A1 Adria League Season 4 LAN Finals Schedule

Clash Royale – 15.11.2019.

Single-elimination bracket, all matches Bo5

11:00 ConeKorleone vs. tomoismaster
11:45 Nikola vs. BrunoBlaze
12:30 Third place match
13:30 Grand Finals

Hearthstone – 15.11.2019.

Single-elimination bracket, all matches Bo3

15:00 reqvam vs. paljuha
16:00 Dimi vs. uberkaiser
17:00 Third place match
18:00 Grand Finals

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – 16.11.2019.

Single-elimination bracket, all matches Bo3.
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10:00 BLUEJAYS vs. Vilay eSport
13:10 uNiQUE.Xportal vs. Jeste
16:30 Grand finals

Dota 2 – 17.11.2019.

Double-elimination bracket, Grand Finals Bo3.

10:00 LVLUP vs. The Last Jedis
11:30 Tim123 vs. Team Serbia
13:00 Upper bracket finals
14:30 Lower bracket finals
16:30 Grand finals (Bo3)

CS:GO LAN Finals

The stage has been set the actor made known the only thing is to get this show started!

Let us introduce the teams that will be performing in front of everyone in Zagreb.

1. BLUEJAYS – at this point ex-Bluejays due to some internals problems the player’s decision to compete under the name ex-Bluejays. They had a phenomenal run throughout the group stage only dropping one single map to Unique, a team that they recently characterized as a team full of high performing individuals that are really hard to play against. Good thing they won’t be facing them in the semifinals but rather they will play against Vilay eSport. They are coming into the LAN finals as the favorites with their almost perfect track record we just hope that the recent organizational problems don’t affect their play.

2. uNique.Xportal – they came out blazing in the group stage, they didn’t lose 2 maps to any team and were the only ones to take a map of Bluejays, nobody should judge them with last years setup they are currently in their strongest form and they do not show any signs of weakness. Their opponent in the semi-finals will be team Jeste they managed to take both maps from them in the group stage, will it be a repeat of that encounter or will team Jeste manage to exploit some weakness, we and the crowd are eagerly expecting to see the result of these 2 teams crashing against each other!

3. Vilay eSport – Showing a strong performance overall only dropping two maps to Bluejays in the group stage which they will have to face in their semifinals match again, as Miloše “dEE” Marčeta recently said in the interview they can’t wait to play v.s their friends in Vilay eSport. Nothing is yet written in stone and the crowd might have an influence in the matches outcome we have some local fan favorites in the team like Luka “Brky” Brkanac the de desk analyst from previous years LAN finals, we can’t wait to see him perform on the other side of the action, best of luck to all of you!

4. JESTE – Rocky performance in the group stage which made them start of the online playoffs from the lower bracket but hey they overwhelmed everyone in it without dropping a single map they won the online playoffs and they don’t want to stop their dominance, they will be facing Unique in their semifinals match. In the group stage they lost both maps v.s them but a new stage a new crowd, they already showed that when their back is against the wall that they show no fear will they manage to show the same commitment and result as they did in the playoffs we are dying to find out!

Let’s take a moment to thank all of the team throughout the whole grope stage for giving us such amazing and thrilling matches and we think that the best is yet to come, therefore, do not miss the action.

A1 Adria League LAN finals for CS:GO will be played in a single-elimination bracket and all matches will be the Bo3 series.


10:00 BLUEJAYS vs. Vilay eSport
13:10 uNiQUE.Xportal vs. Jeste
16:30 Grand finals

Dota 2 and CS:GO online playoffs format explained

We are entering the new phase of A1 Adria League Season 4 – the online playoffs! Below you’ll find all the necessary information for CS:GO and Dota 2 online playoffs that are starting on the 30th of October.

Online playoffs will be played in the seeded double-elimination format. Teams with the higher seed will play in the upper bracket finals for the spot at LAN finals. Two teams with lower seed will play an elimination match. Winner will play against the loser of the upper bracket finals for the last spot at LAN. All matches will be Bo3.

