CS:GO Season 4 – Closed Qualifiers

After some amazing performance by Cr4zy at the StarLadder Berlin Major, let’s take a look at the regional scene.

The Open qualifier stage was fierce the cups tough but we have finally arrived at the Closed Qualifier stage where the remaining 8 will be fighting for their chance to enter the group stage!

We got our top 8 teams from the open qualifiers, next come the closed qualifiers, the qualified teams will play a Double Elimination Cup on 31.08.2019 & 01.09.2019 , and the top 4 will advance to the Group stage, which will be a long-fought struggle in order for them to reach the Lan Grand Finals in Zagreb.

Closed Qualifier Bracket

Open Qualifier 1               Open Qualifier 2
Open Qualifier 3               Open Qualifier 4

31.08 & 01.09 – 16:00 CEST

You will be able to follow the action on our official Twitch channel.


Let us introduce our top 8 contenders:

The winners of the first Open qualifier, “Jake Bube” – The team consist of some of the most recognizable faces from the region. Lobanjica, JuricM, Svojic and Shev you know what these guys are capable off and we can’t wait to see them in action!

And the runner ups of the first qualifier, “CABRONE5” a Macedonian team,
They haven’t competed in previous seasons and we wish them the best of luck in their first season!

The third team are the winners from the 2nd open qualifier it’s team “trtrr” one more macedonian team but they already have achievements under their with the last one being third place in the season 3 of A1 Adria, Welcome back boyz!

The 2nd place team from the 2nd qualifier is, “WeirdChamp”   a croation team featuring some players that have played previous seasons, and we are very glad to see them once again!

The fifth team being “SoA gaming” the winners of the third open qualifiers, they show great promise and if someone takes them lightly will probably pay the price!

The 2nd placed team from the 3rd Qualifier team “Jeste” is our 6th team led by the ex KlikTech player Hleb, they know what’s at stake and they will keep at nothing to grab that group stage spot!

The winners of the 4th and last open qualifier team “BEJTERI” we wish you the best of luck and for you to show everyone that you are able to rumble with the best of the region!

And last but certainly not the least, “XPORTAL” last year in the 2nd Season their academy team managed to reach this far as well will they will be able to outshine them, only one way to find out.

Join us and don’t miss on some good CS:GO action this weekend!

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