Eight teams easily secure a spot in the VALORANT playoffs!

The only qualifier for our new game VALORANT is completed. This is is the first season in A1 Adria League that we are hosting a competition for the new Riot’s FPS. We have seen some familiar names and some new ones, which is normal seeing that the game still has a long way to go in gathering bigger regional followers.

Top 8 advance to the playoffs

Today we have had a fight between many teams, and eight of the best qualified for the next stage of VALORANT. The first round of the competition was the best-of-three series. The other rounds were played for seed, considering we have gotten the eight qualified teams already after the first round.

A familiar team in the VALORANT competition of our A1AL were Balkan Stars, who are already a dynamic and synergic team. For some time now the Macedonian squad has been competing in tournaments for this game, and we have high expectations they will do great in the playoffs.

We have also seen teams such as Diamant Esports and Zero Tenacity A who have already made a name for themselves in some other games such as League of Legends. Their new composed VALORANT rosters took their chances today and Diamant Esports managed to qualify, while Zero Tenacity A was eliminated. The winning game for Diamant we have followed on stream and it was an easy stomp against team Kajmak.

Besides Balkan Stars and Diamant Esports, the other 6 qualified teams are:

  • AngryTeam
  • Why No Eco
  • AIF
  • Minima
  • Lost Soul

The VALORANT playoffs will be held next week, May 30th, where the bracket will be single elimination and the winner will earn a 700€ prize, while the second-best team will be awarded 300€. Prepare well because all the games will be Bo3! See you next week!

Zidari advance to group stage as first place!

All four qualifiers for Brawl Stars are officially over. We finally have the top eight teams that will advance to the group stage and enter the A1 Adria League. First place went to last year’s champions Zidari, who managed to win their third consecutive qualifier.

Zidari dominated the qualifiers

After four weeks of intense fighting over the eight spots in the group stage of Brawl Stars, we finally have the winners. The best 8 teams who succeeded in achieving the highest number of points will now advance to the next stage of the competition.

In this last qualifier, we have seen many familiar faces, teams such as Jazavci, Zidari, Big F, Smetlari, Dogs, and many others continued to fight in order to try and earn their spot in A1AL. The big surprise of the day was Smetlari, who lost in round 2 of this qualifier to another great team Big F. Smetlari managed to keep themselves in the top 8 during the previous three qualifiers, so this early loss didn’t cost them a place in the next stage. Big F after this victory went on to challenge the winner of the first Brawl Stars qualifier, Jazavci. They took them down too with an easy 2:0 win in the quarterfinals. They eventually lost to Zidari, who in the end went on to win the whole thing.

Last year’s champions Zidari had a great day, they went on to take the most points again, didn’t lose a single match today, and as the first seed will advance to the group stage. After a rocky start, this team proved itself to be the best once again.

You lose was another great team, that with the performance they showed today, managed to qualify to the group stage, even though they weren’t in the top 8 in the previous qualifiers. Here are the teams who will continue their battle in the next stage of A1AL.

Brawl Stars qualifiers final standings

These successful Brawlers will now take a short break, until May 5th, when the SWISS group stage will commence. Congratulation to all the teams that qualified!


Panj: “We expected the win before we signed up”

The League of Legends competition in A1 Adria League finished last Saturday. We have gotten the new LoL champions and the title went to team DZANGLERI. We have spoken with the captain of the team Panj about his experience in A1AL, expectations, success, and more.

How does it feel to win the regional LoL competition in A1 Adria League?

The feeling is great of course, but we have already expected the win even before we signed up, so we weren’t as euphoric cause we knew we were going to win.

What is your opinion about this year’s competition?

I think the competition was harder than we had expected, especially against the team we played in the grand final.

You lost only one match during the playoffs, the one in the finals. What influenced such good performance of the team?

Our great performance comes from the experience we have. Each and every one of us had already played in higher lever competitions than the other teams in this tournament have.

What do you think about the new LoL format, where the competition only lasts two weekends, compared to the standard format in games like Brawl Stars, CS:GO, and FIFA?

I think this format is better because it’s all happening online, but on the other hand, if it would have some kind of LAN final, the players would also enjoy it and maybe prefer that one.

Are you already thinking about the new A1AL season, and do you intend to sign up for the 10th season as well? 

