The second CS:GO qualifier goes to Strive in chaos and bitboxks!

The second CS:GO qualifier is finished. We have seen many familiar teams again, some took their second chance to advance to the group stage of the A1 Adria League seriously, while others failed to qualify again. The best two teams from this qualifier are bitboxks and Strive in chaos who will now join the winner from the last week’s competition team BLINK and XTEAM.

Strive in chaos and bitboxks made the cut

Many great regional teams qualified for the second CS:GO qualifier. Again many familiar names such as Zero Tenacity, Marten Rising, MONAD eSports which we have seen last week as well. They are one of the most familiar and best teams in the region, but they yet again didn’t live up to the expectations and failed to qualify today. However, these teams will have one more chance to enter the A1 Adria League this season.

We have also seen team ghoulsW who were again close to the finish line. They lost in the quarterfinals. The other interesting team in this qualifier was Aftermath NXT, the team of the well-known owner of Relog Media, Mladen Juric. His team did an amazing work today, but they were unsuccessful in the Bo3 semifinals where they lost to Strive in chaos with a 2:0 score.

The teams that qualified for the group stage of the League today Strive in chaos and bitboxks had a great run, going defeatless in the second qualifier. Many players from these two teams are very well-known in the region and our own A1 Adria League. Some like Maki and jkxy even made it to the finals in some of the previous seasons, except they didn’t play in the same team at the time.

Strive in chaos and bitboxks will now join BLINK and XTEAM as well as the two invited teams 4gLory and BLUEJAYS. There are 2 more spots in the group stage of A1AL, so don’t waste any time and sign up for the third and last qualifier HERE. It will be held next week, April 24th.


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