Team Snipe are your Clash Royale champions!

Another competition in A1 Adria League has come to an end. Clash Royale which made its return this season in the league is over. Last weekend we have seen many teams compete for their place in the playoffs. In the end eight best secured that spot, but the team that came on top of everyone was Team Snipe.

Team Snipe takes home the prize

The teams that showed the best game in the qualifier were Lava Gods, Bomboñera, Vazduhoplovci, and of course our new champions Team Snipe. They had 18 points coming to the playoff and were in a very good spot.

The roster made of Mateja and Arkan showed in the playoff stage that they were the best regional force today. They took down everyone with a 2:0 score starting with CRO-PRO. In round two, they defeated Lava Gods, with the same result. Their opponents in the finals were Vazduhoplovci who came into the finals throughout the lower bracket, as the playoffs were double elimination.

Vazduhoplovci fell into the lower bracket as soon as the first round was finished. They lost to Elite Skills with a 2:1 score. In the lower bracket, much like G2 Esports in LEC, they were dominant. They took down everyone in their path without losing a single game. First to fall were LEGEND and then Lava Gods.

Because Vazduhoplovci came into the final from the lower bracket, they automatically had one loss. But seeing that they won the first game against Team Snipe the finals were restarted so both teams had a loss each, and things were even and equal. In the end, it was Team Snipe that won the remaining game and became the ninth season Clash Royale champion. Our A1AL winners will take home a 700€ prize and the title of being the best squad in the region.

Congratulations on the great performance Team Snipe!


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