder who came out as the victor. Both matches ended with a score of 7:5, so it was very tense and in the end, 5BG lacked a bit of luck.

The third match, which was the decider, did not take place, BottomG surrendered the match because they could not gather (internal problems), thus TeamForAdria automatically won 2:0 and qualified for the lower bracket final.

Z10 and Portugal will fight for the first spot in the playoffs

In what can only be described, as a tense week in CS:GO, Zero Tenacity and Portugal got their second win of the group stage. They now have an overall 2:0 score and will fight it out next week. The winner of that match will earn themselves a spot in the playoff stage of the competition.

Team-one had a close game against Opusti se, but in the end, they managed to secure a victory with a score of 16:12 on Ancient. The best player in that match, from team-one was maQuein with 29 frags.

In the second match of the day, Zero Tenacity was fighting JESTE on Inferno. nEMANHA and his team got an easy win against their opponents with a 16:7 score. Z10 simke was without a doubt the best player of that match with 32 kills.

The third match was the most dominant one, for the side of Portugal. The score of 16:3 says a lot about this fact. DEPRESHN and A Ego had an amazing match. Both of them scored more than 20 kills.

The match between Infernus and Confusee was not played on the same day as the rest, but it will be played off-stream.

Eight R6 teams are ready for the A1AL group stage!

All four R6 Siege qualifiers have ended, and the best eight teams have advanced further. The last ones that were the most successful in the 4th qualifier in the A1 Adria League are Team For Adria, Otpisani, and MIPSRBIJA.

Norm Tips disqualified

Qualifiers have ended and the group stage in R6 Siege is coming sooner than you think. On April 29th, which is next Saturday, the Siegers are returning with more action. Eight teams will be divided into two groups of four, where the top two teams from each group will advance to finals.

The last R6 qualifier for the A1 Adria League brought together 5 teams, but due to the disqualification of the Norm Tips team, due to problems during team registration, one more place in the league became available and the fourth qualifier enabled the entry of one additional team. This is why three teams from the last qualifier made it to the group stage. Norm Tips on the other hand didn’t follow the rules dictating that every team must have three regional players, which is why they won’t be competing in the league.

Here are the best eight R6 teams

The first BO1 match was between the team Team For Adria and AshMain. That game without problems went in favor of the team “Team For Adria” with a score of 7-1 at ClubHouse. Freq, who is part of the professional team TT9, stood out as the best player on that map with 13 frags. 

After that, the decider matches were played between teams Firma ILLegale and Team For Adria, and MIPSRBIJA who took on Otpisani. In the first duel, the win went into the hands of Team For Adria which was expected. Freq was carrying again, showing dominating performance with 32 frags in 16 rounds. Kafe and Border with scores of 7-1 sent Firma ILLegale to the decider match for the third, last place in the league.

The duel between “MIPSRBIJA” and “Otpisani” started on Skyscraper, where the Otpisani took a 7-0 victory and relaxedly entered the second map, Border, where they secured a place in the league with a score of 7-3.

The match for the last place in the R6 groups was a bloody one. On Border, MIPSRBIJA took the win against Firma ILLegale with 8-6, while on ClubHouse the winning result was 7-5, again in the favor of BosanacAbuser and his team.

The top eight:

  • 5 Big guys
  • Homies in Paris
  • EU45th Gremlins
  • Bob the Builder
  • DamjanBotFrag
  • Team For Adria
  • Otpisani



R6 teams Bob the Builder and DamjanBotFrag join the league!

The third Rainbow Six Siege qualifier brought us two more teams in the group stage of the 11th season of the A1 Adria League. So far, four teams secured the spot in the group stage, NORM TIPS, 5 Big Guys, Homies in Paris, and EU45th Gremlins. The ones that joined them on April 15th are Bob the Builder and DamjanBotFrag.

