The time has come – can Noble Elite conquer Europe on LAN?

Before the beginning of Noble Elite’s match versus SK Gaming, we asked DzonDzon a couple of questions about their upcoming LAN tournament.

After many days of intense Brawl Stars action, the day has come. Today we will see who is the Brawl Stars champion of Central & Eastern Europe. Clash of Leagues has let teams from all over the region compete for their share of the €5,000 prize pool. Five champions and five runners-up in five European leagues were invited to join the final and group stages of the Clash of Leagues, respectively. The second-placed squads along with three qualified sides played a group stage and the best three of them advanced through to the playoffs. Here, Noble Elite fought fiercely and succeeded in qualifying for the Salzburg LAN where they are facing SK Gaming today.

How have your preparations for the Clash of Leagues been going? Are you ready to take on some of Europe’s best teams?

The preparations have been going great so far, we had a lot of scrims, prepared everything and I think that we are ready to crush the biggest teams in Europe.

How satisfied are you by the results in your played matches so far?

I honestly can’t complain because we qualified after all, but I had some technical problems with my connection because I was on vacation and because of that, I had a delay. Thankfully, I had my team to carry me to victory.

How is the atmosphere in the team before the beginning of this major Brawl Stars LAN?

The atmosphere is really great, especially because this is the first LAN tournament for Adri and Andrey, and it even is in another country. They will have a chance to meet the best European players, so as I said, the atmosphere is excellent.

Who do you think will reach the grand finals in the other matchup?

I am convinced that it is going to be BIG. The guys are on fire since Eqwaak arrived and I am happy for them as we are really good friends with them.

What are your chances against SK Gaming? How hard will it be to upset such a big name?

Of course, it will be really hard against SK Gaming, they aren’t just the best European team, but the number one team in the world as well. But this is a LAN, a lot of cameras, a lot of people, and the pressure is much bigger than when playing at home. So I think, this is the right moment to crush SK Gaming.



As has been the case during the entire tournament, you can watch the culmination of the Clash of Leagues on our official channels (YouTubeTwitchTrovoFacebook). SupremeNexus will be casting the final matches of the league, and together, we will all cheer for Noble Elite.

Tune in and watch all of ROGW’s live streams!

As we mentioned earlier, Reboot Online Games Week will be filled with amazing content non-stop, and that certainly means that a good portion of the event will be dedicated to live streams!


Nenad Bakistuta Filipović is one of the most entertaining streamers in the region. On Thursday, from 15:00 until 17 o’clock, Bakistuta will be a part of Reboot Online Games Week doing what he always does best – live streaming and having fun while popping some heads in CS:GO! During the recent months, he has seen an enormous surge of new fans and followers who are regularly following his live streams and cheering him on. As usual, he will stream some CS:GO for everyone watching, and you will catch him just before the start of the FIFA finals!


You cannot skip GALLASANDALLA when talking about the biggest Fortnite YouTubers in the region. His 168.000 subscribers and plenty of non-subscribed followers regularly watch his videos and have fun together with GALLASANDALLA on Battle Royale Island. This Friday, starting at 15 o’clock, the YouTuber will showcase his amazing Fortnite skills once again, this time on the A1 Adria League streaming channels (YouTube, Twitch).

IGRAJ Brawl Stars (w/Inder45 & Lavvek)

A bit of a different stream, but still a stream nonetheless, Inder45 and Lavvek will be playing games with or against you – our followers, on Wednesday. Just like during the last Reboot Online Games Week, you will have to chance to play a match or two with these prominent names in the regional Brawl Stars scene and prepare yourselves for the action that awaits you at 19 o’clock, when the Brawl Stars finals are set to begin.

Igraj Brawl Stars!

Tora Gold stun Lavvek & co.; amke demolishes Sardinho with 6:1!

Brawl Stars and FIFA, two of the three games that ended their qualifiers last week, closed out the first round of the A1 Adria League Season 7 SWISS stage.

Brawl Stars

Our first two matches of the Brawl Stars group stage were played out yesterday. In the first game of the day, we watched a Croatian derby between Tora Gold and NobleElite Red. These two teams already met each other during the qualifiers with NobleElite Red coming out victorious in that match. This time, Tora Gold managed to outperform their rivals and secured the first SWISS win. The match was intense until the very end and went all the way into the fifth map, which saw Tora Gold triumph over the Red squad.

During the duel between Lil Surprise and 09 Gang, the latter had to forfeit because one of their players left the team during the game, and they had no substitutes to replace him. Lil Surprise – the winners of the second qualifiers are now a part of the 1-0 pool, together with team Tora Gold.



Just a day after the first Brawl Stars matches concluded, the regional FIFA players stepped into the football courts to win their first matches for this season. Esad “esad1memic” Memić and Armin “arminho0307” Hasanbegović marked the beginning of this season’s group stage. What followed was a close game that saw esad1memic clinch a 3:2 win in the series. arminho was a great opponent, but the season 5 champion scored one more and entered the 1-0 SWISS pool.

Tarik “amke2001” Novo, the winner of the first qualifying cup for this season, faced off against Leon “Sardinho213” Šardi and managed to get a convincing win in the series. After the games concluded, amke had a 6-1 lead against his Slovenian opponent and secured his spot in the 1-0 pool.


