Dota 2 Group Stage

Eight Dota 2 teams enter the Group Stage

After 2 days of intense competition, we got our 4 teams from the closed qualifiers and with that, the group stage is set!

The group stage will last 7 weeks starting from 11.9.2019 with the last day of the group stage being 26.10.2019. The matches will be played every Wednesday (From 19:00) and every Saturday (From 18:00) in those 7 weeks.

And you will be able to follow all of the action on our Official channels: YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, TWITCH   
Now without further ado let’s introduce our teams that will battle it out in the group stage!

Let us introduce the 8 teams from the group stage:

First, we have the winner and runner ups of Season 3.

Tim123 – Still considered the favorites in the region led by “dnz”, they dominated season 3. Will anyone be up to the challenge to dethrone them, follow the group stage and find out!

The Last Jedis – The only team to win a match vs the “Tim123” in the season they defied the odds and proven themselves that they deserve to be here, will they make more upsets this season?

We also have two teams that were directly invited

Level UP – One of the most recognized teams in the region and the mixing pot of the best players from the whole Balkans, most of the well-known faces of Dota 2 played in this team at the time or another.

XDS –  They managed to take the 4th spot in the previous season and with that earned the respect of the region and showed that they can rustle with the big boys

And for the 4 teams that got here through the closed qualifiers:

Team Serbia
– Led by the former EPG player “LebronDota” qualified for the group stage with a win over “Hoodlums” and “Kaj” they showed experience and good team play overall, everyone expects them to be one of the top contenders for the title.

-T– Athletes
– They lost the first game in the closed qualifier, but that didn’t stop them, they managed to claw their way back and after defeating the “Vucicevi Lavovi” and “Kaj” managed to get the group stage spot.

Mystique – Defeated by “The Last jedis” in the third season playoffs, boosted with a new energy of a new opportunity they will show everyone that they are a force to be reckoned with

Blessed Alphas – The Swedish Balkan mix team showing everyone that borders are just lines, stepping up and dominating through the closed qualifiers only losing in the finals to “-T– Athletes” but nevertheless a beautiful performance so far, go big boyz!

Everyone welcome to the group stage, have fun compete and be the best versions of yourselves!

“Without the spur of competition, we’d loaf out our life.” — Arnold Glasow

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