Eight teams easily secure a spot in the VALORANT playoffs!

The only qualifier for our new game VALORANT is completed. This is is the first season in A1 Adria League that we are hosting a competition for the new Riot’s FPS. We have seen some familiar names and some new ones, which is normal seeing that the game still has a long way to go in gathering bigger regional followers.

Top 8 advance to the playoffs

Today we have had a fight between many teams, and eight of the best qualified for the next stage of VALORANT. The first round of the competition was the best-of-three series. The other rounds were played for seed, considering we have gotten the eight qualified teams already after the first round.

A familiar team in the VALORANT competition of our A1AL were Balkan Stars, who are already a dynamic and synergic team. For some time now the Macedonian squad has been competing in tournaments for this game, and we have high expectations they will do great in the playoffs.

We have also seen teams such as Diamant Esports and Zero Tenacity A who have already made a name for themselves in some other games such as League of Legends. Their new composed VALORANT rosters took their chances today and Diamant Esports managed to qualify, while Zero Tenacity A was eliminated. The winning game for Diamant we have followed on stream and it was an easy stomp against team Kajmak.

Besides Balkan Stars and Diamant Esports, the other 6 qualified teams are:

  • AngryTeam
  • Why No Eco
  • AIF
  • Minima
  • Lost Soul

The VALORANT playoffs will be held next week, May 30th, where the bracket will be single elimination and the winner will earn a 700€ prize, while the second-best team will be awarded 300€. Prepare well because all the games will be Bo3! See you next week!

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