We still don’t have any plans for the upcoming season, but if we are available at that time we will surely participate again.

What are your impressions and experience, now that the competition is completed?

Everything was great, and as I already said I really enjoyed this format because of the possibility of competing online.


The second CS:GO qualifier goes to Strive in chaos and bitboxks!

The second CS:GO qualifier is finished. We have seen many familiar teams again, some took their second chance to advance to the group stage of the A1 Adria League seriously, while others failed to qualify again. The best two teams from this qualifier are bitboxks and Strive in chaos who will now join the winner from the last week’s competition team BLINK and XTEAM.

Strive in chaos and bitboxks made the cut

Many great regional teams qualified for the second CS:GO qualifier. Again many familiar names such as Zero Tenacity, Marten Rising, MONAD eSports which we have seen last week as well. They are one of the most familiar and best teams in the region, but they yet again didn’t live up to the expectations and failed to qualify today. However, these teams will have one more chance to enter the A1 Adria League this season.

We have also seen team ghoulsW who were again close to the finish line. They lost in the quarterfinals. The other interesting team in this qualifier was Aftermath NXT, the team of the well-known owner of Relog Media, Mladen Juric. His team did an amazing work today, but they were unsuccessful in the Bo3 semifinals where they lost to Strive in chaos with a 2:0 score.

The teams that qualified for the group stage of the League today Strive in chaos and bitboxks had a great run, going defeatless in the second qualifier. Many players from these two teams are very well-known in the region and our own A1 Adria League. Some like Maki and jkxy even made it to the finals in some of the previous seasons, except they didn’t play in the same team at the time.

Strive in chaos and bitboxks will now join BLINK and XTEAM as well as the two invited teams 4gLory and BLUEJAYS. There are 2 more spots in the group stage of A1AL, so don’t waste any time and sign up for the third and last qualifier HERE. It will be held next week, April 24th.


Zidari win their second qualifier in a row!

The third Brawl Stars qualifier just finished and we can already see rivalry developing. Last year’s champions Zidari showed another amazing performance. The reward was another qualifier win and additional 100 points.

The second consecutive win for Zidari

After they showed inconsistent results with storming out early in the first qualifier but then winning the second one it seems like Zidari already managed to find their form. They came out on top out of 24 teams competing in the third Brawl Stars qualifier for the ninth season of the A1 Adria League. This time they had to overcome Dogs in the quarterfinals. They did it with a 2:1 victory. On the other side of the bracket, Jazavci outplayed Smetlari in the quarterfinals and Big F, another great team, in the semis. They won both of their matches with a 2:0 score.

Everything was building up to the great grand finals. Both Jazavci and Zidari have already won one of the qualifiers and it was set to be determined which teams will get a second one. Zidari was the better team on the day claiming another 100 points! The top 4 teams in the standings had great showing proving they are the best regional teams.

The fourth and last qualifier is on schedule for the 21st of April!


The fight for the first 4 places will be a legendary one, with only two qualifiers left.

The Brawlers are finished fighting for this week, while the next, third qualifier for this game is next week, on April 14th. You can sign up for it HERE.

However tomorrow we are continuing with FIFA qualifiers, while the first for the popular FPS game CS:GO will be held on Sunday!

The great return of Brstimir in the third FIFA22 qualifier!

Yet another FIFA22 qualifier is concluded. Many great players participated in this qualifier of the A1 Adria League, some familiar and some new ones. While the first qualifier went into the hands of a well-known Esad1memic, we have seen a new name winning the second one. Zizou managed to defeat the great three-time champion amke2001 and earn 100 points. This qualifier is not any different, again we have seen a veteran and a new player fighting for the most points.

Brstimir is back in the TOP 8!

Many of you probably wondered where was Milos “brstimir” Majdevac in the last two qualifiers. He is a familiar face in our tournament and he made quite a statement today. While he was silent for the last two ones, he decided now is the time to break the silence, and he did it in the best way possible, securing a top spot in this qualifier and a whopping 100 points. Brstimir only signed up for the 3rd qualifier, but it might be enough for him to secure his spot in the TOP 8.

