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CS:GO Season 4 – Closed Qualifiers

After some amazing performance by Cr4zy at the StarLadder Berlin Major, let’s take a look at the regional scene.The Open qualifier stage was fierce the cups tough but we have finally arrived at the Closed Qualifier stage where the remaining 8 will be fighting for their chance to enter the group stage! We got our […]

Off to the closed qualifiers Dota 2 Season 4

Yesterday, OG made history by their 2nd consecutive win on the International, but every story begins somewhere, and this regions’ story is ready to be written! We got our top 8 teams from the open qualifiers, next come the closed qualifiers, the qualified teams will play a Double Elimination Cup on 4th and 5th September […]

Clash Royale Interviews

After sitting down and chatting with our Hearthstone finalists, it’s time to wrap it all up as we approach the LAN finals, and the best way to do so is to ask our Clash Royale finalists a couple of short questions about themselves, and the game that got them to the LAN. We had a […]

HS Interviews

Time is slowly coming for the LAN finals of the A1 Adria League, but before we start talking about the finals themselves, let’s sit back and hear what the players have to say. Today we’re chatting with the LAN finalists of the Hearthstone tournament: Lavvek, PeraHs, Djuka93 and Vulee. We’re extremely pleased that all of […]

Top 4 Teams Confirmed

We’re Extremely thrilled to inform you that all the matches in the online CS:GO part of the League are now over, including both the open qualifiers, the group stage and the playoffs, with the last match being played yesterday between Valiance&Co. and Game Pub. CS:GO really did end up very well, and the group stage […]

Interview: Hrvoje Jugec, KlikTech

With only a few short days between us and the online playoffs, we’re eager to find something to get us through, and we found it in Hrvoje Jugec, one of the co-founders of KlikTech. After the team played both great CS:GO and LoL and secured the LAN in both games, we sat down with Hrvoje […]