One step closer to the Group Stage!

The first week of qualifiers is now behind us. Our FIFA players and Brawl Stars teams earned their first points, and in CS:GO, three teams secured their spot in the group stage of the upcoming A1 Adria League season.

Brawl Stars

Two of the four qualifying Brawl Stars cups were played out during the weekend. We were met with a change of pace in the first qualifier. Good Game Gold and Red, the teams that dominated the last season, faced each other in the first round and the Gold players were eliminated. The Red squad didn’t have much better results either, losing to Immortal Balkans, but they managed to snatch 20 points, finishing this qualifier 5-8th.

O9 Gang triumphed in the first cup after beating Mayoi in the finals. Except for these four teams, Wolfs, QSKE Gaming 5M Gaming Elite and Ekipa 69 also won their share of points.

On Sunday, 32 teams entered the Brawling arenas to battle it out and try to qualify for the seventh A1 Adria League season. Good Game Gold and Red did better this time around, but the up-and-comers once again bested them. Lil surprise took the main prize while Wolfs came in second. Good Game Red, Ekipa 69, Crna ruka and Mayoi placed 5-8th and Good Game Gold and O9 Gang finished in the top four.



The FIFA qualifiers started off with a massive bang in the second qualifiers. A player from Bosnia and Herzegovina, klaic, bested arminho0307, Sivii7 and finally, esad1memic, to win the second FIFA21 A1 Adria League qualifier. klaic is a player that has played plenty of FIFA in the past, but this is allegedly his first competitive tournament.

The previous cup was won by amke2001. FIFAFICO was unable to defeat him in the finals and only got 70 points. esad1memic ended this qualifier as the third best player, followed by HRVoje-1995. The top 8 was completed by brstimir, xMarjus, Hara and Sardinho213.



Around 60 teams signed up for the first CS:GO qualifier. Good Game, INSOMNIA, SKUAK Gaming, Cobalt Esports, Locco Contigo, Onlinerss, MIX and Qske Gaming were the teams that managed to advance do the closed qualifier.

Two great victories against SKUAK Gaming and QSKE placed the Macedonian team Good Game in the League. The second team to follow them were Onliners who had beaten Cobalt Esports and INSOMNIA in the this stage of the qualifying process. In the end, these two sides were joined by Cobalt who outplayed QSKE in the third-place decider.

A1 Adria League Season 7 - CS:GO

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With two seasons of the highest tier, the A1 Adria League is HERE!

Despite the unexpected troubles and hardships that the COVID-19 pandemic brought to the world, the last year was a massive success for the A1 Adria League project. We experimented with two new titles and we are happy to say that it paid off! In the last season, Good Game Gold and Red had a fierce Brawl Stars rivalry and in the end, the Gold players won the main prize during the Reboot Online Games Week.

CS:GO saw yet another win for the lvlUP core. After a shaky start in the SWISS stage, the Serbian powerhouse bounced back and claimed their third A1 Adria League title in a row. Season 6 saw a mix of FIFA20 and FIFA21 as it happened during the usual transitional period for the football simulation game. amke2001 was the player who adapted to the FIFA21 environment the fastest and he secured first place! Lastly, despite LAZR having a perfect group stage, Nikola and Joža Esports were crowned the Clash Royale Season 6 champions.

The new year brings new challenges!

Seasons 7 & 8 will see the return of one of the League’s first titles – League of Legends. As we bid our farewells to Clash Royale, we are glad to welcome League of Legends back to our main games roster. The other games will stay the same which means that we will spend this year watching two more action-packed seasons filled with CS:GO, Brawl Stars, and FIFA!

The regional League of Legends scene has developed during the last couple of years and we are happy to introduce LOL once again. We are expecting a huge turnout from some of the region’s finest as well as the players that are looking for their chance of becoming the next regional superstars. After all, A1 Adria League has been the region’s talent proving grounds for years and we plan to continue that tradition into 2021 as well.

Brawl Stars

While the decision to change Hearthstone for Brawl Stars was surely a hard one, Supercell’s arena shooter showed us all that it is one of the greatest mobile esports in the industry. We have collected your feedback and have introduced some changes for the upcoming two seasons of the League.

