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Brawl Your Way to Glory: Compete for 1000€ in the A1 Adria League!

Prepare to dive into an epic showdown as the A1 Adria League unveils its thrilling Brawl Stars competition. Gear up, gather your team, and get ready to prove your mettle in a battle for supremacy and a chance to claim your share of the impressive 1000€ prize pool!

Sign up for the Brawl Stars Qualifiers!

The competition will feature two exhilarating open qualifiers played in a single elimination format. The first qualifier is scheduled for May 25th at 19:00, followed by the second qualifier on June 1st at 19:00. It’s time to bring your A-game, as only the most skilled and strategic teams will advance to the next stage.

Brawl Stars Open Qualifier #1 (25.5.2023., 19:00)

Brawl Stars Open Qualifier #2 (1.6.2023., 19:00)

The winners of the qualifiers will earn an extraordinary opportunity to showcase their talents on LAN at the highly anticipated A1 Adria League Season 11 finals. Mark your calendars for the thrilling finale on June 11th, where the Brawl Stars elite will gather at the prestigious Reboot Games Weekend in Zagreb, Croatia.

With a total prize pool of 1000€ up for grabs, the stakes are high. The ultimate champions will be rewarded handsomely, with the first-place team taking home a remarkable 700€, while the second-place team secures a respectable 300€. The pressure is on, but the rewards make it all the more worthwhile.

The finals will be a battle of wits and skill, played in a best-of-five series. Teams will need to demonstrate impeccable coordination, strategic decision-making, and adaptability to emerge victorious in this thrilling showdown.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the Brawl Stars legacy within the A1 Adria League. It’s time to gather your squad, showcase your prowess, and seize the opportunity to become the next Brawl Stars champions!

Opusti se and Portugal are the last to join the TOP 8 in CS:GO!

On Sunday, April 30th, the last CS:GO qualifier was played. We finally got the best eight CS:GO teams that will be competing in the SWISS group stage in the 11th season of the A1 Adria League. The last two teams that were victorious in a qualifier were Opusti se and Portugal.

Here are the top 8 CS:GO teams!

The biggest tournament in the A1 Adria League has always been in Vavle’s FPS game. This season is no different, except for the prize pool, which is now 7000 euros. The best eight teams who will be fighting for this prize pool and the title of the best regional team are Infernus, Confusee, team-one, Glory4, JESTE, Opusti se, Portugal, and the current title defenders Zero Tenacity. Z10 is the biggest favorite to win the whole thing obviously, but not just because they are defending the title, but for the excellent performance they are constantly showing.

One of the serious contenders for the title is team Glory4 where the best regional players have gathered. Andr1xx, sarenii, and c0llins will, under the leadership of Mladen Juric, try to make it to the top. It remains to be seen if they will be successful, but now the real battle begins. The one big name we won’t be seeing this season is Blink, whose CS:GO team just got disbanded.

In the last qualifier, however, the teams that got the last two places in the group stage are Opusti se and Portugal. They bested the competition and rightfully found their place in the top 8. In the decider matches Portugal was better than Klan RUR with a 2:1 overall score. Klan RUR managed to take one map for themselves, but DEPRESHN’s team was at the end of the day better. On the other side of the bracket, Opusti se got an easy win against DopaminersGG with 16:14 on Mirage, and 16:6 on Inferno.

The CS:GO group stage will begin on May 7th, so don’t miss the action!

The qualified teams:

  • Zero Tenacity
  • Infernus
  • Confusee
  • team-one
  • Glory4
  • Opusti se
  • Portugal


TT9 Chico is the A1AL Fortnite champion!

One by one the mini-tournaments in the 11th season of the A1 Adria League are ending. Only two are left, PUBG, and the last is yet to be revealed. On April 25th and 26th, the qualifiers and the finals were played in the Fortnite tournament. Out of 263 players, only 100 made it to the finals. Of those 100 players, the one that came out victorious is TT9 Chico.

Big names in A1AL Fortnite; TT9 Chico justified the role of favorite

Of the 100 players that appeared in the finals, 70 made it there throughout the qualifiers, while 30 got an invite. As it was mentioned a lot of well-known Fortnite players showcased their skills in the regional league, A1AL. Besides TT9 Chico, who was a favorite for winning the tournament which he evidently did, and brought home a prize of 250 euros. Some other familiar and professional Fortnite players were competing in this tournament. Trulex, T3eny, and Quaesy are just some of the names who participated in this tournament. Queasy alone currently ranks as the best player in the world and was declared the best IGL player.

Here is the top 5 ranking after the Fortnite finals:

  • TT9 Chico (231 points)
  • CN messie goat (194 points)
  • Dz1da (187 points)
  • CN Drda (182 points)
  • Queasy (180 points)

It wasn’t just that TT9 Chico won the tournament, but he also had the most kills in the whole tournament with 26 eliminations. Another big achievement “the most kills in a single game” went into the hands of T3eny (14 kills), who unfortunately didn’t make it to the top 5. Maybe the biggest surprise of the tournament was Trulex. This player is one of the best Fortnite players in both the region and worldwide, but he didn’t show his usual performance.

