Clash of Leagues

DzonDzon, Noble Elite: “See you in the Finals!”

Omerta will not be playing today’s match versus FreeWin because it was canceled, but we are still expecting awesome matches.

Today, Day 7 & the tiebreaker will be played out. Currently, BIG, OKA Gaming, and Crystal Gaming Red are amongst the best three teams, with Bulgarian Pros still having a chance to qualify for the playoffs. OKA Gaming came in the groups as one of the qualified sides, but they have been turning heads all season. They are also a team that has placed top 4 in all seasons of the A1 eSports League in Austria and they have participated in major tournaments such as BBL and GBL.

Then there are BIG, the undisputed champions of the group stage. They came in strong and they showed the other teams who’s the boss. The third place is currently occupied by Crystal Gaming Red, an organization from Switzerland that has met teams such as SK Gaming and OKA on multiple occasions and proved to be worthy opponents of such highly-skilled squads. CGR are tied with Bulgarian Pros, and the top 3 standings could very well change in the aftermath of today’s playday.

We also took the time to ask DzonDzon, one of the Noble Elite players for his thoughts about the Clash of Leagues:

Which teams impressed you the most in the group stage of the Clash of Leagues?

Of course, except for BIG, a team that everyone predicted would go through to the final stage, Bulgarian Pros really surprised me with their game.

How well do you think Omerta played the groups?

Omerta had a big chance to prove themselves on the big stage, but I think that they didn’t prepare enough for Clash of Leagues. But for a team that is playing a big event for the first time, it wasn’t bad at all.

What are some things that Omerta could have done better in their matches?

They have to work on their composition a lot, when to play which Brawlers, micro and macro things in the game, but they can learn all that by playing scrims.

What are your expectations heading into the quarterfinals that are starting soon?

Our expectations are.. I will keep this short – see you on LAN!

Tune in tonight and watch the last group stage playday of this big European Brawl Stars tournament:


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