SupremeNexus to cast Brawl Stars & League of Legends this season!

We are happy to announce that Vojislav “SupremeNexus” Perić will be a part of the casting talent for the upcoming Brawl Stars and League of Legends season!

SupremeNexus has been with the A1 Adria League since the beginning of the project. As one of the biggest YouTubers in the Adriatic region, his impact on the growth of the League has been incredible. During Clash Royale and Brawl Stars broadcasts respectively, he is always up to the task when it comes to casting A1 Adria League matches.

Coming into the eighth season, SupremeNexus will join Inder45 in casting the Brawl Stars SWISS stage and playoffs. The Brawl Stars group stage, which is set to begin this Thursday will see eight teams play a SWISS group to decide the four playoff participants. The duo of Inder45 and SupremeNexus will be here to cast all those matches for our followers to enjoy. Starting a bit later than other games, League of Legends will have a trio of casters, with SupremeNexus being one of them. They will mix it up every now and then, which means that two of them will always be ready to cast League of Legends.

Currently, the game ended two of its four qualifiers, and you can still SIGN UP and qualify for our League of Legends season!

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