Clash of Leagues draws to a close; SK Gaming claim the crown!

After two convincing victories in the LAN stage of the tournament, the world’s top team, SK Gaming, has won €2,000 and the Clash of Leagues champions title.

It has certainly been a wild ride since the announcement of the Clash of Leagues was revealed two months ago. The €5,000-worth tournament brought together teams from 15 European countries and from five of Europe’s most prestigious esports leagues. Among them, two Adriatic teams set on a journey to reach the LAN finals and represent the region on the European scene. First, Omerta, our newly-appointed team after the combining of Noble Elite Red and BLK, played the group stage. They had their moments but didn’t prove good enough against the fierce competition that also competed during the seven playdays.

Noble Elite were next in line. Despite losing their semifinal match against BIG, DzonDzon & co. bounced back in the lower bracket and secured one of the four LAN spots along with SK Gaming, BIG, and Chernobyl Dribblers. All four teams traveled to Salzburg to clash one final time and decide who is the undisputed Brawl Stars champion of Central & East Europe. Noble Elite and SK Gaming played against each other in the first semifinal. Despite having a good recent form, the new Clash of Leagues champions were too big of a challenge for the regional team. Noble Elite ended the single-elimination bracket with a 0-3 loss. Next up were BIG and Chernobyl Dribblers, a match that saw the former advance ahead to make for an all-German final.

And what a final it was. Until the very last second, both teams stood equal in the arena and we witnessed a clash of epic proportions. In the end, however, only one team could lift the winner’s trophy and this time, that team was SK Gaming. Symantic, SkYRiiKZz, and Jeton are the Clash of Leagues champions. Congratulations to SK Gaming, all other teams and players, and everyone included in the Clash of Leagues.

Clash of Leagues’ €5,000 prize pool was split in the following manner:

1. SK Gaming – €2,000
2. BIG – €1,000
3-4. Chernobyl Dribblers – €500
3-4.hrrs Noble Elite – €500

The Brawl Stars action is over now, but not for long. Next Thursday, a new A1 Adria League season of Brawl Stars starts with six open qualifiers. Sign up and who knows, you may very well become the next regional champion!

The time has come – can Noble Elite conquer Europe on LAN?

Before the beginning of Noble Elite’s match versus SK Gaming, we asked DzonDzon a couple of questions about their upcoming LAN tournament.

After many days of intense Brawl Stars action, the day has come. Today we will see who is the Brawl Stars champion of Central & Eastern Europe. Clash of Leagues has let teams from all over the region compete for their share of the €5,000 prize pool. Five champions and five runners-up in five European leagues were invited to join the final and group stages of the Clash of Leagues, respectively. The second-placed squads along with three qualified sides played a group stage and the best three of them advanced through to the playoffs. Here, Noble Elite fought fiercely and succeeded in qualifying for the Salzburg LAN where they are facing SK Gaming today.

How have your preparations for the Clash of Leagues been going? Are you ready to take on some of Europe’s best teams?

The preparations have been going great so far, we had a lot of scrims, prepared everything and I think that we are ready to crush the biggest teams in Europe.

How satisfied are you by the results in your played matches so far?

I honestly can’t complain because we qualified after all, but I had some technical problems with my connection because I was on vacation and because of that, I had a delay. Thankfully, I had my team to carry me to victory.

How is the atmosphere in the team before the beginning of this major Brawl Stars LAN?

The atmosphere is really great, especially because this is the first LAN tournament for Adri and Andrey, and it even is in another country. They will have a chance to meet the best European players, so as I said, the atmosphere is excellent.

Who do you think will reach the grand finals in the other matchup?

I am convinced that it is going to be BIG. The guys are on fire since Eqwaak arrived and I am happy for them as we are really good friends with them.

What are your chances against SK Gaming? How hard will it be to upset such a big name?

Of course, it will be really hard against SK Gaming, they aren’t just the best European team, but the number one team in the world as well. But this is a LAN, a lot of cameras, a lot of people, and the pressure is much bigger than when playing at home. So I think, this is the right moment to crush SK Gaming.



As has been the case during the entire tournament, you can watch the culmination of the Clash of Leagues on our official channels (YouTubeTwitchTrovoFacebook). SupremeNexus will be casting the final matches of the league, and together, we will all cheer for Noble Elite.

Can Noble Elite defeat the favorites in the Clash of Leagues semifinals?

After securing a spot for the LAN finals in Salzburg, Noble Elite are now getting ready for their match against SK Gaming.

