Novo is FIFA champion for the fourth time in a row!

FIFA22 championship this year in A1 Adria League was as intense as ever. In the group stage, it seemed as though the king of FIFA Tarik Novo won’t be able to secure the playoff. But he did it in the last round, and in the playoffs dominated everyone in his path, winning his fourth consecutive title.

Novo – The undisputed A1AL champion

Whoever comes to challenge Novo in A1 Adria League goes home empty-handed. History repeated itself this season, as we have seen Tarik Novo win the title once again. Even though the Bosnian struggled throughout the group stage, he showed impeccable performance in the playoffs.

In the semifinals, Tarik was against the rookie player Mrky, while Esad had to defeat brstimir. The winners of the semifinals were Novo and brstimir who went on to fight in the upper bracket final, while Esad and Mrky fell down to the lower bracket. Novo had no problem defeating the Serbian player, and he did it with a 2:0 score. This led Novo to the grand finals where he waited for his opponent.

In the lower bracket the first match was played between Esad and Mrky, and Mrky was the one to go into the next stage of the competition, or the lower bracket final. Esad “esad1memic” Memić with this defeat was eliminated and finished the competition as fourth. In the lower bracket final the rookie of the season Marko “Mrky” Matančić defeated brstimir and made a big upset, seeing that brstimir was a huge favorite in this matchup. Miloš “brstimir” Majdevac with the loss in the lower bracket final took third place.

The biggest surprise of the season Mrky had now reached the grand final and was about to go head to head with the three-time champion Novo. The matches were Bo5 and it was as intense as ever. Both players gave their best and never wavered. The final went to game 5, and in the end, the Bosnian player was just too good to be defeated. He justified the role of favorite, defended the title once again, and took his fourth in a row in the A1 Adria League.

  1. Tarik “Novo” Novo – 950€
  2. Marko “mrky2402” Matančić – 500€
  3. Miloš “brstimir” Majdevac – 300€

FIFA22 is waiting for the new champion!

The FIFA22 group stage in A1 Adria League didn’t lack surprises and upsets. We have watched eight players compete for the top 4 and the spot in the playoff stage of the competition. In the end, it was Mrky, brstimir, Novo, and esad1memic who secured it.

Can someone dethrone Novo?

It is known that for the last couple of seasons one player has been dominating the A1 Adria League in the FIFA competition. Tarik “Novo” Novo this season has the chance to win his fourth trophy in a row. Even though he is a big favorite, seeing that he is defending the title, he had some trouble securing the spot in the playoff stage of this season’s competition. With the 3:2 score, he managed to secure the FIFA22 playoffs in the last round.

Novo: “I expect tough competitors, but for sure I will give my best just as I have done so in the past. I hope for the best, but in FIFA everything is possible. I want to congratulate all players on the well-played matches, and wish everyone good luck in the next stage of the competition.”

The first player who secured this stage in A1 Adria League is Marko “Mrky2402” Matančić. He is the only player from this year’s top 4 who didn’t participate in the last season’s playoff. A new player with a lot to offer. He showed in a couple of first rounds of the group stage what his intentions were and were the first to go further in the competition. And he did it with a perfect score of 3:0.

Apart from Mrky, another familiar name is making his appearance in the top 4 in FIFA22. Miloš “brstimir” Majdevac has yet again secured himself a chance at the title. As he knows his opponents well, we can only expect fierce competition and outwitting of sorts.

Another Bosnian player is gonna compete for the prize, and it is the champion from the fifth A1AL season. Esad “esad1memic” Memić took his time to secure this stage and have a chance to take the title once again. He secured it by defeating a new player in the league Jero, which was more than expected.

Esad: “Top eight went by easier than ever even though it looked hard. Sarajevo yet again has two players in the playoffs, and the competition is always the same, the same people are here besides the new addition as the fourth player is Mrky who is a great player. I don’t have any expectations this season, to be honest, what happens happens. I’ve never been more cool-headed and that might be the problem for my opponent, and not me. Regards to everyone from A1AL and to all who follow.”

Brstimir defeats Jero and advances to the FIFA22 playoffs!

