Top 4 Teams Confirmed

We’re Extremely thrilled to inform you that all the matches in the online CS:GO part of the League are now over, including both the open qualifiers, the group stage and the playoffs, with the last match being played yesterday between Valiance&Co. and Game Pub.

CS:GO really did end up very well, and the group stage for the Counter Strike part of the tournament saw wonderful action and upsets from every team. This is all now behind us, and we can turn our heads towards the future and the LAN finals that will be played on the Reboot InfoGamer this month. Yes, there’s less than a month between us and the LAN finals!

The finalists of the CS:GO League are KlikTech and Locastic who earned their places in the LAN finals directly through the group stage by placing top 2. The other two places were fought for in the online playoffs between Zagreb 360, Valiance&Co., GameZone and Game Pub in two rounds. The first rounds saw Valiance winning against Zagreb360 and Game Pub taking the W against GameZone.

Valiance was sure and steady and played decisive against Zagreb360 on Dust 2 and Cache, thus securing their spot in the next round with a comfortable 2:0 victory and pushing Zagreb360 into the lower bracket to fight for the third place in the playoffs. In the matches between GameZone and Game Pub, it was the latter team taking the win on Train and Inferno.

That was not the end of the online playoffs, though. The second round served as to show us who will take which seed and let teams prepare the tactics for the main stage. The matches on the LAN finals will be played as follows:

  • Valiance & Co. VS Locastic
  • Game Pub VS KlikTech

The third place match was also played, with GameZone winning against Zagreb 360 and securing their spot if any of the teams fail to show up to the LAN. It’s a bittersweet achievment, but an impressive one nonetheless. Valiance&Co. secured a fight against Locastic, a matchup that went in favor of the Croatian team two times during the course of the group stage.

This leaves us with arguably the biggest surprise in the group stage, Locastic, old winners and favorites with an updated roster Valiance&Co., a steady and always dangerous KlikTech that played extremely well and Game Pub that has a great combination of star players and great talent. It all remains to be seen now, and we’re itching to see who will the teams that will take the W at the LAN be. Yup, we rhymed that, deal with it.

Make sure you follow our social media accounts for the latest info and updates about the League, and make sure you grab your ticket for the Reboot InfoGamer to watch both the LAN finals and one of the best gaming fairs in Europe. See you there!

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