Online playoffs format explanation

Dota 2

Online playoffs for Dota 2 will start on Wednesday the 30th of October at 18:00 with the first round lower bracket match between Team Serbia and Blessed Alphas. Right after that, we’ll have the upper bracket match between XDS and The last jedis, while the remaining two matches are on schedule for the 2nd of November.

Dota 2 Online Playoffs (30.10 & 2.11.)


Online playoffs for CS:GO will start with an elimination match between JESTE and CABRONE5 and an epic match in the upper bracket between Vilay eSport and Fantastic Esports on the 31st of October. The remaining matches will be played on the 3rd of November.

You can follow the online playoffs for CS:GO on HLTV as well.

CS:GO Online Playoffs (31.10. & 3.11.)

All matches will be streamed on all A1 Adria League official channels:

It’s time for Group Stage!

After 4 open cups and two days of intense closed qualifier action we finally have our 8 teams that will battle it out in the group stage where only the top 4 will get the privilege to show the whole audience in Zagreb why they deserve to be there!

The group stage will last 7 weeks starting from 12.9.2019 with the last day of the group stage being 27.10.2019. The matches will be played every Thursday and every Sunday in those 7 weeks.

And you will be able to follow all of the action on our Official channels: YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, TWITCH.
Now without further ado let’s introduce our teams that will battle it out in the group stage!

Let us introduce the 8 teams from the group stage:

First, we have the winner and runner ups of Season 3.

uNiQUE – We saw an outstanding performance by them, they dominated season 3, and we can’t wait to see how they perform week by week!

Vilay Esports (ex.vTheOverpowered) – They only lost to uNiQUE in the previous season, now there are a lot more teams that might go toe to toe with them and everything is open, new season, give it your all!

We also have two teams that were directly invited

Locastic & BLUEJAYS, you know all about them but if you need a refresher, you can read all about them here.


XPORTAL – What a strong performance they didn’t drop a single game in the closed qualifier, last year they didn’t manage to get into the group stage, now they get a chance even to reach the grand finals, grab it!

– They had a rocky closed qualifier, losing to team “Jeste” in the upper bracket then managing to eliminate “SoA Gaming” in the lower bracket in order to reach the group stage, good luck going forward!

WeirdChamp – Good performance overall in order to qualify they had to play versus team “Trtrr” not an easy opponent at all, but they did not fault and rose to the occasion now the long road through the group stage await you, tread lightly!

Jeste – wining vs team “Trtrr” and “CABRONE5” in the closed qualifiers an achievement of itself we are on the edge of our seat to see what you manage to do in the group stage!

Everyone welcome to the group stage, have fun compete and be the best versions of yourselves!

Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve ever done before.” —Bonnie Blair

CS:GO Season 4 – Closed Qualifiers

After some amazing performance by Cr4zy at the StarLadder Berlin Major, let’s take a look at the regional scene.

The Open qualifier stage was fierce the cups tough but we have finally arrived at the Closed Qualifier stage where the remaining 8 will be fighting for their chance to enter the group stage!

We got our top 8 teams from the open qualifiers, next come the closed qualifiers, the qualified teams will play a Double Elimination Cup on 31.08.2019 & 01.09.2019 , and the top 4 will advance to the Group stage, which will be a long-fought struggle in order for them to reach the Lan Grand Finals in Zagreb.

Closed Qualifier Bracket

Open Qualifier 1               Open Qualifier 2
Open Qualifier 3               Open Qualifier 4

31.08 & 01.09 – 16:00 CEST

You will be able to follow the action on our official Twitch channel.


Let us introduce our top 8 contenders:

The winners of the first Open qualifier, “Jake Bube” – The team consist of some of the most recognizable faces from the region. Lobanjica, JuricM, Svojic and Shev you know what these guys are capable off and we can’t wait to see them in action!

And the runner ups of the first qualifier, “CABRONE5” a Macedonian team,
They haven’t competed in previous seasons and we wish them the best of luck in their first season!

The third team are the winners from the 2nd open qualifier it’s team “trtrr” one more macedonian team but they already have achievements under their with the last one being third place in the season 3 of A1 Adria, Welcome back boyz!