In the end, in spite of this godlike competition, TT9 Chico managed to get 26 eliminations in the whole tournament, gather as many as 231 points, and take home the trophy and the right to call himself the best.


Battle it Out in the A1 Adria League Fortnite Tournament!

The A1 Adria League is gearing up for a two-day Fortnite tournament that will feature some of the best players in the region. As part of the league’s 11th season, the tournament promises to deliver intense gameplay and fierce competition.

Sign up now for the A1 Adria League Fortnite qualifiers!

The tournament structure is designed to showcase the top Fortnite players. Thirty players will receive direct invites to the finals, while the other 70 spots will be earned through the qualifiers. The qualifiers will take place on April 25th, and the top 70 players will advance to the finals, which will be held the following day.

Registration for the tournament is done through the Yunite bot on the official Discord. Be sure to join the Discord server and follow the registration process to secure your spot in the qualifiers.

In the finals, 100 players will compete, including the 30 who received direct invites and the 70 who advanced through the qualifiers. They will play four games, and the top five players will split the prize pool as follows:

  • Top 1: 250€
  • Top 2: 150€
  • Top 3: 50€
  • Top 4: 25€
  • Top 5: 15€
  • Top 6: 10€

The tournament promises to be an exciting and intense experience for both players and viewers. If you’re a Fortnite fan or a competitive gamer, this event is not to be missed. The A1 Adria League Fortnite tournament is open to players from the Adria region, so gather your squad and register for a chance to compete for the championship title.

Stay tuned for more information on dates, times, and registration details. Get ready to drop in, build up, and fight to be the last one standing in the A1 Adria League Fortnite tournament!

Confusee and team-one make it to the CS:GO group stage!

Two CS:GO qualifiers are already finished, where the four teams secured the group stage in the 11th A1 Adria League season. We saw 47 teams competing for their spot in the next stage, while only two best reached their goal. Teams Confusee and team-one bested their competition and joined the winners of the 1st qualifier Zero Tenacity and Infernus.

Confusee enters the league with a comeback

One more week has passed, and one more qualifier in the CS:GO competition has been played. This week, on April 16th, two more teams made it to the group stage of A1AL, Confusee, and team-one. Needless to say, the competition was fierce, considering we had almost 50 registered teams. We also saw a couple of familiar names, such as Blink. Gulito and his team didn’t make it far, they were eliminated in the second round.

However, the ones that did make it into the top four and the decider matches were Confusee who was battling team MYE, and team-one and their opponents ZIEKIPA. The first battle between Confusee and MYE was an absolute banger. MYE took the first game on Inferno with a dominating win with a 16:4 score. Bob was a force to be reckoned with on mid with his AWP, and his performance led his team to victory. Unfortunately, their success didn’t last long. At the beginning of the second map, Confusee takes the steering wheel in their hands and dominates their opponents. The score on Mirage was 16:10, while the situation on the third and deciding map was really close. Both teams gave their best on Ancient, but when Confusee took the CT side, they won eight rounds in a row, cementing their win, and making it to the group stage.

On the other side of the bracket, the match between team-one and ZIEKIPA was finished after just one map. 16:7 on Anubis, and a forfeit on the second map brought team-one their spot in the groups.

The third qualifier is scheduled for April 23rd. Sign up for it HERE!


R6 teams Bob the Builder and DamjanBotFrag join the league!

The third Rainbow Six Siege qualifier brought us two more teams in the group stage of the 11th season of the A1 Adria League. So far, four teams secured the spot in the group stage, NORM TIPS, 5 Big Guys, Homies in Paris, and EU45th Gremlins. The ones that joined them on April 15th are Bob the Builder and DamjanBotFrag.

Only one qualifier and two spots left

The third Rainbow Six Siege qualifier had, like the previous one, slightly fewer teams than the first one. In the third, we saw only five registered teams, who wanted to compete for the spot in the regional league.

Due to the generation of the bracket, the teams BobTheBuilder, ImalTanje, and DamjanBotFrag immediately got a pass to the decider matches, while bottomG Esports and HelmofAwe were supposed to play their best-of-one match on the ClubHouse map, where BottomG easily defeated their opponents with a score of 7:1.

The first decider match took place on the stream between teams Bob The Builder and bottomG Esports. The first map was again ClubHouse where bottomG hoped to repeat the result of the previous match, but Bob the Builder gave them a nasty surprise with a score of 7:2. On the second map, Bob The Builder went to Chalet for another win, this time with a 7:1 score that secured their entry into the regional league. Turkish-Hungarian duo Swisswga and broky collected 39 frags together in 17 rounds played.

The second match was supposed to take place between the ImalTanje and DamjanBotFrag teams, but the ImalTanje team did not gather and DamjanBotFrag will join the league without firing a single shot. We remember this team under the name “NotReady” from the first qualifier where the bottomG esports team kicked them out.

