Team AMG get their maiden win!

Clash Royale is back after another week of break. Few changes have happened since our meeting last time. BCBG Esports’ roster is now under a different name  – Team LAZR. Fortunately, they only changed their name and not their playstyle.

Totem Esports and Team LAZR were the first ones to step on the battlefield. Totem was superior in the 2v2 set, taking the game without breaking a sweat. Both teams were trading blows in KotH, but LAZR edged it out so we headed into the last set – 1v1. LAZR’s Neki Lik managed to triumph over Totem’s Davorin and secured a seventh win in a row for his team.

Next up were Team AMG and Team KFC. Team AMG took the lead in the 2v2, but Team KFC quickly responded with a comeback. We then went into KotH, where AMG’s Oresti secured his squad a win. After a tough battle in the last set, Team AMG came out victorious and got their first win in this season’s group stage.

The last match of the day happened between Tribe Academy and Flayn eSports. Tribe swiftly went through the 2v2 and then Flayn did the same in KotH. The third 1v1 of the day didn’t disappoint. Flayn took the initial lead, Tribe responded well and we’ve had an amazing third game. Fortunately for Flayn eSports, they managed to return home with a full prize.

The favorites are still going strong!

After a week-long break, Clash Royale is finally back. With one new name on the roster, the group stages are halfway done after favorites secured their wins. BCBG Esports still holds the throne, but with every game, it seems like they’re slightly slipping.

The first match of the day was between Totem Esports and Flayn eSports. Flayn pretty comfortably won the match after sweeping through 2v2 and KotH. Totem just wasn’t on the same level and they went home empty-handed.

Next up were Team KFC and Tribe Academy. A wonderful display of skills and power from both sides showed us that qualified Team KFC has what it takes to be on par with big guys. They took the initial round in 2v2, but Tribe managed to turn the tables and win the set. In KotH Tribe took the lead, but Team KFC responded well with a comeback, turning the tide in their favor. Unfortunately for them, Tribe Academy managed to pull themselves up by winning KotH and the match.

Last, but not least came BCBG Esports and Team AMG. Formerly Crushers Esports, but still with the same roster, Team AMG debuted in style against the leading team of Clash Royale’s A1 Adria League. The amazing performance each team showed took us into all three games with BCBG taking 2v2 and 1v1. Team AMG won KotH after being on the verge of early losing. BCBG won their sixth match in a row, while Team AMG will try to get its first win in the next round.

A1 Adria League postponed for a week – here’s why!

Every week we have the chance to see the best of the four titles that this A1 Adria League season features. CS:GO’s SWISS stage is looking more competitive than ever, while Clash Royale’s groups are halfway done. FIFA is slowly transitioning to the new FIFA21 title, while the Brawl Stars teams are consistently putting up great fights in the qualifying process.

In order to provide a bit of refreshment for our competitive teams, and with the COVID-19 situation in our mind, we have decided to postpone the A1 Adria League tournament for one week. In the meantime, our team will invest additional efforts into the situation concerning the Grand Finals stage that we are actively trying to tackle.

The only exception is the Brawl Stars tournament, which will see its previously delayed qualifier be played out, the other three titles will sit out this week. On Thursday, the delayed Brawl Stars qualifier will be played out. Teams are gathering in huge numbers and we will once again see some great action from the regional Brawlers. We will see teams try to rise up to the Good Game squads once again, while the fight for the last of the eight spots becomes more fierce than ever.

Shock Bomb breezed through the SWISS CS: GO stage, brstimir and amke2001 secured spots in the FIFA playoffs, while BCBG is currently dominating in Clash Royale. We couldn’t be more excited to see what will happen next week, and until then, enjoy the upcoming Brawl Stars action and all the highlights that this season of the A1 Adria League can offer.

BCBG barely wins against the qualified Team KFC

Clash Royale jumped into its fifth round of this season’s group stage. Even though the standings pretty much remained the same, we witnessed one of the most amazing matches of the season. The leaders stayed undefeated although they could’ve had easily been beaten.

The first match of the day was between Crushers Esports and Flayn eSports. Crushers still had two players in their team so the latter ones didn’t break a sweat and won the 2v2 with ease. Since Crushers couldn’t play the third set Flayn were declared winners after they won the first one.

Next up were Tribe Academy and Totem Esports. Totem was able to take a lead in 2v2 set, but soon enough Tribe caught up with them and overturned the result in their favor. KotH pretty much was one-sided with Tribe’s TRB Prcko showing his top-quality skills, which sealed the match for him and his team.