The 2nd place team from the 2nd qualifier is, “WeirdChamp”   a croation team featuring some players that have played previous seasons, and we are very glad to see them once again!

The fifth team being “SoA gaming” the winners of the third open qualifiers, they show great promise and if someone takes them lightly will probably pay the price!

The 2nd placed team from the 3rd Qualifier team “Jeste” is our 6th team led by the ex KlikTech player Hleb, they know what’s at stake and they will keep at nothing to grab that group stage spot!

The winners of the 4th and last open qualifier team “BEJTERI” we wish you the best of luck and for you to show everyone that you are able to rumble with the best of the region!

And last but certainly not the least, “XPORTAL” last year in the 2nd Season their academy team managed to reach this far as well will they will be able to outshine them, only one way to find out.

Join us and don’t miss on some good CS:GO action this weekend!

Everything you need to know about the CS:GO qualifiers for Season 4

It’s time for you to get back in the action! A1 Adria League Season 4 is officially starting with the first open qualifier on Saturday, 17th of August.

We’ll be having four open qualifiers for this season. All of them will be played in a single-elimination format Bo1, with semifinals being Bo3 series. Finalists of every open qualifier will advance to the closed qualifier!

Here are the dates for all the qualifiers:

Qualifier #1: 17.08.2019. 16:00 CEST
Qualifier #2: 18.08.2019. 16:00 CEST
Qualifier #3: 24.08.2019. 16:00 CEST
Qualifier #4: 25.08.2019. 16:00 CEST

The closed qualifier is on schedule for the last day of August. There are only four spots left open in the group stage. Teams UniQUE and Vilay Esports already secured their spot by playing in the finals of Season 3, and two other teams will be getting a direct invitation.

The group stage will consist of eight teams. Top 2 will advance directly to the LAN finals, and the ones placed between the 3rd and 6th place will get another chance to qualify in the online playoffs. The structure is as it follows.

CS:GO LAN finals of A1 Adria League Season 4 will be played in Zagreb, Croatia, on a stage at Reboot InfoGamer 2019 on Saturday, 16th of November. The prize pool is the same as it was for the Season 1 and Season 2, 10.000 Euros distributed to the four teams that qualify for the LAN finals.

In case of any additional questions feel free to reach on social networks:

The best teams and players will battle for the largest prize yet – 24.000 Euros of prize money, glory and a qualifying spot to follow-up international esports tournaments


The best teams and individual competitors will battle for the largest prize yet – 24.000 Euros of prizemoney, glory and a chance to qualify for the ESL Pro.

Zagreb, August 08, 2019 – Starting now, A1 Adria League powered by ESL will welcome the best teams and individuals to its open qualifiers in CS:GO, DOTA 2, Clash Royale and Hearthstone. The winners of the qualifiers will be joining the winning CS:GO and DOTA 2 teams from season 3. 

In Season 3 of A1 Adria League, which was held entirely online, we have witnessed some great competition between the best gamers in the region.
SENER1, from team uNiQUE, after winning the CS:GO Tournament in  Season 3 shared with us: It means the world to me and my team that we have chances to prove ourselves even more. It is a great opportunity for us.”


Team uNIQUE not only won Season 3 and thus securing themselves a place in Season 4 of A1 Adria League, but also won the chance to compete in the ESL Pre-Climber cup, which is a stepping stone towards the ESL PRO League, the highest tier of CS:GO competition globally. 

In Season 4 the stakes are even higher – larger prizepool, live finals at the most prestigious gaming fair in the region – InfoGamer Reboot and a follow-up story for the winners.

Qualifiers on all 4 games are open for participation and fully online, meaning anyone who has the necessary age for the game can participate and feel the magical thrill of esports.
The first qualifiers start on August 17, 2019 and more information can be found here (CS:GO, Dota 2)

We, at A1 Adria League powered by ESL are very happy to have witnessed the fast growth of the local esports scene. When we started less than 3 years ago we have defined that the goal of A1 Adria League is to foster the growth of the local esports scene by offering a proving grounds for the local competitors and an entertaining show for the esports fans.

