Here at A1 Adria League we are all about providing a proving ground and professional esports environment for teams, players, and everyone else in the Adriatic region. We’ve been successful in achieving our main goal for four years in a row now.


The exciting finale of the 12th season of the A1 Adria League will be talked about for a long time. In a four-day gaming spectacle, the organizers of the A1 Adria League and the A1 Student eChallenge student competition treated us to more than 50 hours of gaming and esports content. We witnessed competitive tournaments with a prize pool of 17,130 euros, interactive competitions with the audience, panel discussions, interviews, and much more.

The first day of the program was reserved for the visitors themselves, who had the opportunity to play against regional influencers in titles such as Counter-Strike, League of Legends ARAM, Tekken, and EAFC24. However, the remaining days on the A1 Adria League stage brought true esports content and the finals of the 12th season.

First on the stage were the best regional EAFC24 players, and the victory, along with a prize of 1,250 euros, and his sixth championship title, went to the brilliant Tarik Novo from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Then, the best Brawl Stars players entertained us, but there were no major changes, and the phenomenal team Salada de Frutas continued their complete dominance, recently representing us at the Clash of Leagues finals in Austria.

The third game in line was another football simulation played on mobile phones. The EAFC24 Mobile community in the region has been growing for years, and from the 12th season, players finally had the opportunity to showcase their skills. With excellent commentators Stefan and Nicolas, mobile players competed for a prize pool of 1,350 euros, and SHAQ emerged victorious, showing composure and precision in key moments.

Traditionally, Reboot InfoGamer powered by A1 concluded the 12th season league with Counter-Strike. For the first time, the final was played on the new version of the game (CS2), and The Suspect and Zero Tenacity once again showed why the popular CS often carries the title of the “king of esports.” In a shocking finale, the Serbian team Z10 took the victory with a score of 3:2, securing their third consecutive title and becoming one of the most successful teams in the league’s history.

In addition to the final of the 12th season of the A1 Adria League, visitors to Reboot InfoGamer powered by A1 also had the opportunity to witness the A1 Student eChallenge competition, where ten teams competed in the CS2 game and 25 students played EAFC24.

In the EACF24 game, Luka “Kontisha” Kontek emerged victorious, defeating the favored TH3PROD1GY in the final. After a 1:1 tie in matches between PSG and France, the decisive match took place in the big derby between Dinamo and Hajduk, with Kontisha securing the title and trophy with a golden goal.

The second title in the A1 Student eChallenge was CS2. Some of the best student teams on the domestic scene competed, and the best proved to be the FOI (Faculty of Organization and Informatics) from Varaždin, who outperformed UNIPU in the final and won a prize of 500 euros.

Twelve seasons are behind us, we look forward to many more!



The 11th season of the A1 Adria League (A1AL S11) officially began on Saturday, April 1st, and concluded on Sunday, June 11th. Throughout the entire season, players had the opportunity to compete in a total of nine games: Trackmania, Fortnite, PUBG, VALORANT, League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, CS:GO, FIFA 23, and Brawl Stars. The LAN finals will feature CS:GO, FIFA 23, and Brawl Stars. Trackmania and Rainbow Six Siege premiered for the first in the League.

Approximately €16,000 was distributed throughout the 11th season. In the Trackmania tournament, Robert “Razii” Čupković emerged as the winner, marking the first Trackmania tournament in the A1 Adria League. The PUBG competition was won by the Entropiq team for the third consecutive season out of the three seasons it has been held.

In Fortnite, the tournament champion was TT9 Chic, who not only accumulated the highest number of points but also had the most eliminations among all players. The League of Legends competition was won by the Harmony team, who reached the finals in the previous two seasons but secured their first victory in the A1 Adria League with this season’s win.

Champions in FIFA 23, Brawl Stars, and CS:GO, were crowned during the LAN finals at the Reboot Games Weekend. It’s worth mentioning that the finals were kicked off with the open table discussion about responsible behavior online (and in video games) with the motto #BoljiOnline.