Without a doubt, the biggest match of the day was produced by BCBG Esports and Team KFC. All three sets were played with BCBG’s win streak being on the line. The group leaders managed to swiftly win the 2v2 set. Things were different in KotH where Team KFC took the win and in the 1v1 90hp stood between them doing the biggest upset of the current season. In the end, BCBG won the match and their win streak remained untouched.

BCBG Esports extend their lead

The fourth round of Clash Royale’s group stage came to an end. No surprises happened, all of the favorites respectively won their matches. The race for the top spot continues to be one-sided, while others maintain their eagerness to catch up with the leader.

Crushers Esports and Totem Esports were the first ones to set foot on Clash Royale’s battlefield. After last week’s disqualification, Crushers were left with only two players for the fourth round – Oresti and Anthony_16. Even though they gave everything in their power to try and win it, Totem didn’t let their guard down and won the match.

Next up were BCBG Esports and Tribe Academy. BCBG won 2v2 faster than it was expected. Tribe took the lead in KotH, but then BCBG’s ConeKorleone appeared on the stage and showed everyone how good of a player he is. He managed to win the next three games and secured him and his team their fourth win in a row.

The last match of the day was played between Team KFC and Flayn eSports. Flayn were clear favorites, given the position from which they came into this round. They showed exactly why they are where they are with a clear win in the 2v2 set and later in KotH.

BCBG Esports continue their win streak

Clash Royale headed into its third group stage round. After the first two rounds, Flayn eSports and BCBG Esports (ex Recast Gaming) were comfortably sitting at the top with two wins each. The third Clash Royale week brought us a clash of the titans, a one-sided match, and one in which the win was gifted.

The first match of the day was between Team KFC and Totem Esports. The game showed us how superior Totem was against KFC. Totem won 2v2 without breaking a sweat and in KotH only SharkG could give a little bit of hope to his team, but that wasn’t enough. Totem went home with a full prize and got their first win in the group stage.

Flayn eSports and BCBG Esports gave us quite a spectacle. The match was intense and even in some parts, but BCBG edged out Flayn in the 2v2 set. In KotH, BCBG took a two-point lead at the start and it seemed like the match was going to be over pretty quickly. However, Flayn’s Beast had something to say and he managed to make some good plays, which got him and his team back on their feet. In the end, it wasn’t enough because Neki Lik secured a win for BCBG Esports – their third in a row.

Crushers Esports and Tribe Academy were scheduled to play in a third match of the day. They never got to play because Crushers were disqualified and Tribe was given a free win.

We are approaching the first FIFA playoffs cup!

With the third week of qualifiers coming to an end, the list of players for the first FIFA20 playoffs event has been rounded up. Clash Royale started its Group Stage while CS:GO and Brawl Stars are continuing the qualifications road.

Brawl Stars

O9 Gang and FA Deadly once again entered the Top 8 stage of the qualifiers. Code Lyoko and Good Game Red outplayed On-Fire and MysteryWarrioRS, while Electronic Rats managed to get past Taktika baklava. A convincing victory for O9 Gang in their match versus FA Deadly sent the former right into the semifinals. Code Lyoko were destroyed by Good Game Red and Electronic Rats slipped past YouLose to secure a match against ToDe05 and GG Red.

O9 Gang and Electronic Rats earned 60 points each by finishing 3rd-4th. Good Game are absolutely dominating the Brawl Stars qualifiers so far. Once again, we could see the two squads battle it out in the final match of the third qualifier. The Gold team managed to beat Good Game Red and secure yet another 100 points on the leaderboard. We are still at the beginning of the qualifiers and the Good Game squads are already cementing themselves in the first places.

This is the current Brawl Stars leaderboard:

A1 Adria League S6 - Brawl Stars Standings 3

Clash Royale

Clash Royale’s Group Stage started in an interesting fashion. Recast Gaming and Crusher Esports played a wonderful match and at the very end, Neki Lik and Recast Gaming were able to win the game. The organization that won the previous season of A1 Adria League is starting with a loss, but it is still very early into the League, especially with the double round-robin format that is featured in Season 6.

Tribe Academy faced the challenger squad, Team KFC, in the first match. The qualified side didn’t put up much of a fight and Tribe’s players closed out the game after 2v2 and KotH. In the last match of the day, the Flayn Esports’ player Enis singlehandedly beat Totem Esports in the KotH mode and secured the first victory for his team.

