brstimir reaches the FIFA playoffs over esad1memic!

In our third round for the season, Miloš “brstimir” Majdevac became the first player to qualify for the FIFA22 A1 Adria League playoffs.

This playday started with the winners’ decider match between brstimir and Esad “esad1memic” Memić. The derby that has become famous all over the region once again showed us just how good both of these players are. This time, howver, the victory went to brstimir and he became the first playoffs player for the second FIFA season of 2021. Every single one of today’s matches was spectacular, and right after the first one, Emir “Sulja” Suljović and Đorđe “JasikFifa” Cumbo clashed in the elimination match. Unfortunately for Sulja, it seemed like he wasn’t prepared enough and he got eliminated by JasikFifa after two matches.

Harun “Hara” Parla had a difficult task ahead of him with Petar “DrPecho” Šušnjar being his third opponent this season. It was a match of the 1-1 pool, but it was just as important as the other two we watched before. This derby went in the way of DrPecho, who won in the deciding third match of the BO3. Finally, Haris “edenn95” Lukomirak defeated Tarik “amke2001” Novo to end yet another action-packed FIFA playday. You can (re)watch these four FIFA games below

These are the current FIFA standings:

Salada de Frutas advance to the Brawl Stars playoffs!

Round 3 saw a total of three matches in which Salada de Frutas advanced to the playoffs, while QuickMind were eliminated.

Because QuickMind surrendered their elimination match versus Balkan Talents, they were disqualified from the league, with 0-3 being their win-to-loss ratio this season. That meant that Balkan Talents would get their first win, even though they didn’t play a match today. When talking about the lower half of the bracket, it is worth mentioning that Lightning Strike suffered a hard loss against Mayoi and are now a part of the 1-2 pool.

Lightning Strike’s player, sumke, recently stated that this would be their most important match this season, and it certainly didn’t end up well for them. In the meantime, as also stated by sumke, Salada de Frutas kept their incredible form and dominated Winx Club in the winners’ decider match. Omert4 ended their day with a win as well, and their opponents, Dominjo Carry, are now just a step away from being eliminated from the eighth A1 Adria League season. With this round behind us, Mayoi, Winx Club, and Omert4 have the highest chances of reaching the playoffs, where Salada de Frutas will be waiting for them. On the other hand, it is possible that two out of three teams in the 1-2 pool (Lightning Strike, Dominjo Carry, Balkan Talents) will leave the League in Round 4. Make sure to tune in next Thursday and support your favorite team – it will only get tougher and tougher!

These are the current Brawl Stars standings:

Brawl Stars

sumke, Lightning Strike: “We will probably be the ‘underdogs’ [this season]”

Ahead of the third Brawl Stars round which will decide the first playoffs team as well as the first eliminated squad, we took the time to talk with sumke, one of Lightning Strike’s players. sumke had a lot to say about the team’s recent two matches against Balkan Talents and Salada de Frutas, so without further ado, you can read the interview below:

Is this your team’s first time in the A1 Adria League? How is it, playing in a regional Brawl Stars tournament of this caliber?

So far we played a couple of qualifiers under a different name and/or roster, and I hope that this roster will achieve the most. It is really competitive, a lot of good teams, every match is interesting, we are really eager to play each match and we are playing fully focused.

You started off the group stage with a clean win over Balkan Talents. What made you such a better team than BalkanTalents? What were their main mistakes?

Yeah, we had an excellent start in the SWISS group with a win. Our Balkan Talents opponents played really well. They started the match with a win on Heist and during the second Heist match, we were losing with over 50% more than a minute. We stayed focused and didn’t give up until the very last second when we won by just 2%. They could have easily taken the match, but a little bit of luck helped us win that set and later on win the third one, in which we were the better team.

The next mode was Bounty, we had the advantage, so we made a mistake and lost, then they changed the composition which was not good, if they stayed the same they might have beaten us, we won that match, and then the third Bounty game with the same compositions, this time we figured out a mistake from the first game, corrected it, and routinely defeated them and then the total was 2-0 for us in the sets.

The last mode was Brawl Ball, we played Brawl Ball with more confidence, we had a big advantage. In the first Brawl Ball match we read their draft, we had a counter with Piper against Bella, we broke down the most important walls, then scored a goal and kept control until the end and calmly brought the match to an end. As for the second match, also the last one, this time they had a counter, they had to win that match to have some chances to come back, again as in the first, we scored a goal, kept control and in the end won. I think that individually here I and my two teammates played quite well, which was crucial in the victory, and in the end, we got Balkan Talents with a 3-0 overall result.

Next up in Round 2, you unfortunately lost to Salada de Frutas, the favorites for this season. What factors make Salada de Frutas the dominant force they have been this entire season?