On Friday the 9th of June, Tarik Novo and Esad Memić met in the FIFA 23 finals of the A1 Adria League. Both players had previously won the league, but Novo held the record with four championship titles. In an exciting final, Novo initially fell behind. He lost the first match, which put Esad at match point as he had a one-game advantage from the upper bracket. However, Esad’s advantage wasn’t enough to secure the new trophy. Novo staged an incredible comeback by winning the next three matches and claimed his fifth A1AL trophy.

Saturday was reserved for Brawl Stars action in the A1 Adria League. Slada de Frutas had to adapt their strategy to face new opponents, Karma To Op, who advanced to the grand finals after another team was disqualified. Andrey, DzonDzon, Decai, and Lavvek had no trouble securing their third championship title by swiftly defeating their opponents with a 3-0 score.

As usual, the CSGO finals were scheduled for the last day of the A1 Adria League event. The reigning champions, Zero Tenacity, earned their spot to defend the title through the group stage and playoffs. This time, they faced Jake Bube, another strong and respected regional team. Although close finals were expected, Zero Tenacity had different plans. In the best-of-five series, Zero Tenacity didn’t drop a single map. The closest match came on the second map, Overpass, where Zero Tenacity won 19-17 in overtime. Throughout the finals, Z10 maintained control of the tempo. By successfully defending their title, Filip “aVN” Belojica claimed his 5th A1 Adria League trophy. He had previously achieved this feat with ex-BLUEJAYS (S4), Level Up Esports (S5 & S6), and Zero Tenacity (S10).

Another record-breaking season with LAN finals has come to an end. Countless hours of streaming in nine different games showcased our commitment to the community and the esports scene. With the 11th season behind us, who knows what the future holds?


Season 10 of the A1 Adria League finished in style! It marked the return to the LAN events. But let’s start from the beginning. Seven games were again included in the A1 Adria League with the F1 22 being the latest edition. League of Legends, PUBG Battlegrounds, and VALORANT, with the addition of the F1, were played in championship format while CS:GO, Brawl Stars, and FIFA maintained their structure from previous seasons.

In F1 22 we saw Primorž Miklavčić take the podium with only one point advantage over Jernej Dovžan who secured 2nd place. With that win, Primorž received a cool steering wheel to improve his driving skill in F1 simulation further! In VALORANT team Grandmas Gambit outplayed the CWE_WHITE to take first place and most of the 1000€ prize money. HARMONY was once again in the grand finals of League of Legends, but this time Stara Garda managed to beat them and take the win.  The only team that successfully replaced their success from Season 9 was Entropiq in PUBG Battlegrounds and they managed to do so in style. It’s worth noting that all these games were played fully online, while CS:GO, Brawl Stars, and FIFA had the LAN finals!

Marko “Gruby” Grubišić is the name of the player that managed to stop the domination of Tarik “Novo” Novo (amke). Although Novo had a perfect score in the group stage he lost in the playoffs. Miloš ” brstimir” Majdevac and Gruby traveled to Reboot Games Weekend in Zagreb to battle it out for the trophy. It was a close series in which Gruby managed to come back from a 0-2 deficit to claim the title in front of the audience. It was an amazing start to the finals weekend of the A1 Adria League Season 10. Harun “Parla” Parla, the player which knocked Novo down to the lower bracket took third place.

Another winning streak was broken in the finals at Reboot Games Weekend in Zagreb. Salada de Frutas once again secured the chance to win it all by eliminating time Jazavci in the playoffs. OMERT4 had other plans tho. After convincingly beating team GREEKGOD in playoffs they outplayed Salada de Frutas on LAN 3-0 and took the trophy. Aleksandar “Protić” Radinović, Nemanja “Decai” Mitrović, and Bogdan “OM|Bogdan” Kotlaja won the A1 Adria League for the first time!

On Sunday, the last day of the finals, everything was about the CS:GO! Zero Tenacity and KTRL managed to pull through to the finals after beating iNation and Team BLINK in the playoffs. It was a special final since we had Filip “aVN” Belojica on side of the Zero Tenacity and Miloš “dEE” Marčeta on KTRL roster. The two players have won three A1 Adria League finals by playing together (S4, S5, and S6) but now only one can win it for the fourth time. It was a best-of-five series in which Zero Tenacity came on top by dominating the fourth map and winning with the overall score of 3-1.

