A1 Adria League Season 13 is waiting for you!

If you thought that this year you wouldn’t be participating in the A1 Adria League or watching the best regional players and teams, you are mistaken. Even though we are starting a bit later this year, we are more than ready to show you what we have planned for the 13th and 14th season. Keep reading to find out more!

Seven games, a LAN event, and a whopping prize pool

This year we are proud to inform you that we will be hosting 6 different games in both A1 Adria League seasons. Four games we will stream throughout the whole season while two of them will be a part of mini tournaments. All year long you will be able to enjoy CS2, EAFC23, EAFC24 Mobile, and Brawl Stars. We don’t want to reveal everything from the start, so stay tuned for the remaining two games! All we will say is that first one is from Riot Games, second one is a legendary fighting game, and the third is a very popular battle royale.

The prize pool for both seasons will be more than 40.000 Euros, and we are starting the league with the first qualifiers of the s13 on June 8th. Leaving you time to practice and prepare, since the competition is fierce each year. And while the 13th season will have a finale online, the ending for the 14th season will be a LAN party as a part of the Reboot event sometime in November!

As far as the format goes, for CS2, we will have six qualified teams and two invited to compete for the top prize. The group stage will be double elimination and the top 4 will move on to playoff.

Football lovers will enjoy EAFC24 and EAFC24 Mobile throughout four qualifiers, group stage, and finals. The group stage will contain four groups of four players. The remaining eight players will advance to the second stage of groups where there will be two groups with four players. From there we will get the best four who will compete in the playoffs.

Last but not least, Brawl Stars will have four qualifiers as well while the group stage is double elimination where the best 16 teams will compete in BO5/BO3 series.

For more information follow our social media accounts on Instagram, X, and Facebook, and watch the league on YouTube. Twitch or Kick.


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