With an extremely successful Season 7 behind us, the A1 Adria League is back yet again! As announced at the beginning of the year, the four titles that will be a part of the competition for the following season are CS:GO, League of Legends, FIFA, and Brawl Stars. It is time to crown the new champions of the Adriatic region! GLHF!


The eighth A1 Adria League season is HERE! Four titles will feature four interesting formats that are created to bring the best out of all the league participants. Whether you play or just like to follow the A1 Adria League, make sure to regularly visit our website and SoMe to keep up with all news concerning the tournament!

One more qualifier will be added to this season’s FIFA qualifying stage. After the qualifiers come to an end, the players will play the new FIFA22 title during the SWISS stages and the playoffs. We have added two more qualifiers to our Brawl Stars league in hopes of giving the teams more chances of earning valuable points. Once again, the top eight teams will play a SWISS stage and will fight to advance to the top four double-elimination playoffs event.

CS:GO’s format won’t go through any changes in Season 8. The two best teams of the previous season will be joined by six qualified teams. These six squads will earn their spot in the league by playing the two open qualifiers. Each open qualifier will lead eight teams in a closed qualifier which will give out three spots in the League.

League of Legends, on the other side, will have major changes heading into its second comeback season. National qualifiers and playoffs are no more, as the format shifts into a more regional form. Teams from all over the region will play qualifiers which will give two spots each to the best teams in each qualifier. After this stage ends, these teams will meet in a double-elimination bracket to decide the new League of Legends champion.