Only one qualifier and two spots left

The third Rainbow Six Siege qualifier had, like the previous one, slightly fewer teams than the first one. In the third, we saw only five registered teams, who wanted to compete for the spot in the regional league.

Due to the generation of the bracket, the teams BobTheBuilder, ImalTanje, and DamjanBotFrag immediately got a pass to the decider matches, while bottomG Esports and HelmofAwe were supposed to play their best-of-one match on the ClubHouse map, where BottomG easily defeated their opponents with a score of 7:1.

The first decider match took place on the stream between teams Bob The Builder and bottomG Esports. The first map was again ClubHouse where bottomG hoped to repeat the result of the previous match, but Bob the Builder gave them a nasty surprise with a score of 7:2. On the second map, Bob The Builder went to Chalet for another win, this time with a 7:1 score that secured their entry into the regional league. Turkish-Hungarian duo Swisswga and broky collected 39 frags together in 17 rounds played.

The second match was supposed to take place between the ImalTanje and DamjanBotFrag teams, but the ImalTanje team did not gather and DamjanBotFrag will join the league without firing a single shot. We remember this team under the name “NotReady” from the first qualifier where the bottomG esports team kicked them out.

The fourth and last qualifier for Rainbow Six Siege in A1AL will be played next week, April 22nd. This is the last chance to enter the league, so don’t miss it and sign up for the qualifier HERE!

Second time’s the charm for Homies in Paris and EU45th Gremlins!

The second Rainbow Six Siege qualifier in the A1 Adria League finished on Saturday, April 8th. Two more teams have joined the league and secured their spots in the group stage of this competition. We had two best-of-three series between four registered teams, and the ones that came out victorious were Homies in Paris and EU45th Gremlins.

Two more R6 teams join the league

As we have seen last week, NORM TIPS and 5 Big Guys were the strongest teams in the first qualifier and therefore made it to the group stage. This Saturday two more teams joined them, with slightly fewer opponents. Only four teams signed up so we had two Bo3 matches between Homies in Paris and Team Jorgovan, and EU45th Gremlins who were against Imal Tanje.

Homies in Paris showed excellent performance in the previous qualifier, reached the decider match, but failed to win it. This time they left nothing to chance and with an easy win secured the spot in the groups. On Theme Park they defeated Team Jorgovan with a 7:0 score, while on Border the result was 7:2, again in favor of “Homies”.

As was already mentioned EU45th Gremlins were the victors in the second match. They also competed in the first qualifier, but under a different name, AnimeorLoss. They took the win over team Imal Tanje on maps ClubHouse and Oregon with dominating scores of 7:0, and 7:3 on the second map. This team was eliminated in the first qualifier by 5 Big Guys, and now that they have made it to the groups, they will seek revenge against them.

The next, third qualifier in Rainbow Six Siege is scheduled for next week, April 15th. Then we will find out who will join these four teams, and leave only two spots in the group stage. You can sign up for the third qualifier HERE!

NORM TIPS and 5 Big guys first to secure groups in R6!

On Saturday, April 1st, the first Rainbow Six Siege qualifier in the A1 Adria League was played, and as a result, we already have two teams who made it to the group stage. The competition was fierce and we saw 10 teams competing for the spot in the next phase of R6 A1AL, but only two came on top. The best performance in the first qualifier had teams 5 Big guys and NORM TIPS.

Two spots are taken!

The winning teams 5 Big guys and NORM TIPS fought their way through different sides of a bracket. The team with Montenegrin core NORM TIPS played the deciding match against Homies in Paris. The best-of-three series ended favoring NORM TIPS, but the duel went to all three maps. On the first map, Oregon, the game went into overtime where NORM TIPS came on top with a final score of 8:6. Hates and HOTASF duo from Homies in Paris had 31 frags combined. In the following map (Theme Park) Homies got a well-deserved win with a 7:3 result, and this time the previously mentioned duo had 25 frags. Deciding game was played on ClubHouse where NORM TIPS showed a dominant performance and with a 7:0 secured their spot in the group stage.