Yet another FIFA22 round is behind us. Some great matches have been played last night, and we have seen an intense and fierce competition. A1 Adria League is continuing to host this game, and every year more and more talented players are showing what they can do in this competition. After Mrky, another player makes the cut and secures the playoff. brstimir with an overall score of 3:1 is now safe in the top 4.

brstimir expectedly joins Mrky in the playoffs

The first match of this round was played between our three-time champion Novo and esad1memic. They are both familiar players and they have faced each other too many times now. Novo seemed to find a way to adapt to the new playstyle of his opponent quicker, and without much problem he easily outclassed Esad. Winning 2-0 in the first match, and filling Esad’s net to the top in the second match with 4-0 as a final result. Both players are set to find their way to the final 4 next week since they both stand at a 2-2 score now.

The second match was a fight for survival in the league. Both JasikFIFA and DrPecho had the same score of 1:2 and a win here meant everything. Pecho kept his cool all the time, and he even almost walked the ball into the net of his opponent a few times. In the end, he secured himself another appearance on our stream next week where he will face Novo for a final chance to sneak into the top 4. On the other side, this is where we say goodbye to Jasik who is eliminated from the competition.

brstimir in the last match of the day showed he deserved the spot in the playoffs since the competition started. Before Mrky took him down last round, he hadn’t lost a game. And now with a win over Jero, he got what he rightfully deserved. Is this his season maybe? He seems very confident with a playstyle that differs from all the other players, with abusing player lock and the newest meta techniques that are very hard to master. On the other side, Jero will also have one more chance next week. If he manages to secure the spot in the playoffs it will be his first ever in the A1 Adria League.

FIFA22 standings

Brstimir takes another win; Novo still winless

Last week we have had many exciting matches in this season’s FIFA competition. The first round of FIFA22 in A1 Adria League had an amazing start, as we have seen brstimir took down Novo, the three-time champion. While rookies like Jero debuted in the league. Yesterday the second round of the group stage was played, and it wasn’t any less interesting.

Brstimir, Mrky2402, and esad1memic defeatless

Last night we saw another surprising playday in the FIFA22 competition. Round 2 in the group stage opened esad1memic and Encika, two Bosnian players. Esad already secured his first win last week, and he was looking good before this match. The match itself started patiently. Esad waited until the 70th minute to score his first goal. And he kept the lead until the end. In the second match, Esad opened a bit more brave, and he scored 3 goals quickly, putting himself in a great position before the next round.

In the second match played between Serbian player brstimir and Pecho, who both had a 1:0 lead from the previous week, brstimir still was a slight favorite seeing he took down the three-time champion Novo in the first round. In yesterday’s game, both players took one win for themselves, while the third and deciding one went into the hand of brstimir, who is showing great performance and becoming a huge favorite for winning the whole championship.

The third match of the day was played between our vice-champion from season 5 JasikFIFA and our newcomer Mrky2402. Mrky totally dominated in the first match showing no emotions on our screen whatsoever. And we know it was not because he is shy in front of the camera. It was because he knows what JasikFIFA is capable of and that he might come back into this match. The second match produced a ton of fun for our viewers. JasikFIFA took the lead 2 times, but it was not enough to get away from Mrky’s offensive abilities. It was extra time that decided the winner. Mrky scored in the 114th minute for his second win of the day. This puts him in a very good position for the next week, where he might be our first player in the final 4 if he manages to beat brstimir. Which isn’t going to be an easy task.

The last pair was Novo versus the rookie of the season Jero. Novo came in as a clear favorite, even though he lost in the first round, he has a lot more experience than his opponent. But as Jero didn’t have anything to lose in this game, he gave his all, and in the end, it was worth it. He managed to win against the three-time champion of A1AL, and show that Novo’s form is not as strong as before.

FIFA22 standings

Brstimir took down Novo in the first round of the group stage!

The group stage of the A1 Adria League finally started, and first on the schedule was FIFA22. The qualifiers were one of the most interesting and intense ever, and the group stage started in the same matter. At the very beginning, we have seen two of the favorites clash against each other, but the other three matches were exciting as well. This is also the first time this season that we could actually see the reactions of the players via their cameras on stream.

Brstimir takes the edge after day 1

Today we have seen four very interesting matches, and it all started with the battle between Petar “DrPecho” Susnjar who finished first after qualifiers, and the last place Enes “Encika” Hodzic. Even though Ecnika said he had already accomplished his goal, he showed today he isn’t done. In the end, the winner was expected, it was DrPecho who defeated his opponent with a 2:0 score.

One of the most anticipated matches was between the three-time champion Tarik “Novo” Novo and Miloš “brstimir” Majdevac. It was final before final, and their rivalry resurfaced tonight once again. Novo however couldn’t prove his legacy this time, and it was brstimir who, with patience and skill, secured a very important win today. With a 2:0 score, brstimir put himself in a great position after the first round of the group stage.

