An impressive run and some surprises in the second CS:GO qualifier

Once again CS:GO teams proved that CS:GO is one of the hottest esports in the region. Out of the 25 teams that have signed up for the second qualifier, after a tough competition, only four made it to the playoffs of the A1 Adria League Season 3.

We saw very interesting matches from the start of Ro32. Screamstars had to battle their way through the whole bracket to earn their spot in the semifinals and the playoffs. They started with a win after overtime against team MATE, then defeat Croatian mix Nema Labavo, and just after beating the Dinosaurusi they made it to the final four. Really impressive run by the Croatian side.

uNiQUE, for example, had a much easier path, defeating another Croatian mix to secure their playoffs spot. But the team has recently proven to be one of the best in the region by getting through the online stage of CSadria Clan Championship without a single loss.

On the other side of the bracket, INVICTUS was convincing in their matches, beating Dual Desetkas and INRAGE. Just as Mischievous, the team from North Macedonia, that won 16-2 and after that 2-0 to make the playoffs.

For the first time in the history of the League, we will crown the new champions! Valiance&CO chose not to compete in the Season 3 and other teams got an opportunity not just to win a lot of money, but also to ensure they will compete in the fourth season of the A1 Adria League.

CS:GO playoffs will be played on 15th and 16th of June, and both days will be streamed on the official A1 Adria League channels. Prize pool distribution as it follows:

1. €1000
2. €500
3. €275
4. €150

We are espeacially thankful for the interestes that CS:GO community showed towards the A1 Adria League once again. With so many teams and players competinig in the both qualifiers. All of you will get another chance in a couple of months with tha start of the Season 4. Stay strong!

In fierce competition four CS:GO teams earned their spot in the playoffs

The CS:GO qualifiers for the A1 Adria League attracted 29 teams from all across the region. In the end, only top 4 secured their spot in the playoffs.

From the start of the qualifiers, favorites managed to ease through the Ro32 and Ro16, but in the quarterfinals, we saw some intense matches especially between Locastic Esports and Vilay Black, and theOverPowered and 0 Sati p2w.

After beating Serbian team Dinosaurusi, Vilay Black managed to squeeze a close win against Locastic 2-1. The new theOP team did the same against the Serbian mix 0 Sati p2w while teams TRTRR and to jeste won in convincing fashion against their opponents.

Three out of for teams qualified for playoffs competed recently in the CSadria Clan Championship powered by A1! Team to jeste is the new one, but with players like shev, DJOKSiC, andr1x, dav, ROGa and lancemi, no one should be surprised by their success in the first qualifier.

Although, most of us expected to see Locastic Esports in the final four, fortune wasn’t on their side this time, but they’ll have another chance in the second qualifier on the 2nd of June. You can sing up for it right now!