On the other side of the bracket, the deciding bo3 match was played between BottomG esports and 5 Big guys. On Chalet, the first map, 5 Big guys took an easy win, with LazyBoy leading the scoreboard with 13 frags and ending the match on 7:1. Same thing happened on Bank, and 5 Big guys with the same result defeated their opponent and made it in the A1 Adria League.

After the first qualifier the most played maps were Chalet and ClubHouse, while the most banned characters were Osa and Thatcher on the attack and Mira and Kaid on the defense side.

The next qualifier for Rainbow Six Siege is played on next Saturday, April 8th. If you still haven’t signed up for it, don’t waste time, you can do it by clicking on the link below!

2nd Open Qualifier for R6 ( April 8th)

Claim your trophy as the best Rainbow Six Siege team in the region!

Calling all Rainbow Six Siege teams! It’s time to gear up for A1 Adria League Season 11, and we’re excited to announce that the qualifiers are just around the corner. The competition promises to be fierce, with the top teams battling it out for a chance to make it to the playoffs and ultimately the finals in June.

Get ready for the Rainbow Six Siege qualifiers in the A1 Adria League Season 11

This year, there will be four open qualifiers played in a single elimination bracket format. The top two teams from each qualifier will advance to the group stage, where they will compete in the GSL groups format. The winner of each group will then advance to the playoffs, which will be played in a single elimination bracket format.

The open qualifier dates are set for April 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd, giving players plenty of time to prepare and hone their skills. If you’re looking to make a name for yourself in the Rainbow Six Siege community, this is your chance to shine.

But don’t wait too long to register! The competition is expected to be fierce. To ensure that you don’t miss out on this opportunity, be sure to sign up as soon as possible.

Once the qualifiers have been completed, the group stage will begin on April 29th, with matches being played each consecutive Saturday. This will be your chance to show off your skills and advance to the playoffs. The group stage will be played in the GSL group format.

If you make it to the playoffs, you’ll be playing in a single elimination bracket format, where only the top teams will advance. The competition will be intense, and only the strongest will make it through to the finals in June.

So what are you waiting for? Gather your team, brush up on your strategies, and get ready to compete in A1 Adria League Season 11. This is your chance to prove yourself as one of the top Rainbow Six Siege teams in the region.


A1 Adria League Season 11: Bigger, Better, and Bolder Than Ever

Get ready for an electrifying new chapter in the world of esports, as we proudly announce Season 11 of the A1 Adria League! This season is set to be the most ambitious and exhilarating yet, featuring three main games—CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege, and FIFA 23—alongside six additional titles with shorter formats, which will be revealed at a later date.

Season 11 is shaping up to be a monumental milestone in the history of the A1 Adria League, boasting the largest prize pool to date, and offering intense competition for both established and aspiring esports athletes. Each of the three main games will follow an action-packed format, consisting of open qualifiers, a group stage, and playoffs, providing ample opportunities for players to showcase their skills and battle for supremacy.

Mark your calendars, as the open qualifiers kick off in April, setting the stage for a thrilling esports showdown. The competition heats up in May, with the group stage unfolding, where the best teams will face off in a bid to secure their place in the highly anticipated finals. Finally, in June, the playoffs will take center stage, culminating in a breathtaking finale that will crown the ultimate champions of the A1 Adria League.

This season promises to be a true celebration of esports excellence, as we continue to foster a vibrant and inclusive community for gamers across the Adria region. So, whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring rookie, seize the opportunity to make your mark on the esports world and etch your name in the annals of A1 Adria League history.

Stay tuned for further updates on the additional six games and other exciting announcements, as we gear up for a truly unforgettable Season 11. With passion, skill, and determination, you too can be a part of this incredible journey. Are you ready to embrace the challenge and rise to the occasion? The A1 Adria League awaits!