Dota 2 LAN Finals

After 8 weeks of intense group stage action and an amazing display of skill in the playoffs, we finally have our 4 finalists that will be facing v.s each other at the LAN finals.

First, we have the 2 teams that qualified directly from the group stage:

1. Level Up – at the beginning of the league we already listed them as one of the favorites and they lived up to the expectation until now, with the seasoned captain and leader of the organization Viktor “Buktop” Knezević being at the helm of the action, the fans will be expecting the same performance that they have seen so far from them and we are confident that they will deliver, they will be facing The Last Jedi in the semi-finals. From what they showed in the group stage “Boranija-s” Pangolier seems to be the hero that none had an answer to, the other teams should definitely think twice if they are willing to go up against it. They haven’t dropped 2 consecutive loses against any team in the group stage which cemented their spot in the LAN finals.

2. Tim123 – the 2nd favourite that we picked out and oh boy it looks like there is no stopping them. With Dino “dnz” Šavuk leading them through thick and thin with his Rubick & Mirana they also managed to dominate the group stage and qualify directly to the LAN finals, they only dropped 2 games to XDS in the group stage. Their first opponent to the title of champion will be Team Serbia, and they better try to find an answer for Swiftendings hyper carry picks like Gyro or Naga because if they can’t stop him early oh boy disaster approaches late. Tim123 will have the advantage of the home crowd but will that be enough? Come to the live show and find out!

Now for the teams that managed to win the online playoffs:

3. Team Serbia – the winners of the online playoffs crawling out from the lower bracket they managed to overcome every obstacle and to win the playoffs until now, the real challenges are still to come their first opponent on the LAN finals will be Tim123 we can’t wait to see what they have in store for them. Nikolica seems to be their forte with his Void and Wraith King if the others in his team can create enough space for him he might turn the tides on one of the favorites on the LAN finals we can only enjoy the show!

4. The Last Jedis – they managed to win the upper finals in the online playoff but dropped the match at the end to Team Serbia, last but certainly, not least they earned their spot on the grand stage and their first opponent will be the veteran team LeveL Up, they did manage to take one round v.s them in the group stage but can they go toe to toe with them in a series on a stage? That awaits to be seen and we can’t wait to partake in it together with the crowd. Their strongest picks seem to be Crystallis on Monkey King and Ember Spirit with Solji backing him up with OD.
All in all, we expect a good series!

The journey was long and tough but we are finally down to 4 teams all of them are here, for one thing, the title of champion, however, if it was easy everyone would have it, therefore, struggle, endure and show to everyone live that you had what it takes and that you were a champion all this time!

LAN finals will be played in a double-elimination format with finals being the Bo3 series!


10:00 LVLUP vs. The Last Jedis

11:30 Tim123 vs. Team Serbia

13:00 Upper bracket finals

14:30 Lower bracket finals

16:30 Grand finals (Bo3)

Dota 2 and CS:GO online playoffs format explained

We are entering the new phase of A1 Adria League Season 4 – the online playoffs! Below you’ll find all the necessary information for CS:GO and Dota 2 online playoffs that are starting on the 30th of October.

Online playoffs will be played in the seeded double-elimination format. Teams with the higher seed will play in the upper bracket finals for the spot at LAN finals. Two teams with lower seed will play an elimination match. Winner will play against the loser of the upper bracket finals for the last spot at LAN. All matches will be Bo3.

Online playoffs format explanation

Dota 2

Online playoffs for Dota 2 will start on Wednesday the 30th of October at 18:00 with the first round lower bracket match between Team Serbia and Blessed Alphas. Right after that, we’ll have the upper bracket match between XDS and The last jedis, while the remaining two matches are on schedule for the 2nd of November.

Dota 2 Online Playoffs (30.10 & 2.11.)


Online playoffs for CS:GO will start with an elimination match between JESTE and CABRONE5 and an epic match in the upper bracket between Vilay eSport and Fantastic Esports on the 31st of October. The remaining matches will be played on the 3rd of November.

You can follow the online playoffs for CS:GO on HLTV as well.

CS:GO Online Playoffs (31.10. & 3.11.)

All matches will be streamed on all A1 Adria League official channels:

Season 4 LAN Finals

For the third year in a row, the LAN finals of A1 Adria League will be part of Reboot InfoGamer – one of the biggest gaming fairs in Europe!