Instead of hosting a number of qualifiers throughout the season, we will only have four cups and we will be focusing on the group stage of the tournament. The most successful teams from the qualifying cups will advance to a BO5/BO3 SWISS stage that will determine the four playoffs contestants. The four finalists will clash in a double-elimination BO3 bracket for a chance to win their share of the Season 7 €2,000 prize pool.

During every cup, the 16 best teams will earn points depending on their results. In the end, the first eight will advance to the SWISS stage:

First place – 100 points
Second place – 70 points
Third place – 50 points
Fourth place – 50 points
Fifth to eight place – 20 points
Ninth to sixteenth place – 10 points

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Brawl Stars Prize Pool

Brawl Stars has been turning heads for the last two seasons and the scene in the region is bigger than ever. What does Supercell’s game have in store for us this time?


While being a completely different game from Brawl Stars, we have found out that similar formats bring the best out of both of the games. Season 7 will once again be played on PlayStation 4. Four qualifiers will precede the SWISS stage that will see our regional FIFA players fight for the four playoffs spots.

The SWISS stage will boast a BO3 match format, while the final stage will be played in a double-elimination bracket that will once again crown our new football champion in the region.

Once again, the 16 competitors that have secured the top spots will earn points that will be split in the following manner:

First place – 100 points
Second place – 70 points
Third place – 50 points
Fourth place – 40 points
Fifth to eight place – 20 points
Ninth to sixteenth place – 10 points

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FIFA Prize Pool

With the new year, a new challenge awaits. Rise up to the challenge and become the next regional FIFA superstar!


Five years and six A1 Adria League seasons and CS:GO in the region is stronger than ever! The teams are preparing and a huge shuffle has been happening in the Adria regional scene during the last months while everyone awaits the return of the king of FPS games – Counter-Strike. We will feature a similar format for Season 7, with small changes in the teams that will be participating in the League.

This season, six of the eight League teams will join us by playing two qualifying cups that are open to the whole region. Last season’s winners will receive one of the two direct invites, and a second invite will be revealed soon! We will have the chance to watch a spectacular BO3 SWISS stage once again. The four teams that reach three wins will play in the playoffs event for a chance to become the reigning champion of the biggest regional esports competition!

Organizations like 4glory and ONYX along with all the older organizations that are still a part of the scene are noticing the amount of talent that this region produces and are crucial in the development of the Adriatic scene. It is always nice to see organizations investing in the regional teams and our biggest wish is that the A1 Adria League will help those players and teams achieve their biggest dreams!

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CS:GO Prize Pool


Will someone manage to outperform Filip “aVN” Belojica and his team, or will we see the Serbian powerhouse win their fourth season in a row?

League of Legends

Since the first two seasons, our fans have longed for a League of Legends comeback. KlikTech in Season 1 and ASUS ROG ELITE in Season 2 were the best teams at the time and now it is time to decide who will be the champion of the seventh A1 Adria League season. We have prepared an interesting format for all the teams from every country in the region so that each one of the countries included in the A1 Adria League will have their own team represent them in the group stage.

The eight countries in the region will each host two qualifying cups which will earn four teams a spot in their respective National League. The eight National Leagues will have a double-elimination BO3 bracket. The teams that survive this stage will play the Regional Playoff – another double-elimination bracket that will culminate with a Best of 5 grand finals match.

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League of Legends Prize Pool

After five seasons, League of Legends is BACK! It’s time for you to take the battle to Summoner’s Rift and come back a CHAMPION!

Good Game Gold triumph in the second Brawl Stars season!

The sixth A1 Adria League season is now officially finished. Over the past months, every week was packed with intense esports action and it all culminated during last week’s playoffs. Our second Brawl Stars season didn’t fail to disappoint and Good Game Gold took one final W in the Grand Finals.

Good Game Gold and Good Game Red had a dominant performance during the whole season and they didn’t disappoint in the playoffs either. Both teams started the double-elimination bracket with two wins – Red and Gold beat Code Lyoko, FA Deabdly, respectively (3-0; 3-0).