Another amazing season is behind us. Over 100,000 unique viewers tuned in to watch the jubilee season with LAN finals. To celebrate the 10th season A1 prepared special NFTs for players and visitors. Only 1000 of them were made with 5 different symbols to remember one of the most interesting A1AL seasons of all time.


Season 9 of the A1 Adria League brought a lot of changes. Instead of four games, the League consisted of seven. Four games were played in a “championship” format with qualifiers and playoffs. Without the group stage. The reasoning behind the decision was trying to make the season more dynamic. Some things stayed the same. Amke again won the title in FIFA 2022 making it his fourth title in a row. Which is an amazing achievement in itself. Some newcomers tried to challenge him but Amke came out on top once again.

Salada de Frutas are the new-old Brawl Stars champions. DzonDzon, Andrey, and Lavvek won the League for the second time in a row. Jazavci proved to be a valiant opponent in the grand finals but the reigning champions were too strong. Winning the title also sent Salada de Frutas to the Clash of Leagues at the LEVEL UP – The gaming festival in Salzburg where they won first place, losing only to Aurora Esports.

North Macedonian hope BLUEJAYS had no troubles in the CS:GO part of the League. They had convincing showings throughout the playoffs beating both Zero Tenacity and BLINK in just two maps. Nothing less was expected of the team that has been around the 30th place in the world rankings for some time now.

In League of Legends we saw DZANGLERI taking first place against Reroot Gaming. Although the champions lost in the first game of the finals they bounced back and picked up the pace to win it all.

Entropiq proved to be above the rest of the region in PUBG Battlegrounds. Not just did they win the whole thing but they did it with style by winning three out of five maps which is an insane score in the battle royale genre.

Balkan Stars became the first ever VALORANT champions of the A1 Adria League! Many saw Diamant Esports as the main favorites but Balkan Stars had something to say about that. The grand finals were close on the second map when Diamant equalized the score at 8:8. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t manage to win another round after that.

In the second mobile game in the League Team Snipe managed to best other contenders to take home the 700€ prize.


Season 8 of the A1 Adria League concluded the fourth year of the competition with style. The best teams and players in CS:GO, Brawl Stars, FIFA, and League of Legends have managed to impress once again. Flow (ex-Noble Elite) was the most dominant team in Brawl Stars which secured their spot in Clash of Leagues held in Salzburg. Regional representatives shocked many by placing Top 4 in this pan-European tournament.

Amke2001 has again been crowned the best FIFA player in the Adriatic region. Brstimir, esad1memic, and Flow.edenn95 came to a close but none of them managed to defeat the reigning champion. Amke2011 has already managed to build his legacy in the A1 Adria League by winning the title three times in a row.

In the League of Legends part of the League, we saw Metamoon lifting the trophy and surprising many by doing so. They completed their championship run in the same way. After losing to Harmony in the upper-bracket finals they outplayed 49% winrate and got their revenge against Harmony in the grand finals by beating them 3-1.

CS:GO was no exception to surprises and upsets. iNation dominated the group stage alongside BLUEJAYS. Unfortunately, BLUEJAYS wasn’t able to participate in the finals and Marten took their place. In the end, it was the underdog PORTUGAL who ended up winning the whole thing by outperforming powerhouses iNation and 4glory in the playoffs.

Amazing action in various titles brought in some impressive numbers as well. Almost 30.000 watched hours with more than 200.000 live views are a statement that esports in the Adriatic region is on the right path.


2021. is already off to a great start. The first season of this year once again, for the seventh time, showed us all the wonderful esports talent that our region keeps producing. We made some changes since Season 6 and introduced a new title in lieu of Clash Royale – League of Legends. Riot Games’ MOBA made its return of the A1 Adria League in spectacular fashion. Teams from Serbia, Macedonia, and Croatia played a national playoffs stage before advancing to the regional playoffs where Split Raiders outplayed the competition and sat on the throne.