SK Gaming is a German Brawl Stars squad that is on the very top of the international scene. Time and time again they have shown their quality and now they are standing between the A1 Adria League team Noble Elite and the grand finals of Clash of Leagues. Before qualifying for the LAN tournament, SK Gaming went undefeated in the first playday of the final Clash of Leagues stage. They 3-0’d their opponents in both matches, first Bulgarian Pros and then PLATOON.

The two teams will play on the 21st of August, with their match starting at 14:30 CEST. Noble Elite have a tough task ahead of them. The combination of players from both Noble Elite Red and BLK has a chance of winning, but SK Gaming are still considered the favorites of this matchup. The other semifinal is between BIG and the Bulgarian team, Chernobyl Dribblers. After that match comes to an end, both of the winners will play for the main prize of €2,000. The second-placed team will win €1,000, while an additional €1,000 will be split between the 3rd-4th teams.

SK Gaming vs. Noble Elite

GOOD IS NOT ENOUGH; beat the best in the 8th season of A1 Adria League!

The summer break is slowly coming to an end which means that it is time to announce the new season of the A1 Adria League. Players from all over the region have had plenty of time to improve their skills, work on teamplay, fix their previous mistakes, and prepare for the beginning of Season 8. The game roster remains the same – CS:GO, League of Legends, Brawl Stars, and FIFA will be available to the regional esport athletes in the following months, whether to participate in the league or just follow the action. A1 Adria League is slowly becoming a pillar of the regional Brawl Stars scene, while FIFA is bigger than ever. CS:GO keeps impressing us time and time again and will be featured for the eighth time this season, while League of Legends’ re-introduction to the A1 Adria League made us remember older memories and eagerly expect the upcoming two seasons.

Dimitrije “DiMKE” Veljković has become the undisputed regional CS:GO champion for the fourth time in a row. Split Raiders were on another level and dominated the competition in League of Legends. Tarik “amke2001” Novo was crowned the back-to-back FIFA champion, and last, but most certainly not least, one of the Noble Elite teams, BLK, outplayed the Brawl Stars teams.

Brawl Stars

With small differences compared to the previous season, Brawl Stars is back once again. We keep stating how Brawl Stars is growing in the region day by day, and that has never been more true than right now. There are enormous amounts of teams playing and competing to reach the next competitive level. A1 Adria League is here to help the players in their journey, as seen recently with the Clash of Leagues where we sent two regional teams to the prestigious tournament.

Two more qualifiers will be added to the qualifying stage of the eighth season. With the total number now being six, teams will have more chances to earn points and qualify for the SWISS stage. Once again, we are featuring a BO5/BO3 SWISS stage which will guarantee that only the very best teams make it through to the double-elimination playoffs.

The 16 best teams of every cup will earn points which will be split in the following manner:

First place – 100 points
Second place – 70 points
Third and fourth place – 50 points
Fifth to eight place – 20 points
Ninth to sixteenth place – 10 points

You can play Brawl Stars and be a part of the A1 Adria League by signing up on the following LINK!

Brawl Stars Prize pool


Just like Season 5, this season’s FIFA league will take place during the usual transitional period for the franchise. Regional FIFA players will play a similar format as Supercell’s Brawl Stars. This has been an exciting year for the regional scene which has had plenty of tournaments so far, and we are sure that the players have prepared well for the eighth A1 Adria League season.

The five open qualifiers will boast a BO2 single elimination bracket with the semifinal and final matches being BO3. After the qualifiers come to an end, the SWISS league participants will transition to FIFA22. The new FIFA22 will be the home of the A1 Adria League during the SWISS stage (BO3) and the playoffs of the league (double-elimination BO3).

Depending on their results, the top 16 players will receive points after every qualifier comes to an end:

First place – 100 points
Second place – 70 points
Third place – 50 points
Fourth place – 40 points
Fifth to eight place – 20 points
Ninth to sixteenth place – 10 points

You can play FIFA and be a part of the A1 Adria League by signing up on the following LINK!

FIFA Prize pool

Who will become the first FIFA22 A1 Adria League champion?


CS:GO is back yet again! The domination of Dimitrije “DiMKE” Veljković’s teams continued into 2021 and culminated with their victory in the seventh season. But after the season came to an end, a number of teams, most notably 4glory, Marten Gaming, AIRLYA (ex-Good Game), and anlaki have been playing and winning on the regional scene. An interesting season is certainly before us and the time to sign up and be a part of it is NOW!