While the Good Game teams advanced to the second round, Code Lyoko and FA Deadly fell to the lower bracket. In the first elimination match, FA Deadly reigned supreme over their opponents and Code Lyoko ended the playoffs in the last place. Meanwhile, Good Game Gold stomped Red with a convincing 3-0 win.  Andrey’s team secured the first finals spot while GG Red faced FA Deadly in the lower bracket.

Just like in the first round, golub and FA Deadly weren’t able to resist Good Game’s dominant show of force. Another win for the Red squad sent them to the Grand Finals, for one, final Good Game derby. We are used to seeing high quality matches whenever the Good Game teams play, and the same could be said for the finals. In the end, Lavvek and GG Red only won one set. Good Game Gold became the champions of the sixth A1 Adria League season.

The four best Brawl Stars teams finished the League in the following order:

1. Good Game Gold – €1000
2. Good Game Red – €700
3. FA Deadly – €400
4. Code Lyoko – €200

A1 Adria League S6 - Brawl Stars Playoffs


The Brawl Stars PLAYOFFS are here!

Our second Brawl Stars season of the year has reached the PLAYOFFS stage! In the fifth season, Alpha Elite were crowned the undisputed champions of the League after an amazing season that saw the squad show a better form than the other teams by a large margin.

After a short pause and a shuffle happening in the regional Brawl Stars scene, we were ready for the sixth A1 Adria League season. This time, two teams played the role of favorites for winning the entire League, and they were both a part of the same organization – Good Game. Good Game Gold & Red had some of the best players in the region, and we all witnessed the domination that happened during the qualifiers.

Except for the Good Game squads, the teams that managed to secure their respective places in the playoffs include FA Deadly and Code Lyoko. All these squads are full of great players that are spending their short break to prepare for the playoffs, and most importantly, prepare for the Good Game teams.

Heading into the playoffs, we will have the chance to see a four-team double-elimination bracket with a €2,600 prize pool up for grabs. The team that will advance to the final through the upper part of the bracket will have one BO5 advantage over the lower-bracket finalist. Except for the €2,300 prize pool dedicated for the four playoffs teams, we will once again have awards for the MVP player and two awards for community MVP players.

The teams and players will share the prize pool in the following manner:

1. €1000
2. €700
3. €400
4. €200

Standard MVP – €100
Community MVP x2 – €100

We are a step closer to the A1 Adria League playoffs stage!

FIFA put an end to the qualifying cups and we are approaching the third mini playoffs cup. The other title we will cover today, Brawl Stars finished its twelfth qualifier and is now one qualifier away from the eight-team playoffs stage.

Brawl Stars

20 teams clashed in the second-to-last Brawl Stars qualifier. Good Game Red and Gold were eliminated earlier in the cup last time, but this time, they managed to hold their ground and reach the finals. Bad Boys bested OP KIFLE and FA Deadly outplayed Code Lyoko, while the two GG teams in the quarters were better than On-Fire (vs. Red) and Mystic Team1 (vs. Gold).

The semis saw two high-quality matches unfold. BadBoys faced Good Game Gold and FA Deadly were the team set to beat Good Game Red. Unfortunately for FA Deadly, GG Red were simply too good and secured one of the spots in the finals. GG Gold also showed BadBoys who dominated this season of Brawl Stars and eliminated them from the cup. In yet another GoldRed matchup, the Golden players took the biggest share of the points home.

The Brawl Stars rankings heading into the last qualifier are as follows:

A1 Adria League S6 - Brawl Stars


FIFA21 has been really eventful these previous couple of weeks. The Hrvatski Telekom e-Liga begun, Esport Adria’s Adria Prvenstvo finished its first season and of course, we have been playing the qualifiers every weekend. Some players had their last chance of qualifying last weekend. esad1memic beat Bati and arminho bested erminjamak in the lower half of the quarterfinals.