The third matchup of the day was between two Bosnian players, JasikFIFA and esad1memic. The first match was decided by the penalties. Penalties are Esad’s strong suit, but JasikFIFA probably knows him too well, and he easily read his cheeky panenka attempts. The second match gave us 7 fantastic goals to see. But it was Jasik who won 4-3. His passion and happiness were very visible on the screens, and he went 2:0 in the end.

Last but not least we have seen Marko “Mrky2402” Matancic take on rookie of the season Karlo “Jero” Jerkin. Mrky2402 came into this match a clear favorite and he justified this role. He was dominant against Jero, but seeing this was Jero’s first game on stream, he might need some time getting used to it. It’s only the first round, and nothing is over yet.

FIFA22 first round of group stage standings

The next round will be played next week, on May 13th.

Pecho took down amke2001 in the final FIFA22 qualifier!

The most dramatic FIFA22 qualifier is completed. After four qualifiers the best eight FIFA22 players of this season will enter A1 Adria League and compete in the SWISS group stage. Pecho was the one who came out victorious after the last qualifier, which also provided him the first place overall.

Pecho bested the three-time champion

Knowing that a win today might put anyone in the top 8, slots were full once again! The fact that nobody managed to secure their spot until the last qualifier got every single player to shift into their upper gear, which ended in the most dramatic FIFA qualifier we have seen in recent years.

The surprise of the day was the relegation of the two experienced and well-known players Miloš “brstimir” Majdevac and Esad “esad1memic” Memic. They didn’t manage to get past round 3 today, but luckily they had already gathered enough points from previous qualifiers, to secure their spot in the group stage. The rookie Karlo “Jero” Jerkin went only one step more through the bracket and also secured himself some screen time in the next stage of A1AL. Another rookie from these qualifiers Zizou who came on top in the second qualifier, unfortunately, didn’t have enough points to secure the group stage.

Our three-time champion Tarik “amke2001” Novo took this qualifier more seriously than those before. He cruised through the bottom side of the bracket with ease. Just like it was expected from him from the start of the new season. His enemy in the final would be Petar “Pecho” Susnjar who dominated the other side of the bracket.

Even before the final started, both players had reached enough points to secure first and second place, so they focused on making a statement for the future. Amke2001 took down the first match, while Pecho clutched in the 120. minute in the second game of the finals. The third game was a dominant one for Pecho who didn’t let amke2001 score once, ending the match with an easy 2:0 win.

FIFA22 last qualifier standings

In the end, all the players who were expected to win and ensure their place in the group stage did. It was a very close and intense competition from the start, which can be seen in the final standings.

The players will take a short deserved break after such fierce battles, and prepare for the group stage which will commence on May 6th.


The great return of Brstimir in the third FIFA22 qualifier!

Yet another FIFA22 qualifier is concluded. Many great players participated in this qualifier of the A1 Adria League, some familiar and some new ones. While the first qualifier went into the hands of a well-known Esad1memic, we have seen a new name winning the second one. Zizou managed to defeat the great three-time champion amke2001 and earn 100 points. This qualifier is not any different, again we have seen a veteran and a new player fighting for the most points.

Brstimir is back in the TOP 8!

Many of you probably wondered where was Milos “brstimir” Majdevac in the last two qualifiers. He is a familiar face in our tournament and he made quite a statement today. While he was silent for the last two ones, he decided now is the time to break the silence, and he did it in the best way possible, securing a top spot in this qualifier and a whopping 100 points. Brstimir only signed up for the 3rd qualifier, but it might be enough for him to secure his spot in the TOP 8.

Brstimir has had a difficult path towards the final, but for players like him, losing is not an option. Beating Esad “Esad1memic” Memic, who came victorious in the first qualifier, and Marko “Mrky2402” Matancic he secured his place in the final where he had to face our new surprise of the season Enes “Encika” Hodzic.

Encika did manage to earn 20 points in Qualifier #1. But this time, he managed to set his own tempo for every single game. He does prefer, as he said ” Atletico Madrid ” playstyle, but it perfectly fits the meta, and if it can grant him wins, it’s totally approved! Brstimir won 2-0 against Encika in the final, but Encika was the one who surprised everybody with his abilities, and he proved that beating Petar “Pecho” Susnjar and Haris “Eden” Lukomirak was not just another lucky day at the office.