The fourth and last qualifier for Rainbow Six Siege in A1AL will be played next week, April 22nd. This is the last chance to enter the league, so don’t miss it and sign up for the qualifier HERE!

Trackmania is in the A1 Adria League for the first time!

The third mini-tournament in the 11th season of the A1 Adria League is here! So far we crowned the champions in Riot’s games, both League of Legends and VALORANT. What’s on the schedule next is a brand new A1 Adria League game. The third reveal is Trackmania, a racing endeavor, where the racers will drive their way to the prize pool of 500€.

Ready your engines and get into the race!

Finally, Trackmania is a part of the regional A1 Adria League, and the date of the final tournament is getting closer. The tournament will use the latest available version of Trackmania published by Ubisoft Nadeo. It’s mandatory to have a paid version of the game (Standard or Club). The best racers will have a chance to show the region their skill, become the best, and get their share of the prize pool worth 500€. The first place will get 300, the runner-up 150, while the third-placed racer will take home 50 euros.

1. SPRING 2023 – 21
2. WINTER 2023 – 17
3. WINTER 2023 – 21
4. SUMMER 2022 – 21
5. SPRING 2021 – 22

Eligible players (standard or club access) can find the A1 Adria League server in the LIVE server list (server name is “A1 Adria League” and password is “FUGWT7”). Setting a time on any track at any time makes the player a part of the competition. In the qualifier, which is held from the 15th of April to the 19th of April, players will be able to compete in a time attack mode on the A1AL campaign consisting of 5 official NADEO tracks. The top 8 Players with the best results on the 19th of April at 18:00h will be qualified for the finals that will happen the next day – 20th of April at 19:00h.

The top 8 players from qualifiers will be randomly separated into 2 groups of 4 players. Both groups will be competing in a CUP MODE format on the same tracks from the qualifiers. The top 2 from each group will be advancing to the finals. The top 4 players will be competing in a CUP mode for the prize money and a first-ever regional champion title.


Jakela takes the 2nd qualifier out of Parla’s hands!

What a night of FIFA23 competition we witnessed last night! Out of 135 players, the best ones earned points, and got closer to reaching the group stage of the 11th season in the A1 Adria League. The matches were never this exciting, and the fans had a blast. In the grand final, for one hundred points, Parla and Jasik went head to head in a best-of-three series. The latter came out as a winner overall gathering 110 points in two FIFA qualifiers.

Parla and Jasik leading the scoreboard

After winning the first qualifier and earning 100 points, Hara once again made it to the finals in the second qualifier and earned himself so many points, he is basically already in the group stage. After two qualifiers Harun “Hara” Parla has 170 points. The second-best player so far is Đorđe “Jakela” Cumbo with 110 points, who showed a magnificent performance on Friday, April 15th.

Jasik streamed his road to finals on his own channel, and even though his road wasn’t an easy one, he managed to defeat big names such as Esad1memic and reach the finals. There he celebrated with a 2:1 win against Parla. The finals didn’t lack any drama in a single moment of that match, and Jasik won his first qualifier title with a goal in 90. minute in the deciding match.

Esad1memic and Nemanja Misic were leading the battle for the third spot and 50 points. Even though Esad lost against Jasik, he took an easy and routine win against this opponent, ending the match with a 2:0 score. He is now in the top eight, having 50 points, alongside Nemanja Misic, who in two qualifiers also managed to gather the same amount of points. He successfully won points in both qualifiers, sending a message to his opponents, that it is not a good thing to have him on their side of the bracket.

The third qualifier will be played on April, 21st when the battle will continue. Sign up for it HERE!

Wintermint is the new VALORANT champion in A1AL!

Many familiar names showed up in this year’s VALORANT competition in the 11th season of the A1 Adria League. Wintermint won the second mini-tournament with a dominant performance and took home a part of the 1000€ prize pool.

Wintermint wins against caLLLamity in the finals

Out of 10 registered teams that competed in the VALORANT mini-tournament, the best who came on top and defeated the competition was Wintermint, with Wanhed as the most sounding name. Even though the finals were really exciting, the biggest surprise came early in the bracket. Namely, the team that was the biggest favorite to win this tournament, Extreme Esports failed to make it further than the first round. They were defeated by caLLLamity with a 13:11 score, who then went on to reach the grand finals.

In the top four, we saw all familiar teams and names such as caLLLamity, Wintermint, LINK, and Purpure. And as we know, caLLLamity won their opponents, while our new champions were better than Purpure.

In the finals, which was in the form of best-of-three series, Wintermint showed supremacy and won the game with a 2:0 score, becoming the new VALORANT champions. kequeq, and bmblbe in caLLLamity were on the verge of winning the competition once again. As we remember they were also playing together last season when they won the VALORANT tournament with Grandmas Gambit. However this year, Wintermint stood in their way and with a dominant performance took home the title.

The first game was played on Ascent where Wintermint basically ran over their opponents with a 13:6, which was unexpected. The second map was Lotus, and there the battle was much closer, but in the end, the result was the same – Wintermint winning. The score on the second map was 13:11.