The best gamers from all over the region will occupy the A1 Adria League hall across the three days (15th – 17th of November). They will be competing at the state of the art stage one the best players in the region deserves. Everything will be happening in front of a live audience!

Clash Royale & Hearthstone

We will kick things off with Clash Royale and Hearthstone finals on the 15th of November. In each game, four best players will be competing in double-elimination format for the glory and the majority of the 1500 Euros prize pool.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Day after, on Saturday 16th of November four CS:GO teams that proved to be the best in the online part of the League will get a chance to be crowned the champions of A1 Adria League Season 4. A single-elimination format does not allow mistakes. The prize pool for CS:GO is 10.000 Euros!

Last year Valiance&CO and Locastc Esports put out a real show in the semis. It remains to be seen which teams will be causing the most hype in Season 4!

Dota 2

The last day of the LAN finals and Reboot InfoGamer is reserved for Dota 2. For the first time ever in the history of the League will be having LAN finals for MOBA that defined the genre. The format is the same as for CS:GO and so is the prize pool.

General Info

Reboot InfoGamer 2019 will be held at Zagrebački velesajam from the 12th of the 17th of November. New games, esports, new hardware, giveaways, influencers and much more awaits you in new edition of the biggest gaming fair in this part of Europe.

A1 Adria League LAN finals will have their own hall with additional activities for visitors as well as some news we are not allowed to publish yet. Keep in mind that in order to visit the A1AL LAN finals you will have to buy a ticket for the fair. All information can be found on the official pages of Reboot InfoGamer.

For all those who won’t be able to join us all matches will be live streamed on official A1 Adria League channels.

If you want to be up to date with everything that is happening in the League make sure to check out

Eight Dota 2 teams enter the Group Stage

After 2 days of intense competition, we got our 4 teams from the closed qualifiers and with that, the group stage is set!

The group stage will last 7 weeks starting from 11.9.2019 with the last day of the group stage being 26.10.2019. The matches will be played every Wednesday (From 19:00) and every Saturday (From 18:00) in those 7 weeks.

And you will be able to follow all of the action on our Official channels: YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, TWITCH   
Now without further ado let’s introduce our teams that will battle it out in the group stage!

Let us introduce the 8 teams from the group stage:

First, we have the winner and runner ups of Season 3.

Tim123 – Still considered the favorites in the region led by “dnz”, they dominated season 3. Will anyone be up to the challenge to dethrone them, follow the group stage and find out!

The Last Jedis – The only team to win a match vs the “Tim123” in the season they defied the odds and proven themselves that they deserve to be here, will they make more upsets this season?

We also have two teams that were directly invited

Level UP – One of the most recognized teams in the region and the mixing pot of the best players from the whole Balkans, most of the well-known faces of Dota 2 played in this team at the time or another.

XDS –  They managed to take the 4th spot in the previous season and with that earned the respect of the region and showed that they can rustle with the big boys

And for the 4 teams that got here through the closed qualifiers:

Team Serbia
– Led by the former EPG player “LebronDota” qualified for the group stage with a win over “Hoodlums” and “Kaj” they showed experience and good team play overall, everyone expects them to be one of the top contenders for the title.

-T– Athletes
– They lost the first game in the closed qualifier, but that didn’t stop them, they managed to claw their way back and after defeating the “Vucicevi Lavovi” and “Kaj” managed to get the group stage spot.

Mystique – Defeated by “The Last jedis” in the third season playoffs, boosted with a new energy of a new opportunity they will show everyone that they are a force to be reckoned with

Blessed Alphas – The Swedish Balkan mix team showing everyone that borders are just lines, stepping up and dominating through the closed qualifiers only losing in the finals to “-T– Athletes” but nevertheless a beautiful performance so far, go big boyz!

Everyone welcome to the group stage, have fun compete and be the best versions of yourselves!

“Without the spur of competition, we’d loaf out our life.” — Arnold Glasow

Off to the closed qualifiers Dota 2 Season 4

Yesterday, OG made history by their 2nd consecutive win on the International, but every story begins somewhere, and this regions’ story is ready to be written!

We got our top 8 teams from the open qualifiers, next come the closed qualifiers, the qualified teams will play a Double Elimination Cup on 4th and 5th September and the top 4 will advance to the Group stage, which will be a long-fought struggle in order for them to reach the Lan Grand Finals in Zagreb.

