Survival of the Fittest: PUBG Returns to A1 Adria League Season 11!

Mark your calendars and get ready to drop back onto the battlegrounds, because the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is making a comeback in the 11th season of A1 Adria League! After a thrilling season 10, we are excited to announce that PUBG will once again be a part of A1 Adria League’s lineup, bringing intense action and fierce competition to the esports community.

As one of the most popular and exciting battle royale games on the market, PUBG has a loyal fanbase and a history of thrilling matches in esports competitions. With the return of PUBG to A1 Adria League, we can’t wait to see the best players from the region battling it out for the title of champion. So gear up, grab your squad, and get ready to take on the competition in the 11th season of A1 Adria League’s PUBG tournament. With thrilling gameplay, high-stakes action, and top-tier talent, this is one event you won’t want to miss. Stay tuned for more information on dates, times, and registration. Let the games begin!

Prize pool distribution

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  • A1 Adria League Season 11 – PUBG – 10.5.-18.5.2023

10.05.2023 – Qualifiers – 5 Matches
Final Day 1 – 17.05.2023 19:00 – 6 Matches (Erangel,Miramar,Taego) : EEMMTT
Final Day 2 – 23.05.2023 19:00 – 6 Matches (Erangel,Miramar,Taego) : TTEEMM
Final Day 3 – 24.05.2023 19:00 – 6 Matches (Erangel,Miramar,Taego) : MMTTEE

You can sign up for the qualifiers until the 9th of May (23:59) by filling out the form linked in the table above.

If you are interested in streaming the qualifiers or playoffs yourself, make sure to follow the instructions on the application form.



PUBG Returns to A1 Adria League Season 11!

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