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Group stage is done – what now?

The group stage of the second season of the A1 Adria League is officially over, and after 14 mathch days in each game we can now look forward to the next step in our journey this year: the playoffs! Of course, we first need to congratulate Locastic, Asus Rog Elite and KlikTech for the direct […]

Clashes of September

There ain’t a September without Clash Royale is what they say, right? Okay, maybe not but we’re here to inform you that the September challenges in the A1 Adria League are finished and we have the name of our advancing player, as well as the ones that were only just so close to advance themselves. […]

Intense Hearthstone September

It’s October, my dudes! Aside from spooky memes and preparations for winter, we’re also preparing for the LAN finals of the A1 Adria League! There’s less and less spots available for potential finalists of the online qualifiers, so we must inform you once again – you need to be fast and good to go through […]

Interview with Gtrik from Zagreb360!

Zagreb360 is one of the first all Slovenian LoL teams in our region, and the first all Slovenian team to qualify for the A1 adria League, they are currently sitting at the third place in the group stages, we took some time to ask him a few questions their midalner Gtrik about himself and his […]

Monthly FInals Rule Changes

Buckle up, players – we have news to announce. After the first few rounds of games that have been played, we’ve come to realize that a slight rule change is in order, so that everyone that participates in the games has a better and more comfortable experience. First of all, matches in the lower bracket […]

CS:GO Week Recap 1-3

Time flies when you’re having fun, boys and girls. The League is up in full swing, and we’re going strong towards the LAN finals at this year’s InfoGamer. During this last few weeks we had great matches and a ton of plays we can reflect back on, so let’s do just that, starting with CS:GO. […]

League announcement – New Team in the League

We must regretfully inform you that Crvena Zvezda eSports team will not be playing in the League. In the light of this event, we are glad that we can welcome Fantastic Esports team who will replace Crvena Zvezda, a team that participated in the online qualifiers, and finished third in the wildcard qualifier. They will […]

Group stage less then a week away!

The group stage is upon us! It’s been exactly 158 days since the League was announced, and to be honest, it’s really been an eventful 5 months. But now, we’re ready to take it to the next level! All of our CS:GO and LoL qualifiers are done, and the stage is set for the next step […]

Last chance to participate in the League!

The VERY LAST CHANCE for you to be a part of the second season of the Vip Adria League is coming your way in just a few short days. The journey has been a wild one indeed, and the online qualifiers are slowly, but steadily coming to an end. After 4 weeks of open CS:GO […]

First month of Clash Royale ends

Our very first fully mobile game, Clash Royale proved to be a great hit among the regional players who took to their smartphones to see who’s the best mobile esport player in the region. This left us with some great games and a lot of excitement in the three match days in July. After two […]