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Time is slowly coming for the LAN finals of the A1 Adria League, but before we start talking about the finals themselves, let’s sit back and hear what the players have to say. Today we’re chatting with the LAN finalists of the Hearthstone tournament: Lavvek, PeraHs, Djuka93 and Vulee.

We’re extremely pleased that all of our players are happy with their playing this year, and every single one of them notes that they are satisfied with the way that they play. Of course, this comes as no surprise, considering they did get to the LAN after all. Still, PeraHS tells us that he is still a bit dissatisfied with a part of his game:

I still think I need to work on my patience more, and I have a constant feeling that I act and do things too fast.

Don’t we all, Pera, don’t we all.

Lavvek, on the other hand, tells us that he also needs to work a bit on his mental strength, citing his reactions after something bad happens in the game as a problem that he needs to fix before the LAN.

Things get a bit more interesting once you ask our finalists who they think the favorites for winning the LAN are. While Lavvek tells that he believes that Djuka and Pera are the ones to watch because they are veterans in the scene, every other player lists Lavvek as one of the biggest favorites. Vulee:

In my opinion, Lavvek is the best player in the region, so I think that he has the biggest chance of winning the LAN.

Djuka93 wasn’t acting modestly like Vule, telling us that he and Lavvek are his favorites for the LAN. A man knows his skills, we say.

Djuka also says that the thing he likes the most about the game of Hearthstone is the RNG, and that he has been playing since he stopped playing League of Legends a couple of years back. All the players have been playing for quite some time now, competing for a couple years in both regional tournaments, but also the bigger tournaments in Europe.

One of the things that our players disagree on is the amount of tournaments in the region. While Vulee tells us that there’s quite a bit of tournaments in the region lately, Lavvek thinks that there isn’t enough tournaments to go around. We wonder what’s the reasoning behind these opinions and will surely have a chat with the boys on the LAN to find out. The one thing that can surely be improved is the quality of the tournaments, adds PeraHS. He tells us that is the imperative if the region wants to catch up with the rest of the world anytime soon.

Our finalists are understandably quiet about their LAN tactics and preparations. PeraHS adopted a Spartan approach informing us that his tactics are a secret, while Djuka aims to be as calm as possible and risk it when the chances are even. Lavvek:

There are a few very important things. For me the most important of all is to stay calm when something bad happens. You need to be dedicated, calm and think about the game a lot.

We’ll surely be thinking about it a lot with the LAN fast approaching, and would like to wish the best of luck to our LAN finalists – let’s see who takes the grand prize! GG.


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