Brstimir has had a difficult path towards the final, but for players like him, losing is not an option. Beating Esad “Esad1memic” Memic, who came victorious in the first qualifier, and Marko “Mrky2402” Matancic he secured his place in the final where he had to face our new surprise of the season Enes “Encika” Hodzic.

Encika did manage to earn 20 points in Qualifier #1. But this time, he managed to set his own tempo for every single game. He does prefer, as he said ” Atletico Madrid ” playstyle, but it perfectly fits the meta, and if it can grant him wins, it’s totally approved! Brstimir won 2-0 against Encika in the final, but Encika was the one who surprised everybody with his abilities, and he proved that beating Petar “Pecho” Susnjar and Haris “Eden” Lukomirak was not just another lucky day at the office.

We still don’t know who will advance to the next stage and enter this season’s A1 Adria League, but one thing is sure. The battle will be legendary. The competition this season is unbelievable, but unfortunately, not everyone can continue their journey to the top. While Esad1memic is still at the top of the table, new players like Zizou and Jero are right behind him, with Brstimir on their heels.

FIFA22 third qualifier standings

Once again, we have had a chance to see someone new in the finals. Some players have certainly secured their spot in the TOP 8, but some of them will have to show their best in the last qualifier! The last qualifier is being held next week, so hurry up and sign up HERE because you still have a chance to advance to the group stage and beat the best regional FIFA players!

BLINK and XTEAM first to secure group stage in A1 Adria League!

After a long Sunday, the first qualifier for CS:GO is over. We have seen almost 50 teams competing, but only the best two could advance to the group stage of our A1 Adria League. The first two teams that secured their spot in the regular season in CS:GO are BLINK and XTEAM.

The great return of BLINK

We have been the witnesses of yet another great start of the season in CS:GO. Many familiar faces, and a lot of new talented teams. In the very beginning two, well-known teams were very unlucky to meet each other in the first round. It was Zero Tenacity that was drafted versus BLINK. Zero Tenacity didn’t succeed in defeating their opponents and their journey ended even before it started. BLINK is a familiar team in A1 Adria League, even though they didn’t compete for a few previous seasons, when they did, they always showed great skill. The dominant force in the form of BLINK is back for the ninth season and they made a statement in the first qualifier.

BLINK defeated many teams today, as well as another well-known team in the region Martin Rising. They faced each other in the quarterfinals and BLINK came out victorious. In the Bo3 semifinals, they defeated Seychelles 2:1 and secured a spot in the group stage.

On the other side of the bracket, it was XTEAM that dominated. They had a long way to the finals and beat many familiar teams such as MONAD eSports which are also a very good regional CS:GO team. In the quarterfinals, they took down ghoulsW with the same result as BLINK, 2:1.

Gejmzilla on the side of XTEAM and gulito for BLINK did a great job today leading their teams to the group stage of A1AL.

The second qualifier, where we will see another two teams join the ones who already qualified, is going to be held next Sunday, April 17th. Sign up here if you want to compete with the best regional CS:GO teams and have a chance at the 5000€ prize pool!


The first team to secure LoL playoffs in A1AL was Harmony!

The first and only qualifier for the most famous game in the world League of Legends is over. We have seen as many as 22 teams fight for the top 4 placements and playoffs which will be held next week. The winner will receive a 700€ prize, while the second-place team will be awarded 300€.

Decisive performance from Harmony and GINYU FORCE

Teams had a long journey today in order to qualify for the semifinals and playoff in League of Legends. We have seen some familiar names, as well as some new teams. One of the teams that had a good and dominant run until the quarterfinals were Clouded Leopards. Unfortunately, they didn’t manage to defeat GINYU FORCE in the Bo3 quarterfinals and qualify for the LoL playoff. It was team GINYU FORCE who came out of that match victorious, with a clean 2:0 win.

One of the first LoL teams that secured their spot in the semifinals is a well-known team, Harmony. The Macedonian squad also participated last year in A1 Adria League and even reached the finals, where they eventually lost to last year’s champion Metamoon. This year Harmony is also showing how committed and strong they are. With a 2:0 win over Prolom Voda, they managed to qualify for playoffs.

While Harmony and GINYU FORCE had it easy, the other two semifinalists had to play all three games to secure the win. Team DZANGLERI managed to defeat paraolimpijci and be the third team to advance to the semifinals.

