Watch Stream UŽIVO in LoL, F1 and CS:GO!

Reboot Online Games Week will once again have a Stream Uživo segment. As you know last season we had two gamers featuring this segment, giGOD, and SupremeNexus. This year besides League of Legends and CS:GO, we will also have an F1 stream.

DoubleAim, Darrian Alfy, and Novke are streaming

First on the menu for our Stream Uživo segment is a well-known League of Legends pro player Aleksa “DoubleAim” Stanković. DoubleAim played for many regional teams, but he is most familiar from his time with Valiance and of course Crvena zvezda. Until recently he was a member of Crvena zvezda Esports, and he made an appearance in European Masters last split with this team. Serbian jungler will stream for two hours on the second ROGW day, and his stream will start just after My Story with Flegma finishes, at 15 o’clock.

The F1 fans are finally gonna enjoy a segment Stream Uživo featuring Darrian Alfy who will stream this game. Darrian Alfy is a well-known racer in F1 virtual leagues, as well as a familiar face in A1 Adria League. Namely, he has been a part of the F1 Adria League for most of the seasons. This year during ROGW F1 fans will be able to enjoy his stream which will last for two whole hours. The stream will contain an interesting and creative format of racing, so make sure not to miss it! (17.06 at 14 o’clock)

The popular Youtuber Novke will be the host of this year’s CS:GO Stream Uživo. The Serbian will be with the fans on Sunday (June 19th) from 13 o’clock and will do his best to entertain the viewers. That won’t be hard seeing how famous he is on Youtube, and how many followers he has. At the moment this number exceeds 100.000 viewers. And on his channel, you can see all the interesting content and clips related to the CS:GO.

The ninth A1AL season finale and ROGW are closer than ever!

As the group stages of the three main games in the ninth A1 Adria League season are coming to an end, we are slowly preparing for a grand finale. Brawl Stars, FIFA22, and CS:GO are yet to receive their champions, and that will be announced during the Reboot Online Games Week, as it was the last season.

A1 Adria League S9 finals

As it was last season the playoff stages in our games will be a part of Reboot Online Games Week that will be held in Osijek from 15th to 19th of June. Again we have prepared a lot of fun for the fans during the last week of A1 Adria League matches. From interesting streams and IGRAJ segments to many panel discussions, more information about this will be revealed soon.

Throughout the past weeks, we have seen many teams and players compete to reach this final goal of the competition. The difference between the last season and this is that the finals in the ninth A1AL season will have three, instead of four games. As it was mentioned earlier, LoL was one of the rotating games in this season’s new format, so only Brawl Stars, FIFA22, and CS:GO will have their time in the spotlight at ROGW.

Salada de Frutas has once again dominated the Brawl Stars regional scene. They have shown dominance and will to once again win the title in A1 Adria League. Their enemies will be Big F and Jazavci. While these two teams showed great performance, Salada once again enters the playoff stage and finals as a huge favorite. There is still one more spot left, and we are yet to see who will take it.

In FIFA22 this season we have many familiar names. Novo, esad1memic, and Brstimir are yet again fighting in the top 4, and they will be joined by Mrky, who was the first to secure this spot. It’s hard to say who will come on top as we have already seen tremendous talent from these players.

Last, but not least CS:GO playoffs are going to be a blast. As it was expected, the Macedonian squad BLUEJAYS without any trouble were the first to secure the top 4 in this game. They had a 3:0 score in the league, and are the biggest favorites for winning the title. Blink and Oto100 will make an appearance in the playoffs, as well as Zero Tenacity who eliminated one of the favorites team 4glory.

A1 Adria League S9 finals

All the finals will be played as a part of the Reboot Online Games Week in Osijek, and it won’t be long until we have our champions of the ninth season in the A1 Adria League. Follow our social media as more information will be revealed soon!

BLUEJAYS to compete in the A1 Adria League Season 9!

One of the best CS:GO teams in the Adriatic region has accepted an invite for the ninth season of the A1 Adria League. Last season BLUEJAYS weren’t able to participate in the finals. They were busy winning the IESF World Championship in Eilat. Now, they will have a new chance to become the champions.

BLUEJAYS dominating the regional scene

North Macedonian lineup playing under the BLUEJAYS banner is currently ranked 37th best team in the world. The success didn’t come overnight. Aleksandar “CacaNito” Kjulukoski and the squad had some great results in the past months. Besides winning the IESF World Championship they secured 2nd place in the CCC Champions 2021 and Funspark ULTI 2021: European Playoffs #2. In the Pinnacle Winter Series #2 they finished 3rd/4th after losing to the Finnish powerhouse ENCE.