That’s right, we lost against Salada de Frutas 3-0. There are many reasons for the defeat, we did not practice enough together and analyze the maps, our compositions were not good and we did the bans badly as well. I don’t have much to say on the game grab, they were more dominant in both matches and deservedly won, the big mistake on Siege was that we didn’t ban Piper or Brock, because we know that Andrey and John are great with them, although the first Siege match we lost with 76% when we had a bad defense in the second push, in the last push we got a robot and went “all in” and in the end we lost by 1%, only one hit to win was missing. It can be said that we got karma for a similar victory against Balkan Talents. Siege’s next match was much better for us and we won, so that the third game of Salada would turn on the “machine” again with great shots by the whole Salada team and deservedly win. There is only regret for the 1% defeat, because it would be 1-1 in sets.

We took the Hot Zone first, we predicted them and had a counter, then they got with our small mistakes in the second and in the third they predicted us, we made the mistake of taking Emz instead of someone else and that cost us a possible “comeback”. So it was 3-0 for Salad in the end. I was expecting a slightly longer fight with some 3-2 result for us or them, but we weren’t ready for Salad at all. Salada were the best in the qualifiers and now they have a 2-0 score and one win against Winx Club separates them from the Top 4. Factors that make them much better than others are individual skill, as a team they work quite well, have good synergy, invest a lot effort and time in the game, before each A1 matchday they play a lot of scrimmages, analyze matches and are constant.

Which four teams do you think will make it through to the playoffs?

In my opinion, I am 99% sure that Salada and Winx Club will make it through, and as for the last two places, Omert4 will probably be one of them and I hope that we will be one of them as well. Ahead of us is in my opinion the most important match against Mayoi which we must win if we want to get to the Top 4.

What are your chances of reaching the playoffs and winning the entire event?

This week in A1AL: League of Legends is back on the A1 Adria League streams!

Another week of A1 Adria League is ahead of us. Three SWISS stages are already underway, and League of Legend’s regional playoffs stage is finally HERE.

Brawl Stars

Two Brawl Stars rounds are already behind us, and this is the week when we will see the first decider matches of the season. Currently, Salada de Frutas and Winx Club find themselves at the top and one of them will advance to the playoffs on Thursday. On the other side, either Balkan Talents or QuickMind will have to leave the competition after the next playday. Brawl Stars begins on Thursday at the usual time, and you will have the chance to watch the following matches:

Lightning Strike vs. Mayoi
Balkan Talents vs. QuickMind
Salada de Frutas vs. Winx Club
Omerta vs. Dominjo Carry


Just a day behind Brawl Stars, FIFA also finished the second round last week. In our football simulation, Esad “esad1memic” Memić and Miloš “brstimir” Majdevac are currently in the lead. Their derby will determine the first playoff participant, while the match between Emir “Sulja” Suljović and Đorđe “JasikFifa” Cumbo will determine which player will look for his chance to win the trophy next season. These are the upcoming matches:

brstimir vs. esad1memic
JasikFifa vs. Sulja13
amke2001 vs. edenn95
Hara vs. DrPecho

League of Legends

Over the last month, we hosted a total of four qualifiers for League of Legends teams from all over the region. Four weeks later and here we are – right before the beginning of the regional playoffs stage. This Saturday, the first matches of this stage will be broadcast and we will start our journey of finding the new regional LoL champion. These are the eight teams that qualified for this season of the A1 Adria League:

Lupus eSports
49% winrate
Fantastic Esports
Mafija Lebrinyja
gross gore’s psychiatrists
Milex21’s party


Sunday was the day when we said goodbye to Zero Tenacity. The organization that just entered CS:GO unfortunately had to leave the league after suffering a 1-2 loss to their opponents, JESTE. Going forward to Round 4, Marten Gaming and JESTE will fight for survival, while PORTUGAL will try to enter the playoffs by defeating SKUAK Gaming. Make sure to tune in to the stream on Sunday and support your favorite teams once again:

PORTUGAL vs. SKUAK – 16:00
Marten Gaming vs. rs JESTE 18/19:00

The final two teams qualify for our League of Legends season!

GGP and Milex21′ party have completed the League of Legends teams’ list for Season 8 of the A1 Adria League.

Our final qualifier started today at 14:00h, the usual time. Milex21’s party once again had a good playday and this time succeeded in making the playoffs. Their road to the semis started versus Scarred Esports. Next up, they defeated Joks Stoks, and finally, Ronioci fell to Milex21 & co. With this win, they became the last team to join our roster of teams.

