It’s time for the playoffs! We are starting with the Dota 2

After two qualifiers we have our top 8 teams which will compete for the grand prizes of the third season!

The playoff stage will be played as a series of best of ones, where the lower bracket finals will be best of three and the Grand Finals best of three as well.

The action will be split into two days:

Day 1: 08.06.2019. 16:00 CEST           Day 2: 09.06.2019. 16:00 CEST

And all of us will be able to watch the show and cheer for your favorite team on Facebook, YouTube and!

Let us give all of the teams a warm welcome and an introduction!

Mystique V.S The last Jedis

The first match of the playoffs is Mystique, the first seed of the first open qualifier, they are a full Macedonian team. Their Captain is DaRio and the other team member are HariS-, Stojkov, zipzap, and sikki. Which is the same lineup they used for the EBL 2018 tournament where they, unfortunately, didn’t reach the LAN finals. And their opponent “The last Jedis” which is the 4th seed from the second qualifiers. We wish them the best of luck!

Tim123 V.S Mesano Meso

The second match of the playoff stage is a mostly Croatian team which are considered as the favorite of the tournament. They are led by dnz and the team’s main roster consistest of: Mitch, Swiftending, Jajkan and dzy. The team is has quite a few seasoned veterans Dnz, Mitch and Swiftending, while dnz is widely believed to be the best support player in the Adria region his most recent international success was a brief period of being a part of the Winstrike Team where he qualified for theOGA Dota PIT Minor 2019 CIS”. On the other hand, Mitch thought by many to be the best Offlaner in the region, he was a part of Fnatic way back in 2012 together with some familiar faces from the LvL UP team and again together in Elements Pro Gaming – Probably one of the best Mix teams from the Balkans to date. Swiftending the only Serbian member of the team who was also a part of the Elements Pro Gaming rooster, he is regarded to be one of the best Carries in the Adriatic region.

On the other hand, we have “Mesano Meso” a mostly Serbian team which is led by BDR and the other team members include: doGGfatherr, Punisher, Ignitables, and Kaznitelj. They will be facing the tournament favorite in their first match, will they rise up to the challenge? Nothing is written down in stone yet, therefore, come and watch the games and cheer them on!


One of the most recognized team not just in Serbia but in the region as well, let’s give it up for LvL Up they are led by none other than Buktop and the main rooster is as follow: PWN, kole, ComeWithMe and Boranija. LvL UP is one of the oldest teams in the region when it comes to Dota 2. They lost in the first qualifiers to Tim123 and we can’t wait to watch the rematch between these two teams, however, they will first have to reach the Upper Finals or the Grand Finals in order for that to happen since they are on opposite sides of the bracket. Buktop is no stranger to being a team captain he led the mYinsanity team back in 2014, and afterward, he formed the now known team LvL UP where he still leads his fellow teammates into tournaments!

Their first opponent will be “XDS” another Serbian team at the helm of their team stands Alexxo followed by his teammates: Stormplayz, Stephan, WTS and kAitorA. They managed to qualify in the first open qualifier by defeating “Squatting Slavs” and “Beshtiya” they begin the playoff stage with a trial by fire!

Initial matches of the Dota 2 playoffs

Marko+4 V.S Squatting Slavs

Marko+4 is a Croatian the leader of the team is Rebi and the team consist of: shpura, TheBlackOni, Deimos, and FarmWithMe. Maybe one of the less known teams but underestimate them and you will regret it!
They will face off in their first match v.s Squatting Slavs which is the most nationally mixed team of the bunch. The main Squatter of the team is Stephen followed by his trusty Squatting enthusiasts: Wingblade, Bokeee, QuickOne, and Jieang. Let us be real for a moment who doesn’t love Squatting Slavs give em hell boyz!


DR. Strange: “We are in the endgame now”

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