For the eighth time in as many seasons, CS:GO is a part of the League!

Once again, CS:GO is one of the four titles that we will be following in the upcoming months. Here since the very beginning of this project, Valve’s FPS has been and still is a pillar of the A1 Adria League! Six teams will be able to qualify for the eighth A1 Adria League season. Those six teams will be decided through two pairs of open and closed qualifiers, while the remaining two teams will receive direct invites.

Prize pool distribution

CS:GO Prize pool

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  • A1 Adria League Season 8 – CSGO – Qualifier 1
  • A1 Adria League Season 8 – CSGO – Qualifier 2

The League Format

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If you have any game specific or competition oriented questions, make sure you hop on our Discord server and get in touch with the Game Head.