By beating 4glory Esports in the finals of RES Season 2 they managed to secure their spot in the TWR EEM Spring 2022, the qualifying tournament for the BLAST Spring EU Showdown. One look at their results is enough to realize why are BLUEJAYS one of the two invited teams for Season 9.

Here is the current BLUEJAYS lineup:


CS:GO in the A1 Adria League Season 9

The CS:GO part of the A1 Adria League Season 9 will be played in three phases. The first one is the three open qualifiers played in the single-elimination Bo1 format and the decider matches are the Bo3 series. Top two teams from each qualifier advance to the group stage. Similar to the last season in the group stage teams will be competing in the SWISS format. Again, all the matches will be Bo1, except the deciding ones. In the playoffs, we will see four of the best teams in the Adriatic region battling it out in the single-elimination Bo3 format. There is still time to sing up for the CS:GO qualifiers. Prove that you have what it takes to fight against the best CS:GO teams!

  • A1 Adria League Season 9 – CSGO – Qualifier 1
  • A1 Adria League Season 9 – CSGO – Qualifier 2
  • A1 Adria League Season 9 – CSGO – Qualifier 3

Flegma: “A1AL is the stepping stone for talented players”

As we are getting closer to the start of the new A1 Adria League we wanted to give you an insight into what it’s going to be like considering all the changes. We interviewed the project manager of A1AL Leonardo Bujas and talked with him a little about the new changes in format and games, what to expect from the upcoming ninth season, and his expectations of it all.


The new season brings many changes. What can we expect from the ninth season of the A1 Adria League?

In the ninth season of A1AL, we can expect a fiercer fight for the top than before due to the change of format and prize pool, as well as more games we are bringing this season. Because of that, we expect more interesting matches on the road to the finals.

Besides the standard games such as CS:GO, Brawl Stars, and FIFA, this year A1 Adria League is bringing four extra games? What influenced this change?

Annually A1AL format so far had four games in two seasons that spread throughout a couple of months. So for this season, we prepared something more interesting and more dynamic. Also by adding more games in the league we are giving a chance to less popular games and players of those games to show that their game deserves more attention and more tournaments.

In addition, with the end of the ninth season, you can expect Gaming Weeks in which we will have tournaments for less famous games in the region.

Flegma A1AL

What changes can we expect in Brawl Stars, FIFA, and CS:GO titles, the ones we have already seen in the league?

The biggest change is the duration of the league, instead of the standard three months per season, the league will last for two months now, while the prize pool will remain the same, with only small distribution changes. So basically the winners get more money for less playing time. We also have small changes in the playoff format of some games, such as the number of qualifier cups, the duration of the SWISS group, and so on.

Is the new season going to bring other changes, except in games?

Considering that the ninth season will be held online, we have made some changes in the distribution of our prize pool in all games. Our intention to divide the prize pool into players or teams has always come from the fact that those players that are coming from other countries can at least cover their travel expenses. But seeing that the league is gonna be held online it just made more sense to award the best, so we have increased the prize for first place.

What are the chances that this year in the ninth or tenth season we have a real LAN final? 

The last couple of finals have been held as a part of the Reboot Online Games Week, and the ninth season will also have an Online Final of the league. This final will be in Osijek during the Panonian Challenge. While the production and content crew will be in the studio, the players will, unfortunately, play from their homes.

However, we hope that in the tenth season we will have a LAN final at the Reboot Infogamer fair. We are already planning the event for the final of the tenth season, hoping COVID restrictions will allow it.

People often mistake Esport Adria for A1 Adria League, but those are two different things. What is the role of Esport Adria in A1AL?

Yes, we often get responses from players like “we are going to play Adria” whether it’s about A1AL or some other tournament that we organize. I am really proud that we get huge support, respect, and participation from the community of regional players.

Esport Adria is a “contractor”, it does everything along with A1 Adria League, while A1 Hrvatska is the owner of the tournament. We create content, work on the website, administer tournaments, discover new talents, all in all, we are responsible for everything good or bad that happens in the league.

Leonardo Bujas A1AL

In what way do projects like A1 Adria League affect the improvement and growth of the esports scene in the region?

