Clash of Leagues

Salzburg, here we come – Noble Elite is qualified for Clash of Leagues finals!

Our regional Brawl Stars players have successfully overcome their first challenge in the playoffs and are now slowly preparing for the top 4 Clash of Leagues LAN finals.

Yesterday we announced the quarterfinal matchups of the Clash of Leagues. The whole day was filled with Brawl Stars action and we were eagerly watching to see which four teams will make it to the final stages of the €5.000 worth tournament. While every single team participating in the playoffs deserved to go to LAN, only four of them could really do it.

First up were SK Gaming and Bulgarian Pros. The Bulgarian team that squeezed past in the group stage was no match for the German powerhouse that is one of the most prestigious teams in Europe. Right after that, we watched Crystal Gaming play against the team that is representing the Adriatic region in the Clash of Leagues playoffs – Noble Elite BLK. Lavvek & co. had an amazing performance, 3-0’d their opponents, and advanced to the second round of the upper bracket where they lost to BIG. They then matched versus Bulgarian Pros and played a five-set nail-biter that saw the regional players finally defeat their opponents in the final set.

While Bulgarian Pros couldn’t do it, the other Bulgarian team in the league, Chernobyl Dribblers, became one of the qualified squads. After an initial loss against BIG, Chernobyl Dribblers made their way to the LAN finals by defeating Crystal Gaming Red and Platoon in the lower bracket. BIG and SK Gaming both qualified from the upper bracket, defeating Noble Elite BLK and Platoon, respectively, in the process.

The entire day action-packed day of Brawl Stars can be (re)watched down below:

Are you ready for the Clash of Leagues finals?!

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