Here are the brackets of the previous cups:

Open Qualifier 1                Open Qualifier 2
Closed Qualifier Cup

4th & 5th September – 16:00 CEST

You will be able to follow the action on our official Twitch channel.

Here are our top 8 teams from both of the qualifiers:

The first qualifiers were won by the N.Macedonian team Mystique, they managed to qualify for Season 3 playoff stage but were defeated early by the 2nd place team The Last Jedis, we can’t wait to see what they bring to the closed qualifier stage!

We also had 2 Serbian teams qualify from the same organization, team Hoodlums and Hoodlums.Youth. They haven’t competed in season 3 and we wish them the best of luck in their first season!

The first Qualifiers also saw one more Serbian team qualify Vučićevi Lavovi, it’s sink or swim from now, give it your best!

Now from the 2nd open qualifier, we got the winners first Blessed Alphas, which is a Swedish Balkan mix team. Sounds good, and now let’s just see if they make it to the group stage! It’s definitely one of those teams that you should watch out for!

The 2nd team from those qualifiers is Team Serbia with one of the most recognizable players from the region Nikola “LeBronDota” Popović! They are considered to be the favorites for the closed qualifiers. If there are any upsets regarding this, we can only wait and see.

This qualifier also brought one Croatian team “Kaj” let’s see how will they rumble with everyone in the closed qualifier stage.

And last, but not least, we have one more Serbian team called “Scumbag”! Let’s see what kind of moves they got in store for us.

Everything you need to know about the Dota 2 qualifiers for Season 4

The International just started, and we hoped you are pumped up to play some Dota 2 yourself! A1 Adria League Season 4 is officially starting with the first open qualifier on Saturday, 17th of August.

There will be two open qualifiers, with four of the best teams advancing from each one to the closed qualifiers. All matches will be Bo1, except quarterfinals being the Bo3 series. Here are the dates!

Qualifier #1: 17.08.2019. 16:00 CEST
Qualifier #2: 18.08.2019. 16:00 CEST

The closed qualifier will be played on Wednesday, 4th of September. We’ll have four teams advancing to the group stage and joining the Tim 123 and The last jedis, finalists of Season 3 and two invited teams. Rest of the season will be looking like this.

Dota 2 LAN finals of A1 Adria League Season 4 will be played in Zagreb, Croatia, on a stage at Reboot InfoGamer 2019 on Sunday, 17th of November. The prize pool is 10.000 Euros distributed to the four teams that qualify for the LAN finals.

In case of any additional questions feel free to reach on social networks:

“While you play against each other you also learn from each other and thus become better” – Dino“dnz”Šavuk

The playoff stage was filled with thrilling moments and we enjoyed watching every match, now we take a bit of time to ask the captain of the winning team to share his thoughts about the tournament the region as a whole and their future plans, here are some that we asked him.

1. How did you come to the decision to form a new team before the start of the competition? One former Elements Pro Gaming (EPG) decided to play for LvLUP, while you, Mitch and Swiftending decided to form a new team for the tournament.

Dnz: “I’m not 100% sure, but I think I was talking to Damir (Mitch) and he told me that there would be an online tournament with a decent prizepool and that there was also a chance to go to the LAN finals, and that we could play it for fun and win some prizes if possible :D.”

“I suggested dzy and Jajkan as a duo because I play WESG and WCG, and the fifth was supposed to be our former EPG coach g0g1, who was not able to play because he was on a LAN final in Greece during the playoffs.”

“Then we immediately remembered that we could call Swiftending, (I would like to mention that there is no bad blood between any former EPG players, but it’s simply more exciting, at least for me to play with other players (as much as possible), so we made this decision rather than to have a stack of former 5 EPG players, Swift, to our delight, agreed and we played the tournament and had a great time and eventually won.”

How did you perceive the other teams, did you expect such opponents or did you think it would be easier or harder? The Last Jedis (TLJ) defeated you in the Bo1 in the upper bracket, which was a surprise for many.

Dnz: “We honestly thought that we would win most of the games without much effort, but some teams have proven us wrong, and they showed that with practice and a good grind that they were no easy match.”

“I think that the TLJ team played phenomenally and they made a lot of problems for us, they came really close to winning the whole thing, I have nothing but praises for them, I hope that they continue practicing if their goal is to succeed in Dota not just in the Balkan region but on the European scene as well.”

Do you think that Dota 2 has potential in the A1 Adria League and the region in general? Regional competitions in Dota are much less seldom than in some other games.