We constantly follow formats and types of competitions in other world leagues and tournaments, and we implement them in A1 Adria League, so everyone who participates can gain experience firsthand.  A1 Adria League can be the stepping stone for every talented person in the region (players, analysts, casters, designers, news writers, producers…)

We have many examples of this, such as players who used to compete in A1 Adria League that now play for the strongest esports teams in the world. Hunter-, nexa, maden, Sacre, and Limit are just a few of the names who used to prove themselves in A1 Adria League. We also have med1cz who worked as an observer and in the production of tournaments who now works for Ubisoft on their Major tournaments.

What are your expectations for the upcoming season?

I am hoping for plenty of “wow” moments, a lot of good plays throughout the season, and a lot of satisfied players and teams. My wish is also a LAN event because I miss hanging out with the players, and everyone from the organization.

Your journey to the A1 Adria League trophy starts now!

We are getting closer to yet another season of the biggest regional tournament A1 Adria League. The ninth season is coming soon, and you will be able to enjoy watching, playing, and competing at seven games. Regional players will have the opportunity to play our standard games such as Brawl Stars, CS:GO, and FIFA, as well as League of Legends and three others.

The first open qualifiers for Brawl Stars begin by the end of this month, on March 31st, while the ones for FIFA are only a day later. CS:GO begins a little later on April 10th. So don’t wait any longer, sign up for the first open qualifiers and start gaming!

CS:GO, Brawl Stars, and FIFA22 are here!

A1 Adria League Trophy


CS:GO is the oldest game in our tournament, it has been the part of A1 Adria League since its inception. CS:GO is here to stay, and the player has a new opportunity to prove their skill and battle the best teams in the region. The winner will receive a flattering title of Adriatic CS:GO champion, as well as the 2.500€ prize.

This year’s format for CS:GO didn’t go through many changes. There are three open qualifiers, from which a total of 6 teams go into the next stage. Qualified teams will be joined by the 2 invited teams, the best ones from last season. So the group stage is contained with 8 teams. The best four teams from the SWISS group stage will advance to the open finals, where they will fight for the title. Finals are going to be single elimination brackets, so there is no place for mistakes.

You can sign up for CS:GO right below.

  • A1 Adria League Season 9 – CSGO – Qualifier 1
  • A1 Adria League Season 9 – CSGO – Qualifier 2
  • A1 Adria League Season 9 – CSGO – Qualifier 3


Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars, a growing mobile game is becoming more and more popular, in the world and our region. A1 Adria League has been hosting Brawl Stars and its players for four seasons already. The ninth season has Brawl Stars as one of its standard games now, and we cant wait to see who will rise to become the new champion.

Brawl Stars format will have four open qualifiers where we score 16 teams, from which only 8 with the most points will advance to the next stage. The group stage in Brawl Stars is SWISS with BO3/BO5 matches where the best four teams will advance to the finals. Finals are unlike CS:GO, double-elimination brackets. May the best brawler win!

You can sign up for the Brawl Stars qualifiers at the link below.

  • A1 Adria League Season 9 – Brawl Stars – Qualifier 1
  • A1 Adria League Season 9 – Brawl Stars – Qualifier 2
  • A1 Adria League Season 9 – Brawl Stars – Qualifier 3
  • A1 Adria League Season 9 – Brawl Stars – Qualifier 4


Amke2001 has been claiming the King of FIFA title for three consecutive seasons. We are allowing you to play with the best FIFA players in the region. If you want to be the one to claim the throne and 950€ prize, don’t wait any longer and sign up for the open qualifiers below.

FIFA22 has a similar game format as Brawl Stars. New players await four open qualifiers. 16 teams will be scored, but only half, those with the highest points will move to the group stage. 4 teams that survive our SWISS group stage will go to the finals and in the double-elimination bracket, and battle for the best virtual football player.

  • A1 Adria League Season 9 – FIFA – Qualifier 1
  • A1 Adria League Season 9 – FIFA – Qualifier 2
  • A1 Adria League Season 9 – FIFA – Qualifier 3
  • A1 Adria League Season 9 – FIFA – Qualifier 4

For more information about the upcoming season and what it has to offer, make sure to follow us on social media. All the links to our social media channels can be found below.


Get ready for the new season of A1 Adria League!

The ninth season lies at the doorsteps, and qualifications for our own A1 Adria League are starting soon. Don’t wait any longer and sign up so you can start competing for the title of being the best in the region. The new season of the most prestigious tournament in our region is bringing something new each year. This year is no exception.

We are adding more games this year, alongside the standard ones, Brawl Stars, CS:GO, and FIFA 22. League of Legends and Clash Royale will also be a part of the ninth season of A1 Adria League, only with a slightly different format. And that’s not all. The best regional players will have an opportunity to compete at two new games, which will for now remain a secret.