JasikFifa and HRVoje also proceeded to the semis over Cano1911 and Djosa. After two great semis, JasikFifa and esad1memic met each other in the grand final of the last A1 Adria League FIFA qualifier. The reigning champion, esad1memic, won this duel secured the 100 points of the last qualifier.

These are eight qualified players heading into the last mini playoffs cup:

A1 Adria League S6 - FIFA21 Standings

Good Game’s squads eliminated in the quarterfinals; Ajdin977 triumphs in FIFA!

The eleventh Brawl Stars and the second-to-last FIFA qualifiers were played out during the previous week. Both of these titles are nearing the main playoffs stage and the competition is as fierce as ever.

Brawl Stars

The eleventh A1 Adria League Brawl Stars qualifier was filled with surprises. For the first time, a team different than one of the Good Game squads has finished first and earned the 100 winner’s points. The quarterfinals saw two massive upsets happened. First, team Inder Bot bested Good Game’s Red squad. FA Deadly outplayed Ekipa 69 and Code Lyoko were the better team in their match against O9 Gang.

The last quarterfinal match saw Good Game Gold eliminated by Bogisha69 and his Zabranjeni trio. The semis were pretty interesting. FA Deadly and Code Lyoko advanced and fought for the chance to be the first non-GG team to triumph in this Brawl Stars season. In the end, Code Lyoko came out on top and secured the first prize of the twelfth qualifier.

A1 Adria League S6 - Brawl Stars Standings #12


The regional FIFA players have been busy recently. The first season of the Adria Prvenstvo league is on, and they are approaching the third FIFA playoffs cup. This qualifier began with two victories from discoluzer and Ajdin977 over Cano 1911 and Sivii7, respectively. JasikFifa was eliminated by FIFAFICO and esad1memic lost to Kalu R9.

FIFAFICO and Kalu R9 met each other in the semifinals. The Croatian player, FIFAFICO, lost the duel and in the other semi, Ajdin977 eliminated discoluzer. The third-place award went to FIFAFICO, while the winner of this qualifier was the Bosnian player, Ajdin977.

FIFA and Brawl Stars are back – these are the results!

We are back on track with the League after a one-week long delay. FIFA had its first FIFA21 qualifier played out, while Brawl Stars closed out qualifier number 11.

Brawl Stars

The eight best teams in the qualifier reached the quarterfinal stage without any difficulties. 09 Gang matched up with Noobs, while FA Deadly faced BadBoys. Noobs managed to win the game against 09 Gang and FA Deadly showed great individual skill versus BadBoys. Ekipa 69 and Code Lyoko had quarterfinal matches against Good Game Gold and Red, respectively. As expected, the GG teams managed to pass this obstacle and reach the semis.

The Good Game derby happened once again in the semifinals of this cup. After a couple of wins by the Red squad, this time, it was Good Game Gold that won the match and advanced to the finals. FA Deadly followed suit and joined the finals, but Sabasniper’s squad couldn’t stand up to Good Game Gold.

The Brawl Stars rankings after the 11th cup are as follows:


FIFA was back with the third trio of qualifiers. As FIFA21 came out, the remaining qualifiers will be played on the new version of the game. The seventh qualifier was dominated by Bosnian players with five out of the eight quarterfinalists being Bosnian. Ajdin977 was better than Erminjamak while esad1memic bested Bati.

Arminho and DziDziAnlaki secured the last semifinal spots after victories versus Stojanov_99 and Tana, respectively. In the Bosnian semifinals, esad1memic outplayed his countryman, Ajdin977, and advanced to the finals. DziDziAnlaki lost his match versus Arminho but managed to beat Ajdin in the third-place decider. Arminho was crowned the champion of this week’s FIFA qualifier as he came out on top against the current champion, esad1memic.

Good Game’s Red squad can’t stop winning!

While the rest of the League was taking a break, Brawl Stars had it’s previously delayed qualifier played out. We are coming back with all four titles this week, but until then, take a moment to remind yourself of the previous Brawl Stars qualifier.