Dnz: “I do not know what to say about Dota 2 in the Balkans, because the last time there was a” big “Online Tournament with a LAN finals (EBL), the challenge was kinda slim and we with EPG won all the games more or less as routine and (in all fairness it was a stronger and more serious team), but there were a lot of the same players, some of whom progressed fairly and some remained on the same level.”

“I think the ego is a big factor hindering the Balkan scene (as many old school players would say), and unfortunately it is true, because when I see how the players relate to all of this I feel kinda sad, because there is no healthy competition, which would benefit all the players in the region (While you play against each other you also learn from each other and thus become better). “

“A big factor in all of this is that quite a few of these guys have real life obligations, so they can not go for a pro Dota player career, which is quite understandable because Dota is such a complex game and it requires a tremendous amount of time to invest in it. (I think that it is even the most complex Esport game). There are plenty of these factors, and I’m also aware that investors are not that attracted to invest in Dota tournaments in the Balkans, but again I think if they do more and make more tournaments, that there would be more stable Teams and that the quality of the games would increase.”

You have earned a place in the group stage of the fourth season. Will the team have the same lineup or what are your plans for the future?

Dnz: “I think the lineup won’t change for the next season, but you never know, for example, Mitch can decide to go to he’s destined team LvLup and perform the transfer of the year. Or if he would rather win he will decide to stay with us, a little bit of trash talk never hurt anyone :D.”

As for the plans I do not know yet, the only left things are the open/closed qualifications for TI, and the next DPC season should be more forgiving towards tier 3 / 4 players starts from September, so we are not sure about our plans yet :(.”

Would you like to add something?

Dnz: “A big shoutout to everyone in the Adria Inhouse League and I would like to praise Bartol “Rebi” Rebernjak, who is giving it his best to make an Inhouse League (with a prizepool), trying to create a competitive atmosphere for Dota players from the Balkans who are fed up with ranked games and would like to learn more about Dota, because it is definitely not easy to make something and to please everyone while also encouraging everyone to play, but I think it’s one of the steps in the right direction in order to provide a good breeding ground for good Dota players from all over the Balkans. “

It’s time for the playoffs! We are starting with the Dota 2

After two qualifiers we have our top 8 teams which will compete for the grand prizes of the third season!

The playoff stage will be played as a series of best of ones, where the lower bracket finals will be best of three and the Grand Finals best of three as well.

The action will be split into two days:

Day 1: 08.06.2019. 16:00 CEST           Day 2: 09.06.2019. 16:00 CEST

And all of us will be able to watch the show and cheer for your favorite team on Facebook, YouTube and!

Let us give all of the teams a warm welcome and an introduction!

Mystique V.S The last Jedis

The first match of the playoffs is Mystique, the first seed of the first open qualifier, they are a full Macedonian team. Their Captain is DaRio and the other team member are HariS-, Stojkov, zipzap, and sikki. Which is the same lineup they used for the EBL 2018 tournament where they, unfortunately, didn’t reach the LAN finals. And their opponent “The last Jedis” which is the 4th seed from the second qualifiers. We wish them the best of luck!

Tim123 V.S Mesano Meso

The second match of the playoff stage is a mostly Croatian team which are considered as the favorite of the tournament. They are led by dnz and the team’s main roster consistest of: Mitch, Swiftending, Jajkan and dzy. The team is has quite a few seasoned veterans Dnz, Mitch and Swiftending, while dnz is widely believed to be the best support player in the Adria region his most recent international success was a brief period of being a part of the Winstrike Team where he qualified for theOGA Dota PIT Minor 2019 CIS”. On the other hand, Mitch thought by many to be the best Offlaner in the region, he was a part of Fnatic way back in 2012 together with some familiar faces from the LvL UP team and again together in Elements Pro Gaming – Probably one of the best Mix teams from the Balkans to date. Swiftending the only Serbian member of the team who was also a part of the Elements Pro Gaming rooster, he is regarded to be one of the best Carries in the Adriatic region.

On the other hand, we have “Mesano Meso” a mostly Serbian team which is led by BDR and the other team members include: doGGfatherr, Punisher, Ignitables, and Kaznitelj. They will be facing the tournament favorite in their first match, will they rise up to the challenge? Nothing is written down in stone yet, therefore, come and watch the games and cheer them on!