Besides the two invited teams, six squads will participate in the eight CS:GO season of the A1 Adria League. The top eight teams of the open qualifier will play in the closed qualifier which will give out three spots in the League. The same format will repeat once again, for the second pair of qualifiers. Six qualified and two invited teams will then play a BO3 SWISS stage and fight for four spots in the single-elimination BO3 playoffs.

You can play CS:GO and be a part of the A1 Adria League by signing up on the following LINK!

CS:GO Prize pool

With four in a row, can DiMKE & co. make it five or will a new team step up to the challenge?

League of Legends

Probably the biggest format change in the new season will happen in League of Legend’s format. Instead of the Season 7 format which featured national qualifiers and playoffs before reaching the regional playoff stage, this season we will have a simpler format. Regional League of Legends teams will play a total of four qualifiers during which will start a bit later than the other qualifiers.

Two teams from every qualifier will advance directly to the regional playoffs. Here, a double-elimination BO3 bracket will reveal the two teams that will clash in the grand BO5 final of the League. Split Raiders won the comeback season last time, and now is your time to take their title away! Sign up and become the new A1 Adria League LoL champion.

You can play League of Legends and be a part of the A1 Adria League by signing up on the following LINK!

LOL Prize pool

While you are waiting for the beginning of the new season, you can spend your time watching Clash of Leagues – an international Brawl Stars tournament that has gone into its final stage with one team from A1 Adria League, Noble Elite. As always, you can follow the Clash of Leagues action on all our channels (YouTubeTwitchTrovoFacebook), and those are the same channels that you will be featured on if you decide to become a part of the A1 Adria League. Good luck, and see you in the online arenas!

Salzburg, here we come – Noble Elite is qualified for Clash of Leagues finals!

Our regional Brawl Stars players have successfully overcome their first challenge in the playoffs and are now slowly preparing for the top 4 Clash of Leagues LAN finals.

Yesterday we announced the quarterfinal matchups of the Clash of Leagues. The whole day was filled with Brawl Stars action and we were eagerly watching to see which four teams will make it to the final stages of the €5.000 worth tournament. While every single team participating in the playoffs deserved to go to LAN, only four of them could really do it.

First up were SK Gaming and Bulgarian Pros. The Bulgarian team that squeezed past in the group stage was no match for the German powerhouse that is one of the most prestigious teams in Europe. Right after that, we watched Crystal Gaming play against the team that is representing the Adriatic region in the Clash of Leagues playoffs – Noble Elite BLK. Lavvek & co. had an amazing performance, 3-0’d their opponents, and advanced to the second round of the upper bracket where they lost to BIG. They then matched versus Bulgarian Pros and played a five-set nail-biter that saw the regional players finally defeat their opponents in the final set.

While Bulgarian Pros couldn’t do it, the other Bulgarian team in the league, Chernobyl Dribblers, became one of the qualified squads. After an initial loss against BIG, Chernobyl Dribblers made their way to the LAN finals by defeating Crystal Gaming Red and Platoon in the lower bracket. BIG and SK Gaming both qualified from the upper bracket, defeating Noble Elite BLK and Platoon, respectively, in the process.

The entire day action-packed day of Brawl Stars can be (re)watched down below:

Are you ready for the Clash of Leagues finals?!

DzonDzon, Noble Elite: “See you in the Finals!”

Omerta will not be playing today’s match versus FreeWin because it was canceled, but we are still expecting awesome matches.

Today, Day 7 & the tiebreaker will be played out. Currently, BIG, OKA Gaming, and Crystal Gaming Red are amongst the best three teams, with Bulgarian Pros still having a chance to qualify for the playoffs. OKA Gaming came in the groups as one of the qualified sides, but they have been turning heads all season. They are also a team that has placed top 4 in all seasons of the A1 eSports League in Austria and they have participated in major tournaments such as BBL and GBL.

Then there are BIG, the undisputed champions of the group stage. They came in strong and they showed the other teams who’s the boss. The third place is currently occupied by Crystal Gaming Red, an organization from Switzerland that has met teams such as SK Gaming and OKA on multiple occasions and proved to be worthy opponents of such highly-skilled squads. CGR are tied with Bulgarian Pros, and the top 3 standings could very well change in the aftermath of today’s playday.

We also took the time to ask DzonDzon, one of the Noble Elite players for his thoughts about the Clash of Leagues:

Which teams impressed you the most in the group stage of the Clash of Leagues?

Of course, except for BIG, a team that everyone predicted would go through to the final stage, Bulgarian Pros really surprised me with their game.

How well do you think Omerta played the groups?

Omerta had a big chance to prove themselves on the big stage, but I think that they didn’t prepare enough for Clash of Leagues. But for a team that is playing a big event for the first time, it wasn’t bad at all.

