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Nikola: “I didn’t think at first that I would win the whole thing.”

Oh boy and what an end it was, we had an awesome playoff full of excitement and great matches, but like all good things, it had to come to an end. We are proud to announce the winners of the CR Season 3.

The first place was won by Nikola, the 2nd place was taken by his teammate Tocilovac, the third place was ConeKorleone and the 4th was taken by destroyer.

You can watch the whole playoff recap: >>Here<<

In order to get more insight about our champion we asked him some questions about what separated him from the rest and contributed to him winning the third season, enjoy!

1. What did you expect before the Playoffs? Did you think you would win the whole thing?

: “I imagined that I would be somewhere at the top, but I didn’t think at first that I would win the whole thing.”

2. What do you think separated you from the rest of the players and made the most difference in your opinion?

: “I do not think there are any major differences, they are all outstanding players. The main distinction, in my opinion, might have been, that I focused on what sort of decks they are playing and tried to counter them, which turned out to be the right choice.”

3. Now that you have proven that you are the best in the Adria region, what are the next goals?

: “My next goals are first of all winning the A1 Adria in Zagreb and to be a part of some of the international leagues like the “Connect to Play” (CTP) and “Super Liga Orange” (SLO)”

4. You and Tocilovac seem to be always in the top of the tournaments you play in. Has it formed some sort of rivalry where you motivated each to be better or is it more a team effort where you help each other to become the best versions of yourselves?

: “I see Tocilovac as a friend, rival, and a person that motivates me a lot. We train together quite frequently, which pushes us both to become the best versions of ourselves, so yeah all of the mentioned.”

5. Would you like to add something?

: “I would like to thank everyone who supports me, my Qlash team and my coaches who also contribute quite a lot to my accomplishments.”

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