Zidari advance to group stage as first place!

All four qualifiers for Brawl Stars are officially over. We finally have the top eight teams that will advance to the group stage and enter the A1 Adria League. First place went to last year’s champions Zidari, who managed to win their third consecutive qualifier.

Zidari dominated the qualifiers

After four weeks of intense fighting over the eight spots in the group stage of Brawl Stars, we finally have the winners. The best 8 teams who succeeded in achieving the highest number of points will now advance to the next stage of the competition.

In this last qualifier, we have seen many familiar faces, teams such as Jazavci, Zidari, Big F, Smetlari, Dogs, and many others continued to fight in order to try and earn their spot in A1AL. The big surprise of the day was Smetlari, who lost in round 2 of this qualifier to another great team Big F. Smetlari managed to keep themselves in the top 8 during the previous three qualifiers, so this early loss didn’t cost them a place in the next stage. Big F after this victory went on to challenge the winner of the first Brawl Stars qualifier, Jazavci. They took them down too with an easy 2:0 win in the quarterfinals. They eventually lost to Zidari, who in the end went on to win the whole thing.

Last year’s champions Zidari had a great day, they went on to take the most points again, didn’t lose a single match today, and as the first seed will advance to the group stage. After a rocky start, this team proved itself to be the best once again.

You lose was another great team, that with the performance they showed today, managed to qualify to the group stage, even though they weren’t in the top 8 in the previous qualifiers. Here are the teams who will continue their battle in the next stage of A1AL.

Brawl Stars qualifiers final standings

These successful Brawlers will now take a short break, until May 5th, when the SWISS group stage will commence. Congratulation to all the teams that qualified!


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