What are some things that Omerta could have done better in their matches?

They have to work on their composition a lot, when to play which Brawlers, micro and macro things in the game, but they can learn all that by playing scrims.

What are your expectations heading into the quarterfinals that are starting soon?

Our expectations are.. I will keep this short – see you on LAN!

Tune in tonight and watch the last group stage playday of this big European Brawl Stars tournament:


Omerta skip a match; on the verge of disqualification in Clash of Leagues!

Instead of playing yesterday’s match against Crystal Gaming Red, Omerta missed it and are now facing disqualification from the Clash of Leagues.

Crystal Gaming Red and Omerta were supposed to play during Day 6 of the Clash of Leagues which was played out yesterday. The second-placed team had the favorite role in this match, but our Serbian team could have still held their ground and fought to upset the team. However, when the time to start the match arrived, Omerta were nowhere to be seen. Whether it was because they had technical difficulties, or they simply decided to skip the match because they can’t qualify for the playoffs anymore, the tournament administration is currently making a decision about Omerta’s future in the league.

If they decide to disqualify Omerta, it will be the second such decision in the group stage, after papahellfans were disqualified a couple of rounds ago. If not, we will watch Omerta during the remaining group stage matches where they will fight to earn the highest possible place on the leaderboard.

What do you think, will Omerta finish the group stage or will they leave a bit earlier than other teams?


Crystal Gaming Red are Omerta’s next opponents!

While there aren’t any chances of reaching the final stage, Omerta are still more than eager to defeat their opponents until the end of the groups.

Today, Omerta are facing Crystal Gaming Red, a great, talented squad that has been a thorn to other teams throughout the Clash of Leagues. This team is placed second, six points behind the absolute favorites, BIG. They are tied with OKA Gaming, the team that destroyed all chances of Omerta qualifying for the final stages in the last playday. Seeing as these two teams are tied on the leaderboard, we can expect a match of similar quality today as well. Omerta are ready and able to defeat names such as Crystal Gaming Red, and they are going to give it their best tonight.

Make sure to join in the stream and support our squad in their match versus Crystal Gaming Red:

Watch omerta LIVE on A1AL channels!

Omerta are playing two matches today and can win up to four points which would place them amongst the top three teams on the leaderboard. Tune in at 18 o’clock and watch their matches together with SupremeNexus (YouTubeTwitchTrovoFacebook).

Omerta lose the deciding match against OKA Gaming!

Omerta have lost all chances of qualifying for the Clash of Leagues playoffs after yesterday’s defeat versus OKA Gaming.

Since the double playday when Omerta split the prey, winning one and losing one match, their chances of reaching the next stage of the Clash of Leagues were slim to none. After yesterday, however, even that slight chance is gone. The first of three matches Omerta would have had to win in order to qualify for the playoffs didn’t end in favor of the regional team. OKA Gaming proved too tough of an opponent to beat and Omerta fell to sixth place after the match came to an end.

BIG are the absolute best team in the group stage with a 12-0 W-L ratio. The runners-up team is Crystal Gaming Red, while OKA Gaming are tied with CGR but take up third place. Bulgarian Pros stand in fourth place, and after them, we can see KMRGMR and Omerta with 6 points each. The seventh place is occupied by FreeWin, while the disqualified side, papahellfans, takes the bottom place on the leaderboard. The teams have a break that will last a couple of days and we will be back with more Brawl Stars action on the 10th of August.


Omerta face OKA Gaming in the fifth round!

Round 5 of the Clash of Leagues will be played out today, with Omerta probably playing their most important match yet in the tournament.

The last playday featured a total of two rounds in one day. The leaderboard changed drastically after those two rounds as the top teams are steadily securing the first three spots. However, there is plenty of time to change the final rankings and Omerta will certainly give their best to do exactly that. The Serbian team needs to win every single one of their remaining matches to advance further in the Clash of Leagues.

Last time, Omerta showed great resilience in the two matches they played. Bulgarian Pros managed to outplay them in the end, but their victory against KMRGMR gave them a slim but existing chance to come back in the group stage. Today, their opponents are OKA Gaming. While certainly not the toughest opponent Omerta have faced, the match versus OKA Gaming is their most important one yet. If they lose this matchup, their chances of reaching the final stage are over. If they win, they will have to repeat this success two more time to join the top 8 of the Clash of Leagues.

Tune in at 18 o’clock and watch OKA Gaming vs. Omerta together with SupremeNexus (YouTube, Twitch, Trovo, Facebook).