The ninth season brings seven games

The previous year was a successful one for A1 Adria League. Fans have had the chance to follow the progress of regional players in different games, and enjoy the league. The fact that A1AL had almost 29.000 watched hours last year, and a whopping number of 463.000 views on YouTube shows that regional esports is growing every day.

For this year and two upcoming seasons, we have made a few changes. Instead of four games, as was mentioned earlier, the ninth season will have seven! The format will remain almost the same for Brawl Stars, CS:GO and FIFA 22 while in the other four games players will have a different experience. League of Legends, Clash Royale, and two mystery games will be held on the weekends with open qualifiers and the finals event.

A1 Adria League seven games

Popular CS:GO is yet again back. Last year we have seen PORTUGAL win the trophy, beating teams such as iNation and 4Glory, who are at the moment in great form proving this year’s competition won’t be any easier than last year’s. Don’t miss the chance to fight with the best teams in the region!

Last year’s Brawl Star champions were team Flow alongside Lavvek who proved that in the region this mobile game is growing more and more with each successful season. Familiar names in this game, which we have seen last year are Winx Club, Omert4, Lightning Strike, and many others.

FIFA 21 was one of the most interesting games to follow last year. Three-time back-to-back champion Amke has shown once again he is not letting go of the throne that easily. Despite the great effort of esad1memic and brstimir, Amke remained the king of FIFA. However, as the season is on its way, new opportunities to dethrone Amke are opening up, as well the opportunities for the three-time champion to defend his title.

The only MOBA in our A1 Adria League League of Legends waits for the new champion. Last year the trophy fell into the hands of Metamoon who didn’t have an easy job. They defeated Harmony and 49% winrate in order to lift the trophy. Even though Harmony was a better team in the semifinals, Metamoon got their revenge in the finals when they bested their opponents.


What to expect this season?

Besides the seven games we are implementing this season, A1 Adria League is bringing more to the new season. Once again you will be able to enjoy A1 Gaming Weekends. Six of these events will be held between the ninth and tenth season of A1AL, in order to provide more fun and competitions while the offseason lasts. At the A1 Gaming Weekends regional players will be able to enjoy competing with each other in a more relaxing atmosphere.

And last but not least, June will be the month of yet another gaming festival Reboot Online Games Week powered by A1. During this festival, you will be able to find out who are the winners of the upcoming ninth season.

The prize pool for Season 9 of the A1 Adria League:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – 5.000 €

Find out everything you need to know about the new season of CS:GO in the A1 Adria League by clicking the title or click here!

FIFA – 1.750 €

Find out everything you need to know about the new season of FIFA in the A1 Adria League by clicking the title or click here!

Brawl Stars – 2.000 €

Find out everything you need to know about the new season of Brawl Stars in the A1 Adria League by clicking the title or click here!

Other games – 4.000 €

For more information about the new games make sure to follow us on social media channels and visit the official page regularly. All of the important social media links can be found below!

Marten to replace BLUEJAYS in the CS:GO playoffs!

Instead of BLUEJAYS, it will be Marten Gaming who will try to claim the throne in the final playday of this CS:GO season.

Yesterday, one of the A1 Adria League participants managed to accomplish a great feat on the international CS:GO scene. Namely, BLUEJAYS, a team consisting of players that have been a part of the A1 Adria League for years won the 13. IESF World Championship. The tournament is one of the rare ones nowadays that incorporate a country-based system in the format. National squads from all over the world traveled to Eliat, Israel to try to claim the World Champions’ title on LAN. Team Serbia, Kosovo, and Macedonia represented the region in Israel, and Macedonia managed to claim the title after a dominant win against Romania in the grand finals.

Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts between the two tournaments will make it impossible for BLUEJAYS to attend the CS:GO playoffs. Damjan “kyxsan” Stoilkovski and his team qualified for the playoffs in Round 4 and unlike iNation, their traveling schedule won’t let them arrive in time for the final stage. Instead of BLUEJAYS, a chance to win the main A1 Adria League S8 prize will be given to Marten Gaming. The Bosnian-majority roster has been a force not to be reckoned with in recent times, so it will be a joy to watch them play the playoffs bracket.

The CS:GO playoffs will be played on Sunday, as a part of the last Reboot Online Games Week day. Four teams – Marten, 4glory, iNation and PORTUGAL will fight for a prize pool of €5.000 and the title of the best team in the Adriatic region. What do you think, who will become the new CS:GO champion?

