A1 Adria League LAN Survival Guide

We’re slowly approaching the LAN finals, boys and girls. After months of competition in 4 different games, last online matches have been played and we’re all set to start looking towards the LAN finals that are being held next week. But we’re sure you have a lot of questions regarding how, where and what is going on, so we compiled this survival guide to help you, well, survive the LAN.


Well, first one up is pretty self-explanatory. All of the A1 Adria League LAN final matches will be held at this year’s edition of Reboot InfoGamer. One of Europe’s largest gaming conventions attracts more than 70,000 visitors every year, and the LAN will be held on a purpose-built stage in a special area inside of the InfoGamer grounds.

Reboot InfoGamer is being held at Zagrebački Velesajam in the New Zagreb area.


The Reboot InfoGamer will be held from 21. to 25. of November. The LAN finals start at friday, with Clash Royale and Hearthstone being played on the first day of competition, followed by CS:GO on Saturday and the big LoL final on Sunday.


The Clash Royale players that are advancing to the LAN finals are SASA, TrueAlpha ,Srbija, and BrunoBlaze, and one of them is bound to go home with both the prize of €·1000 and the bragging rights. We’ll first be watching the two semi finals, after which the winners will advance to the winner bracket final. The losers will compete in their own final, after which we will have the final all set up.

The same format is reserved for Hearthstone, with PeraHS, Lavvek, Djuka93 and Vulee being the top 4 players that will be fighting for the grand prize in the LAN finals. The Hearthstone finals are set to start in the late afternoon, but you’ll be watching live from the beginning, right?


Saturday is reserved for CS:GO, and the LAN finals of the extremely interesting part of the tournament. The first CS:GO semifinal will be played between Valiance&Co. and Locastic, and will start in the morning. The second semifinal, one between GamePub and KlikTech is set to start in the early afternoon and last up until 16:30. The big final match is set to start at 17:15 and is planned to be over a bit after 20:00. The third place decider match will be played off-stream at the same time as the grand final.

Note that we can’t affect the performance of the teams, so there is a possibility that the CS:GO finals end a couple hours earlier. As always, we’ll have all the info live on our social media channels.

Oh, and the winners go home with €10.000.

Sunday is for LoL and the wrap up of the season

The last day of competition will see the same format as CS:GO, but only for our League of Legends LAN finals. The show starts at 10:00 and the first match is scheduled to start soon after. KlikTech and x25 are opening the action in the first match of the day, followed by the second semifinal at 13:45 between Asus Rog Elite and Zagreb 360. The winners will secure the spot in the grand finals, and the losers get to fight for third place, but off stream.

The grand final will start shortly after 17:00 and will mark the official end of the second season of the A1 Adria League. We know it’s been quite a ride, and are itching to provide the best possible experience in the finals for you.

Of course, all of the games will be streamed live, and commentated by our very own commentary teams in each game. There’s also some surprises coming your way, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?

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