The longest Bo3 series was between Seraphine t3 subs and Reroot Gaming. Both teams showed great skill and desire to move to the next stage of the competition but unfortunately only one could. After three matches, team Reroot Gaming managed to defeat their opponents and be the last, fourth team to advance to the semifinals.

These 4 teams in the A1AL League of Legends competition will fight for the title and the prize next Saturday so don’t miss it. The bracket will be double elimination, and the top two teams will be awarded. Good luck!

New player Zizou is the winner of the second FIFA22 qualifier!

We are halfway done with FIFA22 qualifiers. The matches are always more than interesting, as we have shown so far. The same will be for the remaining two qualifiers where the best regional FIFA players will battle for a spot in the group stage of our A1 Adria League. Some of the players have already shown commitment and desire to enter the league but it remains to be seen who will succeed in the end.

Zizou defeated the three-time champion amke2001

The last week we have seen Esad “esad1memic” Memic winning the first qualifier and taking the most point. He didn’t manage to repeat his success this Friday and ended his path in the second round of the tournament. He was not able to find a way to beat Marko “mrky2402” Matancic. Unfortunately, Mrky also got relegated one round after. While Nick “Nh_Panic87” Holste cruised through the bottom side of the bracket. But who else would stop him if not our three-time champion Tarik “amke2001” Novo, who got 5 goals past Nick’s goalkeeper in 2 games.

The upper side of the bracket was mainly dominated by Croatian players. This is the first time for Croats to show this level of domination in the A1 Adria League qualifier. As Karlo “jero” Jerekin last week beat some of the known FIFA players in his first-ever qualifier in A1 Adria League, Luka “Zizou” Simunac replicated his success and reached the finals for the first time too in our League.

He fearlessly entered the first match against amke2001 and got his first well-deserved win 3-2, putting him 1-0 in the best of 3 series. The second game was a cautious one for both players, but in the end, Tarik “amke2001” Novo came out victorious scoring in extra time. Tarik furiously opened the decider match scoring right after kick-off. But Luka came back and secured another extra time after a 2-2 score in 90 minutes. But this time he was superior in extra time and secured 100 points winning 4-2 in the decider match.

In the end, amke2001 redeemed himself for the first qualifier, while another rookie showed how this season’s fight for the FIFA trophy will be a close one.FIFA22 qualifier standings



The second FIFA22 qualifier is over, while the third one is scheduled for next week. It will be held on Wednesday, April 13th, instead of on Friday, and you can sign up for it HERE. Don’t miss your chance to become the greatest FIFA player in the region!

Zidari took first place in the second Brawl Stars qualifier!

The second qualifier for Brawl Stars is officially over. Last week we have seen a couple of surprises. Last year’s champions Zidari, failed to reach the semifinals, while teams like Jazavci and Dogs really stepped up in terms of their gameplay. While we are halfway done with the qualifiers for this game, it still remains to be seen who will enter our A1 Adria League this year.

Zidari and Big F at the top

In the second Brawl Stars qualifier, we have seen even more teams compete than in the first one. As the first one was a bad one for the last year’s champions Zidari, today they have managed to beat everyone and reclaim first place. Andrey, DzonDzon, and Brankec (Lavvek didn’t participate in this one) showed why they lifted the trophy last season in the first place. They easily defeated team Big F with a result of 2:0.

Zidari received 100 points in this qualifier, while the second-place Big F got 70. Teams such as RaGaZZi and Smetlari did very well, reaching the top of the qualifiers, and both received 50 points each. With a great performance in both qualifiers, they now have enough points to rank in the first eight teams. As mentioned before, only eight teams will advance further into the next stage of the A1 Adria League.

The top two teams from the last qualifier Jazavci and Dogs still remain in the top eight. Here are the standings of the best eight teams of Brawlers after two completed qualifiers.

Brawl Stars standings after two completed qualifiers

The fight for the first 4 places will be a legendary one, with only two qualifiers left.

The Brawlers are finished fighting for this week, while the next, third qualifier for this game is next week, on April 14th. You can sign up for it HERE.

However tomorrow we are continuing with FIFA qualifiers, while the first for the popular FPS game CS:GO will be held on Sunday!