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The year is over and so are we… for now!

Quite the unexpected year, but nothing could’ve stopped the players, teams, and us to do two seasons of A1 Adria League this year. We witnessed some amazing matches, few upsets, and were shown a display of the ultimate esport experience. Clash Royale had quite a dramatic year. In season five Crusher Esports crushed the competition, but […]

Are you ready for the Clash Royale playoffs?

The group stage is done and we can finally prepare ourselves for the upcoming final matches which will determine who is the best team in the sixth season of A1 Adria League. Team LAZR topped the group with 10 wins and not a single loss so they directly advanced to the Grand Finals. The playoffs […]

Get ready for Reboot Online Games Week

As you already know, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and regulations surrounding it Reboot InfoGamer won’t be taking place in its true form this year. But, that shouldn’t worry you too much because Reboot Online Games Week is officially a thing. The aptly named Online Games Week has most of the information already in […]

The playoffs teams are now confirmed!

The penultimate round of this season Clash Royale gave us more insight into who can we expect in the playoffs. The ninth round pretty much confirmed the four best teams. Adding to that note is another roster name change – Totem Esports became Joža Esports. Tribe Academy and Team LAZR were the first two teams […]

GameBar is now broadcasting the A1 Adria League!

Every week you get to see teams compete to show they can qualify for the LAN event. Up until now, you could’ve watched the games on our YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch channels. Just a few days ago, GameBar announced that they’re gonna broadcast A1 Adria League’s matches on their channel. That means you can now […]

Team AMG get their maiden win!

Clash Royale is back after another week of break. Few changes have happened since our meeting last time. BCBG Esports’ roster is now under a different name  – Team LAZR. Fortunately, they only changed their name and not their playstyle. Totem Esports and Team LAZR were the first ones to step on the battlefield. Totem […]

The favorites are still going strong!

After a week-long break, Clash Royale is finally back. With one new name on the roster, the group stages are halfway done after favorites secured their wins. BCBG Esports still holds the throne, but with every game, it seems like they’re slightly slipping. The first match of the day was between Totem Esports and Flayn […]

BCBG barely wins against the qualified Team KFC

Clash Royale jumped into its fifth round of this season’s group stage. Even though the standings pretty much remained the same, we witnessed one of the most amazing matches of the season. The leaders stayed undefeated although they could’ve had easily been beaten. The first match of the day was between Crushers Esports and Flayn […]