You can check the FIFA rankings by clicking HERE, and you can get familiar with the current Brawl Stars standings on the following LINK.

CS:GO Groups start tomorrow!

Tomorrow, we will witness the first matches of our CS:GO SWISS stage. Make sure to tune in on our channels and support your favourite teams – starting at 16:00h with Baro and Proka.

CS:GO Schedule 1


Good Game Gold triumph in the second Brawl Stars season!

The sixth A1 Adria League season is now officially finished. Over the past months, every week was packed with intense esports action and it all culminated during last week’s playoffs. Our second Brawl Stars season didn’t fail to disappoint and Good Game Gold took one final W in the Grand Finals.

Good Game Gold and Good Game Red had a dominant performance during the whole season and they didn’t disappoint in the playoffs either. Both teams started the double-elimination bracket with two wins – Red and Gold beat Code Lyoko, FA Deabdly, respectively (3-0; 3-0).

While the Good Game teams advanced to the second round, Code Lyoko and FA Deadly fell to the lower bracket. In the first elimination match, FA Deadly reigned supreme over their opponents and Code Lyoko ended the playoffs in the last place. Meanwhile, Good Game Gold stomped Red with a convincing 3-0 win.  Andrey’s team secured the first finals spot while GG Red faced FA Deadly in the lower bracket.

Just like in the first round, golub and FA Deadly weren’t able to resist Good Game’s dominant show of force. Another win for the Red squad sent them to the Grand Finals, for one, final Good Game derby. We are used to seeing high quality matches whenever the Good Game teams play, and the same could be said for the finals. In the end, Lavvek and GG Red only won one set. Good Game Gold became the champions of the sixth A1 Adria League season.

The four best Brawl Stars teams finished the League in the following order:

1. Good Game Gold – €1000
2. Good Game Red – €700
3. FA Deadly – €400
4. Code Lyoko – €200

A1 Adria League S6 - Brawl Stars Playoffs


Want to learn more about the regional esports stars? We’ve got you covered!

From top players to casters and streamers, our scene has produced a number of talented people that represent our region throughout the world. Every single person that has made a career out of esports, whether on a regional or international level, has a different story to tell.

During the Reboot Online Games Week we will have the chance to hear the background stories of some of the most prominent names of our esports scene. How did they get into gaming? What were their first steps in the industry? MOJA PRIČA will have the answer as well as the answers to many more questions concerning the careers of regional esports personalities that have in some way shaped the scene for the better.

Starting on Monday and up until Friday, we will hear a total of seven pieces about journalists, players, and streamers alike. First on our list is Sanda “Sansen” Mamić – a PUBG shoutcaster, host, and of course, player. Tuesday will see the stories of yet another PUBG personality – Maro “sprEEEzy” Miličević as well as the story of Zvonimir “Professeur” Burazin, a senior writer for the world’s biggest CS:GO site –

Luka “level” Marušić is an esports journalist that has been involved with the A1 Adria League project on multiple occasions. He is currently a part of CR4ZY and is helping the organization with the production of great content as well as their League of Legends project. Leon “neLo” Pesić as one of the best R6 players in the world has a number of trophies behind his name, including the title of Pro League Season 10 champion. You will learn more about these players on Wednesday at 15 and 17 o’clock respectively.

On Thursday and Friday, we will hear the stories of Lavvek and PvtMole. The first name that we think of when mention Brawl Stars in the region is Lavvek’s. The Croatian player that is currently playing for Good Game has had massive success on the international and regional level. We will learn more about FIFA21 & Clash Royale YouTuber and A1 Adria League caster, PvtMole, on Friday. Tune in at 14 o’clock on both days if you would like to hear more about the people that have been and are still shaping our scene.

The Reboot Online Games Week begins today at 13 o’clock. We are looking forward to seeing you on stream enjoying the content that we have prepared for you. Don’t forget to follow us on our Social Media to keep up with all the incoming news – it’s gonna be a busy week.

Play with your favorite streamers during the Reboot Online Games Week!

Do you remember the A1 Game Nights? You got to chance to play different games with your favorite streamers and players, and we all had plenty of fun. Well, good news for you – we have a similar concept prepared for you for the Reboot Online Games Week.

IGRAJ is a portion of the one-week long event that will cover three different games – Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, and FIFA21. Prominent names from the scene will play with or against you on three occasions. On Monday, right after the CS:GO 2v2 Wingman tournament, PvtMole will meet the regional FIFA21 players and play with you for THREE whole hours.

Next up, on Thursday, Lavvek and Inder45 will play Brawl Stars starting at 15 o’clock. Lavvek, Good Game’s star player along with our caster and YouTuber, Inder, will spend two hours competing with Brawlers from our region before the start of the A1 Adria League Brawl Stars playoffs.

The next day we will have the chance to watch Clash Royale. PvtMole will once again play viewer-games, this time, in Clash Royale’s arenas. Joining him will be Oak who has been an administrator for the League for a pretty long time. Oak and PvtMole will see whether they are able to defeat the upcoming Clash Royale talents or they are simply too old to compete with the young guard.