Who will be the last standing squad in the A1 Adria League PUBG Battlegrounds?

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS is one of the most popular battle royale games out there. It’s responsible for making it one of the most played genres around the world. PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS will be a part of the A1 Adria League once again. The competition will consist of two playdays. The first one is qualifiers, and the second one is playoffs. In qualifiers, we’ll see two lobbies of 16 teams competing for a spot in the playoffs. Each lobby will play five maps with the top 8 from each lobby advancing to the playoffs. In the playoffs, there will be only one lobby. After five maps we’ll get to crown the new champions of the A1 Adria League!

Prize pool distribution

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  • A1 Adria League Season 10 – PUBG – Open Qualifier

You can already sign up for the qualifiers by filling out the form linked in the table above.

If you are interested in streaming the qualifiers or playoffs yourself, make sure to send us all the necessary information. The most important things regarding the stream are:

  1. Apply for the stream
  2. Make sure to use A1AL S9 overlay during the stream
  3. Delay should be 12 min (since there will be 10 min delay on the official stream)


A1AL PUBG Entropiq IvasA1 Adria League

Entropiq is the first PUBG champion in A1AL!

The last rotating game in this season's A1 Adria League is behind…