Last season in Brawl Stars, we had a rivalry between Good Game Red and Gold. This time, the rivalry was between Noble Elite Red and BLK, both teams that managed to reach the grand finals at the end of the season. Noble Elite BLK continued their undefeated streak and bested Red in the finals. FIFA21 had the same format as Brawl Stars, with the only difference being the length of the playoffs. FIFA occupied two days of the Reboot Online Games Week, and when it all came to a close, Tarik “amke2001” Novo once again came out as the regional FIFA champion. Last, but not least, CS:GO’s title fell in the hands of ONYX again. For players like Aleksa “Impulse” Stankić and Dimitrije “DiMKE” Veljković, this is the fourth A1 Adria League titles, which only proves their incredible consistency over the years.


The fifth season was an awesome introduction to the two new titles in the League, Brawl Stars and FIFA20. During the player break, we hosted a number of A1 Game Night events and we were eager to see the beginning of the sixth season. The second season of 2020 didn’t disappoint. An even bigger prize pool was available to the players, who as always, did their best to take the regional throne – and the best of the best managed to do so! In the fierce competition of Brawl Stars, two teams stood out. Good Game Red and Gold fought against each other during the entirety of the sixth season and in the end, the Gold players managed to win the first place reward of €1,000.

Despite a perfect Group Stage, Team LAZR couldn’t hold their ground in the playoffs, and the Clash Royale champions’ title went to Nikola and Joža Esports. When it comes to FIFA, amke2001 was crowned the best player of this season. The nine qualifiers culminated with a four-player playoff consisting of Ajdin, brstimir, esad1memic, and amke2001. In the Grand Finals, amke beat the season five winner and secured the main prize for himself. The former lvlUP players won their third consecutive A1 Adria League season during the Reboot Online Games Week. Once again, their opponents in the finals were the Kosovar players from Blink and once again, the Serbian powerhouse prevailed. The third place was taken by 4glory, while another Kosovar team, EAGLES, finished fourth.


We entered the new year and the new season with two changes in our games’ roster. The DOTA 2 and Hearthstone communities made our last two seasons amazing and we are grateful for that. We decided to add two new titles instead of the aforementioned games and this season was definitely a blast. Brawl Stars made its first A1 Adria League appearance as a rising mobile esports game. The seven qualifiers that were played out saw hundreds of players playing together in teams and making their way up the leaderboard. At the end, Alpha Elite breezed past the competition and were crowned the absolute champions of A1 Adria League Brawl Stars.

CS:GO’s fifth season saw our previous winners, lvlUP, take the W once again, and secure their back-to-back champion’s title. The double-elimination playoffs proved to be a great addition once again as we had the chance to see the top four sides battle it out over two days before seeing lvlUP take the first place. FIFA made its return and our staff, together with the FIFA Balkan Community, organized a total of seven qualifiers that culminated in the playoffs of the tournament. In the end, esad1memic was the best player and he deservingly got the first-place award of €750. We introduced a different Clash Royale format that featured teams instead of individuals. The five invited teams were joined by the qualified team, Underdogs. After the round-robin Group Stage was played out, Crusher Esports showed a whole new level and were easily better than the rest of the playoffs’ teams.


Team uNiQUE entered the third season as one of the best regional CS:GO teams and they lived up to the expectations. The team led by Sener “SENER1” Mahmuti managed to fight their way through the upper bracket and successfully beat theOverpowered in the league’s Grand Final match, earning the biggest part of Season 3’s prizepool – €1,000. The Macedonian sides TRTRR and Vilay eSport.Black finished the season on the third and fourth places respectively, while Đorđe “DJOXiC” Niciforović’s to jeste ended up 5th-6th.

Franjo “reqvam” Blažević managed to come back from the lower bracket and upset LemiBiB in the Hearthstone Grand Finals securing himself the Grand prize of €500. Nikola had a great run in the Clash Royale bracket, and his victories against ConeKorleone and Tocilovac helped him win the Champions title.