A1 Adria League S6 - Clash Royale Standings


The first trio of FIFA qualifiers has finished. The best eight players from the previous qualifiers will face off in the playoffs, with the best FIFA20 player securing a spot in the A1 Adria League S6 playoffs. In the third FIFA qualifier, brstimir was able to claim the third-place spot after a great game versus arminho0307.

After two wins for brstimir, it was time for another player to secure the first place. rob1 rose up to the challenge and dominated the competition. amke2001 lost the quarterfinals match to brstimir, but the Serbian player was outplayed by his countryman, rob1. After victories against Hardi and discoL, simke bested arminho0307 in the semifinals. simke didn’t stand a chance in the finals and rob1 was crowned the champion of the third qualifier.

The top 8 players that will be heading into the playoffs are as follows:

A1 Adria League S6 - FIFA20 Standings 3


The last two qualification cups were played during the weekend. We got eight more teams that will compete for the final three spots in the next closed qualifier. Marko “Maki” Mijatović and GamerS1337 secured one of the spots after a great showing in the third qualifier. Perspektiva and Onlinerss finished the qualifier in the top 4, and the Macedonian side Good Game rounded up the team list.

Two Kosovar teams will be playing the second closed qualifier. MiKS and eSportsKosova bested BMW and qeveriaKURTI in the BO3 quarterfinals. GENGE beat Pavle “stYleEeZ” Stojanovski and nemakajnas while SUNDUS slipped past peek me in the last game of the day. The team list for the upcoming A1 Adria League season will be completed after the second closed qualifier comes to an end.

The first A1 Adria League S6 teams are known!

In the second week of the A1 Adria League S6 qualifiers, we got three new CS:GO teams as well as the one Clash Royale side that finished the open qualifier in the first place. The Brawl Stars and FIFA players continued collecting points and we are slowly nearing the first FIFA playoffs event.

Brawl Stars

We saw a rematch of last week’s duel between Good Game Red and Good Game Gold, but this time it happened in the Round of 32. The Gold squad managed to win the match this time and advance all the way to the Grand Finals of the qualifier. Familiar names such as Easy Win, FA Deadly, and Code Lyoko were able to proceed to the quarterfinals after a great showing in the Round of 16. Electronic Rats bested YouLose and O9 Gang rounded up the best eight teams after a victory versus Team Hustle.

SBLightning’s Code Lyoko continued with the impressive performance they showed in the first qualifier. A win against Electronic Rats sent them into the first semifinal. Easy Win joined Code Lyoko after outplaying Team Unique, while on the other side of the quarters, FA Deadly and GG Gold bested O9 Gang and On-Fire, respectively.

Code Lyoko and GG Gold dominated the competition and secured a duel in the final match of the second qualifier. Andreybs’ squad took the first place on the leaderboard after a one-sided win against Code Lyoko, while the latter currently occupy the second place.

A1 Adria League S6 - Brawl Stars Standings 2

Clash Royale

After the only Clash Royale qualifier was delayed because of problems with the game, we continued with the event in Friday. Intense games and great plays led to the finals in which we saw Team KFC came out as the best team. Kully miss, Sharky SG, stormy doom, and xXMasterXx will be joining the five invited teams in the upcoming double round-robin Group Stage – Good Luck!


brstimir seems more focused than ever in winning this season of A1 Adria League. His form in the first two qualifiers is fantastic and we are looking forward to seeing more from him in the upcoming weeks. Erminjamak wasn’t able to stand up to the Serbian player in the quarterfinals, while mickey_rrrox beat Luka in the same side of the bracket. amke2001 had a great showing against Nidjo and esad1memic won the derby versus arminho0307.

We had two national duels in the semifinals. The Serbian players, brstimir, and mickey_rrrox clashed in the first semi, while amke and esad1memic fought for a spot in the final match in the second semi. amke2001 upset last season’s champion while brstimir breezed to the finals against mickey without much trouble. esad1memic finished third and brstimir once again took the first place and now stands tall with 200 points behind his name.

A1 Adria League S6 - FIFA20 Standings 2


No open qualifiers were played this week. The eight best teams from the first duo of qualifiers met each other in the single-elimination playoffs. The Croatian majority mix, Krsko, managed to eliminate the former QSKE Gaming squad in the quarterfinals of the tournament. MiKS bested BUDI2 in the second match while Shock Bomb were better than peek me. FREE KILL couldn’t stand up to the Macedonian squad led by Kristijan “kiLLeRa” Kukovski.

