CS2 ready for groups in A1AL; Bojce and Mupinho on top of the second EAFC qualifiers

The second A1 Adria League qualifiers of the 13th season are behind us. While CS2 teams have already secured all the spots in the groups and are now ready to start the climb, EAFC24 and EAFC24 Mobile players still have a long way to go. As far as football is concerned, we are at halftime, two qualifiers are finished while two more are on schedule. Check out what happened in the second A1AL qualifiers this weekend!

CS2: Group stage is formed

Last week we saw very interesting matches and four teams advancing to the group stage. The groups were secured by KubiX, Spotify, Bagra and The Wild ones. The second CS2 qualifiers in this A1AL season brought us the remaining four teams. The winners are:

  • Cupava Veverica
  • SuperiorEsports
  • GornjiDonji

PROMETEY was one of the teams who made it through and their road wasn’t an easy one. They eliminated two familiar names in the region. Both Jake Bube and KlanRUR failed to qualify for this season, while the former was really close as we saw overtime. An interesting duel was seen between Cupava Veverica and Ravens where we also went into overtime. However, in the end, Cupava Veverica who we also saw in the first qualifier, deservedly advanced to groups. One of the dominating teams was SuperiorEsports who didn’t lose a single map.

Mupinho broke the A1AL record

81 players participated in the second EAFC24 qualifiers in the A1 Adria League. The absence of some of the better-known names may have given space to new players to collect a significant number of points. Mustafa “Mupinho” Sejmenovic made the most of it!

We knew he had a talent for FIFA, but this is the first time he convinced us all, breaking the record in the final itself. He defeated the champion of the 11th season, Marko “Gruby” Grubisic, with a score of 9-2 in the deciding game, thus securing 100 points and a practically safe place in the group stage. In the total score, the first place belongs to the winner of the first qualification, Nemanja “Misko” Misic, while Mupinho is second with 100 points. Novo remains third, and in the 4th position was the now regular Tin ” CLA Th3Prod1gy ” Škrgatić.

There is still time for turnarounds so don’t waste any time and sign up! The third EAFC24 qualifiers are scheduled for June 22.

Again more than 200 EAFC24 Mobile players signed up

Of 232 registered players, 220 played in the second qualifier of EAFC24 Mobile in the A1AL. It was the first time we saw former caster Nikolas in esports action. He managed to make it all the way to the finals. Unfortunately for him, the better player was Bojce, who in the semi-finals overcame the tournament’s surprise, Somzi.

Somzi was in the top 20 of the world four years ago and is a member of Spartak eSport from Subotica. He finished the competition as 4th because he lost to the young Bosnian player Ogi in the Bo3 match for third place. However, you should remember this name as he was the only one who succeeded, in the appearance of the FC Mobile community in the A1AL so far, to make up for the 3-goal deficit. From 4:1 he returned the semi-final match against Bojce to 4:4.

A total of 40 goals were seen in this interesting stream of the top 8 in the second qualifiers of the A1AL. Among the new faces in the top 16, we saw a guy named prosječnibosanac. Surely this success will motivate him to fight even more in the remaining two qualifying stages. Another name worth mentioning is Bojan, whose appearance in the A1 Adria League was the first, where he immediately took part in the top 8.

If you still haven’t, sign up for the third qualifier, scheduled on June 22.

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