Omerta skip a match; on the verge of disqualification in Clash of Leagues!

Instead of playing yesterday’s match against Crystal Gaming Red, Omerta missed it and are now facing disqualification from the Clash of Leagues.

Crystal Gaming Red and Omerta were supposed to play during Day 6 of the Clash of Leagues which was played out yesterday. The second-placed team had the favorite role in this match, but our Serbian team could have still held their ground and fought to upset the team. However, when the time to start the match arrived, Omerta were nowhere to be seen. Whether it was because they had technical difficulties, or they simply decided to skip the match because they can’t qualify for the playoffs anymore, the tournament administration is currently making a decision about Omerta’s future in the league.

If they decide to disqualify Omerta, it will be the second such decision in the group stage, after papahellfans were disqualified a couple of rounds ago. If not, we will watch Omerta during the remaining group stage matches where they will fight to earn the highest possible place on the leaderboard.

What do you think, will Omerta finish the group stage or will they leave a bit earlier than other teams?


Important update for League of Legends teams!

The National Qualifiers are starting on the 17th of April and will feature cups in all of the countries that are part of the A1 Adria League. Ahead of the start of the League of Legends National Qualifiers, we have decided to adapt the event rulebook to create a more competitive environment for our teams, even the ones with existing rosters. Aside from players’ updates, we are introducing a new distribution of slots in cases when a certain country does not fill the minimal team quota.

Two starters from each country!

The first change that we decided to bring ahead of the start is regarding the nationalities allowed to participate in a single team. Although our teams will still have to field at least three players from each country (including substitutions) in their active roster, we are reducing the minimal amount of match starters to two players from a single country.

Modified slot distribution

A second change that is to take immediate effect is the relocation of slots in a situation when not enough teams registered to play in a single country. If any country fails to provide its national champion for our regional playoff, other countries from the region will be awarded an additional spot. The final distribution will be decided by the following criteria:

  1. The first additional spot will be awarded to the country with the highest number of registered teams for both National Open Qualifiers.
  2. The second additional spot will be awarded to the country with the second-highest number of registered teams for both National Open Qualifiers.
  3. The third additional spot will be awarded to the country with the third-highest number of registered teams for both National Open Qualifiers.
  4. The fourth additional spot will be awarded to the country with the fourth-highest number of registered teams for both National Open Qualifiers.

The time is ticking, it’s time to sign up! You can learn more information about the League of Legends season and can also SIGN UP to play by clicking on the following LINK.

Reboot Online Games Week to help those in need!

We will spend most of the upcoming week together on stream, so we decided to use the time to help those in need. During the week there will be multiple chances to donate money to a charity, and we will be also hosting a charity tournament.

A1 Adria League will donate €500 to Dječji Dom Vrbina and you will be able to donate to this charity and help those that really need it during the whole Reboot Online Games Week event. Dječji Dom Vrbina helps kids and families all over Croatia on a daily basis and we feel that we should support their work. Their services are helping families look after their kids and they are playing an important role in shaping the next generation.

The charity tournament mentioned above will be a 5v5 event between ten streamers that will play three different games with €500 on the line. A1AL will donate the €500 to a charity that the winners’ team chooses. The two streaming teams will meet in three games – CS:GO, Rocket League, and VALORANT.

CS:GO’s portion of the event will consist of a BO3 match with modified rules. The squads will play eight-round halves – the first team to reach round no.9 wins the map (the starting round money will be set at $2,500). After one team wins two maps, we will advance to the next game – Rocket League. This time, we are talking about a Best of 5, with the first two maps being standard 3v3 matches, the second duo of maps being Rumble, while the final map will be played in the Hoops mode.

In the final part of the event, the ten streamers will meet in a VALORANT match. There are a lot of famous names that will be present at the event. Team A consists of SupremeNexus, DON MACI, Inder45, Zefyx, and Baba sWeDisH, while PvtMole, GALLASANDALLA, Tetka, Agent, and missDasmi will fight under the second team.

You can donate by clicking the following LINK.

The charity event A1AL HUMANITARKA will take place at the end of the second Reboot Online Games Week day – Tuesday at 20 o’clock.

lvlUP overcome Good Game to secure the last spot in the playoffs!

And the final game of the League is ready for the playoffs. CS:GO’s SWISS round was played out today and the reigning champions will fight for their third title in a row in the playoffs of the sixth season.

The final match of the group stage was a clash between Good Game and lvlUP. Good Game were coming from a clean victory versus their Macedonian rivals, GODZ1337, and during the fourth SWISS round, lvlUP suffered a bitter loss against their own rivals, Blink.

We only had the chance to watch two maps as lvlUP’s dominance stomped Good Game on Inferno and Dust2. Inferno was lvlUP’s pick and after Good Game took the first three rounds, the Serbian players playing with David “Dav” Miljanić instead of Miloš “dEE” Marčeta woke up and took the map with a 16-7 score.

The match headed to Dust2 which was Good Game’s pick. It was a similar scenario to Inferno – Good Game and lvlUP were neck and neck during the first half, but lvlUP’s T side proved to be absolutely phenomenal. The executions were great, every clutch went lvlUP’s way and even with a new player in their roster, the champions defended their title and will be facing Shock Bomb in the playoffs.