Over 20 teams once again joined the qualifier for the chance to earn some qualifying points. BadBoys continued with their good form from the previous qualifier and secured a spot in the finals. In the quarterfinals, they faced O9 Gang and managed to take the win. LovciNaZmajeve wasn’t able to overcome On-Fire and the latter proceeded to face the bad boys in the semis.

FA Deadly met Blue Whales in their quarterfinals match. The Whales weren’t able to pass this obstacle and were eliminated with a top-eight finish. FA Deadly had a hard task of going against a Good Game squad in the semis. When talking about the GG teams, Red were once again better than the Gold players.

On-Fire weren’t on fire enough against BadBoys and they left the qualifier as a top-four side. The second semifinal match between FA Deadly and Good Game Red had an expected finish, with the latter becoming a part of the Grand Finals once again. The same Grand Final matchup happened in the last qualifier, and just like then, the result was the same. GG Red won the match and now stands firmly in the first place with 760 points

Good Game Red win yet another one!

The new FIFA game in the franchise is out now, so we decided to skip the FIFA cup for the previous weekend to let the players prepare their strategies in the new game. Meanwhile, Brawl Stars is still going all out, and yet another qualifier is now behind us.

Good Game Gold didn’t even enter the quarterfinals stage because of their Red counterparts who beat them in the Ro16. FA Deadly managed to beat LNK and once again secure a spot in the semis. Klipani faced BadBoys but weren’t able to outplay them. BadBoys had an excellent showing against 2kmihajlo’s Klipani and made their way into the semifinals. O9 Gang and Ekipa 69 have met a number of times throughout the qualifiers and this time it was the Ekipa 69 players who managed to slip past O9 Gang.

Zabranjeni were the team that was picked to play Good Game Red in the quarters. After an expected loss for the aforementioned team, GG Red entered the semis as the clear favorites. FA Deadly were once again the victims of ToDe05’s squad and they finished the qualifier at 3-4th. Ekipa 69 fell short to the bad boys who surprisingly managed to go all the way to the finals. Even though they reached the finals, they weren’t able to beat the final boss – Good Game Red.

With this qualifier coming to an end, the A1 Adria League Brawl Stars rankings are as follows:

A1 Adria League S6 - Brawl Stars Standings 9

amke2001 advances to the playoffs stage; Blue Whales manage to beat GG Gold

We are more than halfway through with the Brawl Stars qualifiers. FIFA closed out its second playoffs cup, and just like always, both games showed us the quality of the competitive scene in this region.

Brawl Stars

Over 20 teams signed up for the seventh Brawl Stars qualifier. As we are reaching the end of the qualifiers, the leaderboard is starting to form itself and some of the best names in the region are already up there. One of the things that surprised us the most in this qualifier was that finally, someone other than GG Red was able to take down Good Game’s Gold squad. The team that managed to pull this off were Blue Whales, and they did it in the quarterfinals.

Two newer names, Gamer squad and Ready To Win also reached the quarters with the latter advancing to the semifinals of the qualifier. Code Lyoko bested Ekipa 69 on the road to a match against GG Red, who had just won their match versus Taktika baklava. Blue Whales continued with their awesome form in the semifinal match against Ready To Win as well. Good Game Red breezed past Code Lyoko, and in the Grand Finals managed to avenge Good Game Gold against Blue Whales.


Eight players once again faced off for a spot in the main playoffs stage of the League. The four players that managed to go past the SWISS stage were Robert “rob1” Persaj, Djordje “JasikFifa” Cumbo, Tarik “amke2001” Novo, and the reigning champion, Esad “esad1memic” Memić. Stevan Mačkić and PvtMole cast the most interesting playoffs matches and we had the chance to watch a couple of incredible FIFA games throughout the weekend.

The four players that advanced through the SWISS stage met each other in a single-elimination cup. amke2001 faced rob1, while esad1memic played against Jasik. esad1memic and rob1 were eliminated from the tournament after losses to Jasik and esad1memic, respectively. An amazing grand final saw amke2001 become the second grand finalist of the sixth A1 Adria League season. FIFA will be back with the last trio of qualifiers this Saturday, and in the meantime, esad1memic and brstimir can prepare for their opponents.