Before Milex21’s party did it, another team managed to slip past the competition. The four teams in the lower half of the bracket had no opponents in the first round. In Round 2, we got to know that Split Raiders won’t be participating in this season, as they lost their duel against Uganda Bunari. In the other quarterfinal, Immortal Balkans Esport lost to gross gore’s psychiatrists. The latter also bested their opponents in the deciding match of the fourth qualifier and qualified for our upcoming season.

With our four qualifiers over, we will soon begin broadcasting the regional playoffs of the season. Follow our webpage as well as our Social Media to keep up with all the information about A1AL’s League of Legends tournament.


brstimir and esad1memic climb to the 2-0 SWISS pool!

With our second SWISS round done, brstimir and esad1memic now find themselves at the very top of the leaderboard.

Miloš “brstimir” Majdevac and Tarik “amke2001” Novo began this second SWISS round. This is a regional derby that we have followed plenty of times in recent months, and as always, it didn’t fail to amaze. Both players showed their best version of themselves today, but today’s winner was amke2001. Next up, Petar “DrPecho” Šušnjar challenged Đorđe “JasikFifa” Cumbo in a duel in the 0-1 SWISS pool. The Croat outperformed Jasik on the virtual stadium and got his first win of this season tonight.

The next two matches were as amazing as the beginning of the playday. Match no.3 and we are watching Esad “esad1memic” Memić and Harun “Hara” Parla on our broadcast. Another 2-0 win happened in this duel, and esad1memic was on the winning side this time around. To close off the day, Emir “Sulja13” Suljović played versus Haris “edenn95” Lukomirak. In the match that followed, another clean sweep saw edenn95 defeat his Bosnian opponent and send him to the loser’s 0-2 pool.

 The eight players are currently ranked as follows:

FIFA Ranking

Winx Club and Salada de Frutas in the 2-0 SWISS pool

Two weeks in and we already know which two teams currently have the highest chances of qualifying for the playoffs. Here is how today’s Brawl Stars matches concluded.

Brawl Stars started out with a clash between Mayoi and QuickMind. With both teams losing their opening match, this was the match that would decide which team would fall down to the 0-2 pool. After the match’s conclusion, we saw that that team will be QuickMind, who lost the duel without winning a single mode. Unlike last week, we didn’t see four clean sweeps this time around. Even more, the second match between Omert4 and Winx Club went to the very last mode. In the end, Winx Club barely squeezed past their opponents and became the first 2-0 team for the season.

Back to the losers’ half, Dominjo Carry and BalkanTalents played a total of two modes. As one of BalkanTalents’ players was unable to complete the whole match, the team was forced to forfeit. This meant a 3:0 victory for Dominjo Carry who would have probably won the match anyway, seeing as the result at the time of the forfeit was 2:0 in their favor. In the final match of the day, Salada de Frutas outperformed Lightning Strike and closed out this playday with a win.

These are the current Brawl Stars standings:

Brawl Stars

choiv7, iNation: “I think 4glory, Marten and BLUEJAYS will make it to playoffs”

Last week it was League of Legends, and now we are back to CS:GO. Ivan “choiv7” Živković, iNation’s In-Game Leader, talked to us about his team’s first A1 Adria League season, their perfect SWISS stage as well as other things related to iNation’s development and recent results. You can read everything choiv7 had to say below:

Before focusing on A1 Adria League, let’s talk about your recent results. You qualified for the IESF World Championship LAN in Israel. How did that whole tournament go? Seeing the rest of the qualified teams, what do you think your chances are of placing high or even winning the whole thing?

Our group was a decent one I would say, we had to beat either [EC] Kyiv or Czech Republic to get out of the groups, so we beat the Czechs and unfortunately lost to Kyiv 2-1. We had one day to prepare for every match which was enough I would say and we were really hyped for every match we played. there are good teams that qualified for the main event, we will see how it goes, but i believe that we can get to the end of the tournament, atleast finish in the top 4.

Back to the A1 Adria League. It seems like you have an easier time against BLUEJAYS than their rivals, PORTUGAL. You beat them in the League, and you were better than them in Kuvo’s OneTap tournament. What is the main difference between these two squads? Why does playing BLUEJAYS seem easier? Is their playstyle not suited to yours or is it something else?

BLUEJAYS are really good opponents and also a good team. Against teams that play structured CS like them it is much easier to have a plan and prepare before the game so we were really prepared for them. The main difference between PORTUGAL and BLUEJAYS is that the former is a mix and the other team is a regular team. If mix team stars pressuring you from the start and you can’t addapt, it is really hard to come back and stop their momentum.

After losing to them on two occasions, you finally outplayed PORTUGAL. What makes PORTUGAL such a hard team to beat? What did you do differently in this match that helped you win?