These are the first matches of the A1 Adria League CS:GO playoffs:

rs Shock Bomb vs. rs lvlUP
Blink vs. EAGLES

Kepa_PFC wins the PES2020 A1 Gaming Weekend cup!

The final edition of our A1 Gaming Weekend tournaments came to a close recently, with Kepa_PFC claiming the main prize and becoming the A1 Gaming Weekend PES2020 champion.

We saw a massive turnout from the PES players in our region. Over 190 players were split into 32 groups going in into the tournament. After the group stage was finished, only 64 players remained in the BO3 playoffs. Kule and the PESExpert community did a great job of organizing the whole thing and running it without any problems.

Fast forward to the Round of 16, the top players of the tournament faced each other for a spot in the quarterfinals. pongpong_hr and DENDZAMIN outplayed Kaplijev_NS and Vojkec17, respectively, while StefanKure90 was better than Zeusinjo. Koso-93 slipped past PlantifulBat7 and the actual champion of the tournament, Kepa_PFC was better than Flegma_ST. Heading into the quarterfinals, Kepa continued his winning streak with a 2-0 sweep versus Aminzagreb32. MeGustaSrbija secured a spot in the semis, while Aca94dg ended the tournament after losing to the aforementioned player. The last two semifinal spots were filled by StefanKure90 and DENDZAMIN who managed to breeze past Koso-93 and pongpong_hr, respectively.

PvtMole led us through the semifinals in which Kepa_PFC dominated MeGustaSrbija. The second semi was a duel between StefanKure90 and DENDZAMIN which saw the former secure the second spot in the Grand Finals without any difficulties. MeGustaSrbija managed to best DENDZAMIN in the third-place decider and claim his share of the prize pool. In the Grand Finals, we had the chance to see Kepa_PFC beat StefanKure90 after pulling off quite the comeback.

1.Kepa_PFC – €250
2.StefanKure90 – €150
3.MeGustaSrbija – €100

A1 Gaming Weekend - PES2020

This marks the end of the A1 Gaming Weekend tournaments which were a great way to spend the time between the seasons. The sixth A1 Adria League season begins soon, so make sure to sign up and be the best!

Are you ready for the sixth A1 Adria League Season?

The fifth season of A1 Adria League surprised us all. The new titles – Brawl Stars and FIFA really showed the potential of these games in our region and we are really happy that we chose to feature them. But now, after the season came to an end, it is finally time to announce the sixth season of the A1 Adria League.

Season 6 will be much longer than our previous season and it will have formats that will let us see even more high-quality matches. The prize pool has a massive increase compared to the fifth season, so we encourage everyone to sign up and try their best to win their share of rewards in this season. In the span of the next three months, we will watch the best FIFA, Brawl Stars, Clash Royale, and CS:GO players in the biggest esports competition in our region.

Brawl Stars returns in the sixth Season!

During the last few months, we had the chance to watch the regional Brawlers battle it out in the first-ever A1 Adria League Brawl Stars season. The seven played qualifiers culminated in the double-elimination playoffs that saw the absolute favorites, Alpha Elite, be crowned the first Brawl Stars champions.

The sixth season will feature a similar format to the previous one. Instead of seven, we will now have 13 qualifiers from which the best eight teams will secure a spot in the offline finals. The total prize pool for this season will be €2.600, with the best team bringing home €1.000.

A1 Adria League S6 - Brawl Stars

Will Alpha Elite dominate the League once again, or will another team rise up and defeat the reigning champions – sign up and compete with the best

Clash Royale in the sixth season!

Six seasons of A1 Adria League, six seasons of Clash Royale! We will be stepping in the Arena once again after an amazing fifth season with even bigger awards for the best teams. We introduced the team system in Clash Royale in the last season, and the players loved it! The 1v1, 2v2, and KOTH modes let us see many more games being played than usual and PvtMole was there to entertain us and cast the games on an amazing level. In the end, Crusher Esports took the first place while Emperiial and Totem Esports followed at second and third, respectively.

Clash Royale will have the same prize pool as Brawl Stars. We will see a double round-robin format and the playoffs will once again feature the Gauntlet format. The five invited teams will be challenged by the best team from the qualifiers in the Arena. The group stage will last for 10 rounds and we will see the top four teams advance to the LAN finals. In case the offline finals are unable to take place due to quarantine measures, the playoffs will be played online.

A1 Adria League S6 - Clash Royale

Call your teammates, start practicing, and sign up for the only Clash Royale qualifier!

FIFA in the sixth Season!

FIFA made its comeback as a featured game during the last season. The guys from the FIFA Balkan Community along with our staff did a great job of organizing the qualifiers and the playoffs. We saw a massive turn out from the players as everyone was excited to compete in the League and at the very end, esad1memic claimed the first prize. Jasik came close second and amke was the better player in the third-place decider.