Today, we see ex-participants in A1 Adria League competing at the largest esports forums globally. A1 Adria League season 1 and 2 CS:GO winners – Valiance&CO, now called CR4ZY are playing at the StarLadder & i-League Berlin CS:GO Major in just a few weeks and now Sacre, the League of Legends MVP of season 1 is playing for team SK Gaming in the most prestigious League of Legends competition – LEC.

Valiance&CO (now CR4ZY) S2 A1 Adria League

For Season 4 of A1 Adria League, some of the best esports experts and talents will be hosting the live show from a studio in Belgrade. More than 260 hours of unique, live esports content will be available to the fans.

Overview of Season 4 of A1 Adria League Powered by ESL

Games: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Clash Royale, Hearthstone
Qualifier dates:
CS:GO 17.8. – 25.8.
Dota 2 17.8. – 24.8.
Clash Royale 7.9. – 28.9. / 5.10. – 26.10.
Hearthstone 7.9. – 28.9. / 5.10. – 26.10.

Prize money distribution:
Per PC game (CS:GO/Dota2)
1. 5000€
2. 3000€
3. 1500€
4. 500€

Per mobile game(CR/HS)
Weekly qualifier (20€ each)
Monthly qualifier (150€ each)
1. 800€
2. 400€
3. 200€
4. 100€

Date and location of finals:

Reboot InfoGamer, Zagreb, Croatia

Clash Royale – 15.11.2019

Hearthstone – 15.11.2019

CS:GO – 16.11.2019

Dota2 – 17.11.2019


Social media:

“This means a world to me and my team” – Sener “SENER1” Mahmuti

The Dota 2 playoffs put a high standard for the Season 3 of the League regarding the quality of the matches. The week after CS:GO didn’t disappoint either. In all quarterfinal matches, both teams managed to get to double digits. As the playoffs continued better teams started to prove their worth.

TheOverPowered was knocked to the lower bracket by uNiQUE that secured the spot in the Grand Finals. But the guys from theOP decided they want a rematch so they went on and win a close series against TRTRR in the Lower Bracket finals. Rematch in the Grand Finals between theOP and uNiQUE also went the distance and we saw all three maps, but in the end, uNiQUE managed to come out on top!

We talked to the captain of the team uNiQUE Sener “SENER1” Mahmuti about their recent success in the A1 Adria League.

  1. What did you expect before the playoffs? Did you think you can win the whole thing, and who you considered to be the toughest opponent?

SNER1: “There were good teams in playoffs. We didn’t underestimate any of them, and yes we thought we would win. We know we have a lot of potential. The toughest opponent proved to be theOverPowered, also a great team.”

2. You managed to qualify for the next season of A1 Adria League featuring the 10.000 euros prize pool. What does that mean to you and your team?

SENER1: “It means a world to me and my team that we have chances to prove ourselves even more. It is a great opportunity for us.”

3. What can we expect out of uNiQUE? Any competitions in the near future?

SENER1: “Right now we don’t have any competitions going on but we will start practicing soon, fixing some of our mistakes, etc.”

4. Anything you would like to share with your fans and the general public?

SENER1: “We would like to thank the fans who were cheering and supporting us till now, its quite an honor for us.”

Time to crown the new CS:GO champions of the A1 Adria League

We’ll be crowning our CS:GO champions of the A1 Adria League this weekend for the third time in a row. Two times champions – Cr4zy (ex. Valiance) are now competing on the much higher level, and therefore other teams are getting the new opportunities.

The playoff stage will be played as a series of best of ones, where the lower bracket finals will be best of three and the Grand Finals best of three as well.

The action will be split into two days:

Day 1: 15.06.2019. 16:00 CEST           Day 2: 16.06.2019. 16:00 CEST

And all of us will be able to watch the show and cheer for your favorite team on Facebook, YouTube and!



uNiQUE are heading into this match as clear favorites. The team has had a lot of success in recent times and surely they will not miss a chance to continue to do so. The core of the team SENER1, sinnopsyy, and juanflatroo have been playing together for some time now. They were the only unbeaten team in the online group stage of the CSadria Clan Championship powered by A1 but didn’t attend the LAN finals due to the visa issues. Now they have the second chance to prove they are the top dogs in the region. Their opponents on the other hand, North Macedonian team TRTRR managed got to go to the before mentioned LAN finals because of the uNiQUE not attending. They’ve put up a strong performance but finished in the 3rd/4th in the end.

INVICTUS vs. to jeste

In the 3rd season, we have only one Serbian team in the playoffs for the first time in the history of the League, and it’s the team to jeste. But sure it’s an interesting one. We have the season 1 champion DJOKSiCK playing with other well-known players in the region like andr1x, juricM, dav, SHEV, and Salted. Some of them have already played in the finals of the A1 Adria League, in order to do so again, they’ll have to beat INVICTUS. The new and upcoming team from Montenegro played really well in the qualifiers One thing we do know about them is that they like to play CSadria Retakes public servers. The word going around is that they are really strong, but they’ll have to show it over the weekend against a very experienced team.

Vilay Black vs. Screamstars

Only Croatian team in the playoffs of the A1 Adria League will be facing Vilay Black, another team coming from North Macedonia. Screamstars were on the verge of the breakthrough on many occasions in the region, and they made it to the Season 3 playoffs. They’ll have to fill out the shoes of the Locastic Esports, team that represented Croatia really well last season. Vilay Black has been on the scene for some time now with several lineup changes. They’re always here, managing to qualify for the most regional tournaments and leagues, so seeing them in the top 8 of this season shouldn’t be a surprise.

Mischievous vs. TheOverPowerd (to be Vilay Esports)

Mischievous being the third team from North Macedonia means that this year we have the most representatives coming from that country. They’ve also been around for some time, we had to chance to watch their matches in several regional competitions, but they are struggling to advance to top 4. TheOverPowered guys recently found a new organization, but because of the rules, they’ll have to play under the tag they qualified. Always nice to see prominent players in the region like saveeey, brky and bustem doing well and thriving once again. But we’ll have to wait and see do they have what it takes to make it all the way to the finals.


In case you’ve missed it. Winners of the season 3 of the A1 Adria League will advance to the new cup organized by ESL SEC and A1 Adria League called the Pre-Climber Cup. You can find out everything about it here.

Champion of the A1 Adria League to get a chance to join MNTDEW League

Both ESL SEC and A1 Adria League are entering playoff stage in the upcoming days. The best regional teams will be battling it out for the prize money, prestige titles, and opportunities to advance further in the competitions.

But, before we head into the playoffs, we have important news to share with all of you. ESL SEC and A1 Adria League are proud to announce the Pre-Climber Cup, the new competition which will be the stepping stone between ESL SEC and A1 Adria League and ESEA Premier Relegations, also known as the MTNDEW League.

The Pre-Climber Cup

The new competition will consist out of four teams – Top 3 finishers from the ESL SEC, and the A1 Adria League Season 3 champions. They will fight in the double-elimination bracket across the span of 2 days for a spot that leads to the Climber Cup. Winner of the ESL SEC Season IX will get the first seed, while the second one will go to the best team in the A1 Adria League. That means that they will face the 2nd best team in the ESL SEC in the first match of the Pre-Climber Cup. The competition will be held during the last week of June and you’ll be able to follow all the actions on the Croatian and English streams.

The Climber Cup

Team that comes out on top in the Pre-Climber Cup will advance to the Climber Cup, that will take place right before the Relegations. The Climber Cup leads its Top 4 teams to the ESEA Premier Relegations, also known as the MTNDEW League. Each European country running an ESL National Championship will be represented at the Climber Cup.

A1 Adria League Season 3 playoffs are scheduled on the 15th and 16th of June, with 8 teams competing in the double-eliminations bracket. While the playoffs for the ESL SEC will be held on the 17th and 20th of the June.

With the new competition we are hoping to bring even more structure to the regional CS:GO scene, and give the teams more opportunities to advance in the ESL competition system.