One of the most recognized team not just in Serbia but in the region as well, let’s give it up for LvL Up they are led by none other than Buktop and the main rooster is as follow: PWN, kole, ComeWithMe and Boranija. LvL UP is one of the oldest teams in the region when it comes to Dota 2. They lost in the first qualifiers to Tim123 and we can’t wait to watch the rematch between these two teams, however, they will first have to reach the Upper Finals or the Grand Finals in order for that to happen since they are on opposite sides of the bracket. Buktop is no stranger to being a team captain he led the mYinsanity team back in 2014, and afterward, he formed the now known team LvL UP where he still leads his fellow teammates into tournaments!

Their first opponent will be “XDS” another Serbian team at the helm of their team stands Alexxo followed by his teammates: Stormplayz, Stephan, WTS and kAitorA. They managed to qualify in the first open qualifier by defeating “Squatting Slavs” and “Beshtiya” they begin the playoff stage with a trial by fire!

Initial matches of the Dota 2 playoffs

Marko+4 V.S Squatting Slavs

Marko+4 is a Croatian the leader of the team is Rebi and the team consist of: shpura, TheBlackOni, Deimos, and FarmWithMe. Maybe one of the less known teams but underestimate them and you will regret it!
They will face off in their first match v.s Squatting Slavs which is the most nationally mixed team of the bunch. The main Squatter of the team is Stephen followed by his trusty Squatting enthusiasts: Wingblade, Bokeee, QuickOne, and Jieang. Let us be real for a moment who doesn’t love Squatting Slavs give em hell boyz!


DR. Strange: “We are in the endgame now”

Teams from Serbia dominated the second qualifier for Dota 2 playoffs

The second qualifier for Dota 2 playoffs of the A1 Adria League is over, and we know the teams that will battle it out for 1925 euros next weekend!

This time around the favorites was dominating in their quarterfinal matches all of them winning with convincing 2-0 against their respected opponents. The final results are three Serbian teams and one from North Macedonia joining the playoffs: The last jedis, LvLUP, Mesano meso, and Squatting.

The best-known team out of the four that qualified through the second qualifier is probably LvLUP, long-standing Serbian esports organization with a rich history in Dota 2. In April their teams managed to qualify for WCG in two games. Advancing to the playoffs of the League was next logical step after they lost to dnz and the crew in the first qualifier. Congratulations to all the teams that have qualified. For the rest – next opportunity is just around the corner. The qualifiers for the season 4 of the A1 Adria League are not that far away.

Dota 2 playoffs of the A1 Adria League Season 3 will be played on 8th and 9th of June. Eight qualified teams will compete in the double elimination bracket with LB finals and Grand Finals being the best of three series. Finalists will secure their spot in the group stage of the next season of the League, as well as the biggest part of 1925 euros prize pool.

1. €1000
2. €500
3. €275
4. €150

Another big news is that playoffs will be streamed on the official A1 Adria League channels, so you can all follow the action and cheer for your favorite teams and friends!

The first qualifiers for Dota 2 attracted some of the best regional players

The first qualifier for the newest game in the League was held on Saturday! After an interesting tournament, we found out the name of the four teams that will compete in the playoffs.

Dota 2 qualifiers are played in the single elimination bracket with the deciding games being the best of three series. After busy Saturday afternoon, we had our quarterfinalists.

The first match was between DMN and markoPLUS4, two Croatian teams in which markoPLUS4 came on top in the convincing fashion. Well-known Serbian team LvLUP didn’t manage to scrape the win against dnz, Mitch and Swiftending, the core of very accomplished Croatian players, and the favorites to win it all.

Macedonian Team Mystique bested the Silver City with 2-0, and xDS outplayed another Croatian team in the top 8, the Beshtiya.

Here are the top 4 teams that will compete in the online playoffs of the 3rd season of A1 Adria League with a prize pool of 1925 euros!

dnz, dzy, Jajkan, Mitch and Swiftending playing under the name of Tim123 are the force to be reckoned with in the playoffs. Three of the players were part of the Elements Pro Gaming, professional team with respectable results. Well-known players with a lot of experience competing on the pro level of Dota 2 have their eyes on the main prize. It will be interesting to see which teams can cause them the most problems.

We would like to thank everyone for competing and would also like to invite you to the next open qualifiers which will be starting on June the 1st! This is your chance to compete in the playoffs of the A1 Adria League. You don’t want to miss it.