A new year, new challenge, a new game – welcome to the seventh A1 Adria League season! The premier regional esports League is back with big novelties and an old game coming back to the games list. As always, our esport athletes will have the chance to compete in four titles – the featured titles for this season of the A1 Adria League will be CS:GO, FIFA, Brawl Stars, and for the first time since Season 2, League of Legends! GLHF!


The seventh season of A1 Adria League will be played both online and offline! With the current COVID-19 pandemic around the world, we are hopeful that we will be able to hold the playoffs on LAN, but anything can change so make sure to visit our SoMe and website regularly to stay informed!

CS:GO will consist of two qualifying sets that will determine six of the eight contestants for the new season. These teams will be joined by two teams that will receive direct invites, one of them being the reigning champions of the League! FIFA will have four qualifiers in which the players will collect points. The best eight players will play a SWISS format league and will fight for the four playoffs spots.

When talking about Brawl Stars, we will host four qualifying cups available for all players in the region for the purpose of collecting points. The eight teams with the most points will advance to the BO5/BO3 SWISS phase and fight for a chance to participate in the main playoffs event!

The new entry for these two seasons, League of Legends, will let have separate qualifiers for all of the Adria countries. During the national playoffs, each country will crown one champion that will proceed to represent it in the A1 Adria League playoffs. We are happy to be able to host yet another two seasons of LOL as it is one of the games that was with us in the very beginning!