Krsko and GODZ1337 secured their spots in the League with two convincing victories in the semifinals. Shock Bomb and MiKS were left to battle it out in the third-place decider. The Kosovar mix didn’t stand a chance versus Luka “c0llins” Živanović and Shock Bomb and we will have the chance to watch this talented squad compete once again in the sixth season of the League.

The first week of qualifiers has come to an end!

With CS:GO and FIFA finishing during the weekend, three of the four titles reached the end of the first set of qualifiers for the upcoming A1 Adria League season.

Brawl Stars

Over 80 teams signed up for the first Brawl Stars qualifiers. We saw familiar names in the Round of 16 with the Good Game Gold and Red teams securing a spot in the quarterfinals, while ULC eSports couldn’t outplay Never Surrender. FA Deadly were the better team in their match versus YouLose and Blue Whales managed to beat Old School.

Code Lyoko and FA Deadly couldn’t get past GG Gold and O9 Gang, respectively. ToDe05 and GG Red breezed past Blue Whales and MysteryWarriors secured the last spot in the semifinals. After two intense matches in the semis, both of Good Game’s teams advanced to the finals. A 3-1 victory for the Serbian side earned GG Red their first 100 points in the road to the playoffs.

A1 Adria League - Brawl Stars Standings 1

Clash Royale’s only qualifier unfortunately got delayed because of problems inside the game. The qualifier will continue next Friday on the FACEIT platform.


We had the chance to see familiar names in the first FIFA qualifier. Last season’s champion, esad1memic, convincingly secured his spot in the finals. JasikFifa and Harun met each other in the Round of 16 with the latter proceeding to the quarters. An interesting matchup happened between brstimir and amke2001 where the Serbian player managed to beat amke and enter the semifinal match versus Harun.

Even after a convincing win in his match against Aleksandar Djuric, Persunipzs wasn’t able to match up to esad1memic and ended the first qualifier in the fourth place. Harun had to play the third-place decider after a loss to brstimir who even beat the reigning champion, esad1memic, and won the first FIFA qualifier.

A1 Adria League S6 - FIFA Standings 1



The first pair of open CS:GO qualifiers took place during the weekend. The best eight teams from this pair of qualifiers advanced to the closed qualifier that will take place during the next weekend. Three out of the eight participating teams will secure a spot in the sixth season of A1 Adria League, and the cycle will repeat for the next pair of qualifiers.

On Saturday we saw Karlo “KukaOG” Kukovec and peek me reach new heights and qualify for the closed qualifier. QSKE Gaming and Shock Bomb are now a step closer to the League after dominant victories against FREE KILL and Lemonsqueazy and the last team that secured a spot in the upcoming qualifier is Jan “jkXy” Konečnik’s Krsko squad.

After missing out on the first qualifier, Kristijan “kiLLeRa” Kukovski and GODZ1337 had no problems advancing to the closed qualifier. The Kosovar MiKS squad featuring names like vAloN and HYPER1 along with BUDI2 also entered the race for the three spots in the League. FREE KILL were the last team to end this qualifier victorious as they bested Wait Wait Wait on Inferno and Dust2 without any difficulties.

Don’t miss the only Clash Royale qualifier!

Yesterday, we marked the beginning of the new A1 Adria League season with the first of thirteen Brawl Stars qualifiers. Today, we are turning to our other mobile title, Clash Royale.

Clash Royale has been with us since the very beginnings of the A1 Adria League. Each and every season, the players show us just how talented this region is when it comes to Clash Royale and we are extremely happy that we are able to give the players a stepping stone in their careers with our League.

Crusher Esports stunned us in the last season’s playoffs. With teams like Emperiial that had a phenomenal Group Stage and talented squads like Totem Esports, Crusher really turned a lot of heads when they dominated Emperiial 3-0 in the Grand Finals of the League. 

Just like in the last season, five teams and one qualified side will face each other in a round-robin Group Stage. This time, it is actually a double round-robin format, so the team will have the chance to play against each other twice in their roads to the playoffs. The modes remain the same, which means that we will once again see high quality 1v1, 2v2 and KOTH matches every playday.

You still have time to sign up for the only Clash Royale qualifier by clicking here. The qualifier will be held on the FACEIT platform, and we encourage the players to read through the Clash Royale rules to ensure a smooth qualifier that will see the absolute best team win.