TT9 Chico is the A1AL Fortnite champion!

One by one the mini-tournaments in the 11th season of the A1 Adria League are ending. Only two are left, PUBG, and the last is yet to be revealed. On April 25th and 26th, the qualifiers and the finals were played in the Fortnite tournament. Out of 263 players, only 100 made it to the finals. Of those 100 players, the one that came out victorious is TT9 Chico.

Big names in A1AL Fortnite; TT9 Chico justified the role of favorite

Of the 100 players that appeared in the finals, 70 made it there throughout the qualifiers, while 30 got an invite. As it was mentioned a lot of well-known Fortnite players showcased their skills in the regional league, A1AL. Besides TT9 Chico, who was a favorite for winning the tournament which he evidently did, and brought home a prize of 250 euros. Some other familiar and professional Fortnite players were competing in this tournament. Trulex, T3eny, and Quaesy are just some of the names who participated in this tournament. Queasy alone currently ranks as the best player in the world and was declared the best IGL player.

Here is the top 5 ranking after the Fortnite finals:

  • TT9 Chico (231 points)
  • CN messie goat (194 points)
  • Dz1da (187 points)
  • CN Drda (182 points)
  • Queasy (180 points)

It wasn’t just that TT9 Chico won the tournament, but he also had the most kills in the whole tournament with 26 eliminations. Another big achievement “the most kills in a single game” went into the hands of T3eny (14 kills), who unfortunately didn’t make it to the top 5. Maybe the biggest surprise of the tournament was Trulex. This player is one of the best Fortnite players in both the region and worldwide, but he didn’t show his usual performance.

In the end, in spite of this godlike competition, TT9 Chico managed to get 26 eliminations in the whole tournament, gather as many as 231 points, and take home the trophy and the right to call himself the best.


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