As FIFA is a franchise that releases a new version of the game every year, our sixth season will be a bit different from the fifth one. We will have a total of nine qualifiers and three online playoffs series. First, the players will have a chance to compete in FIFA20 and at the end of August one player will secure a spot in the LAN finals. The second trio of qualifiers will be held during September which will see one more FIFA20 player advance to the offline event. As FIFA21 releases on the 6th of October, we will start the last trio of qualifiers on the 10th. The competitors will have their last chance at qualifying during the month of October and in the end, the last two players will earn their spot at the offline playoffs in Zagreb. FIFA will boast a prize pool of €2.150 and we are expecting to see even more players sign up and be a part of the qualifiers!

CS:GO in the sixth Season!

Just like Clash Royale, CS:GO has been with us since the very beginning of the League. The fifth season reminded us yet again of how exciting the regional CS:GO scene really is. lvlUP, Blink, QSKE, and GamerS1337 survived the SWISS Stage and advanced to the double-elimination playoffs. lvlUP played the playoffs with Luka “emi” Vuković and their coach Darko “soLo” Mitić and still managed to outplay their opponents and win the League. Blink came in second, while the Macedonian powerhouse, QSKE, finished as the third-best team of the season.

Blink and lvlUP, the top two sides from the fifth season will receive a direct invite for this upcoming season of the League. The remaining six teams will be decided by a combination of open and closed qualifiers. First, we will host two open qualifiers in which the best four teams from each will advance to the first closed qualifier. The closed qualifier will have a BO3 single-elimination format, and the best three teams will advance to the completely BO3 SWISS League. And if you thought that that is all, you are wrong – we have prepared €11.000 for the very best teams in the League to split between each other.

A1 Adria League S6 - CS:GO

So, what are you waiting for? Call your AWPer, prepare your executions, and get to 16 before the other teams does!

WHILE WE ARE WAITING for the next season to start, be sure to tune in and watch the final edition of the A1 Gaming Weekend. There will be plenty of PES action during the upcoming weekend, so make sure to watch our stream!

Due to the current world pandemic, there is a possibility of the season six playoffs being played online. We are closely following the situation and the new measures in our region in order to ensure the safety of our staff and players. We are currently proceeding with the preparations as usual, but if anything changes, you will be informed on time. GLHF! 

FIFA20 players lock horns in the playoffs!

Brawl Stars and Clash Royale completed their seasons of A1 Adria League, and now it’s FIFA’s turn to crown their best player in this season.

A1 Adria League S5 - FIFA Standings 7

The players will first meet up in a BO1 SWISS League environment with the best four competitors advancing to the semifinals. The semifinals will be starting at 17 o’clock and they will be played as BO3 series. The Grand Final of this season of FIFA20 will start at 20 o’clock, and after the BO3 match comes to an end, we will have a new A1 Adria League FIFA champion.

The first round matches are as follows:

brstimir vs. amke2001
esad1memic vs. Jasik
Hara vs. Arminho
HarisBL vs. rob1

Be sure to support your favorite football players on stream today. May the best win!

Top 4 Teams Confirmed

We’re Extremely thrilled to inform you that all the matches in the online CS:GO part of the League are now over, including both the open qualifiers, the group stage and the playoffs, with the last match being played yesterday between Valiance&Co. and Game Pub.

CS:GO really did end up very well, and the group stage for the Counter Strike part of the tournament saw wonderful action and upsets from every team. This is all now behind us, and we can turn our heads towards the future and the LAN finals that will be played on the Reboot InfoGamer this month. Yes, there’s less than a month between us and the LAN finals!

The finalists of the CS:GO League are KlikTech and Locastic who earned their places in the LAN finals directly through the group stage by placing top 2. The other two places were fought for in the online playoffs between Zagreb 360, Valiance&Co., GameZone and Game Pub in two rounds. The first rounds saw Valiance winning against Zagreb360 and Game Pub taking the W against GameZone.

Valiance was sure and steady and played decisive against Zagreb360 on Dust 2 and Cache, thus securing their spot in the next round with a comfortable 2:0 victory and pushing Zagreb360 into the lower bracket to fight for the third place in the playoffs. In the matches between GameZone and Game Pub, it was the latter team taking the win on Train and Inferno.

That was not the end of the online playoffs, though. The second round served as to show us who will take which seed and let teams prepare the tactics for the main stage. The matches on the LAN finals will be played as follows:

  • Valiance & Co. VS Locastic
  • Game Pub VS KlikTech

The third place match was also played, with GameZone winning against Zagreb 360 and securing their spot if any of the teams fail to show up to the LAN. It’s a bittersweet achievment, but an impressive one nonetheless. Valiance&Co. secured a fight against Locastic, a matchup that went in favor of the Croatian team two times during the course of the group stage.

This leaves us with arguably the biggest surprise in the group stage, Locastic, old winners and favorites with an updated roster Valiance&Co., a steady and always dangerous KlikTech that played extremely well and Game Pub that has a great combination of star players and great talent. It all remains to be seen now, and we’re itching to see who will the teams that will take the W at the LAN be. Yup, we rhymed that, deal with it.

Make sure you follow our social media accounts for the latest info and updates about the League, and make sure you grab your ticket for the Reboot InfoGamer to watch both the LAN finals and one of the best gaming fairs in Europe. See you there!