We introduced DOTA2 as our new title for the third season of A1 Adria League. Valve’s MOBA game has a huge player base in the Adriatic region, and the teams showed that they are ready to take the next step in their competitive careers. Tim123 finished first after being sent to the lower bracket by The Last Jedis. Uroš “Swiftending” Galić and Tim123 were better than Level Up in the lower bracket final and they got their revenge against The Last Jedis in the Grand Final of the tournament, becoming the first A1 Adria League DOTA2 Champions.

The playoffs were back on LAN in the fourth season of A1 Adria League. The Group Stage boasted phenomenal Counter-Strike, and the very best teams managed to qualify for the LAN Finals. ex-BLUEJAYS and the reigning champions, team uNiQUE, came to the finals as the clear favorites, and they met each other in the Grand Final. After a great BO3 filled with lots of highlights and quality moments, the Serbian side led by Miloš “dEE” Marčeta lifted the trophy in Zagreb.

When talking about Clash Royale, we saw some familiar faces in this season’s competition. ConeKorleone and Nikola were in the playoffs again, and Nikola was crowned back-to-back champion of A1 Adria League. Paljuha eliminated the reigning Hearthstone champion, reqvam, in the semifinals, and then proceeded to outplay dimi in the Grand Final.

Level Up were the best team in this season’s DOTA2 competition. Even though Buktop’s squad was sent to the lower bracket by The Last Jedis, they fought their way back to the Grand Final and managed to beat Tim123. Level Up were crowned champions of this DOTA2 season, earning themselves the €5,000 prize.


As time goes by everyone of us is getting smarter, stronger and a bit more experienced. So did we. In the second season, we introduced some big changes in the format. Qualifiers took place well before the LAN finals so that one game can be played at a time and qualifiers for different games don’t overlap. But the two of the biggest changes we introduced was renaming from Vip Adria League to A1 Adria League, to proudly carry the name of the company that made it all possible, and we included two new games in the League: – Hearthstone and Clash Royale, meaning the A1 Adria League went mobile.

A new powerhouse emerged on the League of Legends scene – ASUS ROG ELITE. Guys showed they are capable of great things after great results in the regional tournaments and the A1 Adria League was no exception. x25esports put up a great fight in the grand finals, but ASUS ROG ELITE was truly the better team.

Valiance&CO came in the second season with the target on their backs, everyone wanted to take down the reigning champions. Locastic Esports proved to be the best challenger in the online part of the League, but when it came to the LAN finals, Valiance&CO had no problem taking down all the challengers that wanted their title. They won vs Locastic Esports, and then went on to outplay the GamePub in all-Serbian finals. Recently they changed their brand to Cr4zy, and for some time now they are proud representatives of our region in the top 20 best teams of the world.

In Hearthstone Luka “Vulee” Vuletić made it all the way to first place in the nail-biting LAN finals. All players showed great skill and preparation, but in Hearthstone you also need a bit of luck. The toughest opponent for our champion was another Luka, Luka Črneli playing under the nickname of Lavvek. His expressions during those finals showed everything we care about in the A1 Adria League, focus, emotions, passion, and great sportsmanship.

Clash Royale finals took place on the same day. That Friday we crowned the youngest champion of the A1 Adria League – Saša “Sasaa” Miskovic. Everyone gave their best but it was Sasaa who came on top in the end. Now it’s time for the new journey, new changes, and challenges.

Season 2 News



Everything started with the official announcement of the League in the spring of 2017. Such a long time ago, don’t you feel old now? After the qualifiers in July, we got the four best CS:GO and League of Legends teams to compete in the LAN finals happening at the Reboot InfoGamer, the biggest gaming convention in this part of Europe.

The absolute winner was the team KlikTech, having representatives in the LAN finals of all three games, and taking the two first places. KlikTech’s LoL team will always be remembered as one of the best to ever play the game in our region. They smashed everyone on their path. Toni “Sacre” Sabalić, KT toplaner and MVP of the first season made it all the way to the League of Legends European Championship since then and is now playing for SK Gaming, an amazing achievement in just a couple of years. KT Edinho won the first-ever FIFA 18 tournament organized by A1 Adria League. While in the CS:GO part of the League, the newly formed Valiance&CO started their own path to esports glory!