For us main problem against mix teams is adaptation, we rarely play against mix teams and we need to learn to adapt faster when that happens. We make a lot of mistakes and they punish us for that. This last match, we were down 1-0 on their map pick and before the 2nd map we just told each other to adapt faster and talk more in TeamSpeak about what they are doing so we can all be focused, which happend, and we didn’t lose any force/eco rounds like on Map 1.

Which team surprised you the most this season and why?

In my opinion, there are no surprises in this season. There are 5-6 teams that are equal, and I’m happy that we are the first team that qualified because it’s hard to say which teams will qualify for top4.

 Besides you, which three teams do you think will make it through to the playoffs?

I think 4glory, Marten and BLUEJAYS will make it to playoffs because they are all well prepared. I can’t wait to see the remaining matches!

We completely agree with you choiv, we can’t wait to watch the remaining matches as well. Don’t forget to tune in this Sunday, and every next Sunday until the playoffs, to watch the best Adriatic CS:GO teams fight for the 5.000€ prize pool.

This week in A1AL: Two spots remain in the LoL league!

Ahead of us is the week that will decide the final two League of Legends teams. In the meantime, CS:GO, FIFA and Brawl Stars continue with the SWISS stage.

Brawl Stars

The first Brawl Stars round was indeed a quick one. Every single one of the four played matches ended with a clean sweep for the favorite team. With no upsets in Round 1, the leaderboard is currently split in half with the dominant teams claiming the 1-0 spots. This week, four new matches will decide which teams will go a step closer to elimination or the playoffs, respectively. Salada de Frutas versus Lightning Strike and Omert4 vs Winx Club – which two teams will advance to the 2-0 pool? What about the matches in the 0-1 SWISS pool? Here are the four matches in this second round:

QuickMind vs. Mayoi
Omert4 vs. Winx Club
BalkanTalents vs. Dominjo Carry
Salada de Frutas vs. Lightning Strike


Similar to Brawl Stars, there weren’t major upsets in the first FIFA22 SWISS round either. However, the matches were definitely much closer than in Supercell’s arena brawler and we are eagerly expecting Friday, when the second round will take place. Once again, Tarik “amke2001” Novo and Miloš “brstimir” Majdevac will be paired against each other. Petar “DrPecho” Šušnjar will try to defeat Đorđe “JasikFifa” Cumbo, while Harun “Hara” Parla’s opponent this playday will be Esad “esad1memic” Memić. And in the very end, Haris “edenn95” Lukomirak will try to get his first win for this season versus Emir “Sulja13” Suljović.


We are halfway done with the third CS:GO round and we already know the first playoffs team. That team is none other than iNation, the A1 Adria League first-timers who beat PORTUGAL in the deciding BO3 duel. The second Serbian team that competed in that playday, 4glory, also took a W last Sunday, and their victims were SKUAK Gaming. This week, one of our matches will be between 1-1 teams – Marten Gaming and BLUEJAYS. While it is an important match, everything isn’t on the line yet for these teams. The same can’t be said about JESTE and Young Glorians (who recently became a part of Zero Tenacity).

 Marten Gaming vs.  BLUEJAYS
rs JESTE vs.  Young Glorians

League of Legends

One qualifier separates us from the regional League of Legends playoffs. That means that the Adriatic teams have only one more chance to make it through to the League. Last time, Fantastic Esports and Mafija Lebrinyja triumphed over every other team in the qualifiers and secured the fifth and sixth League spots. Do you have what it takes to become a part of the A1 Adria League story? SIGN UP for the last League of Legneds qualifier and prove it!

The Serbian teams prevail in our first Round 3 matches!

4glory triumphed in the match against SKUAK, while iNation became the first playoffs team for this season!

The derby between SKUAK and 4glory began on Inferno, 4glory’s map pick. The Albanian side recently went through some changes in their roster and now, players that used to be a part of the team earlier this year will defend the organization’s banner once again. 4glory weren’t ready to repeat the mistakes they did against PORTUGAL once again. They played a calm Inferno and held their ground during the entire map, eventually winning it with a 16-10 scoreline. The BO3 continued on Mirage and the situation wasn’t any better for SKUAK. 4glory kept up with the great performance and closed out the duel with a 16-10 victory.

Next up, the winners’ Round 3 match was here for us to watch. PORTUGAL and iNation, two undefeated teams in this season, played the same two maps as 4glory and SKUAK, but in reverse order. Alexander “br0” Bro carried his team on Mirage and mostly because of him, PORTUGAL had an incredible string of rounds in the beginning. Later on, iNation caught up, but Macedonians successfully closed out Mirage. What followed after was one-sided domination by iNation, who won both Inferno and Dust2 while losing a total of eight rounds. Inferno ended with a 16-6 score, and Dust2 was even quicker – 16:2. (Re)Watch today’s games below:

These are the current CS:GO standings: