Learn the stories of these three regional esport names!

During the Reboot Online Games Week Moja Priča segment, you will get to know more about the careers and lives of Supreme Nexus, Đorđe “Spale” Spasić, and World of Tanks’ Veco.

Vojislav “Supreme Nexus” Perić

On Wednesday, our first My Story show will be about Supreme Nexus – one of the most famous YouTube influencers in the Adriatic region who regularly puts out new content about all of Supercell’s games, including, but not limited to, Brawl Stars and Clash Royale. With over 450.000 subscribers, Supreme Nexus has never failed to disappoint with fresh content and his channel is one of the best for a reason. Starting at 15 o’clock on Wednesday, you will hear more about the beginnings of his career as well as all the hardships that he faced along the way!

Supreme Nexus


Vedran “Veco” Jelavić is one of the best European World of Tanks players who spent years at the very top of the European World of Tanks scene. World of Tanks – the tank fighting simulator isn’t really developed in the Adriatic part of Europe, which means that Veco faced plenty of hardships on his road to the very top. His story can be seen and heard on Thursday, right before the esports owners panel section of Reboot Online Games Week. Tune in and see how this Croatian talent managed to break through the competition and reach the elite competition!


Đorđe “Spale” Spasić

The third and final Moja Priča show will be dedicated to Đorđe “Spale” Spasić who is one of the biggest personalities that the regional League of Legends has to offer. Over the years, he has managed and coached some of the best names in the region, and currently, he is the manager for Zero Tenacity – one of the Esports Balkan League participants. Before that, he coached teams like ASUS ROG Elite, x25 Esports, Team One, and many more – tune in on Friday at 13 o’clock and learn the story of Đorđe “Spale” Spasić


Joža Esports win Clash Royale; amke2001 is the FIFA21 champion!

What an amazing time we had during the sixth A1 Adria League season. The sixth Clash Royale season saw Joža Esports secured the first place even though LAZR didn’t lose a single group stage game, and in FIFA, amke2001 was the best player in the double-elimination bracket.

Clash Royale

The group stage produced some intense moments and with that in mind, we came to the finals in which the following matches did not disappoint at all. Joža Esports as an underdog went from the bottom to the top in an extraordinary fashion.

All teams participated in the Gauntlet system, which meant that  Team LAZR already secured a spot and the rest had to fight for the second seat. But, there was a catch – the games were played in BO5 format (1v1, 2v2, KotH, 1v1 and 1v1).

Joža (ex Totem) played the first game against Tribe Academy and the winner of that match was supposed to go against Flayn eSports. Joža Esports was down 1-2 after the first three games and it seemed like they were going to step aside after only one match. But, Joža’s players showed great composure which gave them an edge in the end and they won the match against Tribe.

Joža Esports then went to the semifinal where Flayn eSports was waiting. Flayn was a favorite in this match, but Joža showed us that even a mighty can fall. Surprisingly, it was a much easier match for Joža against Flayn than it was versus Tribe. The team won 3-1 and went to the final.

The undefeated team of the group Team LAZR was waiting for them in the final. Absolute powerhouse with 10 victories and zero losses was ready to face the underdog. LAZR took the lead in the 1v1, but Joža returned the favor in 2v2 set. KotH was a close one with LAZR managing to get on top, but in the next two sets, Joža Esports’ players pulled themselves together and won the match with a final score being 3-2.

So that is it – Joža Esports is the winner of Clash Royale in the sixth season of A1 Adria League. Team LAZR came home second with only one defeat, Flayn eSports was third and Tribe Academy fourth. It was a season worth watching and we can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store for us.

Clash Royale’s teams finished the sixth A1 Adria League season in the following manner:

1. Joža Esports
2. Team LAZR
3. Flayn eSports
4. Tribe Academy


FIFA was the last A1 Adria League game to finish – its playoffs were played on Sunday and amke took one final W for this season. The four top players from the nine qualifiers met each other in the final playoffs kup.

esad1memic and Amke2001 player the first semifinal, while brstimir and Ajdin977 met each other later on. Amke and brstimir advanced through to the upper bracket finals where amke was able to best the veteran player.

Ajdin977 failed to win the elimination match between him and Esad and he, unfortunately, finished the A1 Adria League in fourth place. esad1memic managed to complete the comeback and qualify for the finals after winning against brstimir but that didn’t help him in the finals. Amke2001 reigned supreme over the season five winner and is now the A1 Adria League S6 champion.

1. Amke2001 – €1,100
2. esad1memic – €600
3. brstimir – €300
4. Ajdin977 – €150

Are you ready for the Clash Royale playoffs?

The group stage is done and we can finally prepare ourselves for the upcoming final matches which will determine who is the best team in the sixth season of A1 Adria League. Team LAZR topped the group with 10 wins and not a single loss so they directly advanced to the Grand Finals.

The playoffs will be played using The Gauntlet system. That means that the fourth team from the group will pair up with the third one. The winner of that match will go against the second-placed team. Lastly, the better team will play versus the first-placed team in the group for the crown. Every player may participate in two major sets (2v2, 1v1) and one minor (KoTH). The playoff players are allowed to change a player in their roster, but the new player mustn’t have played in the group stage of the League.

Going into the final matches, Team LAZR has the biggest chance of taking home the full prize. They displayed a unique and excellent performance in the group stage, which helped them in achieving 10 wins and zero losses.  Flayn eSports should be just right behind them, but we can’t cross out Joža Esports and Tribe Academy, especially with what is on the line. The matches will be played online on the 27th of October and will be broadcasted on A1 Adria League’s official Twitch and YouTube channels. The first match will start at 6 pm and the whole playday should end by 10 pm.

You can see the full schedule down below, alongside the given prize pool:

Joža Esports vs. Tribe Academy
Joža Esports/Tribe Academy vs. Flayn eSports
Joža Esports/Tribe Academy/Flayn eSports vs. Team LAZR

1. €1000
2. €700
3. €400
4. €200

Standard MVP €100
Community MVP x2 €100

Want to learn more about the regional esports stars? We’ve got you covered!

From top players to casters and streamers, our scene has produced a number of talented people that represent our region throughout the world. Every single person that has made a career out of esports, whether on a regional or international level, has a different story to tell.

During the Reboot Online Games Week we will have the chance to hear the background stories of some of the most prominent names of our esports scene. How did they get into gaming? What were their first steps in the industry? MOJA PRIČA will have the answer as well as the answers to many more questions concerning the careers of regional esports personalities that have in some way shaped the scene for the better.

Starting on Monday and up until Friday, we will hear a total of seven pieces about journalists, players, and streamers alike. First on our list is Sanda “Sansen” Mamić – a PUBG shoutcaster, host, and of course, player. Tuesday will see the stories of yet another PUBG personality – Maro “sprEEEzy” Miličević as well as the story of Zvonimir “Professeur” Burazin, a senior writer for the world’s biggest CS:GO site – HLTV.org

Luka “level” Marušić is an esports journalist that has been involved with the A1 Adria League project on multiple occasions. He is currently a part of CR4ZY and is helping the organization with the production of great content as well as their League of Legends project. Leon “neLo” Pesić as one of the best R6 players in the world has a number of trophies behind his name, including the title of Pro League Season 10 champion. You will learn more about these players on Wednesday at 15 and 17 o’clock respectively.

On Thursday and Friday, we will hear the stories of Lavvek and PvtMole. The first name that we think of when mention Brawl Stars in the region is Lavvek’s. The Croatian player that is currently playing for Good Game has had massive success on the international and regional level. We will learn more about FIFA21 & Clash Royale YouTuber and A1 Adria League caster, PvtMole, on Friday. Tune in at 14 o’clock on both days if you would like to hear more about the people that have been and are still shaping our scene.

The Reboot Online Games Week begins today at 13 o’clock. We are looking forward to seeing you on stream enjoying the content that we have prepared for you. Don’t forget to follow us on our Social Media to keep up with all the incoming news – it’s gonna be a busy week.

Play with your favorite streamers during the Reboot Online Games Week!

Do you remember the A1 Game Nights? You got to chance to play different games with your favorite streamers and players, and we all had plenty of fun. Well, good news for you – we have a similar concept prepared for you for the Reboot Online Games Week.

IGRAJ is a portion of the one-week long event that will cover three different games – Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, and FIFA21. Prominent names from the scene will play with or against you on three occasions. On Monday, right after the CS:GO 2v2 Wingman tournament, PvtMole will meet the regional FIFA21 players and play with you for THREE whole hours.

Next up, on Thursday, Lavvek and Inder45 will play Brawl Stars starting at 15 o’clock. Lavvek, Good Game’s star player along with our caster and YouTuber, Inder, will spend two hours competing with Brawlers from our region before the start of the A1 Adria League Brawl Stars playoffs.

The next day we will have the chance to watch Clash Royale. PvtMole will once again play viewer-games, this time, in Clash Royale’s arenas. Joining him will be Oak who has been an administrator for the League for a pretty long time. Oak and PvtMole will see whether they are able to defeat the upcoming Clash Royale talents or they are simply too old to compete with the young guard.

The playoffs teams are now confirmed!

The penultimate round of this season Clash Royale gave us more insight into who can we expect in the playoffs. The ninth round pretty much confirmed the four best teams. Adding to that note is another roster name change – Totem Esports became Joža Esports.

Tribe Academy and Team LAZR were the first two teams on the menu. It was a rather strange match with only KotH being played. Players not showing up and connecting to the match gave LAZR their ninth win of the season (and in a row!).

Next were Flayn eSports and Team KFC. The latter team needed a win so they could keep the chances of going to the playoffs. The qualified team KFC put up a good fight, but in the end, it wasn’t enough. Flayn won 2-1 and pretty much sealed second place in the group stage.

Joža Esports and Team AMG were the last ones to step on the battlefield. Again, the latter needed a win to stay in the fight for the last spot in the playoffs. But, just like it was the case with Team KFC, AMG couldn’t do that and they lost. Even though they’ve had an excellent match, it just wasn’t enough against the mighty Joža Esports.

We now have confirmed teams for the playoffs. Team LAZR and Flayn eSports comfortably sit at the top, with Tribe Academy and Joža Esports right behind them. Unfortunately for them, Team AMG and Team KFC lost any chances of progressing through.

Team AMG gets second win in a row; Team LAZR secures first place

The eighth round of Clash Royale confirmed to us that Team LAZR will be the number one team in this season’s group stage. They are still undefeated and with potentially two losses in the last two matchdays, they can still top the group.

Totem Esports and Team KFC were the first teams to enter the battlefield. Essentially, this was a fight for the fourth spot, which is the last one that leads to the playoffs.  Totem swiftly won 2v2 and 1v1 sets, but in KotH, Team KFC had the upper hand.

The fight for the top was next on the menu. Team LAZR and Flayn eSports gave us a fight worth watching. LAZR took home full prize in the 2v2 and Flayn did the same in KotH. The latter team started the 1v1 set with a win, but LAZR’s Neki Lik pulled himself together and secured a win for his team.

The last match of the day happened between Team AMG and Tribe Academy. Tribe took the lead in 2v2 set, but AMG managed to do a comeback and win. KotH was next and Team AMG showed us the potential that was lacking in the earlier stage. In the end, they won it and kept alive their chances of going to the playoffs.

Team AMG get their maiden win!

Clash Royale is back after another week of break. Few changes have happened since our meeting last time. BCBG Esports’ roster is now under a different name  – Team LAZR. Fortunately, they only changed their name and not their playstyle.

Totem Esports and Team LAZR were the first ones to step on the battlefield. Totem was superior in the 2v2 set, taking the game without breaking a sweat. Both teams were trading blows in KotH, but LAZR edged it out so we headed into the last set – 1v1. LAZR’s Neki Lik managed to triumph over Totem’s Davorin and secured a seventh win in a row for his team.

Next up were Team AMG and Team KFC. Team AMG took the lead in the 2v2, but Team KFC quickly responded with a comeback. We then went into KotH, where AMG’s Oresti secured his squad a win. After a tough battle in the last set, Team AMG came out victorious and got their first win in this season’s group stage.

The last match of the day happened between Tribe Academy and Flayn eSports. Tribe swiftly went through the 2v2 and then Flayn did the same in KotH. The third 1v1 of the day didn’t disappoint. Flayn took the initial lead, Tribe responded well and we’ve had an amazing third game. Fortunately for Flayn eSports, they managed to return home with a full prize.

The favorites are still going strong!

After a week-long break, Clash Royale is finally back. With one new name on the roster, the group stages are halfway done after favorites secured their wins. BCBG Esports still holds the throne, but with every game, it seems like they’re slightly slipping.

The first match of the day was between Totem Esports and Flayn eSports. Flayn pretty comfortably won the match after sweeping through 2v2 and KotH. Totem just wasn’t on the same level and they went home empty-handed.

Next up were Team KFC and Tribe Academy. A wonderful display of skills and power from both sides showed us that qualified Team KFC has what it takes to be on par with big guys. They took the initial round in 2v2, but Tribe managed to turn the tables and win the set. In KotH Tribe took the lead, but Team KFC responded well with a comeback, turning the tide in their favor. Unfortunately for them, Tribe Academy managed to pull themselves up by winning KotH and the match.

Last, but not least came BCBG Esports and Team AMG. Formerly Crushers Esports, but still with the same roster, Team AMG debuted in style against the leading team of Clash Royale’s A1 Adria League. The amazing performance each team showed took us into all three games with BCBG taking 2v2 and 1v1. Team AMG won KotH after being on the verge of early losing. BCBG won their sixth match in a row, while Team AMG will try to get its first win in the next round.