We still don’t know who will advance to the next stage and enter this season’s A1 Adria League, but one thing is sure. The battle will be legendary. The competition this season is unbelievable, but unfortunately, not everyone can continue their journey to the top. While Esad1memic is still at the top of the table, new players like Zizou and Jero are right behind him, with Brstimir on their heels.

FIFA22 third qualifier standings

Once again, we have had a chance to see someone new in the finals. Some players have certainly secured their spot in the TOP 8, but some of them will have to show their best in the last qualifier! The last qualifier is being held next week, so hurry up and sign up HERE because you still have a chance to advance to the group stage and beat the best regional FIFA players!

For the third time in a row, amke2001 is the A1AL champion!

The two-day-long FIFA playoffs culminated with an incredible final in which Tarik “amke2001” Novo became the three-time A1 Adria League champion.

During Season 8 of the A1 Adria League, the regional FIFA players had the chance to play against each other in two titles – FIFA21 and FIFA22. The four players that managed to adapt to the newest iteration of FIFA the best were the four players who advanced to the League. After a great SWISS stage Miloš “brstimir” Majdevac, Esad “esad1memic” Memić, Haris “Flow.edenn95” Lukomirak, and Tarik “amke2001” Novo spent the last two days competing in the double-elimination bracket.

Day 1 saw the first three matches played out. Namely, amke2001 and brstimir clashed in an intense match that went to all three rounds and saw the Bosnian player come out on top. After that, esad1memic breezed past Flow.edenn, which put the latter in the lower bracket alongside brstimir. The first day concluded with this elimination match in which Flow.edenn was outplayed by brstimir and eliminated from the tournament.

Today, amke2001 continued his winning streak. In the upper final, our back-to-back champion fought back versus esad1memic and sent him down to the lower half of the bracket. There, brstimir continued his mission of coming back from the brink of elimination and threw the Bosnian star out of the competition. Only two remained – amke2001 and brstimir. Brstimir had the chance to complete his comeback and finally dethrone amke2001, but the latter’s stellar performance in the grand finals secured him his third consecutive A1 Adria League title.

FIFA22 Playoffs

The FIFA playoffs standings:

1. amke2001 – €750
2. brstimir – €500
3. esad1memic – €300
4. Flow.edenn – €200

amke2001 survives the final FIFA round!

The reigning champion, Tarik “amke2001” Novo triumphed in the last match of this FIFA group stage.

Following in the steps of Brawl Stars, FIFA had the same task today. Only one remaining spot and two players in contention. These two players were amke2001 and Harun “Hara” Parla, a matchup that made this duel a Bosnian derby as well. Our back-to-back winner had a bad start in the season but slowly started climbing up the leaderboard. After five long and exhausting rounds for amke2001, he managed to complete the comeback and become the fourth playoffs competitor alongside Miloš “brstimir” Majdevac, Haris “edenn95” Lukomirak and Esad “esad1memic” Memić.

Two of the three titles of this A1 Adria League season that featured a SWISS format are now ready for the playoffs. CS:GO will join FIFA and Brawl Stars after its fifth round comes to an end this Sunday. In the meantime, these are the final SWISS FIFA rankings:

FIFA Standings

amke2001: “esad1memic played very well this season”

Despite the player having a busy schedule, we managed to catch up with Tarik “amke2001” Novo and do a short interview before the beginning of the fourth round. As he proved himself right and defeated Đorđe “JasikFifa” Cumbo in his last match, he survived to compete in the final round as well. Here is what the Bosnian FIFA star revealed for our portal:

How did the qualifiers for this season go? Did you notice any new players that played really well druing this stage?

From my point of view, Esad1memic played very well this season, his performance deserves to be mentioned.

Has the transition to FIFA22 been smooth for you? Are there any bigger differences compared to the previous game?

My progress this season is very good (2000 skill rating elite division) despite not having any FIFA points at the start of the game.

What were the things that brstimir did better than you in the second round?

Brstimir had a better team, that is the only reason he won that duel.

While brstimir and you are fierce rivals, your loss versus edenn95 came as a surprise to a lot of viewers. What made you lose this game in the third round?

edenn95 is a good player and it wasn’t surprising to me. It was a 50/50 match which could go in any direction.

Your next opponent is JasikFifa. What are your expectations for the match?

Against JasikFifa only victory comes into play for me.

Which four players do you think will make it through to the playoffs?

Top 4 players in my opinion: Brstimir, esad1memic, Hara and me.