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After sitting down and chatting with our Hearthstone finalists, it’s time to wrap it all up as we approach the LAN finals, and the best way to do so is to ask our Clash Royale finalists a couple of short questions about themselves, and the game that got them to the LAN.

We had a chat with Sasaa, Domi, TrueAlpha and Srbija, the players that secured their LAN spots in the recent playoffs. They are all pretty stoked to be here, and that comes as no surprise. Their plays in the buildup to the event made them all proud, and, as Sasaa tells us, he’s pretty happy with himself and the opportunity he had to secure the LAN spot relatively soon in this League.

TrueAlpha adds:

I’m extremely pleased with my success because September was the first month in which I tried to qualify and did it. Getting to the finals is great news both for me, my team Team Qlash and my clan SRG Royal Guard.

Still, when you start talking about Clash Royale and Esports in the same context, you’re bound to see a lot of angry faces. Our players tell us that the perspective on mobile esports is still not so favorable, and there’s a lot of people out there that don’t really understand mobile esports and then proceed to comment that they aren’t “real” esports, per se. Sasaa tells us that Clash Royale is the best mobile esport game in his opinion, because it’s as polished as they come and very well put together. TrueAlpha agrees:

Clash Royale has a lot of opportunity for tournaments and all sorts of different formats. There’s also the abundance of big tournaments and the fact that large organizations are getting into Clash Royale and investing in the game itself.

Srbija jokingly adds that the only people who complain about Clash Royale are the ones that simply throw down random cards and hope for the best.

Mobile esports as a topic is growing fast, with VainGlory, Arena of Valor and Clash Royale leading the pack. Our players tell us that there’s a chance that mobile esports are going to become as popular as “real” esports within a few years. Ease of access is the number one reason for that, of course.

The Clash Royale scene in the region is evolving as we speak, but the problem is that there’s a ton of good players with not enough tournaments to go around. That’s one of the reasons A1 Adria League started this tournament, and we hope that we’ll help the community grow as much as it can by bringing them a tournament they can truly enjoy.

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