This is the full Reboot Online Games Week schedule!

Everything you need to know about the Esports studio of the Reboot Online Games Week five-day long event can be found below!

We already revealed some of the segments and more information about the rest will be revealed soon. Reboot Online Games Week will last for five days and will have content across three topics from the gaming industry: Core Gaming, Games Industry, and Esports. As you could probably guess, A1 Adria League’s final stage will be a part of the Esports event, but the playoffs won’t be the only thing you will get to watch in the exciting week ahead of us.

Every day, the event will begin with a different segment related to esports in one way or another. Namely, the viewers will have the chance to play with the players in the IGRAJ segment, we will hear the stories of Esad “esad1memic”and Mladen “juricM” Jurić, and we will also follow a couple of entertaining streams by Vojislav “SupremeNexus” Perić and Safet “giGOD” Čurić. There will be a humanitarian event (more information to be revealed soon) and four panels we mentioned in one of our recent posts. Concerning the actual League, Brawl Stars is set to be played on Wednesday, while Thursday and Friday will be dedicated to FIFA. The double-elimination LoL bracket will culminate on Saturday and finally, CS:GO will close out the event at the end of the week. The full schedule can be seen below:


A1 Adria League playoffs to be a part of Reboot Online Games Week!

The second A1 Adria League season of 2021 is a week away from the final matches that will decide our new champions. Here is a short recap of the season so far.

Three SWISS stages completed; LoL ready for its final matches

Over the course of the past months, A1 Adria League was once again the battleground of four titles: CS:GO, League of Legends, Brawl Stars and FIFA. A huge number of players from every single country in the region signed up to play and compete in their game of choice. A qualifying stage was followed by a SWISS group in three of the four games, excluding League of Legends. Last week those SWISS group concluded, and we now know all of the playoffs participants.

Brawl Stars was Salada de Frutas’ playground during the entirety of the SWISS stage. In only three rounds, they managed to continue the winning streak the team had in the qualifiers and advance to the playoffs with ease. Right after them, three Brawl Stars squads followed them in the playoffs. Winx Club and Omert4 did so with a 3-1 record, while Lightning Strike qualified in the last round. Miloš “brstimir” Majdevac, Esad “esad1memic” Memić, Haris “edenn95” Lukomirak and Tarik “amke2001” Novo were the fastest to adapt to the new FIFA edition and clinch the top 4 spots in the eight season of FIFA.

Moving to CS:GO, the team that debuted in the league, iNation, was also the team that had a perfect run. We will watch three teams that were a part of the final stage in the previous season as well. Namely, the two Macedonian teams, PORTUGAL and BLUEJAYS,  and 4glory are going to make an appearance in our upcoming single-elimination bracket. Finally, League of Legends is nearing the end of the playoffs bracket. Metamoon, Harmony and 49%winrate are left to play out the remainder of the season.

S8 Playoffs

We are also more than happy to announce the return of Reboot Online Games Week. Three studios, over 150 hours of content, and plenty of rewards for everyone following the event. And yes, the third ROGW edition will also be completely free. Whether you are here to watch shows and segments about gaming, game development, or you prefer esports content, Reboot Online Games Week has you covered. We will once again feature a multitude of shows for everyone’s taste.

Keep following our Social Media to learn more about the individual segments and get ready to participate in one of the biggest regional gaming events.

4glory to play in the playoffs after defeating Marten!

With a 2-0 win against Marten Gaming, 4glory have clinched the last CS:GO playoffs spot for the season.

Finally, after Brawl Stars and FIFA, it was CS:GO’s time to complete the playoffs’ participants list. In the final duel of this regular season, 4glory met Marten Esports. After they missed their chance to qualify in Round 4, the Serbian powerhouse had another go today. They showed that they learned from their mistakes and were much better in Round 5. Nemanja “sarenii” Šarenac’s team crushed Marten on Marten’s map pick, Dust2 (16:7). Inferno was even worse for the Bosnian squad as they managed to score only six rounds before falling short to the in-form 4glory quintet (4glory 16:6 Marten).

With this game coming to an end, we know the four playoffs teams: iNation, BLUEJAYS, PORTUGAL, and 4glory. Three of these four teams also competed in the previous season’s playoffs, which only proves that the region has a number of constant teams that keep together for a longer time. The only new team to join the playoffs’ list this season is iNation.

 These are the final standings of this CS:GO season: