Clash Royale is back! Sign up for this mini tournament today!

The time for another game reveal in the 12th A1 Adria League season has come. After League of Legends and PUBG, we are unveiling another mini-tournament, which will take place at the beginning of the following month. Namely, Clash Royale is going to be one of the games in our league. Every few seasons, Clash makes its appearance, and each time, the competition is fun and exciting to watch. This season won’t be any different. Prepare for it!

Sign up and battle the best Clashers in the region!

The league is starting soon, as our main games’ qualifiers are ending. On the other hand, some tournaments, such as League of Legends, already have their champions in this A1AL season. One mini-tournament has ended, and more are yet to come. One of these tournaments will be played in Clash Royale.

After making its appearance in the ninth A1 Adria League season, where the champions were Team Snipe, Clash Royale is returning today! The matchday is scheduled for October 5th, starting at 6 PM CET (18:00h), where we will see the best regional players compete against each other. Mark your calendars and sign up for it HERE!

This season, the prize pool is 150 euros, where the winner will take home the total amount. Therefore, there will be no time for mistakes, as only one will go home victorious, and only one team can be crowned the best.

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